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Summary: What happened if Kimblee didn't interfere and Pride took Edward's body as his new vessel? Now know one knows where the gifted alchemist has gone. Rated T for swearing. slight Royed Royxed

'Italics '- thoughts

Bold- anger

Underline- stressing a word, or double meaning.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(page break)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Blank void eyes fluttered open. Not one thought popped into his clear mind.

He looked around, blank walls and a cold metallic floor. The boy then noticed him self- a cascade of crimson covers were around his petite toned body. His golden eyes matched his flowing hair. He simply wore a black outfit that consisted of a sleeveless shirt that covered half his neck but left his mid-section showing. Next was a simple short skort. But the thing that drew his attention was a red elaborate tattoo's. They went up his legs, stomach and around his arms .It was a lovely design-like dancing fire traveling up his body.

With a creek of the door a woman in a simple white dress rushed to the boy's side. Her pale hand rested on the boy's cheek, his eyes trained on her,

"My sweet Pride I was worried you wouldn't wake." She lightly chuckled and withdrew her hand form his face. He only sat there slightly puzzled; but from his distant eyes, and glazed over expression you couldn't tell a thing.

"Pride?" He breathed out.

"Yes! Very good" She clapped her hands together and smiled before hugging his small body.

"My lovely pride, I'm your mother- you remember me right?" Pride ran the word over and over in his mind. His stomach turned and he started to feel sick just from the mentions of the word.

She moved onto the bed and put a hand on Pride's leg soothingly running her hand up and down; like a mother would to clam her son.

"You had a father…" She paused seeing if he made any sort of expression; with seeing none she continued to calmingly stroke his leg.

"some very evil people killed him along with your brothers and sister." His eyes cleared.

"…..Brother! Alphonse!" Prides eyes flashed with memories of a giant suit of armor.

Her hands instinctively went to his face and made him look at her.

"My dear, your brothers are Envy, Wrath, Greed and Gluttony. There is no Alphonse…" His eyes glazed over again.

"But your brothers and sister were all murdered" There was a tinge of faked pain in her voice.

"They can live again you know. With your help Pride, we can be a family!" She cheered taking Pride's hands and held them in her own.

"A family." Again memories flashed of a beautiful brunette woman holding a baby with blond hair. Also in the in the picture there was an older man who was also fair-haired; tied back in a ponytail. The man wore glasses and looked as if he was crying. The man held of a blond haired toddler with golden eyes.

Pride smiled. "Family…."

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Two soldiers rushed anxiously to get word to their General.

They didn't bother knocking as they slammed the door open and saluted.,

"General Mustang Sir!" Falman quickly shouted to his superior officer.

"He's awake, boss" Havoc dropped his salute and watched his commanding officer turn to face them, a small gentle smile held on his face; the first one in weeks.

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