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Chapter 5

He stared- no, glared,-at the blonde male sitting in front of him. 'If looks could kill, Shizuo would be a pile of ashes by now.' Izaya growled in his mind. 'I'm a fucking idiot to think I would ever have a chance with that prick!'

"Are you done yet?" he ground out, "You've been working on that problem for fifteen minutes."

Shizuo sighed and groaned for the fourth time that day. Izaya had been like this for the past three weeks. Every time they passed in the hall or had a class together, the ravenette would scowl at him and spit out insults. The older teen tried to ignore him, understanding that he had hurt the smaller male. But after three weeks…he was getting fed up.

"Come on Izaya, it happened three weeks ago."

"Are you done with the problem?" the ravenette repeated, ignoring Shizuo's statement, "If so then you can leave. I have to meet someone soon." He turned away from the blonde and started to pack his bag.

'Dammit' Shizuo stood up and reached over, grabbing onto Izaya's coat. He pulled the smaller teen towards him and spun him around. "Look, I said I was sorry like a bagillion times already. Can't you just let it go?" sighed the blonde, borderline pleading.

"Keep your hands off of me!" Izaya slapped the other boy's hand away. "Unless you're brave enough to come out of the closet, I suggest you leave me alone," he sneered, "You got my hopes up, teased me, and unless I was high three weeks ago, you were practically ripping my clothes off in your bed. How else do you expect me to react when you flip a complete 180 twice in a day and reject me so fervently!? You have fucking dust for brains if you can't figure out why I 'can't let it go'!"

Wincing at the reminder of THAT day and the sheer volume of the smaller male's voice, Shizuo licked his dry lips and cried out, "I'm sorry, alright!? It was an accident! I didn't realize what the hell I was doing until things had gone too far!"

As much as the blonde continuously ranted about how much he hated Izaya and didn't give two shits about the raven-haired boy, Shizuo found himself feeling guilty whenever he did something to hurt the younger teen. He couldn't understand what the hell it was that made him feel that way, but he was afraid to try and figure it out.

"Why does it even matter that I told you to fuck off!? It's nothing new!"

"Because I told you how I felt and you treated me the exact same way then rejected me again!" the ravenette cried, "You never took how I felt into consideration!" He shoved the chair out of the way and kicked Shizuo square in the chest.

"You keep acting like nothing happened! Why can't you just say how you feel already!? I know you like me because you blush every time we get close!" With that, Izaya pushed the giant boy against the wall and put his body flush against the blonde's. "See!?" he breathed against the other's lips.

Shizuo's head snapped back and hit the wall behind him and he grunted in surprise. 'Ow! What the-' His breath hitched and his body instantly warmed up as he noticed how close the flea was.

'Shit shit shit! Why is he always doing this!?' The ravenette's actions were so confusing lately. He'd always flirt with the blonde, constantly trying to get a rise out of him. 'It's like he really is crushing on me or something!'

Shizuo's eyes widened. W-wait…does the flea have feelings-'

"-for me?"

Izaya flicked him on the forehead. "Yes you fucking Neanderthal, I like you! A LOT! That's only what I've been trying to tell you for the past four weeks!" He sighed and moved to collapse back into a chair. "I love you…" he whispered.

Stunned into silence for who knows what time in the past four weeks, Shizuo simply stared at Izaya. 'Love me?' He couldn't quite wrap his brain around that concept. 'The flea…loves me? Izaya of all people…loves ME? What the fuck!?'

The blonde brought one of his hands up and covered his face with it, rubbing vigorously.


The small teen hung his head. "I know: I'm gross, unnatural, you don't give a shit about me, and I should just leave you alone." He shook his head and leapt up then hugged the older teen. "But I can't! I can't leave you alone and I can't stop loving you because you are the only one who has ever challenged, whose come close to understanding me!" He buried his face in the other's chest. "I just can't stop loving you!"

"Izaya!" The blonde repeated, a little more breathless now. Izaya's confession made his body tingle…but in a good way. 'Holy fuck…he loves me? Since when!?How is that even-' his train of thought stopped short as he looked down at the body that clung desperately to his. 'He looks so small and delicate. Like a doll.'

Over the past three weeks, Shizuo had a lot of time to think everything over: from the flea, to his and the flea's fights, to their hatred of each other, to the flea's recent actions, and finally to his own actions and feelings. He'd taken note of how, despite his protests and supposed homophobia, he had actually liked whenever the ravenette would flirt with him. He liked the close contact, the blushes that the smaller male made, the kisses, the…hell, the everything!

'Fuck that's scary. Does that mean I..'

Realization dawned on him and he subconsciously gripped the smaller male in front of him.

'…I like Izaya?'

"Please say something," Izaya said softly. "If you have to lie then do it, but please just say something." i'I can't stand this silence anymore!' He squeezed Shizuo tighter, his body shaking.

"Izaya, I…" he lightly wrapped his arms around the smaller male and sighed before starting up again, "Izaya, I don't know really know what to say."

"If…if you can't say anything, " Izaya looked up at him with watery eyes and flushed cheeks, his voice cracking as he asked, "then show me how you feel." He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, bracing himself to be rejected on and for all. 'At least be gentle when you push me away.' h pleaded silently.

Shizuo paused for a moment to think. 'Hell, what should I do?' Should I push him? Should I…kiss him? Aaargh, I don't know what to do!' Frustrated with all of the confusion and uncertainty, the blonde simply said fuck itand allowed his heart to choose for him.

Seconds later he found himself tenderly kissing Izaya's forehead.

Izaya's eyes popped open at the tender gesture. He looked up at the boy he loved. "Really?" he whispered, "Do you really…?" Tears choked him off and he covered his mouth, his shoulders shaking as he cried happily. He collapsed in Shizuo's arms and hugged the blonde tight.

"Ah!" Shizuo cried out in surprise. "Um…Izaya?" The ravenette's closeness was making Shizuo blush furiously.

"Y-you kissed my forehead" the other replied. His face fell suddenly, "Unless you don't feel that way about me?" The ravenette started to back up. "Are you just toying with me again?"

The blonde's eyes widened in panic, "N-no!" he cried out and stepped forward to grab the smaller male, "I wouldn't do that! I was just surprised is all. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly it is I'm…feeling I guess." His voice dropped down to a whisper.

"I acted on an impulse."

Surprised at hearing the usually distant blonde speak so freely and emotionally, Izaya couldn't talk for a second. "Oh…" was all he said for a while, his head down. "…But," he looked up hopefully, "that does mean you like me, right?" the small teen bit his lip, slightly embarrassed at his eagerness. "At least the impulse that you acted upon tells me that you do…because if you didn't then your brain wouldn't have that impulse anyway and-" He blushed, "Sorry, I'm rambling."

Shizuo laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Uuh…well, maybe?" He sighed and lowered his hand, "Just give me a little more time to sort out…whatever this is." He looked over at the ravenette to see his reaction, but quickly looked away again when he saw the blush.

'Dammit, why is he so cute to me all of a sudden!?'

The small male smiled and tucked some hair behind his ear. "Can you-" he cut himself off and looked down. "No, never mind, it's too childish to ask," he said, trying to laugh it off. 'Stupid!' he mentally kicked himself, 'Now he's gonna laugh at me…'

"Hm?" inquired the blonde, "Can I what?"

He was slightly thrown off by the other's meekness. 'I've never seen him so shy before. He's acting just like a girl who's asking out her first crush.'

"Can you…hug me?" Izaya fiddled with the fur trim of his coat as he started to ramble on again. "That is-if it's not too much trouble, I mean, if you're ok with it, cuz you might not want to and…" his cheeks turned redder, "I'll just stop talking and go." he said, embarrassed. 'Idiot! Get your damn foot out of your mouth already!'

Silence rang out as Shizuo stared at the retreating form of the ravenette before the older teen tugged him back, wrapping his arms around the small body and holding him from behind. 'There go my damn impulses again.'

"Baka," He mumbled softly.

Izaya dropped his bag and shakily gripped the arms that held him. He was so happy that he couldn't even think straight, much less speak properly. He slowly turned around in Shizuo's warm embrace and hugged him back, tears wetting the blonde's shirt. "Thank you…" he whisperd, "Thank you for understanding me; you're the only person who ever has."

'Dammit, he would get all teary-eyed on me again.' "Tch, baka," the blobde repeated, pulling Izaya closer. They stayed like that for a little while longer before Shizuo slowly pulled away. "I uuh…need to be heading home now. It's getting late." A hand went to scratch the back of his head and his eyes looked everywhere but at Izaya.

"R-right." The small teen bent down to pick up his bag and held it with both hands. "My house is on the way…walk me home?" he asked shyly. 'Please say yes!'

"Aaah, I don't know about that. Wouldn't it seem weird if people saw us walking together and NOT trying to hurt each other?" Shizuo mimicked Izaya's actions and picked up his bag, stuffing his pencil and papers inside before zipping it shut.

"You're right," Izaya sighed, running a hand through his black locks, "Guess I'm being a little too hopeful," he mumbled partly to himself. "See you tomorrow then, 'protozoan'?" he smiled, teasing the blonde a bit by using the former insult as a pet name.

Shizuo smirked and nodded, "Yeah, see ya, 'flea'." He then walked past the ravenette and out the workroom.

'Yes!' Izaya jumped around happily, dancing with joy. 'YesyesyesYES!' He squeezed his bag to his chest and smirked to himself, sighing happily in relief.

"Finally… I found the one- MY ONE!"

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