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Summary: What happened if Kimblee didn't interfere and Pride took Edward's body as his new vessel? Now know one knows where the gifted alchemist has gone. Rated T for swearing. slight Royed Royxed

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Episode Three: Hello's and Goodbye's

"Ah" the caramel hair colored boy stretched bringing his arms over his head and to the sun. He then dropped his arms and looked out in the distance. "It's good to be home." The boy smiled feeling the wind brush by as the train started to move.

"Here ya go." Falman gave a small smile as he held out an average sized duffle bag out to the young man. Alphonse turned a somewhat surprised look as he gingerly took the bag and slung it over his shoulder. "If you want I can carry it, I know it might be difficult with your crutch." Falman reasoned before Alphonse chuckled and shook his head.

"I'm fine Vato, I need to learn to do this anyway." Alphonse continued on taking small steps with the crutch in one hand. Falman sighed before walking a few paces behind the younger boy. The older man glanced up to see a simple house at the top of the hill. Alphonse passed by a few people and he waved to them and they replied excitedly asking question about how he's been and how Edward was. The younger brothers smile faltered at the mentions of his missing older brother but Alphonse, instead of telling a honest truth lied for the both of them and responding with that they both were doing good.

As they continued on the hill became steeper and the younger Elric stopped to take a break. Alphonse looked up at Vato.

"Go on, I'll be there in a couple of minutes." He gave a weary smile.

"I can't do that Al"


Falman shook his head giving a small chuckled as he then began to help the boy up. "I'm supposed to escort you remember?"

Roy awoke with a startled expression and hastily sat up. He let out a pained groan and gripped the bed sheets. Looking down he saw bandages wrapped around his shoulder, he then groaned and leaned back.


"Ah, Mr. Mustang" With a click of the door closing Roy's head snapped. "A really nasty cut you received there." The doctor concluded looking up from his clipboard and then adjusted his glasses.

"Yes… Where's my Captain?" Roy asked glancing around the room.

"She went home to freshen up. She stayed with you the whole time you were unconscious."

"How long?"

"About a day or so." Roy went silent. "Do you mind telling me how you received your wound?" The doctor asked pointing to Roy's shoulder with the end of his pen and then looked down at his clipboard. Silence came over the room with Roy not responding. And the doctor looked up tapping his pen on the clipboard. "Mr. Mustang?"

"Oh. Yes, sorry. I was training with a few other alchemists to demonstrate my amazing skill. When I was distracted one of them attacked me and I was caught off guard and not attentive. It was my fault because I should have been paying attention. I guess later this evening after I got home I reopened my wound."

The doctor nodded, then set down his clip board and moved to inspect the bandages around the Brigadier General's shoulder.

There was a knock on the room door which brought the doctors attention away from his patient and to the door. Riza stepped into the room carrying a few of Roy's white dress shirts and a pair of pants.

"Hello sir, doing well I assume?" she greeted with a small smile.

"He seems to have recovered nicely; I'll keep him for the rest of the day. Then he can get back to work Captain, tomorrow." The doctor smiled standing up with his clipboard in hand. "I'll leave you two sometime together. If anything happened go get a nurse, and she'll come get me." He said again before exiting.

Riza waved to the doctor as he left then turned her attention to Roy; she gave a small sigh with a smile then set down the change of clothes on the back of a nearby chair. The Captain took a seat by her commanding officer's bed side. " Sir. What exactly happened?" She asked almost hesitantly. "When you called me you weren't making much sense, and then when I went to pick you up you were still in shock." She explained looking him in the eye.

"I'm not exactly sure myself, anymore..." He murmured running a hand through his hair. "I thought I had saw Edward and then there was a bright light I ended up with this gash and the room was empty..." Roy lowered his gaze bringing his hand to rest on his head as his rubbed his temples. "The memory is still kind of foggy I-"

"Sir, were you drinking again?" Riza asked crossing her arms.

"I had a glass of Scotch that evening, but it usually takes more than that to get me drunk." He muttered slightly irritable. "But I guess maybe it was a figure of my imagination that I saw Edward…He's dead even with a tomb stone here in Central." Roy said simply drawing his gaze back up to look at Riza.

"Sir, we all understand how you feel. Both the boys mean a lot to many people. Everyone one misses Edward." Her gaze softened. "We'll do an investigation but sir possibly when you arrived home there could have been a thief. Is there anything you noticed missing?" She concluded uncrossing her arms and setting them in her lap.

"The Philosopher Stone." Roy's eyes widened. "I remember whoever it was waving it in front of my eyes, then making off with it." The ebony haired man gripped the pristine white sheets in frustration. "Dammit! I had him in my line of fine also!"

"Sir, its okay" Riza stood and then laid a gently hand on the Brigadier General's un bandaged shoulder. "We'll catch who did this and get the stone back." She gave a reassuring smile.

"I only hope you right, Captain."

"Al?!" The blonde starred at the young man in front of her. She then ran wrapping her arms around his slender neck, "You came back." Winry chocked back a sob of seeing the young man in flesh again. "We've missed. We thought the worst of you and Ed." The blonde stepped back to look at the younger Elric's face. The Mechanic then looked to the side of Alphonse and noticed the military man, but Edward was nowhere to be seen. "Where's Ed…?" She asked softly bring her gaze back to Alphonse.

"He's…missing Winry…" Alphonse responded solemnly.