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Chapter one

For Hawk Soaring

A/N - This is an AU with the characters still as close to character as possible, except for a word of warning that this Gibbs is very different. And it is the late 18th century, presently 1785. This is to become part of a much larger story eventually which is already being written.

A/N 2– thank you to Wikipedia … without whom, I would have just guessed,,, more than I did anyway.

Fandom – NCIS

Author- finlaure

betas- bettyboop and skyking

Genre—AU set in late 18th century

Pairings - M/F, M/M (It WILL be slash, don't like don't read)

Rating – starts pg13 will be M by chapter 3

Warnings – language, non-sexual non-con Whipping, War violence, mention of past child abuse, slavery, dub-con sex, nudity, rape, murder, suicidal thoughts, illness, drinking, drugs, kidnapping, tattooing and Pirates. And I have only gotten to the fourth chapter.

The Blue Pirate

Captain Anthony DiNozzo looked over the horizon with a growing sense of dread in his mind. This voyage was nearly over and had been eerily uneventful. Eerily, he thought, because it was bad luck to have a female onboard a ship. And he had not only a woman, one Miss Abigail Scuito of New Orleans, but also her chaperon and uncle, Doctor Donald Mallard of Edinburgh. The Doctor had petitioned his Uncle's company for her immediate passage home when his visiting niece had received word that her mother was ailing after a difficult childbirth. The Doctor had also brought along his very young assistant, Jimmy Palmer, who wanted to help Dr. Mallard set up a practice in New Orleans.

This assignment had seemed like a great shot towards further promotion in the company at first. Just deliver the three passengers to New Orleans along with the rest of the cargo for the Paddington Trading Company of London. He figured these were the last days of open trade before some sort of war broke out again either with Spain or the tiny country of America. In the early 1780's it had become harder and harder for his maternal side of the family trading company to make any profits with the growing tensions with foreign countries.

"Sails ahoy! Sails ahoy Captain!" First mate Timothy McGee yells from the crow's nest. His book beat him to the deck falling at the feet of his captain who picked it up and whacked Tim across the head with it.

"How long has that ship been visible and how long have you been up there reading?" Tony reprimanded his First mate and then pushed the book toward the young man, "Go get me my telescope quickly!" and pray it is another English ship or at worst Spanish.

The deck quickly filled with crew and the three passengers as the other ship came closer into view. The Doctor rushes to the Captain's side.

"What flag is flying my boy? Can you see the flag?" the older gentleman asked gripping the railing.

Even with his extremely excellent vision Tony had to readjust his scope to try and determine the nationality of the approaching ship.

Suddenly, Captain Anthony face paled then he shut his telescope.

"What is it my dear boy? If they are Spanish I personally know many high ranking officials with whom I can negotiate. In fact they are going to help me set up my new"

"Take Lady Abigail, Palmer and yourself to the laundry room and barricade the door. And Pray Doctor, pray." Tony said while rushing towards this room.

"Who is it?" The Doctor asked again.

"It is the Blue Pirate. Pray for your souls." Captain DiNozzo answered while he loaded his pistols.