Matchmaker Flame Princess

Chapter 7

Here we go.

Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Jake, and Lady Rainicorn secretly pursued Finn as he ran to Marceline's house.

Finn ran through Marceline's cave, still not stopping for anything, even the bats that flew past him.

Before her even got up the deck, Marceline yanked her door open and saw him coming.

She backed away from her doorway, just a little, and held her arms open.

Finn ran right to her, tripping as he cast his arms around her slight waist. Marceline enfolded him in her slim arms.

Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Jake, and Lady Rainicorn watched through the window.

"I...I..." Finn faltered as he tried to talk.

"Forget about them," Marceline hushed, "they're critical and ignorant. I don't get how that happened in the one instance (Bubblegum), because that's not what I raised (this will be explained in an upcoming story)."

"Why?" Finn uttered tearfully, "why do I choose the most impractical girls to go after? First I was too young, then I just wasn't worth it; what's wrong with me?"

"Nothing," Marceline said lightly, "it's not you, it's just, what you're doing. Feelings can cloud your judgement, I know, it's happened to me (Ash). When you don't stop to recognize the validity in front of you, you end up getting hurt in more ways than one."

"So you mean like, I should've just recognized the fact the PB is older than me and accepted that it could never happen?" Finn wondered, "And I should've seen that Flame Princess and I could have never worked out?"

"And there you've found your validity." Marceline said.

"It's not like any of that has never crossed my mind," Finn said solemnly, "I just...denied as much as I could I guess."

"I kinda feel bad now." Bubblegum said quietly.

"Oh yeah," Flame Princess scoffed quietly in response, "now you feel bad? I may have broken up with him, but I didn't mentally torment him for two years."

"Yeah," Jake added, looking at PB, "jerkette."

"Come on," Bubblegum responded, "I didn't know."

"Sure you didn't." Jake said dryly.

"This is one reason why you're dead to me," Flame Princess said, "you act so smart and do all this research, yet you supposedly can't figure out the obvious. If I was your mom, I would ask Grod for forgiveness, then drown myself."

Bubblegum looked on, appalled.

"You know what, Marceline," Finn voiced, "most of my friends are female, but you're the only one who's never found any fault with me, even if you don't like me "that way", it's just nice to not be rejected for any reason other than that."

"I like you, I like you being you, nothing more nothing less." Marceline said.

"But," Finn replied, "you said you didn't like me."

"Well I kinda had to say that, you were busy with the other girl."

"We could've worked it out," Finn said, "I mean, looking back on it, out of all the closest ladies I know, you make more sense than anyone, you're not made of gum, fire, slime, berries, star dust, or any other irregular stuff, and your hair is real, and you're just as adventurous as me, and you can take me places that no one else could reach normally."

"All true," Marceline said, "'re only fourteen."

"I won't be forever," Finn said, "and four years...we can take care of the...aging thing."

"Unless you change your mind by then." Marceline stated.

"I crushed on Bubblegum for two years," Finn said, "I'm a natural at waiting."

Marceline looked on intently.

"On the subject of waiting," Finn voiced, "would ever consider waiting for me?"

"I don't mind waiting," Marceline replied, "it's not like I'm getting any older."

"Whoo!" Finn responded gladly, then regain placidity, "So, what do you say? We keep it simple until then?"

"Duh." Marceline said pulling his hat off.

Finn turned red and laughed as she tousled his hair.

Jake, Lady, and the two princesses were still watching.

"Victory." Flame Princess sighed contently, "I think I did a good thing."

"Don't you mean "we"?" Bubblegum prompted.

"Meh," Flame Princess replied, "you were more like my...lackey."

"As usual." Bubblegum said flatly.

"So, what do you wanna do now?" Marceline asked Finn.

"You...wanna go sit on my couch with me and play Beemo?" Finn asked.

"Okay." Marceline said.

They then left the house.

"I better get back to that treehouse." Jake said, following behind Finn and Marcy.

"Man, I should matchmake more often." Flame Princess said.

"Uh...huh." Bubblegum responded.

"Let's go, lackey," Flame Princess said to Bubblegum, "I need a roof replaced, my old one got ruined in the storm."

"I am not..." PB retorted.

Flame Princess then pulled out the fire whip again and started cracking at Bubblegum.

"Hiya gofer!" Flame Princess yelled, snapping her whip, "Move! Move! Move!"

I got new stuff on the way, including a follow-up to "Forbidden Fondness" that has Flame Princess trying to win over Water Prince.