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Chapter One

When Sheldon told Penny he and the guys were going to the artic for three months she thought she would miss Leonard the most. She was certain she would. She didn't imagine she would miss the guys this much, especially not that whack-a-doodle neighbor of hers. When it came down to it she couldn't stop thinking about none other than Dr. Sheldon Cooper. She found herself hoping that he found exactly what he was looking for in the artic.

She remembered wishing Leonard would have stayed behind but when she looked around her usually messy apartment she thought of Sheldon and how he would hate it. She would begin to clean and when she occasionally ordered out she would miss his lectures on some random thing like why people use chopsticks. She really wished she didn't, but she knew she missed Sheldon the most.

She was just watching some TV when a knock came at her door she groaned, who could this be? She answered the door and when she saw Leonard her eyes lit up.

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that were back." He smiled and she grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

"Oh my God this is great. I missed you guys so much." She shut the door to 4B and walked over to 4A.

Leonard had expected a little more talking to him but he assumed she probably somewhat missed the other guys too. When she walked in Sheldon was talking to Rajesh and Howard.

"I just want you to know when I publish my findings I won't forget your contribution." She smiled, she missed his voice even.

"Great." Howard said and it seemed they shifted a bit uncomfortably.

Before Sheldon could get to his room she squeezed past the guys and hugged him tightly. Sheldon tensed but she didn't let go. She missed him so much.

Sheldon realized he missed her then. Of course he hated being touched but when Penny wrapped her arms around him he felt something in his stomach. It was a new feeling nevertheless he still tensed up. He hated germs. Finally he said something, "Penny."

She pulled away and smiled, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Sheldon. I know you don't like being touched."

"Then why did you do it?" He asked and she rolled her eyes.

"I missed you silly." She said with a small smile suddenly aware everyone was staring at them.

"If I get ill—"

"Oh relax Sheldon! I had myself checked out recently and I haven't come into contact with anyone who was sick. I also sanitize my hands after every encounter with anyone who may or may not be sick." She said and Sheldon looked impressed.

Sheldon felt that feeling again, in his stomach. It was such an odd feeling, and so new he didn't know what to do.

"I missed you, as well." He said and then added, "thank you for concerning my well-being before touching me."

"It's no problem, Moon Pie." She smirked and he sighed.

"I told you no one calls me Moon Pie but MeeMaw." She felt her smile widen.

Sheldon turned to take his stuff to his room and Rajesh leaned over towards Howard and whispered. Penny couldn't really hear what he said but Sheldon spun, "tell me what?"

"Damn his Vulcan hearing." Howard said and Raj shook his head.

"You fellas are planning a party for me aren't you?" Sheldon said.

"Aw!" Penny shouted, "That sounds like a great idea." Sheldon nodded appreciatively.

"Sheldon sit down." Howard said and she caught on.

This wasn't good news…this was bad news. Leonard looked a little fidgety as well as he stood next to the guys, in fact he looked guilty.

Sheldon went to sit down and she followed.

"If there is going to be a theme I should let you know that I don't care for Luau, toga, or under the sea." He said before sitting.

Penny took the chair beside him and eyed the guys once more. What could they have possibly done wrong?

"Yeah we'll keep that in mind." Howard said and then looked towards Leonard for help.

"We need to talk to you…" Leonard trailed off and Penny eyed him.

He avoided looking at her directly. "It's about something that happened at the North Pole." He added.

"If this about the night the heat went out, there's nothing to be embarrassed about." Penny had a hard time containing her laughter as the other guys looked uncomfortable.

"Thank you Sheldon." Leonard said and Penny looked away.

She bit her cheek to keep from laughing. "It's not about that and we agreed to never speak of it again." Howard said and she started laughing silently.

"So we slept together naked. It was only to keep our core body temperatures from plummeting." This time Penny did laugh.

The guys looked even more uncomfortable, if possible, and Sheldon looked confused.

"I'm sorry what? You slept together naked?!" She laughed harder and Sheldon turned to look at her.

"Like I said before, it was only to keep our core body temperatures from plummeting." He said matter-of-factly.

"He's speaking of it." Howard looked at Leonard and Leonard looked at the floor.

They finally sat down and Leonard started, "You remember the first week when we were looking for magnetic monopoles and not finding anything—"

"And you were acting like an obnoxious giant dictator…" Howard added and Leonard nodded.

Raj whispered in Howard's ear and Howard responded, "That's why I added the 'tator'."

Penny could only imagine he was talking about dictator and it took her a second to get it. Sheldon was acting like a dick…not surprising.

"Anyway, when we finally got our first positive data you were so happy—" Sheldon cut Leonard off.

"Oh yes in the world of emoticons I was colon capital D." He then mimicked the emoticon which caused Penny to smile.

"Aw, that's so great sweetie. So you found what you were looking for?" Leonard sighed and Howard looked at the floor.

All three of them looked guilty, ashamed.

"No, no, no let me finish." Leonard cut Sheldon off before he could explain anything to Penny.

"Fine, continue. I can tell Penny about it later." Sheldon said even though he hated being cut off.

"Well…in actuality what your equipment detected wasn't so much evidence of paradigm shifting monopoles as it…was static from the electric can opener we were turning on and off…." Leonard trailed off looking even more ashamed if possible.

They all looked to the ground and while Penny didn't understand a lot of the conversation she knew that they messed with Sheldon's experiment. They messed with her Moon Pie's Nobel Prize. Sheldon's mouth dropped and he stood up.

"You tampered with my experiment?" He said seeming genuinely shocked.

"How could you guys do this to him?" Penny stood up next to him feeling her blood boiling.

"We had to!" Leonard (poorly) argued.

"It was the only way to keep you from being a huge dickenzine." Howard said and it was just an add-on of his dictator.

Still calling Sheldon a dick. Penny was getting pissed off. They are messing with someone's future, their friend's future and their argument was Sheldon was being a dick?

"Leonard…you're my best friend in the world—" Howard cut Sheldon off.

"It was his idea."

"Of course it was the whole plan reeks of Leonard."

"Leonard…" Penny was surprised.

She really believed Leonard to be a good guy and overall good friend.

"I feel terrible about it. I could never forgive myself…and I don't expect you to either." Leonard didn't sound genuine but it sounded more like he felt he was expected to say that.

He looked at Penny before looking at Sheldon and she felt disgusted. How can someone do that to their best friend? How can someone who is looked at as such a great guy turn out to be so…wrong?

"Why?" Penny said.

"It was the only way to make him happy."

"Well why did you have to make him happy?"

"Because it was the only way to not kill him. There was a plan. We were going to throw his Kindle outside and when he went to get it, lock the door and let him freeze to death."

Penny knew Sheldon could be difficult, extremely difficult but really this is extreme. Sheldon unfolded his arms and she could see he was very angry.

"That seems like a bit of an overreaction." He said and you could hear emotion in his voice, which is very rare, unless he's really happy…like he was over his findings.

"No the over reaction was the idea to tie your limbs to four different sled dog teams and yell mush!" Leonard said while Howard and Raj sat there uncomfortably.

Penny stood there, mouth agape, unsure of what to say to Leonard. They now all stood looking ashamed and guilty. Penny was feeling herself wanting to yell. She wanted to go Junior Rodeo on their asses.

"Look we kept the original data. You can still publish your paper with the actual results." Leonard sat down.

"Yes but the actual results are unsuccessful and I already sent an e-mail to everyone at the university explaining I have confirmed string theory and forever changed man's understanding of the universe." Penny didn't know much about Physics or string theory but she knew this was important for him.

She also knew that an e-mail like that would probably discredit him. It would cause his career to look like a joke. How she knew that, was beyond her, but she knew Sheldon would take a long time to recover from this.

"Oh, see, you shouldn't have done that. Write another e-mail, set the record straight. It's no big deal." Leonard said and Howard groaned.

"You're right Leonard. It's not a big deal. The only thing you did was lie to me, destroy my dream, and humiliate me in front of the whole university." Penny felt her heart break with every word. She imagined Sheldon felt a million times worse if it affected her too.

He began walking to his room before turning, "that FYI was sarcasm. I, in fact, believe it is a big deal." Penny didn't even have it in her to smile

"Aw, poor thing." Penny whispered as she watched him go. She then rounded on the three dictators.

"He'll be okay." Leonard said and smiled at her, "so how have you—" she cut him off.

"How dare you! The three of you should be ashamed! I know Sheldon can get under your skin, he annoys the hell out of me, but I would never mess with his job! You know how much the Nobel Prize means to him. Ugh, you guys are so lucky I don't..." She dropped the sentence and stormed off to Sheldon's room.

She knocked on Sheldon's door before letting herself in. He was curled up on his bed with his back to her. She felt herself frown. "Hey do you want to talk?"

"About what? Being betrayed by my friends? Spending three months in the North Pole for nothing? And I didn't even get to go to Comic-Con!" He started sobbing.

Penny sat on his bed, "Aw, hon—" She felt herself automatically reach out for him, but remembered he hated being touched.

She debated on doing it and risked it anyway. He didn't notice it and she felt good about this.

"Soft kitty, warm kitty—"

"That's for when I'm sick! Sad is not sick." Sheldon said before adjusting himself into his pillow.

"Sorry I don't know your sad song." Penny said and Sheldon sighed.

"I don't have a sad song. I'm not a child." He said and Penny felt worse.

Sheldon was really upset with his "friends" and it made him feel better that Penny was here. Only a little but it was something. She cared about his feelings.

She probably wouldn't have tampered with my experiment. He thought, without really thinking.

"Sweetie, I know how you feel." Penny sighed out and Sheldon felt his irritation flare up.

How could she possibly know how he feels?

"Oh really? Did you just have the Nobel Prize in waitressing taken away from you?" He said.

"Well, no but when I was a senior in high school one of my friends heard I was going to be named head cheerleader. Ugh, I was so excited. My mom even made me a celebration pie then they named stupid Valerie Mossbocker head cheerleader. Big ol' slut bag." Penny remembered this and fumed.

She removed her hand as Sheldon turned around sniffling, "Are you saying that you think a celebration pie is even remotely comparable to a Nobel Prize?"

Penny felt she was failing at making him feel better, "Well…they're pretty tasty."

He sat up and Penny examined his face, he even looked good with facial hair. Jeez, she did miss him.

"And on a different but unrelated top—" She cut him off by kissing him.

Sheldon didn't notice her moving in until he was settled and when her lips grazed his, he froze. What the hell was she thinking?

Suddenly she pulled away. Oh God what was I thinking?

But she felt something…in the pit of her stomach, something she hasn't felt since her very first kiss.

Little did she know, Sheldon felt this too…this odd feeling he had no way of comprehending.

Oh, my stomachs tied in knots.

"I'm so sorry Sheldon." She blurted feeling awful.

She didn't plan on that happening, not at all.

"It was….Penny why did you do that?" Sheldon felt, not disgusted, but strangely intrigued.

He didn't know how to react or why Penny would do that. She thought she was somewhat interested in Leonard, although she did hug him and not any of the other guys.

"I-I don't know. I missed you so much Sheldon." She admitted and he temporarily forgot about the sabotage to think about what she was implying.

Does Penny have 'feelings' for me? That weird feeling was back in his stomach.

"I see…" He didn't really. There weren't many problems that Sheldon couldn't solve but he knew Penny would forever be one of them especially with this new equation to add to everything else.

"Penny, I'm going to ask you to leave." He said and Penny felt awful.

"Honey, I didn't mean to—"

"Please, Penny." He laid back down and Penny shuffled out of the room to the waiting faces of the guys.

She didn't know what to say. So she didn't say anything as she headed back to her apartment.

What did I do?

Penny and Sheldon were both racking their brains, trying to find a way to make this go away. Penny felt awful for adding problems on top of his problems. Sheldon was sad over his friends' betrayal and angry that Penny would do that to him. Put him in that situation when he was already having a hard time.

Though he had to admit, her lips felt nice. They were soft and he was tempted to kiss her back but he knew he couldn't.

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