Chapter 7A

Howdy and Avast Ye Matys! Today is International "Talk Like a Pirate" Day! I would like to take this day to promise that "The Blue Pirate" has not been abandoned or put on hiatus. A family vacation and some real life issues have kept me from finishing a full chapter worth posting. Chapter 7 is almost finished and Chapter 8 is very close to being finished. So I ask that you my friends and fans reread the previous chapters and then study up on your pirate lingo used in the last paragraph and highlighted in red and underlined to prepare for this weekend's posting of Chapter 7.

To whet your appetite for Chapter 7 here is a snippet of it,

Tim is finally shaken out of his thoughts as he hears a loud scream overhead. He looks up only to see a cloud of black lace being lowered directly on top of him. The crew has used the bowlines and a trapeze to transfer Miss Scuito because the ship is too far away from the docks due to the enlarged waves. Now Abigail is floating down from Heaven in a swirl of fabric and lace, and about to land on top of Timothy. The gaping young man is hit firmly in the head by one of Abby's flailing feet and falls to the dock.

Arg my Buccaneer's and Landlubber's get ye sea legs as to not be made to walk the plank and be sent to Davy Jones's Locker or Keel Hauled you swabbie when "The Blue Pirate" sets sail again and Shivers your Timbers. Don ye Long Clothes and sail ye Long Boat to shore after you careen your ship and party today for it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!