Hey all. With school coming up and all, I probably won't be able to update nearly as much… even if I'm still a bit of a newbie here! If I do continue with this… let's say writers block kicked in early in the game and I'm very open to suggestions. Thanks much!

Yako walked back up to the office without Godai. He left early and Yako thought she should at least clean a little before going home. She didn't do much, she just cleaned the window, and thought about cleaning the desk to see Neuro left the computers on. She switched Akane's computer off, and as for herself, she lazily plopped down in front of it and got on the internet. There wasn't much to do at home, and she could get take out later, so why not hang around for a while? The agency computers were linked, however, so when she got to the search box, out scrolled a list of all the recent searches. Yako's eyes widened in disbelief. Normally she would find something on the current case, or some medieval name for a torture device and how-to's on building instructions, but this time…

"Human attraction… being human… ways to show…" She read out loud, staring at the computer like it'd been covered in blood. Just then, Godai came in. she hardly heard him enter the room.

"You're still here?" He asked as he walked over to the computer.

"Godai!" She jumped up from the chair.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." He looked over Yako's shoulder at the screen in curiosity, but before his eyes could focus on the words, Yako turned it off the quick way: yank out the plug. "Hey, what the heck?"

"Nothing! Um… what are you here for?"

"Forgot my gun."


"Yeah." He walked to his desk by the door and pulled a pistol from one of the drawers. "Gotta clean it sometime." With that, he walked out of the room, once again leaving Yako by herself… eh… with Akane. She couldn't help but notice she was shaking.

"Godai never uses the agency computers… he uses his laptop, and it isn't connected with the other computers. Akane wouldn't have a use for something like that… and I know I didn't search that… so that leaves…" She mumbled to herself, but found it almost impossible to finish the phrase. She looked out the window, half expecting the demon in blue to be walking towards the building, but she didn't see him. "He said he was gathering information, so he should be back, right?" She thought to herself and sat down on the couch. 'I'll just wait for him… though, I don't know what I'll even ask. Would I even bring it up?' She sat wondering to herself. Before she could answer her question, she was fast asleep on the couch.

Little did Neuro know, he wound up staying in his world for three days. When he finally came back up, he went straight to the mall and solved the mystery in record time and headed back to the office. Yako was busy trying to keep herself occupied. It had been the third day without Neuro and she was starting to worry. With the demon acting as he did the last time she saw him… he wouldn't just leave, would he? To top it all off, those searches worried her even more. She jerked her head up as soon as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was probably Godai again, and she waited for the door to open, though once the footsteps reached the door, they stopped completely.

"It's unlocked." She called, but when no one came in, she let out a sigh and walked over to the door. She pulled it open, but didn't see anyone. "Eh?" She was about to go back inside, but suddenly she felt a large, powerful hand grab her by the head.

"Have you been lazing about this whole time, slave? You're nothing more to me than a bathroom rag if you can't solve mysteries on your own." Said the familiar, demonic voice.

"Neuro!" She spun around to see the demon staring down at her from the ceiling with an evil smirk on his face.

He leapt off the ceiling and handed her a bag. She peered inside to see a to-go box. Was he actually giving her food?! As he walked to his red desk, Yako sat down on the couch and opened the box, revealing what looked like curry, but it had a strange scent. "I-Is this poisoned…?"

"Of course." Neuro replied simply.

'He's back.' She thought to herself. She couldn't really tell if she was relieved or a bit disappointed. Did this mean that the strange punishments and "demonstrations" would continue? She walked up to the desk and decided to ask about the searches. "Why were you looking up human affection?"

The demon looked up at her with a dissatisfied look on his face. "And why on earth would I do that?"

'Huh? It wasn't him? No… it has to be!' Yako was getting nervous. He was so hard to read. "It had to be you! There's no one else who would…" He stood up and pointed a sharp finger at her. She didn't finish her sentence as her instincts told her to cringe away from that sharp object so close to her face.

"You forget your place slave. Now come, I smell a mystery." He grabbed her head and quickly walked out the door. "Slave number two is late… and I found a new bladed trebuchet." The demon spoke as he walked down the stairs. Yako was starting to miss the Neuro that worried her so much.

The mystery was solved quickly, Yako did the jazzy finger pointy thingy, and they soon were heading back to the office. He dragged her all over the town. He seemed to be so energetic that day… at least until day turned into night. Yako's feet hurt like mad, but she dared not complain now that the old Neuro was back. She looked up at Neuro as she followed behind him. He was so tall and proud… and so hard to figure out. Why did she miss the way Neuro acted three days ago so much? He was still the same person… demon… so why? Is it because she thought that maybe… she would have a chance to get closer to him? The way he had always acted seemed like he was surrounded by a big wall that no one could penetrate; the wall that he accidently dropped those three days ago. For some reason, she wanted to be the one to get through that wall. She didn't know what that reason was, but it burned. It burned with doubt and reluctance to continue how she always had.

"Yako." He interrupted her thoughts. She jerked her head up as she pushed through the crowd of people to get to him. "Stay behind me. Don't let yourself get swept away in the crowd." He commanded. When he started walking again, Yako realized how crowded the sidewalk really was. People were returning from their jobs, going out to eat, shopping, and whatever else. She struggled to get by people as she pushed her way to Neuro. After a while, he noticed her difficulty with the crowd and waited for her again. She stood behind him, her breathing sounding labored. With a small grin, he took her hand and kept walking.

"Eh?" She didn't expect that. Was he really holding her hand? He was guiding her through the crowd. His hand was so big and strong, but he was being gentle. Could this mean that she really did have a chance? A small glimmer of hope had been lit… finally. He led her to the sidewalk to cross the street. Yako was a bit surprised that he didn't let go when they stopped, or when a crowd wasn't in front of them. Cars whirred by, and people chatted, leaving the area filled with noise. Yako watched the crossing sign, and once it turned green, she walked out. But… why didn't she feel Neuro's hand anymore? Why wasn't he following her? Why was it that when she turned around, he had a human expression on… that of surprise and realization? And why… why were those headlights getting closer and closer so quickly? She couldn't move, she could only scream as soon as she realized that a car was headed towards her.

There was a crash… the scent of asphalt and burning rubber… a blinding light accompanied by surprised voices from the crowd. Yako's hands were over her ears, fearing the sound of her own end… that didn't come. When nothing happened, her eyes opened slightly, squinting in the blinding headlights. She turned her head to the car, but what surprised her was the figure of a human facing her. Two-tone hair, and long arms in a blue jacket…

"Neuro!" She screamed. His arms slowly dropped to his sides and he looked up at the girl. He grabbed her arm and helped her stand upright, revealing a large dent in the bumper. "…N-Neuro…?" Without saying a word, he quickly pulled her off the street and out of sight to avoid unwanted attention. He rushed up to the office but didn't turn on the lights. As soon as they were in, he grabbed Yako by the head.

"You really are a reckless slave. Hurt anywhere?" He asked.

"N-No…" She shook her head. "…but… grabbing my head so hard hurts."

"Hm. You humans can be so weak." He replied, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to his chest. Her eyes widened and her heart beat picked up as she realized what was happening. "Better?"

"Y-Yeah… um… Neuro?"

"Yako…" He pulled away and put his hand on her cheek. He pushed her against the wall and captured her lips in a gentle kiss. She let out a quiet, surprised moan. His lips were firm, but surprisingly soft and warm. Yako's heart was going insane, and as if to make it beat faster, he started caressing her cheek. His kiss was slow and passionate. Time seemed to stand still until he pulled back, allowing her to rest her head on his chest. She kept her eyes closed for a little longer, and opened them to the feeling of his arms around her shoulders.

"N-Neuro… what was that?"

"The usual, it's just I tried to do it the human way this time." He responded, running his fingers through her hair. When she didn't respond, he released her and turned around. "I was the one to make those searches. You humans…" She looked up to see green glittering eyes looking over his shoulder towards her. "…have strange ways of showing love."

"…Neuro... do you mean that… this whole time…" The words came to her slowly. Millions of thoughts scrambled in her mind, and she could still feel a tingle on her lips. "Why didn't you say anything?"

He was about to sit on the couch when he turned to her. "I did." Yako gave him a confused look. A smirk inched across his lips. "…Louse."

It seemed that her thought process just stopped. "Neuro…" She called quietly. The room was dark and quiet, yet he barely heard her.


She held her breath and clenched her hand into a fist. Her heart pounded rapidly in her chest, so hard it seemed to hurt. "…love…" She could feel his eyes on her, yet… "I love you… Neuro."

From behind her bangs, she could see a very slight change of expression from him. She quietly walked over to him and stood on the coffee table so she could be eye-level with him. Uncertainty flooded through her as she put her hands on his shoulders for balance when she leaned forward. She hesitantly brushed her lips up against his for a moment and pulled away, nervously waiting for him to respond. He wrapped an arm around her waist and touched her cheek with his hand, guiding her up to his lips. Once again, his lips were warm and his kiss was passionate. He seemed so certain. He drew his lips away from hers and traveled down her neck in a series of small kisses. Yako's breathing hitched and instantly looked to the ceiling. Neuro pulled her closer to him as he traveled back up her neck. She never imagined Neuro would do this… and she never imagined it would feel so amazing, having the demon's lips brush against her neck, and the light breath of warm air that accompanied it. She cherished the feel of his lips and his hands, and the small, almost inaudible sounds he made. While for Neuro, he never imagined that he would be able to get this close to her. Her skin was so soft and warm. He moved back up to her lips and she returned the kiss without hesitation. He sat back to the couch, taking her with him without breaking the kiss. Her legs straddled his as she kneeled in front of him. Her head was directly above his. She let herself lean into him, hearing a soft moan as she laced her fingers through his hair.

Eventually, she had to break away… the urge to breath was becoming too strong. She slightly lifted her head and allowed her eyes to open half way, staring into Neuro's eyes as they both tried to catch their breath. Her hands traveled from his face to his shoulders as she sat on his lap, leaning up against him. He buried his head in her neck, clinging to her like he would never let her go. He swayed to the side and lay down on the couch, dragging her with him. She relaxed and spread out on top of him, her head resting on his chest. She could hear his quick heartbeat and steady breathing. Finally, she thought, she got through that wall of his. She smiled to herself and felt herself dozing off against him. Neuro watched her until she was asleep on his chest. Now that she undoubtedly knew about what he felt towards her, he knew he wanted her. He caressed her cheek and pulled a small object out of his pocket. He held two linked demon rings beside her ear, allowing them to ring very quietly.

He whispered to her in a quiet, gentle voice so he wouldn't wake her. "Yako, when you wake up, I have an important question to ask you."