Game on

A/N: Special thanks to my amazing-ness beta Christina Meek (AKA Loopy One) and shout out to SOVEREIGN LORD OF CHAOS! I appreciate you helping me through the writers block :)

Chapter 1: The Premier

Mindy's POV

I swear, Drake's nothing but trouble. It's not the first time he's held everyone up, though…

"Josh, tell your step brother to hurry up." I moan.

"You think I haven't tried that?" Josh explains.

I roll my eyes. "Do something. You have to be at work in… ten minutes." I say, checking my phone for the time. I show him the device. "I don't know about you, but I'm not going to be late for this."

With that, I snatch Josh's keys and start toward the door.

"Mindy! Ahhhg, DRAKE! WE'RE LEAVING!"

Josh follows me, and I shut the door. I unlock the car and start it up, hoping it would prompt the conceded male to move it along.

Half a minute later, Drake comes bursting out the doors.

"Wait up, I'm coming, jeez!" He exclaims, then climbs in the back.

"Okay, we have about… seven minutes before the party starts, and- what's that smell?" I ask abruptly.

"It's my cologne." Drake smirks. "You like?"

He moves forward, and I push him back with my palm in his face. "Ew, gross, and… why?"

"Can we just go?" Josh moans.

"It's for the ladies." Drake explains. "I've gotta be fresh for those Hollywood girls."

I sigh, and move the car to reverse. "Yeah, good luck with that."

It took us long enough, but we were finally on our way to The Premier. I've been waiting for this party for so long, and I wasn't about to miss it. Since Josh's boss became the principal of a performing arts school in Hollywood, well, let's just say I've been doing some extra chores for the lady.

Yes, okay? I want to go to Hollywood Arts. So what? I feel as though my musical creativity could really benefit from a school like that/ I can't say my playing is the greatest… I got shot down at the audition. But now Helen's the principal, and if I play my cards right…

Tori's POV

(24 hours earlier…)

"Have a nice weekend, class." Sikowitz announces, as students are already starting to leave. "Oh! I almost forgot, sit sit!"

We moan, and everyone sits back down.

"As you all know, the principal of Hollywood Arts is still adjusting to her new position." Sikowitz informs us.

"Get to the point!" Rex demands.

"Erm, yes, well… In leaving her previous job, she's having a sort of 'farewell' party, and would like some of the students here to perform a song at her party."

"I'm leaving." Jade announces, and stands from her spot.

"Wait!" I call after her. "Sikowitz, where do we sign up?"

"Uh- who's we?" Jade smites. "Because there's no way I'm-"

"Sign up is in the hallways, have a nice weekend." Sikowitz interrupts, and the students leave.

Me, Andre, Beck, Cat, Robby, and Jade all hang back.

"Please Jade, it'll be fun!" I try.

"Okay, we don't even know where our principal's previous job is." Jade points out. "What if she used to work in Yerba?"

"I talked to her yesterday; she said she runs a movie theatre in San Diego." Andre informs us. "Me Beck and Cat all signed up before class."

"I signed up too!" Robby says.

"You guys should totally audition! It'll be so much fun!" Cat exclaims.


I wanted to, but Jade was a bit more stubborn about it.

"Common, you're the one who said we need to start doing more activities as a couple." I tell her.

"What kind of activities?" Rex questions.

Jade snarls at him, and I glare at the disturbing puppet as well.

"Please?" I prompt.

Jade moans, and rolls her eyes. "Fine, I'll join your little group."

"Yay!" Cat bounces, and embraces her in a hug.

"Don't touch me." Jade warns. Cat backs off, but continues to smile and bounce.

Andre tells us auditions are after school, so they should meet in the black box. Beck says they're planning on singing Best Friend's Brother, and Tori and Jade could assist with the vocals.

Mindy's POV

The students here are fabulous! I don't know what kind of strings Helen could pull, but the odds of me getting into a school with such talented students… I'm thinking my odds are about none.

Their performance was still spectacular, though. Josh and I take a break from our work to applaud the group.

I approach Helen a little later. The Hollywood students were mingling amongst the group, and Drake was acting too cool for them, as usual. I'm actually surprised Drake hasn't asked Helen about the school, seeing as though he's a musician.

"Mindy! Oh I cannot thank you ENOUGH for all your help today sweetie!" Helen tells me.

"It's no problem." I say. "So, you're really leaving then?"

She gets a sad look. "I know you all are gonna miss me, but I just can't run two places at once. It's just too far away!"

"Yeah, well I understand. I hope-" I start. I notice Drake from my peripheral vision, getting way to close to one of the performers. "Um, one second." I say, excusing myself from the conversation.

"I'm in a band." Drake tells the girl.

"Um… that's, great?" The female replies, clearly uncomfortable.

I grab him by the arm and pull him away. "Okay, Drake. Any closer and she'll suffocate from your cologne. Let's go." I announce.

The girl smiles, amused at my comment.

"Mindy, get off me!"

"Are you his girlfriend?" The female asks.

"She's not!" Drake blurts. "I'm totally, one-hundred percent single." He claims, in a more smooth tone.

The girl backs away again.

"No, he and I are not dating." I clear up. "Drake, let's go, you're scaring her."

"I am not!" Drake says, and yanks his arm back. He ends up stumbling into the girl, who catches him by the arms and just as quickly drops him.

"Um, I gotta go!" The singer says, and speed-walks to the other side of the room.

I glare at the boy, my arms crossed. Josh comes over too.

"Drake, what happened?" He asks.

"He was being an idiot, as usual." I input, and help him up.

"Hollywood chicks aren't as easy as I thought they'd be." Drake groans, rubbing his head.

"Uh, hello!"

We all focus our attention at the noise. There was a girl standing nearby, and, I can't say I've seen her before.

"I'm from Hollywood!" The female exclaims, awkwardly putting her hands up.

"Who are you?" Josh asks.

"I'm Trina. I'm the clumsy girl's hotter, older sister." She claims.

"Oh!" Drake takes note. "Really?"

He steps closer to the girl, and I'm shocked he'd be interested in the desperate female. Josh also gives him a funny look.

"So, Trina…"

"Yeah?" The girl says, looking excited.

"Is your sister seeing anyone?"

She slumps her shoulders, and scrunches her face. "Yeah, that girl." Trina grunts, and points to a goth female.

The girl had just emerged from the restrooms, and Trina's sister was talking to her now. Though I wouldn't doubt this 'Trina' chick may lie, the girls seemed pretty close.

They kiss, and the three of us watch. Yeah, really close!

"Oh, I get it." Drake says. "They're lesbians."

"Yeah." Trina grunts. "And I'm straight."

"Yep, uh-huh. Good for you." Drake mindlessly replies as he starts toward the girls.

Josh and I pursue after him, each taking one arm.

"Let me go!" He demands as we drag him across the lobby.

Tori's POV

"Do you have to do that in public?" Jade asks in an annoyed tone. I don't think she really minded though, it was just a little sudden.

"I was just trying to get that guy to stop hitting on me." I tell her, and signal behind me.

"The one with the big head?" She clarifies.

"No! Wait, kinda." I ponder. "The guy with the shorter hair, and strong cologne.

She smirks. "Is that what I'm smelling? That's nasty."

"I know." I moan. "I have nasty boy smell on me!"

"Chill out! We'll shower when we get back to Hollywood." Jade says, and grabs my hand. "Let's just enjoy the party, okay?"

I nod, still a bit disgusted. "Okay."

That guy was creepy, but I guess it's just because he's so confident. From being here, I can tell girls seem to like him. Well, besides the girl who was scolding him. She acted like his girlfriend, but completely denied any sort of feelings to the boy. What was he calling her? Mindy?

But he also seemed repulsed by the thought of them being in a relationship. I don't see why, she's very pretty. She's kinda funny, too, and seems to understand body language; something guys never seem to pick up on.

"You guys! Come look, Robby make friends!"

"Robby?" I check. "The same Robby from our school?"

"Yes Robby! Common, hurry!" Cat giggles, and pulls me by the arm.

"Yeah, let's hurry, before they figure out he's an idiot." Jade adds, and follows us.

Robby was talking with two kids, who's names are apparently Eric and Craig, which he introduces us to as the three of us walk up.

"I'm Tori!"

"I'm Cat!" Cat announces and poses.

"I'm leaving." Jade grunts.

"You're friends with girls?" Craig questions. "That's rad."

"The only time girls ever talk to us is during partner projects at school." Eric claims, and the two sigh in unison.

"Aw, that's so sad." I say.

"Hey, maybe the six of us could see a movie!" Robby suggests.

"We just got here." Cat reminds. "I don't know where any movie theatres are in San Diego."

We look at her. "Um, Cat?" I say. "We're at a movie theatre."

She looks around. "Ooo, that was fast! Okay, let's see a movie!"

I shrug. "I'm game, is that alright with you Jade- Jade?"

We look around. "Where's Jade?"

"I think she's talking with that little girl."

I look to who Cat was referring too. That kid had to be at least ten, and Jade was probably scaring the crap out of her.

"Oh, butternut…" I say, and rush toward her, abandoning the nerds and Cat. "Jade, Jade leave the kid alone."

"I call it… the torture-inator." The girl smiles demonically, and I can tell Jade's indulged in the conversation.

"Sit down, Megan. Tell me more about your invention." Jade insists, and the two take a table.

"Well, it's quite simple actually for such a painful device. You see, the victim-" The child begins to explain.

"Whoa, okay, that's enough of that." I intervene, stepping toward the table into their view. "Jade, let's leave the kid alone, don't you think?"

"No no, keep going with your torture device, Megan." Jade insists.

"It's fine, I don't mind sharing." The girl informs me. She looks to Jade. "I'd love to tell you more, but this type of thing is better demonstrated than talked about. Would you like to give it a try?"

Jade smirks wildly, and I become concerned.

She takes the small cube-like object from the kid Megan and holds it in her hand. Megan nods, and she points the device at the guy from before that was hitting on me.

"I really don't think you should-" I say, but was too late.

Jade presses the switch, and a dart shoots along the laser's edge to its target. The needle pierces the boy in the back, and I cover my eyes.