Bo and Iroh were going at it like fire ferrets. They were in his and Mako's small apartment on the kitchen table; Bo his back and Iroh leaning over him. They made no notice to the clutter of fallen utensils and cups on the floor.

They continue to kiss passionately, lips teeth tongues battling against one another, like a heated pro-bending match. Bolin wrapped his legs around Iroh to him, trying to get as close as possible.

Iroh moaned into the kiss loving the feel of Bolin everywhere. All he could see were those bright green eyes. All he could feel was that strong muscled body. All he could taste was that sinfully sweet mouth of his. All he wanted was his Bo.

He trailed kiss down the earth benders neck, loving the sounds coming from that mouth. He sucked on the spot he knew would drive him wild, leaving a blotchy red mark.

"I-Iroh!" Bolin exclaimed, clutching onto the general for dear life. He hated it when Iroh teased him. Thou they haven't gone all the way-Iroh insisted they wait- that didn't mean they didn't have some fun.

As Iroh continued to nip and lick and suck and kiss with Bolin mewing underneath him, the lovers didn't notice footsteps and voices headed their way.

In the Hallway

Korra pushed Mako against the wall attacking his lips with hers. Mako growled into the kiss, gripping her waist where her skin tight blue tank top had ridden up.

He loved the way her skin felt on his. Cool touches against warm, wildness against calmness. They ignited the crazed manic fire inside him; he so desperately tried to keep cool.

Mako rolled over so that now that Korra was against the wall. He pinned her hands high above her head, removing her arm-bands as he did. He trailed kisses down her neck as she mewed in appreciation.

"Bedroom," she managed to gasp out through clenched teeth.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and he picked her up by the hips, not once leaving his lips from her skin. He kissed and nipped and sucked, finally opening his eyes to the scene before him

"WHAAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING," Mako bellowed dropping the avatar to her butt, and almost giving a half dressed couple a heart attack.

Iroh has never been more scared in his entire life. And that's saying a lot. He's battle pirates hand to hand, faced many Ag Ni Ki's and once took down an entire rebel fleet with a boomerang that Great Uncle Sokka gave him, but he's never been more terrified than having his boyfriend's overprotective brother catch them in a topless make out sestion.

Beyond the blood pounding in his ears and the frantic voices of Bolin he heard Korra laugh as she was trying to restrain Mako, "Damn your baby brother got farther than us!"

Bolin felt like he was going to die Mako caught him making out on the table! "Bro calm down, "he yelled to his brother that was currently being held back by the avatar and spewing profanities at the general of the United Forces.

Korra was still laughing her ass off till she got one pleading look from Bolin. She sighed, now having to stop her fun. Avatar peace bending on.

"STOP," she yelled silencing everyone in the room.

"Bolin Iroh go to your room and try to keep your clothes on," she smirked at the flustered couple who were currently trying to run out of the room while putting on their shirts.

"Mako," she snapped at the glowering fire bender. She took him to the couch and sat them both down. "You can't keep trying to kill your brother's boyfriend every time he decides to make a move," she sighs rolling her eyes, having said this a million times before.

"He was defiling him on the table," he growled steam coming out of his ears.

"And what we're we about to do in your room?" she answered back smugly.

"Its not the same!" he snapped clearly frustrated.

"Yes it is!" she yelled. Upon seeing his face she softened her voice. "Bolin knows what he's doing, he doesn't need to be protected from this stuff anymore."

"You're right," he sighed, giving up. Mako couldn't believe how grown up Bolin was now; to be honest it hurt a little. Bolin knows what he was doing; he doesn't need Mako holding his hand anymore he just had to accept that.

"Korra," he said.


"We need a new table."

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