"Well done Malfoy." Caitlin drawled. Belle gave him a clip on the ear.

"What?" Scorpius protested. It wasn't his fault he didn't understand how girls worked. They confused him with their mixed messages and hidden meanings. Rose usually translated things for him, but now it was her being all complex and girlish.

"I was just about to tell her you fancy her!" Caitlin hissed. Scorpius frowned.

"I know you were going to tell her! Why?" He really felt they were overreacting, how would they like it if he started reading their diaries aloud to the boys they had (eugh, it sounded so feminine) crushes on. Not that he had a 'crush' on Rose.

"No, of course not, more like you want to 'strip her of her clothes and ravish her against the closest flat surface'." Oh, fabulous, not only had he accidentally voiced his thoughts, but Albus had joined in the fun. 'Tell Rose I loved her, and her dress was beautiful, Albus can have all my food, Louis must always remember to use a condom and anything found under my bed is James and Fred's ' He thought.

"I find it cute that you fancy my cousin, and hilarious how awkward you are with her, and I think you really do need to tell her, because the sexual tension is slowly killing me, but I agree, Finnigan reading the diary isn't the best way to tell her." Albus seemed to be repressing a laugh. Scorpius exhaled, he hadn't realised he'd been holding his breath.

"Did you think I was going to hit you?" He asked. Scorpius nodded slowly. And Al chuckled.

"Stop nattering and go find her!" Belle urged, shoving him in the back. With friends like those, wjo needed enemies? With a huff, he took off.

"Wait! Scor!" Al cried, running after him.

"Yeah?" He replied. With a grin Albus raised his fist an thumped him.

"That's for having dirty fantasies about Rose...Now go and, er, to anyone else I'd say make those fantasies realities, but she's my cousin so...Good luck!" He gave him an encouraging thwack on the back and walked off. Scorpius walked slowly out of the common room and down the stairs. He heard a faint snuffling and his pace quickened, if that was Rose and he'd made her cry, he would never forgive himself. He never found out who it was though, as just seconds later a tiny blur of red and green floored him.

"Rose?" He asked. She picked herself up, red in the face.

"Oh, er, hi Scor, I best be off...No." She took a deep breath and regained composure. Crossing her arms and staring defiantly into his grey eyes, Scorpius gulped. He had always been terrified of Rose, and this wasn't helping.

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, I really, really fancy you. If it didn't seem so sappy, I would definitely say I love you. I don't care if you hate me for this, I mean, I know you like Aimee, and I've totally ruined our carefully built friendship, but-" Scorpius cut off her rambles.

"R-rose, I don't fancy Aimee. I, well, I fancy you." He was literally trembling with fear. 'I must be some kind of masochist, falling in whatever you call this with such a scary girl. With such a scary family to boot!' he thought. Rose's eyes widened in shock.

"You do? Finnigan isn't as much of a deluded idiot as I thought!" She gasped a little at this revelation. Scorpius had just, in possibly the most eloquent manner he could manage, confessed his undying love for her, and all she could think about was deluded idiots.

"Rose! I. Love. You." He forced the words out, feeling a great weight lift off his bony shoulders.

"Oh! Right! Yes! Umm, should we, I dunno, kiss or something?" She gazed up at him as he ran a hand through his hair nervously. He looked down at her. However much he loved her, he wasn't sure he had it in him to actually kiss her. Rose rolled her eyes and the next thing he knew her lips were on his and he was having the most amazing kiss he'd ever received. They broke apart, gasping for breath.

"Would, y-you like, would you like...Gah! Wouldyouliketobemygirlfriend?" He mumbled. Rose smiled, her whole face lighting up.

"'Course." She looped her arm through his.

"Now, my dear boyfriend-best friend, we have a ball to go too. How do I look?"

A/N: So now for an authors note that is possibly longer than my story. Image, the dialogue between Scorpius and Rose, Cosette and the basis of the characters belong to Peibee-an-Jay, this amazing DeviantArt artist/author, seriously, she is AWESOME and super talented and kind. Her drawings are just...so good! Caitlin is awfully similar to my friend's OC Caoimhe Finnigan, but I've actually written her first. J.K Rowling owns pretty much everything else...I own so little of this story it's ridiculous...review to praise these wonderful people, and Beth and Ruby who are Belle and Pearl.