Chapter 16: Getting into Character

Tori's POV

"Class, I would like to introduce you to Drake. He'll be joining us for fourth-period acting class for the rest of the semester." Sikowitz introduces, before starting the class.

Drake takes an open seat by Mindy and Andre.

"Since when did Drake switch into our class?" I whisper to Jade, who was sitting next to me. …she had to kick Samantha out of the seat, but, she's sitting next to me now.

She shrugs. "Today, apparently."

He wasn't saying anything to Mindy. According to what she told me last night, the two were in some sort of disagreement. Andre was between them though, so hopefully there won't be any fire flying.

And Beck, he was quiet too. He wouldn't even look at Drake. If he's trying not to seem like he isn't totally effected by Drake's presence, he's doing a terrible job at it.

"Now, please hand up your character bios- Drake, I assume you've already done yours?" Sikowitz questions.

"I gave it to you yesterday." He reminds, giving our teacher a strange look.

"Excellent! Way to stay on top of it!" Sikowitz commends.

Jade rolls her eyes. I swear, he can be so spacey at times.

"Now that I have all your characters…" He says, grinning. "I would like each of you to come up, pick one from the pile, and get into groups of two. GO!"

For a second no one moved. Then almost simultaneously we stand up, run up to the stage, and randomly grab at the assignment sheets. I some how wound up with my own again.

"Hey Tori, do you want to-"

"Mine." Jade claims before Erica could even finish her sentence. She loops her arm through mine, and pulls me away.

I shrug, and wave at Erica as Jade pulls me back to our seats.

"So, what character did you get?" I ask her.

"Um, Sikowitz?" Andre announces, and the chatter quiets. "Now that Drake's here, there's an odd number of students. He doesn't have a partner."

"Ah." Sikowitz nods. "Drake, how about you work in Mindy's group?"

"Mindy's partnered with me." Beck says.

"That's fine. There'll be one group of three. In that case, you three will have a different script than-" Sikowitz begins, but Mindy interrupts him.

"Actually Drake and Beck can be partners." Mindy explains. "I want to work in Tori and Jade's group." She smirks.

"…okay." He drags, not seeming to understand but going with it anyway. "As I was saying, your group will be assigned a different script than the others."

Jade and I come to the front of the room, as gestured. Beck looked SERIOUSLY pissed at Mindy, so that makes three of us. …Maybe Jade, too. I don't know.

The groups are as follows; Beck and Drake, (group 1) Me, Jade, and Mindy, (group numero 2) Cat and Robby, …and Rex. (third group) Andre and Melissa, (group 4) and as for the other groups, I could really care less.

Because we were the only group which had three people, we had to take a script with three roles. The ones he handed out had just words; no subtext, no back story. That's where these character bio's come in! We read it over, decide who wants to be person 1, 2, and in our case, person number 3, then replace the names with the ones on our sheets and put in the subtext ourselves. We then get to perform them, a week from today.

"Mindy, what's your problem?" I ask, as Jade and I take our seats next to her at lunch.

"Yeah- I mean, we live in the same house. It would have been much easier if you and me could have been in a group." Drake explains.

She rolls her eyes. "First off- the reason I switched is because I'm always with them anyway. I thought we went over this already!" She says, and glares at Drake. "Secondly it's not like it was just the two of us. Beck doesn't live with us, it's an inconvenience. No offence." She says, looking to Beck for a second.

He doesn't respond. It's obvious something's on his mind.

"It is not! He lives, like, a block away." Drake reasons.

Mindy sighs heavily. "Whatever. My point is, it isn't any more work for you if I prefer to work with Tori and Jade." She looks at me. "And that's the only reason I switched."

I sigh, Beck's staring into space, Drake's angrily biting into his sandwich… and Jade's watching us all in amusement.

"Hia!" Cat practically screams as she skips over to us and takes a seat. "Look, I have nachos! It's like a taco, in mini form!"

No one answers.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Hehe!" She giggles. "That's me! I'm Cat!"

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more awkward…

Soon Andre joined us, as did Robby. He and Cat read over each other's character lists, and Andre asked us about ours.

"I got my own." I say. "Wanna switch?"

"Mmm mm, nope." He says, shaking his head. "My character's one cool dude! He's a 19 year old computer hacker who works for the government as a warehouse agent, collecting ancient artifacts with strange powers."

"Hey, that's my character!" Mindy laughs. "I thought I wrote Claudia to be a chick."

"Well, I switched it to a dude. Hope you don't mind, but 'Claudia's name is now Clyde."

"Wait, where did you come up with that anyway?" I ask, and the others look just as curious.

She shrugs. "I don't know, just… came to me I guess."

"Tell us about your character Beck!" Cat laughs.

He perks up. "Hm- what?"

"You're character bio. You know, that thing we've been talking about for the last five minutes." Jade reminds, smiling a bit.

"Oh. Um…" He looks at his. "I play… a 23 year old male named Timmy, who acts like a kid, refuses to grow up, and is constantly accompanied by his two goldfish which are actually… wish granting fairies?" He says questioningly. "Who's idea was that?"

"Hey, looks like you got mine!" Drake smiles. "Not bad, huh?"

No one responds.

"…oh it can't be that bad!" He repeats. Where do these people come up with this stuff?!

"What about you, Jade?"

She rolls her eyes. "Apparently I'm supposed to play a 13 year old cheerleader named Charlotte, who's always happy and friends with everyone."

"Oh my gosh!" Cat gasps. "I wrote a character bio just like that! Do you think someone stole my idea?"

"I think that is yours." I point out, and pat her on the shoulder.

She smiles. "Oh yay! Jade got mine!"

"Wanna tell them about your character little red?" Andre prompts, handing Cat her bio.

She nods. "Okay, um… my character is a 7,000 year old dinosaur named Zeebo! He loves to sing and dance, and entertain people." She reads.

"Yep, that's mine alright." Andre nods.

"Oh that's- eh, creative." I shrug awkwardly.

He nods. "I honestly don't know where I thought up that one."

"Who's your character, Drake?" I ask, changing the subject before I end up offending Andre.

"Ummm… I play Finn, an 18-year-old, snobby teen celebrity with a huge ego." Drake tells us. "Teen celebrity, all right!" He cheers.

"What do you know, that's mine." Beck says, raising an eyebrow. "That's a coincidence."

"Oh yeah, didn't you get Drake's?" Cat remembers.

He nods.

"That just leaves mine and Mindy's." I say. "Would you like to go first, my dear?" I laugh playfully.

"You do the honors." Mindy replies in a posh accent, also laughing.

"Well, I already know whose mine is." I begin, addressing the group now. "A 15-year-old girl named Lola who's going to a boarding school and aspires to be an actress."

The group nods.

"My character is 13, her name is Lucy." Mindy begins.

I see Jade smirk from the corner of my eye.

"She's the popular girl in school who always gets what she wants, less her victims wish to face her wrath…" Mindy continues. "I wonder who's this could be."

"Yep." Jade simply smirks, and we figure it must be hers.

This should be interesting! Mindy and Jade play 13-year-old kids, and I'm playing a girl who's 15.

Drake plays a snobby rock star, Beck plays a childish adult.

Cat's playing a dinosaur, Andre's a government agent, and… I don't think anyone really cared enough to ask Robby who he was playing. If anything else, this should be interesting!

A/N: There is much more of the story to come, but I'm taking a little break from posting for now ^.^ 'Game On' will return midway through October. In the mean time, I'll be posting the sequel to my Saw fic. Look for 'Saw II - Welcome To Hollywood' which will begin posting on September first :)