Close to my heart 5a

A/N: I was listening to Brothers under the sun/ sound the beagle now from Spirit, Stallion of the cimmeron and well..yeah. they areally nice songs. I was also inspired by chasing cars…yeah I know,I need to focus on one song at a time but there are good lyrics from then on. Stomach tied in knots- Sleeping with Sirens OMG. Roger rabbit by SWS. Mad world by Gary Jules.

Minato squirmed, his heart beat resonating in his ears. His cerulean eyes met his son's own lilac ones as his son pinned Minato to the bed. Minato tried to find the words to speak, to say anything at all …but his words got caught in his throat as he felt Naruto trace a finger…down his black jonin shirt with a long sharpened nail that slit a nice line right down the center from Minato's collarbone and now down to his navel. Minato didn't know how but he managed to find his energy and he used every ounce of it to land a surprised swing to the side of his son's side. Minato winced, he didn't want to hit his son-but if he didn't- he didn'tknow what the result would be and the truth was that Minato was scared. "Naruto! That's enough!" Minato growled, and for the first time…his tone was harsh.

He watched as his son landed off the bed, the force of Minato's kick had sent him against the opposite wall and now he shakily supported himself agianst the wall, shaking his head. Minato noticed that Naruto's hair was a brilliant mix of red and yellow…his hair was turning strawberry blonde. When Naruto looked at Minato again though …Minato didn't see the eyes of a monster or a lust-driven teenager…just a sad painful gleam in those eyes…Minato wanted to say something but his voice wouldn't allow him. What could he say anyways? Minato found feeling in his legs with difficulty and wrapped the bedsheet around him, feeling embarrassed about how bare he was in front of Naruto. Naruto didn't make eye-contact with Minato, nor did he make any move or attempt to get back at him either. Minato was relieved. …He was surprised then when he found himself falling back effortlessly again on the bed. Something wrapped around his wrists, securing itself around the headboard of the bed and Minato came face to face with his son's pain.

"I'm sorry…" his son's voice hitched, "…I can't…I'll leave…just once…" he quietly murmured.

"Naruto? Please…r-release me…." Minato said, trying to sound harsh again but he was truly taken aback at his son's display.

"I'm…I l-love you….I do…..I understand…." Naruto gazed down at Minato who could only blankly stare back, confused and distraught. "I N-never wanted to be the one to-to hurt…you…but….just once…" Naruto finished securing the ninja wire around Minato's wrists and Minato felt Naruto begin to kiss his neck and shivered, trying to resist the pleasure and focus instead on the irrationality of the situation.

Minato tried to wrack his brains to think what he could've done to ever give his son this impression that incest was ok…or anything he may have inadvertnatly done that caused Naruto to even consider liking him in such a way. Minato was aware though that his son was stroking him again and Minato shuddered a little, biting back a moan as his son teasingly stroked his hardening member. Blushing, ashamed that he was getting turned on by his son of all people, Minato looked away from Naruto. He felt Naruto caress his neck softly with his hand and his body shivered from the light touches but Minato was far from ok with this. His energy was spent and the seal that fucking Yang had used on him was making it near impossible to smmon chakra and Minato was finding it hard not to get cloudy minded as Naruto began to lick him Minato accidentally let out a small moan of surprise but bit his lip again, hard. A light copper taste tickled his tongue as he ran his tongue over the small cut he'd made from biting his lip.

"Naruto…" Minato panted, slightly strained, but dead serious. "Stop. Now."

Minato felt his son pause momentarily and even get off of him. Minato was relieved, maybe this meant that he'd gotten through to his son? But seconds later he felt his legs get parted and it wasn't until he felt a finger encircling his entrance that Minato realized what was going on. "…You know me …I always…follow through…until the end…." His son said, but Minato noticed that hs son's tone sounded lifeless. Minato yelped as he felt an index finger slip in and grimaced, but he had barely any energy left and couldn't pull his legs in close to himself…one of his son's hands was stroking the interior of his thigh soothingly, causing Minato to subconciously relax, while Naruto began to slip in a second finger and Minato shuddered. He let out a small whimper and felt his son begin to scissor him a little, and that was when his son withdrew fingers. Minato had his eyes shut tightly at this point and his heart was pounding. He had a good idea what was going to happen and he was scared. He felt gentle touches on his sides and nuzzling on his neck but Minato couldn't exactly feel comfortable regardless. A phase…Minato thought, this has to just be a phase or something…. He wondered how far into this phase Naruto was planning on going. The fingers that had been inside of him now re-entered and Minato squirmed, feeling uncomfortable but his energy for speaking was highly depleted. "Minato…" Naruto murmured softly, and Minato noticed the sad but obviously smitten tone that Naruto was using…. For a split second…only a split one…Minato was reminded of Kushina. The way she had called his name…the loving undertone amidst her gruff rough n' tough demeanor…. But this wasn't Kushina…and Minato was reminded of that as he became aware of something, warm and pulsing that prodded at his entrance. A shiver ran down Minato's spine but Naruto had managed to suffiently satisfy his body's needs and now only Minato's sanity was the only thing stopping him from enjoying this.

"…I can't…" he heard Naruto murmur and he felt his son's weight get off of him. A second later he felt his hands get released from where they had been bound. His wrists were a little red but not that badly and Minato's eyes opened in shock and hazy confusion as he blinked, propping himself up by his elbows. His eyes were having trouble adjusting to the dark but he became aware that he was alone.

"N-naruto?" Minato said, his voice coming out a mere whisper. There was no answer and Minato knew that he was alone. Minato fell back on the bed, feeling his resonating heartbeat in his chest, and staring up at the dark ceiling…the night entered through the window in slivers of moonlight and the lights of the village outside the window seemed much brighter than how Minato felt at the moment. "Naruto…" Minato whispered, sad, confused…distraught. He wanted to get up…but at the same time he just wanted to lie there. He knew it would take a cold shower in order to calm down. He wanted to find Naruto but at the same time…he wanted to be alone. Minato felt so incredibly confused and the turmoil came in waves. Even if he did go after Naruto…what was there to say? Minato's mind blanked. He lay there and for the first time…no formulas, no plans, nothing came to mind. No words, no possible scenarios…nothing. Minato found himself staring at a blank slate… and for Minato, that blank slate said so much more than any number of words right then. The seal prevented him from using chakra from Yin but he could feel Yin stirring in the back of his mind but Minato wasn't in the mood to chat…and the fox seemed to be leaving him alone.

Minato forced himself to get up and he turned on the shower and as the cold water ran, Minato found it slightly easier to think. What do I do from here… Minato thought and he knew he should be upset. Furious even…but he wasn't. Naruto was still his son and yes…he was immensely disleveled at his son's actions upon him…but… that look of pain had been real. Minato gripped the granite counter and stared at the mirror, gazing at his reflection, his knuckles gripping the counter so hard that the knuckles were turning white. Rationally he should feel disgusted, but more than anything, he felt lost. It didn't help that his body wasn't calming down. He stared at his own reflection and couldn't help but see a bit of his son in himself…with a jolt he looked away and he quickly stepped into the shower.

As the water hit his back, he leaned against the cool tile, and although it had been a while since he'd done this due to work and stress…he began to stroke himself. It was past the point where it would take more than just cold water to calm down, and Minato tried to think of things while attempting to pitifiully finish what his son had started.

(Song: The Waiting by Arrows to Athens)

Minato didn't know whether he'd passed out in or out of the shower. All he knew was that when he awoke, he found himself on his own bed curled up under the covers wearing a fresh jonin outfit. You passed out after fun times…since you were already exhausted from stress to begin with…I had to come out and get your lazy lump to bed. Asshole. I could've had a fun night on the town but it's annoying and I didn't feel like it. I can't heal exhaustion and boy was your body screaming. You humans are all weak. Minato grimaced, Thanks for helping me, he thought emotionlessly. He blinked and as his son came rushing back into his mind, Minato gaped at the clock on the wall. It was noontime of the next day. Yin… why didn't' you wake me or something…Minato growled, and Yin laughed. I was gunna, but watching you curl up and suck your thumb like that mini-perverted twinsie of yours was much more entertaining…

Minato promptly tuned out Yin, refusing to get drawn into its insulting little mind games. No…He had something he had to do. He had to find Naruto. Even though he was uncertain as hell as to what to do with his son, Minato still worried non the less and he knew he'd sleep better at night at least knowing his son was ok. But Minato would have to just find a way to help Naruto move on from his weird fixation with him and onto well…anyone but him…well almost anyone…Minato had to be careful with the "anyone but him" phrase lest he unleash the karma on his ass.

Minato sighed and ran his hand through his tussled blonde hair, his stubble tickling his chin and so he went to shave. After he had, he gazed into the bathroom mirror for a moment longer. Finally, Minato got an idea. If his son had a journal or something hidden…maybe that would help him understand Naruto. Of course, Naruto didn't seem to be a writer type, too bouncy and full of energy, but Minato figured it was worth a shot. He heard Kakashi's voice.

"Hey, Master, can you open the door?"

Minato did.

"Ah, sorry Kakashi…I just wasn't feeling well today-"

"Yes I know, your son wrote us a note saying you weren't feeling well and were just taking the day off. He asked for me to check on you towards the midafternoon. " Kakashi eyed his ex-sensei who, other than looking tousled and disleveled, didn't actually look that much worse for wear.

Minato tried to keep himself composed, after all, he was a master at masking his emotions but on the inside, he was a turmoiled father who was running in circles pulling out his hair and yelling GAAAAAH my life. In essence, it was taking a lot of self control for Minato to not break down from all this stress. Sure, he could deal with mission stress and his few occasional attempts at romantic stress but not this… as much as he was weary of his son, Minato loved him all the same and he wracked his brain trying to think of ways to help Naruto. Kakashi raised his eyebrows at Minato who seemed out of it more than usual. Minato blinked and nodded curtly to Kakashi. The problem Minato had was that since he was the hokage, if he left, there would no doubt be an uproar. He eyed Kakashi and tried to ask nonchallantly, "Have you seen…him?"

Kakashi replied, "Yes in fact. He said you sent him on a mission to the remains of the Hidden Sound Village to look for any clues of Sasuke's whereabouts…you signed the document and assigned him to go with Kiba and Hinata…and Jiraiya is there to keep an eye on Naruto's developing fox abilities…" Minato remained poker faced.

"I see…." He said calmly. "Yes…I remember now…I did…" It was so easy to forge your handwriting…you write like a middleschool girl Rahahaha…Yin snickered and Minato wanted to punch that fox for the first time in a long time.

"Kakashi…" Minato said levelly, "…I'm feeling incredibly tired…can I have some privacy please?"

Kakashi tilted his head at his sensei and saw something gleaming in Minato's eyes. Minato wondered why Kakashi was looking at him like he was an exotic item on display and he broke his eye contact with Kakashi. There was a stretched out silence only for a moment before Kakashi shrugged and as Minato held the door open for him, he noted the height difference between him and Kakashi. Kakashi patted Minato's shoulder as he left. "Hang in there, champ," he said, echoeing his sensei's words he'd been often told as a child. Minato looked at the ground.

Lord, was he trying.

Kakashi began walking away but then paused, and turned back to Minato, his hands still in his pockets, "You know…." His voice trailed off.

"What is it?" Minato asked perplexed, leaning against the doorway.

"Eiiyeh…it's nothing…" Kakashi looked away and Minato tilted his head to the side, a little confused. Kakashi was acting odd.

"It's obviously not nothing…" Minato rolled his eyes, "You can fool others but you can't fool me Kakashi. I know you."

Despite his amazing hearing, he couldn't quite catch what it was that Kakashi murmured under his breath. Kakashi looked back at Minato and and gave a wave of his hand as he began walking away again. "…I'll let the others know that you're not feeling…er…well…and we'll manage for today without you…'sides… looks like a another slow day since you're so efficient usually…I'll just sub for you today."

Minato nodded, "Alright, thanks Kakashi…" He turned to go back inside.


Minato puased.

"I don't know what sort of tension or fight or whatever happened between you and Naruto…but … it's apparent something has happened. Just… if you ever need to talk, I'm here , in the shadows…watching …" Kakashi said adding the last part jokingly.

"Yes…thank you Kakashi," and for the the first time since hell sprung loose from Satan's canteen, what with Naruto and Yang…oh fuck was Minato going to kill that half of the fox, he smiled. He smiled warmly and genuinely at Kakashi and turned and went back into the house. It was time for him to get to tracking. He wouldn't need to take much with him…just some weapons and scrolls and a seal to slap onto that damn fucking fox when he got the chance. Minato wasn't wasting any more time. He would resolve things with his son, and he would resolve them as soon as possible.