She watched the blonde woman hugging the man

"Who's that?" She asked

"His wife" a chill ran up her spine Regina she kept watching the woman hugging the man who was staring at her frowning something wasn't right,

"You're a... girl...!" The man cried
"Woman." Snow replied hitting him with a rock

"Is this the only way you can catch a woman? By entrapping her?" Snow asked up in the net
"It's the only way to catch thieving scum." He replied,
"Aren't you a real Prince Charming!" Snow spat
"I have a name, you know."
"Don't care. 'Charming' suits you."

"Well, wherever you're going, be careful. If... if you need anything..."
"You'll find me." She said
"Always." He replied

"I find it a little suspicious you just now found her" Emma was saying

"Storybrooke is a big town Ms. Swan bigger than you think…"

"She's not his wife" Snow muttered

"Excuse me Dear?" Regina and Emma had turned to her now

"She's not his wife" Snow said louder this time

"Are you calling her a liar Ms. Blanchard?" Regina asked

"No, but you are" I spat and with that I pushed into the room

"Mary Margaret you can't be in here" Dr. Whale said

"Screw you Whale!" I spat moving over to the bed without interruption

"Are you ok?" his eyes met mine still as blue as I remembered

"Yes… do I know you?" He asked

"You did once," I said grabbing his hand he went ridged


"That's not his name," I said softly as he came to

"James?" He turned to me relief in his eyes

"Snow?" and we kissed.
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