Chapter 5

"The things she does"

"So, what do you think? Is she one of them? A witch, I mean." Tarejian closed his eyes and made a grimace. Once again, he wished back those good all times when guard duty used to be so beautifully dull. But not anymore. Not when you were guarding the Sister's chamber – and most certainly not if your partner was Xaidrin.

Xaidrin had been a farmer's son, one simple-hearted youth looking out for adventure, even here at Getheir's Keep. And he liked talking. A lot.

"I don't know if she is. And I really don't care." Tarejian replied. Not entirely true, he had to admit. He did care – since the idea of a witch running around here wasn't exactly helping to sooth his mind.

"Well, Verdain thinks she is. And he would know since he was raised in a town where a real witch lived!" Xaidrin kept blabbering on.

Of course, the arrival of the two mysterious women had spawned gossip beyond control in a place like the keep. Rumors had it that the Chantry Sister, who was called Leliana, was the Leliana from the tales of the last Blight. It could be true, actually, since Mistress Wynne obviously knew the Sister – and it was well-known that Mistress Wynne had fought side by side with the Warden and King Alistair. Though she never spoke of it, when asked, Wynne's mild smile was answer enough for most of them.

This woman, Morrigan, however – well, nobody seemed to know who she was. And there was no Morrigan in the tales of the Blight. At least not in those that he had heard. He shifted uncomfortably. Mistress Wynne had demanded that the dark-haired woman should not disturb the Sister's recovery. She had upset Leliana, maybe even poisoned her again if the rumours could be believed.

Tarejian yawned. It was rather ridiculous: why would she save the woman and then poison her? It didn't make any sense. But then…what did? Whatever was going on between these three women, well, it certainly was a mystery to him. Still he hoped that it wouldn't come to the situation that the dark-haired woman tried to gain entrance – at least not on his watch. He certainly wouldn't like a confrontation with her.

Again he had to yawn. There was no need to be upset, though. Morrigan had left the keep this morning, heading for the Wilds. She hadn't been seen since. And it was already evening as his own weariness kept reminding him.

…which was odd.

I'm not usually that tired before midnight. Come to think of it: I wasn't that tired a minuteago.

Suddenly he realized that Xaidrin hadn't been talking for some time. He turned his head – slowly – and saw his companion leaning against the wall, his eyes closed, gently snoring.

Something is not right. A veil of grey was softly beginning to cover his sight. He tried to fight it, but his eyes were heavy. As he grew wearier by the second, unable to move his feet anymore, he recognized a slemder figure moving through that fog of sleep, eyes like amber staring through the darkness (why was the light of the torches do dim?)

Clearly, it was her.


The witch.

No doubt anymore.

His lips moved slowly as he tried to fight the overwhelming tiredness. "You?" he managed. "What are you doing…?"

Her voice sounded muffled through the haze:"Making an exception".

Sleep came.

The door closed behind her as quietly as it had opened. A door inside an old building like this and it doesn't creak? Life is full of surprises.

Morrigan sneaked into the room silently and gave a start as she saw the bard lying in her bed stock-still, illuminated by the bed-candles. A cold shiver ran down her spine. She could already be dead. This whole manoeuvre might be pointless. Well, admittedly: it was one way or the other. Those men outside wouldn't be asleep for a long time – and if someone came passing by…well, two sleeping guards would attract attention. She wasn't even sure why she did this. What was she going to do – grab the girl and run? What was the point?

Well, she might wake up…or die. Either way, she shouldn't be alone.

Morrigan cursed herself for that silly sentimental notion. The bard wouldn't even realize that she was here in the worst case. Dying in your sleep, well it was naturally something you did alone.

What a comforting thought, Morrigan. She would appreciate that.

But her dark mood brightened up a little as she drew closer. The first impression had been deluding: Leliana actually looked quite…good. As she was standing next to the bed, Morrigan could see her chest going up and down steadily.

She looks as if she is just asleep. Is she recovering?

She didn't know much about the Antivan poison, but still she was sure that this wasn't the way it worked. Her breathing had been rather flat and unsteady while she had carried her – more dead than alive. This however…it gave her hope.

"Well, you look…" she whispered as she knelt down next to the bed. Then she shook her head. "No. I will not do this, you hear? I'm not talking with myself…again." Certainly had my share of that today. "If you do not wish to talk to me – fine, I'll just be quiet." You can't hear me anyway, can you? It would not make a difference whether I was here or not. Still, she reached out to hold Leliana's hand…

…which was surprisingly warm, warmer than it should have been if she were still in a coma. She was getting better? For the first time, a thought crossed her mind: she had been away for the better part of a day. Maybe the girl had recovered. Maybe she had already woken up? And if she has? Then someone must have told her, that I ran away. It was a very unsettling thought. In that case, there could have been only one interpretation for the girl: Morrigan had gone away for good. And once again, I've hurt her…

No, this couldn't be. The whole struggle with herself in the forest. There had to be a point in it!

Morrigan decided that it was best to look for further clues if the bard was still in a poison-coma or just asleep. She certainly was not cold, neither did she look like burning up. Curiously, Morrigan, reached out to touch her forehead, feeling for a fever…and immediately pulled back as Leliana's eyes started to blink. One time, two times, three… She's waking up! It took a moment for Leliana to become aware of anything around her. Then she stared in Morrigan's eyes.

"Maker's breath, that was quick!" she whispered with a soft smile.

Morrigan looked at her in amazement. She had always wrinkled her nose in disdain when someone used that foolish phrase of something being 'heart-warming'. She had never actually experienced something like that. But now, hearing that voice again…

Morrigan cleared her throat. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked. 'That was quick'? What an odd thing to say after waking up…

The girl looked puzzled. "Well, we just talked a few minutes ago, yes?"

Morrigan's eyes widened. She hasn't woken up before. She has no idea… She shook her head. "That…that happened almost three days ago, Leliana."

The girl's mouth opened wide in disbelief. For a moment, Morrigan wondered if it had been a wise move to say that. Certainly not. It would probably be a shock to the girl.

It was at first. "That cannot be! It's impos…" but she broke up as she noticed something. "No. It's true. You look different than before. Is – is that blood, Morrigan?" she gasped, reaching out for Morrigan's face. Cursing herself, Morrigan scrubbed her cheek with her hand. I thought I had gotten it all. But then, she noticed that the bard's hand was still reaching out and decided to take it in her own. Warm. Again.

"'Tis nothing. Not even my blood. I just had to…" Kill a bear? Talk to myself like a madwoman? Run away and come back? "...sort some things out. Don't worry."

Fortunately, Leliana let that go. She was shaking her head. "Three days?" she murmured. "How? How is that possible?"

"The poison," Morrigan stated. "Well, you – you have been really upset that night." Because of me. She tried to ignore that thought and concentrated on that tingling sensation caused by holding Leliana's hand. "And, you know, you hadn't fully recovered. Wynne thinks that you just collapsed here when you returned to your room. After our last…talk. You were just not there anymore. Like in deep sleep. Or even…" She did not complete that sentence. She didn't want to think about it anymore.

Leliana turned her head and eyed up the witch. "Morrigan, were you…" she raised an eyebrow. "You were actually worried about me, yes?"

Instinctively, Morrigan wanted to protest. Worried? Me? But she knew there was no way to deny it. She nodded meekly. "'Tis possible, I guess." Strangely enough, Leliana laughed at that.

"Really? That is so sweet!"

The witch had certainly not expected that. "'Sweet?'" she said incredulously. "You could have died, girl! What might be 'sweet' about that?" – "I – it's not that. It's just the thought of you caring...about me." Suddenly her gaze went further down. "…and you are wearing the necklace!" Again, her eyes went wide as she seemed to realize something. "Morrigan…" she stammered. "Does that mean…?"

"Morrigan! I told you to stay away from her!" The witch spun around as the voice appeared out of nowhere. Wynne was standing in the door, a rather embarrassed looking soldier next to her. How did she come in here? Why didn't I hear anything? Damn you, old woman! Why couldn't you have given me a few more seconds? Morrigan rose up, anger boiling. I hope they didn't see me holding hands with her. It might give the wrong impression. Or the right one. Equally bad.

She switched back to her usual tone. Icily she stared in the woman's eyes. "Well, and here I was so sure that you had understood how little your orders mean to me."

Wynne's voice didn't even sound a little intimidated. "Go, Morrigan. Go now. I won't let you send her into another coma because of your selfish schemes."

Morrigan felt it rising up again in her hand. Focusing. Lightning. Calmly, she nodded to herself. Don't need her anymore. "Believe me. You don't want to try that, Wynne. You just don't." But the old woman breathed steadily. Still no sign of fear. And I tried to be so very hostile.

"Please, stop it." The annoyingly sweet voice rang into the back of her head. She turned around to see that Leliana had sat up in the bed. "No need to get angry, Morrigan." Her eyes begged her to stop whatever she was doing. But her voice sounded steady and soothing. "Surely, the secrets and implications of the necklace can wait until tomorrow? We can gladly talk about it after Wynne has made sure that I am alright, yes?"

Morrigan stared at her blankly. Lying. Leliana was so good at it! The mask of the innocent Sister – as usual, it covered up that there was a cunning bard underneath it all. Even Morrigan probably wouldn't have noticed that subtle stress in the phrase 'talk about it' if she wasn't aware of the subtext..

Wynne and the guard, on the other hand, had no idea at all and surely thought that she was really talking about the damned necklace. Well, in a way, she is. 'Implications of the necklace', she said. From a certain perspective, that is exactly what we're talking about. Only those fools don't know it.

Morrigan decided that it was time to play along. She took a deep breath. "My, my. Some more rest for the Chantry girl then? Well, of course. It's not like you have slept for three days… But if just answering to a few question is too much trouble for the Maker's little princess – who am I to judge?" One more glimpse and Morrigan turned away from her abruptly, keeping her head up high as she passed between Wynne and the guard. But she couldn't resist. Just as she was standing in the door, she turned around one last time.

"Oh, Leliana?" she said, hoping that mentioning her name again was clue enough for her. It certainly is. She is good at this. "The answer to that question of yours from before…" She took a deep breath. "It's 'Yes'."

Leliana's smile actually made the room lighten up. Another silly cliché coming true. "That – is very good, Morrigan" she said, her voice almost a whisper. "I am very, very glad to hear that."

Not without satisfaction, Morrigan noticed the puzzled looks of the others. With a triumphant smile, she turned around, not even listening to Wynne's words behind her. Leliana's smile – had it always been that…glorious? Why didn't I ever notice that before? The answer to that was pretty obvious, though: she had never actually received one of those smiles. She had never deserved one.

Do I now? 'Surely the implications can wait until tomorrow…'

The knocking on the door was very subtle, but the witch's eyes sprung open immediately. Her instincts did the rest. In one fluent motion she moved from the blackness of sleep to sitting upright on the bed – where she remained motionless. A quick glance at the bed-candle revealed that it had to be well past midnight. Not that she had slept very much.

She remained in absolute silence. Someone knocking on the door at this time. She sure knew, whom she wanted to be on the other side of that door. But if it were someone else…well, better not to give any unnecessary signs.


The witch relaxed. That Orlesian accent was what she had hoped for. But as soon as she realized that, she felt her heart pounding faster. This is it. She's here.With a few quick steps, Morrigan was at the door, opening it with a creak.

A creaking one. Of course…

The anticipation had already been intense, but what the door revealed almost made her jaw drop nonetheless. She had expected that Leliana, being finally recovered and all, wouldn't sleep in her day's clothes again, so she wasn't surprised to see the girl in one of the nightgowns she had probably found in the dresser. Morrigan had found some, too, in this room, but they obviously were men's clothing. Leliana, on the other hand must have found a stack of the ones which were fit for a woman – a woman who had been either a dwarf or quite…daring in her taste. Either way, the gown revealed a good deal of the girls' legs. Very, very beautiful legs.

Stop staring – you're the one who usually has to tell people that your face is a little further up. Morrigan forced herself to look up.

The girl seemed quite awkward. "I 'm sorry, but I couldn't find any sleep."

"Well, hardly a surprise…" Morrigan yawned. After all, you've spent the last days in bed.

Something in her voice – or in her face for that matter – seemed to make the girl realize that it was the middle of the night. Her face got that apologetic expression. "Oh. I – Did I just wake you up? I'm so sorry, Morrigan." She got ready to turn around. Was she blushing? "I…better come back tomorrow."


"No!" Morrigan grabbed her arm and almost pulled her into the room. Almost. There wasn't any real resistance. "Don't you dare getting away…again. I do remember the last time I saw you going out of that door. It took you…far too long to return. I will not have that."

She sat down on the bed, the girl reluctantly taking seat next to her. An awkward moment of silence filled the room. Morrigan suddenly knew that she wasn't actually sure what to do now. Say something, girl! You're supposed to be good at this, not me. But another thought followed that one only the fracture of a second later: Was Leliana actually good at this anymore? Has she…been close to someone after Marjolaine? Can she actually be – after all that has happened the last time?

During the Blight, Morrigan had got the impression that Leliana had looked at Elissa in a certain way once. But of course the warden hadn't been into something like that. So maybe Leliana really hadn't had any relations of this kind for a long time. She sure looked that way right now, staring down on her feet.

Perhaps she had noticed the witch's look and turned her head around, managing an unsecure smile. "So…three days, yes?"

Morrigan nodded reluctantly. "Three days."

"Quite some time. Wynne has told me that you have been very…persistent."

"Well, the old woman wouldn't let me in."

Leliana smiled. "She probably wouldn't approve if she knew that I was up here right now."

Morrigan snorted. "'Tis a rather pleasant surprise that she has not placed guards in this very room."

That made the girl laugh. "You know, we had an older sister in the cloister, who was just like that, when we weren't…actually willing to go to bed sometimes. A very prudent woman. I remember sneaking around in the middle of the night dozens of times. Just like this." The thought of that made Morrigan smirk as well. Wynne as some rigorous elder cloister sister – a fitting comparison.

Laughing took some of the tension away. Still, when Leliana took her hand, Morrigan felt a warm shudder in her chest. The bard's voice was soft again. "But she isn't bad, you know."

"I know," Morrigan sighed. Well, Wynne was bad in many other respects, but not in this particular one. "She wants to protect you. Always did that. She feels obliged to look after you." – "And you don't think she should?"

Morrigan gulped. Leliana had that spark in her eyes. Seriously: why didn't I notice before how gorgeous she is? "I think you can look after yourself," she said.

Leliana's voice was merely a whisper – and she seemed to have gotten closer. "She's not stupid. She knows that there is more to this than you being obsessed with some artifact. And she told me that you will get me into trouble."

"Well, I probably will," Morrigan replied bluntly, immediately biting her lip. What a very smart thing to say, Morrigan!

"She also said that you were most certainly going to hurt me in some way." – "I'll try my best not to." What is wrong with you, woman? Are you really going to screw this up now?

Leliana looked at her in a weird way, then shrugged…and kissed her. It was only the faintest touch of her lips, but it could have lasted forever – if the bard hadn't pulled back all of a sudden. "I – I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you into something, Morrigan."


Astoundingly, Leliana really looked very insecure right now. Morrigan frowned. "Wait, let me get this straight: We were just talking about how bad an influence I might be for you. Then you kiss me. And then you apologize for rushing things?" The bard seemed to chew on that, but Morrigan just had to grin. "Well, I'm sorry to break it to you. But you know that when people sometimes say that you're a crazy person? They probably are right, Leliana." The girl made a grimace, but laughed nonetheless. "They do say that a lot, don't they?"

Morrigan gently pulled her closer, looking her deep in the eyes. "Screw them," she said – and kissed Leliana again.

It was s soft, gentle kiss, but Morrigan felt the same comforting shiver she had experienced more than two days ago. This time it was her closing her eyes, just indulging in the pleasure of feeling the bard's wet lips on her own. She slung her arms around Leliana as if to prevent her from acting silly again. This time it actually lasted. None of them dared to break it up – so they just simply stopped when it was time to…well, breath.

"Would you call me crazy when I say to you that I knew this was for real even three days ago?" Leliana asked.

"I most certainly would. Because even I didn't know it back then." Morrigan replied, but the girl just shook her had, smiling. "No-hooo, Morrigan. You knew it, too. I saw it in your eyes back then."

"Well, then… Why didn't you say that earlier? It might have spared me a headache and saved some poor animal's life." Leliana looked puzzled, but she smiled since Morrigan's tone suggested a somewhat ironic comment the girl just couldn't possibly understand. Probably best not to tell her. Who knows what she might do? Most likely apologize for the inconvenience she had cost in that bear's life…

She felt the soft embrace again as Leliana put her arms around her and rested her head on the witch's shoulder. "You have me here now, Morrigan," she whispered. As Morrigan smelled her hair, she said, as gently as she had certainly never spoken before (she was pretty sure about that): "And I won't let you go this time."

Leliana pulled back and smiled cunningly. "You know, that means I'll just have to stay here, then…with you." Her words made Morrigan's skin crawl – in a good way. Softly she kissed Leliana's throat. The girl gave a moan of pleasure. "Yes," Morrigan whispered, touching that beautiful legs she had admired. They felt as smooth as they looked. "You will have to stay here all night."

"But…I already told you that I can't sleep right now." Leliana said, in a playful innocent voice.

"'Tis alright," Morrigan gently pushed her into the bed. In the next moment, she was all over her. She liked to be on top of things – and being on top of Leliana was quite a good thing. As she let her hand slide further up between the girl's legs, she could feel Leliana's body tremble. "We can do other things than sleeping." She started kissing Leliana's throat again, slowly moving up until she was looking in her eyes again – their lips as close as they could possibly be without touching.

"I would like that," Leliana whispered with a sigh as Morrigan's reached right under her nightgown. "I would like that very much."

When Morrigan woke up, she felt a slight tingling sensation in her hair. Though somewhat sleepy, she barely ignored the reflex to grab at whatever it might have been. Instead her gaze fell on Leliana. The bard was lying there next to her, eyes wide open and intently looking at her…while carefully striving through a wisp of the witch's hair with her fingers. Leliana smiled when she noticed Morrigan had woken up, "Good Morning. Isn't it a beautiful day?"

It was. Well, it seemed like that anyway. Morrigan wasn't quite used to a situation like this. She couldn't even remember the last time she woke up with someone next to her…in this way. But has it ever felt 'this way'? I don't think so. Flemeth had taught her the way to enjoy herself with another human being, to fulfil the need of companionship. But it had all come down to sex. Not waking up with that very person the next day…and actually liking it. This was something new. And as usual Morrigan didn't know how to react to 'new'.

In the end she did it by stating the obvious. "So, you're already awake, I see. And playing around with my hair, as well. I hope you enjoy yourself? Wouldn't want to cause any inconvenience by, you know…waking up and asking what exactly you are doing there?" The last part sounded a little harsher than she had intended, but Leliana didn't seem to care, fixating that streak of hair. She murmured: "I always liked the way you wear your hair. It's so…elegant and enticing at the same time."

Her gaze jumped to Morrigan's face – as if she had just realized that the two of them were talking, "Did you know how beautiful you look when you sleep, Morrigan?"

A compliment. Never been good with those. Just…try to be yourself.

"Oh, and here I was thinking that I am beautiful while being awake…," she grumbled. Leliana pursed her lips, "Oh, Morrigan. You know what I mean!"

"Surprisingly enough, I do."

Surprisingly enough she really did.

Last night after they had…enjoyed each other's company, Morrigan had lain there awake for what might have easily been an hour – just looking at that girl sleeping in her arms in amazement. Leliana was a beautiful woman, no doubt. But that aura of serenity, that happy smile on her lips – it amplified her beauty beneath anything the witch had ever seen. Like some princess out of one of her own tales. Morrigan had caught herself almost afraid to breath – in fear that the movement of her chest might disturb this fragile portrait of beauty immortalized by her sleep. Yes, she knew full well what the bard meant.

Besides that, she liked the way Leliana was complimenting her. It felt so…real. Looking into those eyes, Morrigan just knew Leliana meant everything she said. And that made it so much more precious. This right here – seemed perfect. How had she ever denied herself being that close to someone?

Not 'someone'. Her. The thought struck Morrigan as she looked at her. It is her I want. No one else.

"Why are you smiling like that, Morrigan?" The question pulled her out of her thoughts. She hadn't even noticed that she did, in fact, smile. Now what about that?

" 'Tis strange, you know. About two years ago, if someone had asked me who'd be the least likely person in camp I would end up in bed with…well, I would have given your name without a second's hesitation. And, yes: I did include Alistair, the Rock and the dog in that scenario. And now," Morrigan sighed. "Now I can't find any good reason to ever wake up without you."

A beam appeared on Leliana's face. "Oh, that is so cute!" she said, cuddling herself against Morrigan's shoulder. "You're becoming quite the romantic, you know."

I do? Oh, you're on thin ice here, Morrigan. Quick, say something sarcastic. She cleared her throat. "Well, to be perfectly honest: part of me was wondering whether I would wake up with a dagger in my belly after getting myself involved with an Orlesian bard…"

Leliana pouted playfully. "That's not a nice thing to say. If I had something like that in mind you wouldn't have woken up at all." The witch turned aside and looked her in the face incredulously. Leliana kept a straight face…for a few seconds. Both of them burst into laughter. "Would you please remind me of that, should I ever get on your bad side?"

"Just don't get on my bad side, then."

"Fair enough."

The two of them lay there silently for a few minutes. Just staring at the ceiling, the bard in her arms, Morrigan was rather sure that she could keep on just lying here for hours without feeling anything else than the bliss being with that strange, crazy, red-haired girl.

It was perfect. But she knew she had to...ask.

"Leliana? How long do you think we have?"

Leliana looked puzzled. "What do you mean?" – "Well…," Morrigan sighed. Ask her. You just have to know.

The witch shifted around uncomfortably, finally deciding to keep lying sideways. Facing Leliana. "I am pretty sure you will agree that the two of us aren't exactly the type to settle down quietly right now. I think that we both have to…walk our paths a little longer until we might even consider that. I guess you will have to wander around doing Chantry stuff – being a Sister and all. You know: explaining what a privilege imprisonment for the greater good is for the mages. Telling naïve people what to think and to believe. That kind of things."

Leliana turned away silently. She sat up in the bed and reached for a mug on the table next to it. "Well, that is not exactly what I do nowadays," she stated, taking a sip. "Still: I am with the Chantry. That's where I belong…and what I believe. Though it is other matters I tend to now."

"It doesn't matter. I am, however, rather sure that your Chantry friends won't exactly approve of…this."

The bard grimaced. "You may be right about that."

"I, on the other hand," Morrigan continued, "will have to play my part as well."

Leliana frowned. "Witches' stuff, I presume?"

She nodded. "You might say that."

"I assume that being with the Chantry I should be interested in the details?"

"You probably should."

Leliana made a stern look. "Would I want to know the details?"

"You probably wouldn't."

The bard sighed. "That's what I thought." Silence.

Morrigan hesitated, but finally decided that she still needed the answer. "So?" – "So what?" – "Well, if I'm not mistaken I did ask you how long you think we might have, didn't I?"

Leliana looked straight at her. "I won't be missed for a few weeks," she said, "A month even. After that…well, I should return to my duties. And after that we could continue where we stopped. If you want to, that is."

Morrigan stared at her. She actually means it. That is…astonishing. It sounded so easy, the way the bard put it. That implicitness. She doesn't even have to think about it. The dangers. The complications. Still she knows that she wants to see this though. Her and me together. Like it is the most obvious thing.

"Morrigan?" She startled, unable to determine how long she had just looked at her. "Are you all right, Morrigan?" – "I…" she started and tried to pull herself together. Muster up some dignity, woman! "Well, you should know I am new to this whole 'Thinking with your heart' - thing. It seems I just lost myself in contemplation."

Leliana smiled. "Just try. You can do it. You already did. Don't you feel that there is more to this than just last night?"

Of course there is. It was easy now that she felt the bard's hand touch her own again.

"You are right. I want this. I want…" Yes. No doubt. "I want you, Leliana. I do."

Some indeterminable (but rather adorable) sound of joy escaped Leliana's lips as she slung her arms around her and kissed her. There it was again, this warm shudder on her neck. "I am so glad you said that! I was worried that you might have second thoughts." – "No more second thoughts. I do mean that." Morrigan leaned back again. "So, we do have a few weeks. A month even. You do realize that we can't stay here with Wynne and those men around? And it can be pretty lonely and boring for you to spend all that time in the Wilds…"

The bard shook her head. "I won't be bored as long as I have you. Beside that, I think I might enjoy spending some time far away from other people. After all, the silence of the cloister was what drove me to the Chantry in the first place. No, I think I can handle being away from all the noise and turbulence of the cities…and being with you."

Morrigan grinned. "There really is not a single thing that can stop you from this, is there? Well, I give up then: you and me it is." – "That's the way it should be." Leliana huddled up against Morrigan again.



"What do you do?"

Leliana raised her head, frowning. "What do you mean?"

"When I talked about the Sister-business earlier you said that it's not exactly what you do nowadays. Well: what do you do?"

There was just the slightest hint of hesitation or surprise in the bards face. "Do you really want to know? I didn't think that you might care." – "Well, but I do. That is: I don't care about the Chantry. But I care about you."

There it was again: that mild smile. "That is so sweet. Well, if you really want to know: You might say that my current field is...somewhat linked with the Seekers of the Truth."

Morrigan was taken aback for a moment. "That is quite a career you are making there." Still: she didn't miss out the potential backdoors coming with the vague formulation. Maybe she had to do that. Or maybe there was more to it. Leliana looked down. "You might say that I had a little help of an old friend." The witch nodded firmly. Of course she had. That Revered Mother of hers must be a quite…resourceful person. Still, it made sense. Leliana was born for this.

"So, the Seekers? And what might they think if they knew one of there loyal subjects is seeking the Truth in the bed of a Korcari witch, I wonder?"

Leliana put on a face of severity and answered in a tone just a nuance too grave to be taken serious: "Well, my dear witch. You can find Truth in the most unlikely places." She leaned over and kissed her again. She almost whispered as she added, "Maker as my witness: I did."

A wicked grin appeared on Morrigan's lips.

"Are you absolutely sure that it is the whole Truth you found, Seeker?" Slowly she pulled back the sheets, revealing herself – still undressed. "Shouldn't you check your details?" she asked seductively.

Leliana blinked, obviously enjoying the sight. "You may be right. After all, details are important," she said, kissing her again…and again…and again. Morrigan closed her eyes, enjoyed the affections of the girl and felt lust growing as Leliana slowly moved further down with her kisses. Yes, she does that, too.

It was a beautiful morning. And for the first time in years, Morrigan was actually looking forward to what the future was holding for her…for them. There would be problems, of course. Obstacles. Complications. Dark shadows ahead.

But wasn't that just the way it worked?


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