A space hamster, eh? Commander Shepard considered as he looked at the catalogue in front of him. The holographic display showed a mass of fur the size of a paperweight, with no discernible features.

Newly discovered species, friendly to everybody!

Soothing influence on sentient beings!

Easy maintenance. Yours for only 500 credits.

He supposed a pet would add a little something to his cabin aboard the Normandy. His model starship collection was coming along nicely, and the fish he had already purchased would add a little color to the dull grey interior of his room. Doctor Chakwas had advised him to avoid negative emotions and stress if he wanted his scars to heal properly. Low maintenance pets and interior decorating would help with that, though he'd consider that a miracle considering the nature of what the Illusive Man had pulled him out of the grave to fight against. Shepard purchased the space hamster and left the souvenir shop.

He didn't give a second thought to this 'tribble'.

On the way out, he saw a couple walk past him into the shop.

'I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.'