AN: Ok, so here is my epilogue story. It just span's the post ASOIAF saga and James is a character. He is a central character but there will be other POV's and I will focus on what happens to other characters. This is an epilogue to "The Black Wolf," so I'd recommend reading that first considering I won't give much detail on James through this story or pretty much any back story at all. I'm sorry if some characters come across as they are OOC, but I'm not an expert, GRRM is. However, I have read the books and do watch the show, so I will try to make them in character to the best of my abilities. Also I have maybe taken a few liberties and changed some things just for the story. Also this is more of a romantic piece than anything, but I will speak about the strife in the Seven Kingdoms during the time.

There will be more than one POV for each chapter in some occasions and I will put on of these,


When there is a change in POV.

Chapter 1 Jon and Tyrion


Jon was sitting in his chair reading the raven scroll that had just arrived tonight. It had new's regarding James and it was his duty as Lord Commander to let him know, being that he was First Ranger. Jon had his steward Kyle send for him. Jon sipped at his horn of ale as he reclined in his chair reading again, petting Ghost behind the ear. Kyle had brought him a fresh pitcher of ale earlier and it tasted good. Jon did not want all of this, to be Lord Commander, to be Azor Ahai, but the Old Gods deemed otherwise. Melisandre had seen it in her fires, but he ignored her. It wasn't until he was stabbed by his own 'brothers,' that he began to take her seriously, that's when the Others came.

There was a knock on the door as Jon put down the parchment, "Come in," he said solemnly as Kyle stepped forward in the light, James behind him.

"James," Jon said yawning, "Here have a seat."

James sat across next to him and began to pour himself a horn of ale, he sat there sipping. Jon began to study him, the life having gone out of those grey eyes. It was like looking into a mirror, they both looked so much alike, like Starks. He noticed the scar across his chest and the one across his arm as he took off his furs. James had changed in those eight years, he was now more serious than ever, and the joking man who'd get Jon into trouble was no more. James grew into something of a somewhat honorable man, his whoring had gone on the decline, and he seemed more wise. However, he had grown more bitter and prone to anger, and everyone in the Stark family took notice, the over-confident, laid back ranger of the Night's Watch was dead and it died with Eddard Stark. More often than not James reminded him of Eddard Stark and it grew with each passing day. Jon couldn't be the one to talk. He remembered the conversation he had with James up on the winch elevator when he was a novice, his words rang in Jon's mind when he first entered Ygritte. One day Jon, you will love a women. Trust me, the day will come when your vows will truly be tested and you will break it….Don't make the same mistake I did, but if you do: do it for honor.

"Jon," James said, snapping Jon out of his thought's, "Jon. Kyle told me you had important news to tell me?"

Jon nodded and reached for the raven scroll, handing it over to James, who began to read. He looked at him up and down, gauging his reaction as he read. He noticed how James would tap his fingers on anything when he grew nervous, a tick he developed later in life. He looked so old for only being twenty and eight, Jon was twenty and five, yet he still had the same figure he had all his life, the weight of the world he carried in his face, especially his eyes. James was more muscular, just like Robb, while Jon would remain slender like Ned. James grew out a beard and kept his hair long again, just like when he was young.

"Daenerys Targaryen has taken King's Landing with her dragons and her army of slaves," James said slamming the parchment on the table, "What of it? What is it to the Watch? Do you want us to send her a present?"

Aegon Targaryen and his aunt Daenerys had come down with their three majestic dragons as Jon fought beside them and the Children of the Forest, with Bran. Soon afterwards the Targaryen's left after the victory and went off back to Essos. James did not care for this game of thrones, he had already been apart of it, and was now the First Ranger of the Night's Watch. James had changed much in the eight years since all the shit began. He was a green boy of twenty, a foolish one at that, who cared not for honor, and never took anything seriously. It seemed that he had become something better and more than himself, it began with the death of his Father, Eddard Stark. So it did not surprise Jon that he didn't care about this now.

Jon had written to Bran, the new Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. It did not come to a surprise that the boy was a greenseer, even when they were kids he spoke of his father about his strange dreams, but not believing in signs, Lord Eddard dismissed them as nothing more but dreams. The rest of the Stark children lived in Winterfell with Bran and Catelyn, who was still Lady of Winterfell. Arya was betrothed to Gendry Baratheon, now the legitimized son of the late King Robert, and Lord of Storm's End. Sansa was there too but she had married no one, Bran was trying to find her a match, Rickon had mentioned Willas Tyrell, the heir to Highgarden. Rickon is there too, the once unruly boy had grown into a true warrior and was even a better sword fighter than James, he was now the master-at-arms at Winterfell. What would Robb be doing right now? Thought's of his brother and former King of the North always filled him with grief, more grief than Eddard.

Jon sat up arching his shoulders forward, "No but keep reading."

James picked it up and resumed, reading in a mumble as he went. "She's taken Aegon prisoner and he is now in a cell in Dragonstone….I really don't see why this is so urgent, Jon. Why couldn't you have just told Sam and me in the morning?"

"I haven't told Sam because I feel you should know first, although I think you should go to him for counsel. Just keep reading, James." Jon insisted, sipping on his ale.

"Atleast Aegon was captured. One good thing came out of this."

Jon sighed heavily, "I don't know why you hate him so much?"

James looked up at him, "He is cocky, arrogant, and an utter annoyance-"

"-He say's the same of you, James."

James scoffed and went back to reading as Jon laughed to himself, he could tell James was upset. Than he got sad,

"Jaime and Cersei Lannister…are dead." James said, in shock.

Jon could hear the pain and sadness in his voice that reminded him of Ygritte. James had told him what happened between him and Cersei, she had taken advantage of him and played him for a fool. Jaime had given James that scar on his right arm, a constant reminder of the Kingslayer. James had no love for him and never did, it was Cersei's death that saddened him now. Jon never understood why he still harbored feelings towards her, he said she meant nothing to him and him nothing to her. Yet again, he had said the same of Ygritte. Cersei had an incestous relationship with her twin brother, the thought repulsed Jon as it did when James first told him, years later. What made it even worse was when he laid her again after knowing the truth. In turn he told James of Ygritte and he understood what had happened, and accepted that Jon had to kill Quorin Halfhand.

"Tommen is to be sent to Dragonstone, to be groomed into leadership by Lord Stannis. They've been made legitimate Lannister's. The title of Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West falls to Tyrion, the only living son of Tywin. However, it falls to Martyn Lannister for the time being, since Tyrion is the Hand of the Queen. Myrcella Baratheon…I mean Lannister, has been sent….to be Brandon Stark's ward? Surely, this is a mistake, Jon?"

Jon shook his head, "No, it's true. She has managed to get the loyalty of all those who were loyal to her House, although Aegon had a better claim."

James laughed, "Seven hells, Jon. You have the better claim."

Jon coiled his fists on the table, "Be that as it may….I don't care for the Iron Throne."

"I'm guessing it's supposed to be a good gesture towards House Stark," Jon said, "Keeping them alive will buy the Lannister's and she told me she would give Stannis, Dragontstone and Gendry can keep Storm's End. Daenerys wants to have Bran on her side, and sending Myrcella as a ward would do so, that way the Lannister's can't rise up in revenge. The Rains of Castamere isn't based on myth."

"No, it's not. But Tywin Lannister is dead and this Martyn doesn't seem like the type to exact any sort of revenge."

"Still," Jon said, "You can never be too sure. I wonder how Bran will take it?"

James gave a slight grin, "Not sure. The Lord of Winterfell could use a beauty like Myrcella Lannister, or should I say Waters? Surely, my mother will look after her."

"They'll do a good job. Hopefully she won't turn out like Theon."

James let out a sigh, "Such a shame. Such a shame."

"We never liked him, James. Robb always did and everyone else was cordial, but we didn't."

"My mother said to never trust a Greyjoy. In the end she was right."

"He got what he deserved," said Jon spitefully, "Theon killed two young boys; trying to pass them off as Bran and Rickon. That ass got what was coming to him. If he was still alive I'd ask him was it worth it, was daddy's affection worth it? And now his sister Asha is Queen of the Iron Islands."

James took a long drink and slammed his horn down, "Indeed she is. That woman sit's upon the Seastone Chair. She was twice as tough as Theon. The man who'd probably say 'No, bastard,' to your remark and you can fill in the rest."

"I'm wondering why Daenerys would legitimize them?" Jon asked bending down to pet Ghost, who was sleeping.

"That is what confuses me," James said, "There is no reason to. Myrcella and Tommen are good, they're no Joffrey, but I don't see what she has to gain. Will they marry them off to form alliances? Surely, Tommen won't get Dragonstone. I'm not sure. All of this letter is confusing."

Jon laughed as he motioned to the scroll, "Finish it."

James was about to when he looked up at Jon, who just rolled his eyes at James sturbborness.

"How do you feel about all of this, Jon? She is your aunt by the way."

"I don't feel anything. I'm not to get involved, this is strictly realm business, James." Jon said angrily.

"Are you sure? I know I'd feel something if I found out that Bran had taken the Iron Throne."

"I don't, James. Daenerys can do whatever she wants, I could care less."

James laughed, "You mean to tell me you don't care that she imprisoned your half-brother?"

"He isn't my brother!" Jon spat, "You're my brother!"

A few moments of silence passed, "So what are we to do about this?" James asked, pouring himself another horn.

"Nothing," Jon said, fiddling with his fingers,"We are to serve the realm and only the realm. We will bend the knee to Daenerys and swear are fealty. The White Walkers may be defeated but there still are wildling's."

"Aye, you'd think Mance Rayder would keep the peace, but I say not to trust him."

Jon nodded in agreement, "Can't trust, Mance. I may have let him continue as King-Beyond-the-Wall, but I don't think we'll see the last of him."

"If it wasn't for Mance, I'm not sure if Stannis could've retaken Winterfell," James said, "It's why I should go on a ranging. See if we can find anything."

"We aren't at full force, yet. We lost to many ranger's during the battle, just keep reading, James," Jon urged as James turned his eyes to the scroll.

James nodded and continued to read. When Howland Reed had told him he was the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark he was devastated. Jon could not bring himself to believe that any man other than his true father, Lord Eddard could be his dad. His mother instead was Lord Stark's sister, Lyanna. A woman who was said to be exactly like Arya. His family took the news just as hard and was there to support him, none of them stopped calling him brother. Even Lady Catelyn treated him differently; the once cold woman, warmed up and took a liking for Jon. She even went out of her to apologize for her treatment of him, all these years. It's a shame it took the fact that I wasn't Ned's son to make her like me…Jon thought but he couldn't complain. It was after he met Daenerys and Aegon that he became a legitimized Targaryen, now calling himself Jon Targaryen, but in his heart he was still Jon Snow, the bastard of the North. He finally came to terms he realized that he may be a Targaryen, but in his heart he was a Stark, through and through. James, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon were still his siblings and not his cousin's.

"Daenerys will visit the Wall, on the morrow?" James said, surprised.

"Yes, the new Queen, my aunt, will be coming to Castle Black."

"Why? And I think Sam has a right to know about this. Us men of the Watch can't provide her with a feast, but at least we can look presentable." James said pouring more ale into their horns.

"I agree. Kyle!" Jon yelled as the boy came stumbling into the room.

"Yes, My Lord?"

"Awake, Maester Samwell. Tell him we need his counsel, right away. Also mention to him there will be food, I know he will be hungry."

Kyle gave a grin, "Right away, Lord Commander."

Jon got up and put out a plate of meat and cheese, with the ale to go along with it. James sat there, quiet, as Jon put out the food.

"What does she stand to gain from this? Does she need to see us physically bend the knee, all five hundred of us?"

Jon rolled his eyes, "Did you finish all of it?"

"Well, no." James said shrugging his shoulders, "I was thirsty."

"Just finish it, James."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Sam was there. He looked tired as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Samwell was still a big man, but had slimmed down since Jon first met him all those years ago. He was dressed in black with the collar around his throat, which he constantly tugged at. Sam had grown out a beard. He took a seat in between Jon and James, constantly yawning and rubbing his eyes. Sam gave his hello's as James poured him some ale and he began to nibble at the cheese.

"Kyle tells me you need counsel?" Sam said chewing the cheese, "Some business regarding Daenerys Targaryren?"

"Yes," Jon said, "It's urgent actually."

"Does it concern the watch?" asked Sam, still looking quite groggy.

"Well, kind've. James would you like to tell Sam?"

James was slumped over in his chair, it seemed he had fallen asleep. "James!" Jon yelled as his brother sprung up from his chair.

"Yes? Yes?"

"Want to let Sam what's going on?"

"Very well," he said, "Daenerys has taken King's Landing. Cersei and Jaime are dead. Tommen and Myrcella have been made legitimate Lannister's. Tommen is to be sent to Dragonstone, to be a ward to Stannis and Myrcella to Bran."

Sam sat back in his chair thinking, he took a gulp of ale and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "Hmmm." he said as he took another piece of sausage and ate it, "So she is to be the new Queen of Westeros. We serve the realm and all we can do is swear her fealty. This really could've waited, Jon."

"No, it couldn't." Jon said, "There is more."

"More?" Sam asked, giving a troubling look, "What else could there possibly be?"

"My aunt is coming to the Wall, tomorrow."

Sam was drinking ale when he stopped, mid-gulp. He set down the horn quietly and sat himself up on the chair, "That is news. Why would she want to?"

"Not sure," James said, "That is what I'm trying to figure out."

"Well, it's in the letter," Jon said pointing to it in James' hand's, "If only you'd read it. There is a reason I summoned you right away."

"Right," James said sighing as he picked it up and began to read, his eyes grew wide when he Jon knew he had finally finished.

"She comes here to speak to me, to me?" James said looking at both of them with huge eyes, the color flushing from his face, "Why would she want to speak to me?"

"Not sure," Jon said, "That's what I've been trying to figure out since you got here."

Sam began to stroke his beard as he sat there, he finally threw his arms to the side, giving up. "This is bizarre of her. Not only is she coming to the Wall unexpectedly, but she is coming here solely for James? This is truly weird. Nonetheless we must prepare for her arrival, we can't give her a huge feast but we can put out something. Did she say who was all coming?"

James took back to reading, his head moving side-to-side as he read, "It doesn't say."

"I'm assuming it will be her, Tyrion, her dragons, and more than likely her Queensguard." Jon said, "She doesn't have to bring anyone else."

"Let's hope," Sam said, "If not, I'm not sure we will be able to house anyone else. I hope the training yard is big enough for dragons."

"They do have wings, they can fly."

"You dragons make no sense," James said sighing, leaning back in his chair.

"Well, the Queen wishes to see you, James. You must do your duty. I won't have you embarrass the Night's Watch." Jon said, pointing a finger at him.

"Although you're visits to Mole Town have been on the decline, you still haven't stopped altogether."

"I know," James said, "And don't worry I won't embarrass you. I'll talk to this, Mother of Dragons."

"Well, it is expected of you." Sam said, "We serve the realm and she is Queen."

James nodded and reached over for some cheese, "I can't just not talk to her."

"Good." Jon said standing up and put out the fire by the hearth. James kept quiet and Jon knew something was bothering him, "Out with it, James."

James sighed, but he sounded confused, "I just don't get it. Why does she want to talk to me, to me? I'm just the First Ranger of the Night's Watch, a crow. What could she want with me?"

"I'm not sure, James." Jon said, crouching and rolling the logs with a fire poker, "I guess we'll find out tomorrow."

"Aye, I guess we will." James said removing himself from his seat making for the door, Sam already took his leave but James lingered, "I hardly spoke to Daenerys when she came to the Wall, the first time. I mean we were cordial but nothing more. All of this, Jon, doesn't make any sense."

Jon sighed and motioned him to re-take his seat, he sat and so did Jon. He folded his hands together before he spoke, "I wouldn't say you guys never spoke. I saw you two speaking many a time."

James rolled his eyes, "Yes, we spoke of dragons and the Dothraki. We didn't speak as if we were common friends who hadn't seen each other in years! What could this woman want with me?"

Jon leaned forward, staring at him, James met his stare. "I'm not sure, James. I can't make promises for my aunt."

Jon tapped his fingers on the table, he began to laugh. James gave him a quizzical look as Jon could tell he was becoming angry.

"Did I say something funny?" he asked as Jon began to laugh louder, Ghost stood up now eyeing his master.

"I've never known for you to be nervous around a girl. You used to tease me when we were younger when I'd get nervous around that servant girl, what was her name?"

"I'm not sure." James spat, "Just call her Busty. And I'm not nervous to speak to Daenerys, I did last time."

"Oh, yes you are," Jon said smiling, "I can see it in the way you play with your fingers when you say her name. I mean, I don't blame you, she is beautiful."

James laughed, "Indeed, she is. I still don't see why she is going out of her way to see me."

"Not sure, James," Jon said getting out of his chair, "But rest assured she has business with you. And whatever it is, you can't deny the Queen of Westeros."

"Oh yes I can!"

"Did you deny Cersei?"

James grew silent, Jon had touched a raw nerve. He could see the anger rising in him, the wolfsblood, Lord Eddard called it. Jon did not have a touch of it but James, Arya, Rickon, and his mother Lyanna did.

"I'm sorry, James." he said remorsefully, "I didn't mean for it to sound like that."

"It's ok," James said rising out of his chair, acting like everything was alright when Jon knew it wasn't, "It was a different time and I was a different person. It's all water under the bridge." He waived a hand in the air, "If that is all, Lord Commander, I shall be taking my leave. I'd like to get some rest and look presentable for the Queen."

Jon nodded at him and went to the door, opening it for him. "Yes, Yes, go get some rest. We're done here."

James walked out of the door, when Jon called Ghost to come into bed. The white wolf sprang onto the his make shift bed that laid to the side of Jon's. Kyle had made it and it was perfect for the wolf's size. As Jon laid down and slept that night he thought about what Daenerys Targaryen could want with James. And than it dawned on him.



The invasion of King's Landing was a messy one. Tyrion Lannister thought as he sat in the Throne Room, looking up at the chair that had cost so many lives to take. Men have started wars, killed the innocent, raped, murdered, plundered, for the most uncomfortable chair within the seven kingdoms. When Tyrion had last seen the Iron Throne it was during his vile nephew Joffrey's wedding, and it turned out bad for him. Not much had changed since than, the Red Keep still looked like the Red Keep, however the Tower of the Hand was being rebuilt, apparently Cersei thought it a good idea to blow it up; just because it reminded her of Tyrion. Cersei still ruled and she had brought the realm to it's knees, just like he knew she would. Cersei had never known what to do with power when she got it, sure she was very adept at gaining it, but not adept at wielding it. She was more like her late husband Robert in more ways than one.

When Tyrion had found her dead with Jaime laying beside her on the floor of the Throne Room, he felt sadness come over him. Cersei laid there with finger marks around her throat, lying next to her twin who was wearing his Kingsguard armor and had a dagger in his stomach, the blood seeping through. They came into this world together, and they left together. Tyrion felt sadness not because Cersei had been killed, Tyrion held no love for his older sister; she blamed him for the death of their mother, and had always been a cunt. He would've killed her himself if given the chance, Jaime too, but in the end he realized there was no way he could harm his older brother. Jaime was the only one ever to show Tyrion a certain amount of affection, of love, that he never got from anybody else.

However, he had lied to him about Tysha and that angered him even more. They were fortunate enough to find their children Tommen and Myrcella in the royal apartment's of Maegor's Holdfast. Surrounded by the remaining Kingsguard and servant's. All the Kingsguard were slaughtered but the servant's were left alive, most were hired into serving Dany. Both his niece and nephew became hostages, and Daenerys treated them kindly. The Tyrell's had left as soon as they heard word of Dany's invasion and ran back to Highgarden, however not without declaring for the Targaryen's. Myrcella had still been beautiful, just as Tyrion had last seen her. He heard about the attempt on her life in Dorne, but the scar on her face seemed to heal fine, however she had lost an ear. It was easily concealed by her long blonde hair. Myrcella had seemed to acquired all of her mother's and father's beauty, but not an ounce of Cersei was in her. Tommen was still the plump boy Tyrion remembered, except taller. He had gotten over his fixation with kittens, but was still the same boy, nonetheless.

The capture of the city was easier than he thought, little did he know Cersei had lost her mind. The Gold Cloaks fled as they saw Daenerys with her dragons overhead, raining down fire upon the Lannister army that was outside. Tyrion came in through the Blackwater Rush with her Unsullied led by Tyrion and Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island. Mormont was the commander of her Queensguard and ever loyal, but Tyrion knew he had a special affection for the Queen, he loved her. All in all the battle only lasted an hour and most men had lost heart just by seeing the dragons. That's when it turned to chaos. Seeing as they were already dead men, most of them began to rape and plunder the peasant's that had been trapped inside the city. As Tyrion walked the streets with Daenerys and her bloodrider's, the bodies riddled the streets; the smell of smoke, blood, death, and charred flesh was in the air. The fire alone had consumed most of the city, but the Red Keep was untouched and sealed off. Children were crying out for their mother's and mother's were crying out for their children. What disturbed him the most was when he found out that Cersei had planned to level the city with Wildfire when they were to invade, and Jaime killed her because of it, just like he killed the Mad King.

"The price of victory." Tyrion had told Daenerys as she walked through the street's mortified. Her bloodrider's following their every move.

Her first decree was to rebuild the dragonpit, so her dragons can stay there. Another was to repair the city and give out food to the poor and those who remained. Tyrion knew they still had an army to feed but she wouldn't listen, Daenerys wanted her people to love her. As they made their way to the Red Keep, everyone kept silent. All you could hear was the scurrying of rats, the sound of her Queensguard marching behind her, and their breathing. Finally, when they opened the doors to the Great Hall there it was: The Iron Throne. Tyrion watched as Daenerys stepped forward in her Dorthaki rag's, she had refused to wear a Pentoshi dress that was given to her and Tyrion knew better than to argue with her. She calmly walked each step of the dais as her dreams had finally become reality: she was about to touch the Iron Throne. Tyrion stood with her bloodrider's and Queensguard as her hands softly touched the barbs and the petruding swords.

He only wondered what was going through her mind at that moment, perhaps she was thinking about all her ancestor's who had sat upon that throne, or her father. Tyrion turned around and looked at the same spot on the floor where they found Old Aerys, gutted by the man who swore to protect him. He looked around and further images conjured of Rickard Stark being burned alive in his suit of armor, or his son Brandon being straggled to death as he tried to save him. Suddenly he heard clapping as he turned around to find Daenerys sitting on the Iron Throne, she was smiling. However, the only people in the room besides Tyrion and her Queensguard were a few Unsulllied, and some servant's cleaning up the blood and hanging up the old Targaryen tapestries. Daenerys even ordered the old Dragon skulls brought back up from the cellar, so they can graze the walls of the Throne Room once more. Soon they all departed as Dany made her way to the small council, but Tyrion just stood there staring at that seat built by Aegon the Conquerer with Dragonfire. When Tyrion was in Essos, following Dany, he often thought of why her dragon's had come alive. All the Maester's said that the magic had gone from this world, and they could not figure out why all the remaining dragon eggs turned to stone. But why was Dany's the exception? What made her's so special?

"Lord Tyrion," he heard Jorah Mormont say to him as he just kept his gaze on the throne.

"The Khaleesi has called a meeting," Mormont said a second time as Tyrion ignored him. At times he was an annoying man, who took his order's too seriously.


"-I heard you the first time, Mormont," Tyrion replied with a hand up as he looked at the Throne once more, "Tell the Queen I shall be there, at once. I won't keep her waiting."

Tyrion followed Jorah into the small council, and it was just the way he had left it. The pillars wrapped with vines as the long table stood in the middle of the large room. Behind it was some tapestry on the wall with the Targaryen sigil, the three-headed dragon. It's better than Robert's hunting tapestries, Tyrion thought as he waddled over to the table. The only people around it were Daenerys, Jorah, and to Tyrion's surprise, Varys. The Eunuch had conspired to bring Aegon up on the Throne with that Pentoshi, Illyrio Mopatis, but alas Dany said he was good at his job and indeed he was. They all stood up and greeted Tyrion as he took his seat in the small council, at the seat of the Hand of the King; as he once did for that monster, Joffrey, but Cersei was the Queen at the time. The rest of the seat's were empty and as far as Tyrion knew Daenerys hadn't given any thought to a Master of coin, ships, laws, nor was there a grand maester. Daenerys cleared her voice as she spoke,

"My small council," she said smiling as the rest bowed their heads, "I'd like to thank you all for your service and I hope we can serve the realm and bring peace to the Seven Kingdom's."

"It is in an honor to serve you, my lady," Varys said, the man still smelled of lavender and wore his outlandish robes, "I hope to serve as well as I did your father, your grace."

Well played, thought Tyrion. Dany smiled at the Spider, "Thank you, Lord Varys. I appreciate the kind words."

Jorah stood up in his chair, "Well let's get to business."

"Right," Dany said, "What is item number one on the agenda?"

Varys cleared his throat, "The traitor Aegon still rot's in Dragonstone. He is under the careful watch of Stannis Baratheon."

"Good," Dany said, "Make sure he is guarded day and night. I don't want him escaping."

"There are also the Tyrell's, your grace." Varys said, "They have declared for you, along with the Martell's. Mace Tyrell himself has said so, he proved it when he turned his men on the Lannister's."

"Yes, the Tyrell's will be pardoned. See to that at once."

"We need to fill in the other position's, your grace." Tyrion said finally speaking up as servant's brought out the remnant's of Cersei's wine that she grew so fond of.

"Tyrion is right, Khaleesi. We can't rule without a complete council." Jorah said, the devil brand's on his face staring back at Tyrion.

"Yes, I know Ser Jorah. Tell me, have you guy's given any thought to who I should appoint?"

Varys bent forward before he spoke, the light shining off his bald head, "As much as it pains me to do so, I think we should appoint Lord Petyr Baelish as Master of Coin."

"Littlefinger?" Tyrion asked, perplexed. It was because of him he was captured by Catelyn Stark in the first place, it was because of him Westeros almost consumed itself in hell. "You'd want that snake serving on the small council, again?"

Dany looked intrigued as she eyed Varys, "And who is this Littlefinger?"

"Petyr Baelish, Khaleesi. I believe he is Lord of the Vale as we speak. He was named defendant when Lysa Arryn was murdered, her son Robert died of a sickness. So the title went on to Baelish." Jorah said, now drinking some wine.

"And is he any good at finding money?"

"The best, your grace," Varys said, "Some say he find's money just out of thin air. However-"

"-Good," Daenerys said, cutting him off, "Send a raven to the Eyrie and summon this Littlefinger."

Tyrion sighed, "And what about all the other position's? We still have to appoint a Master of Laws and Ships. There is even a Grand Maester."

Dany lifted up a hand, "Not to worry, Tyrion. We will think about that later, but for now, we have other issues. The Lannister children, what is to become of them?"

Everyone grew silent for awhile, Mormont spoke up, "I'm not sure, your grace. They are just the bastard childen of Cersei and Jaime. The product's of incest, it's an abomination."

"I was the product of incest, Ser Jorah. Do you think I'am an abomination?" Daenerys said as Tyrion looked over and Jorah's face had grown red out of embarrassment. Tyrion smiled,

"Of course not, Khaleesi. I was just saying-"

"-Enough," Dany commanded, "They will not be harmed. We can't just send them back to Casterly Rock, we need to keep them as hostage's for the Lannister's good will. However, we need to somehow win them over. I say we legitimize them."

This is interesting indeed. "Legitimize them, your grace?" Varys asked, "And what good would that do?"

"It will keep us in the Lannister's good graces, and hopefully keep them in line."

Tyrion was amused at the idea, but he thought of something else, "I say we keep them as wards. Send them both to a certain House that is noble and honorable."

Tyrion saw that Dany was liking this idea, but Mormont was not. He just kept silent since Daenerys had scolded him.

"I like this idea. We can kill two bird's with one stone. By legitimizing them and keeping them alive we ensure the loyalty of House Lannister. If we ward them off we can buy the loyalty of more. The only issue is, which House's?"

Everyone began to give it some thought as Jorah spoke up again, "As much as I don't like this idea, I think we should send the young boy Tommen to Dragonstone. To be fostered under Stannis. It will keep us in the Baratheon's good graces and the boy might learn a thing or two from him."

"Good," Dany said, "How about Myrcella?"

Varys spoke up, "We could send her to be a ward to House Tully, your grace. We certainly need the Riverland's and Lord Edmure would gladly accept. His wife Roslin Frey will treat her as one of her own."

Daenerys shook her head, the bells rang as she did. "No, No. The Tully's were not my first thought. We need a bigger House, one that commands more respect."

"Send them to the Starks!" Tyrion yelled gulping his wine, "Certainly we need the North on our side, and sending Myrcella as a ward will be good gesture. Not only will it repair the damage my House did to theirs, but it will ensure that my cousin Martyn doesn't try and exact revenge on them for Robb Stark's rebellion. I know I'am Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West, but since I'am to be your hand; the position fall's to him. Although, he doesn't seem like the kind've man who would exact revenge, that would've been my father. Bran Stark will certainly accept, and his mother Catelyn will treat her very well."

Dany smiled at the idea, "Yes, that is brilliant Tyrion!" she yelled, looking as if she wanted to kiss him, "We shall send Myrcella to the Starks and Tommen to Stannis. Is there anything else?"

"What about the coronation, your grace?" Varys said, the Spider had crawled back from his hole back to the top. But Tyrion figured if it wasn't for him he'd might be dead.

"That is of the upmost importance, Khaleesi."

Dany began to think intently, "I'd honestly forgot about my coronation. Here, we shall have it in three week's time. Hopefully, by then Lord Baelish will be Master of Coin and the Capital will be in a bit of better shape. I want the coronation in the Great Hall, and I want all of the High Lord's to attend. I know, I know, some of them won't but maybe some will. See to it that it is done."

"Certainly, your grace," Varys said dipping his head.

"Is there anything else?" Daenerys asked,

"No, I believe that is all."

"Ok, council adjourned."

Dany stood up and poured herself another cup of wine as Mormont and Varys took their leave, the Queensguard were right behind them. Tyrion began to walk out of the room when Daenerys called to him,

"Wait, Tyrion!" she yelled, "I'd like to speak with you in private regarding another matter."

Tyrion turned to hear and smiled, "And what matter is this, your grace?"

"Dany," she said, "You may call me Dany or Daenerys when nobody is around."

Tyrion smiled again, "Alright, Dany. What is this matter you'd like to speak of?"

"Here, take a seat," she said motioning to the chair as she sat down herself. Tyrion reluctantly walked over and sat down. The respite was quite needed. His leg's and feet were swore and he hadn't slept since the battle. Hopefully, he would be able to get some rest after this business. Dany handed him a cup of wine as he reluctantly took it and sipped, hoping he'd be drunk enough for what was to come next.

"I need your advice on something." she asked, tapping her fingers on the table. Tyrion had noticed that she did this only when she was nervous.

"I'am here to serve you, Dany. What is troubling you?"

Daenerys looked up at him nervously, as she seemed to be having trouble getting the words out, finally she found the courage. "I need to find a King."

Tyrion was take aback, he had completely forgot the notion of a King. But yet again, the realm needs a Queen and a King, one can not work without the other. Cersei was evidence of that.

"Indeed you do, your grace." Tyrion said, pouring himself another cup, "Although, I'm quite flattered that you'd come to me for advice."

"You are a smart man, Tyrion. You're definently the smartest man I've met."

Tyrion dipped his head at her, "Thank you, Dany. Although, why does this concern me?"

"Because," she began, "Because, I can't just pick any man. The realm has had bad king's for the past four reigns, and this time we need a good, honorable man. Not just some High Lord who doesn't care about the people. We need someone with honor as King, someone strong, intelligent, and handsome. This person need's to take it seriously."

"Sounds like you want a Stark!" Tyrion said, "Doesn't get more honorable than that. But alas, Robb Stark is dead. Bran Stark is too young, as is Rickon. Both boy's haven't even hit twenty. And I think that about complete's the list."

"I wasn't thinking about them," Dany said, "I was thinking about my nephew, Jon. He was raised with them and picked up all of Lord Eddard's qualities."

"Jon Snow is now a Targaryen, your grace. Surely the people won't appreciate aunt and nephew marrying."

"The Targaryen's wed brother and sister for centuries," Dany spit out, "Why should I not continue the tradition? If I had been born earlier I probably would've been wed to my brother Rhaegar."

Tyrion sighed, "Be that as it may. Jon wouldn't accept. He is Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and like you said, an honorable man. The thought of marrying you would…would…how do I put this delicately-"

"-Disgust him," Dany finished when Tyrion nodded, "Yes, I believe Jon Snow is out of the question. Not in a million year's would he accept your offer, he was raised by Eddard Stark and is like him in more way's than one. He may be the offspring of your brother and Lord Stark's sister, but he is Eddard's son through and through."

"Damn!" Dany muttered under her breath, "Who else could I consider?"

Tyrion sat there in silence for a minute as he realized who it could be, "You said you wanted a Stark, your grace?"

Dany looked up at him and nodded, "Well we forgot about the other one."

"Who?" Dany asked, "We went through them all."

"Not all of them. We forgot about the eldest, James."

Dany's eyes grew wide and Tyrion figured he had solved the problem. "James Stark…" she said quietly to herself, "Would he accept?"

"Not sure," Tyrion said scratching his lost nose, "I don't know him that well. But, I know that he his the son of Lord Eddard and he must be a man of honor. Surely he has all the qualities you're looking for and he is the spitting image of Jon. However, he is the First Ranger and is tied to the Watch. I remember him being not so serious about his vows, when I went to a feast in the Usurper's honor at Winterfell almost eight years ago. You met him on the Wall, when we fought the Other's. Surely you two must've talked."

"Yes," Dany said, "Yes, we did. It was quite brief though. James seemed serious, those grey eye's peered inside my soul, but he came off as a good man. I don't see anything wrong with him, and looking Jon is a plus, and he is a Stark. If he denies, than I can alway's force him to. I'am the Queen."

"Yes you are," Tyrion replied ruefully, "So is it the elder Stark we are going after?"

"Yes," Daenerys said, seemingly happy, "Yes, James Stark it is. I want you to write a raven to my nephew at Castle Black, tell him we are going to the Wall in two week's time. Tell him about Tommen, Myrcella, and Aegon, also explain that I wish to speak to James upon my arrival at Castle Black."

"Dany," Tyrion said, "It will at least take a week and a half maybe two to get there."

"Ok, than. Better send it today."

Daenerys bid Tyrion leave as he jumped out of the chair. He made way for his room in Maegor's Holdfast as he reviewed the thought's in his head. Surely, James Stark was a somewhat good choice for King. He was a good leader when he lead the ranger's against the Other's in the Long Night, and Tyrion knew him as a man of intelligence. The only problem he could foresee was that Stark honor getting in the way. Tyrion knew James might decline, but last time he checked he wasn't that serious about the Watch. However, he had noticed a change in Stark when he last saw him, the man was no longer as laid back as he used to be. Tyrion hoped he hadn't made a mistake in suggesting him, because surely Daenerys will be angry if he declines.

Tyrion finally arrived in his chamber's as he slipped out of his clothes and into the bed. It was cold that night and he wanted the warmth of a woman. Night's like these reminded him of Shae and his first love, Tysha. Finally as sleep grabbed him he drifted off thinking of nothing but Jaime's face, smiling.

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