With the fourth shinobi world war at it's end, Naruto Uzumaki and his fellow shinobi comrades have perservered through the impossible.

After three years, the teamwork of Naruto and Sakura during the last moments of the war pulled Sasuke from the darkness that he had fallen prey to and little did they know that Itachi Uchiha had also helped Sasuke return to once again the path of light. ( A/N not to worry at some point I will explain how Sasuke returned as a good guy in a later chapter.)

Indeed, the fourth shinobi world war was the ultimate test for all the shinobi from all nations therefore, new friendships were made as well as romantic relations between shinobi that had already had that chemistry within them.

Neji and Tenten were the first to realize on just how important each other are to one another while fighting alongside each other in a life and death situation war.

The fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi and the sand village's Kazekage Gaara also underwent feelings for each other during their war with Madera Uchiha and the Susano- army.

Shortly after the war was concluded, Temari and Shikamaru finally gave in to each other by kissing in front of their long time friends during the celebration of their victory.

Ino and Sai followed after the two which was a greater shock to Naruto since he thought Sai was gay thinking on how he misunderstood Sai's "tenderness" act.

Kakashi had a one sided relationship with Karin with of course Karin being the one who's been trying a pursue a relationship by trying to entice Kakashi countless times.

In the end, it was Sakura who gave it's last push to bring Sasuke out of the darkness and into the light and in doing so, she finally had received the same love and recognition that she had felt for Sasuke from Sasuke himself.

During the celebration festival, Naruto made a daring move and proposed to Hinata after he had asked for everyone's attention by saying these exact words,

" Hinata, for so long I have looked at you as a dear friend but I've come to realize that you more than just that friend. You risked your very life for me during the battle with Pain and you confessed your love and believe it, it was a shock to me. So now, I stand before you to tell you that I love you too and it would honor me if you will be my wife."

Hinata had stood there seemingly frightened but was actually in disbelief and happiness.

She answered with three yes' before passing out from being completely overwhelmed with mixed feelings thanks to Naruto.

Knowing full well that Naruto had previously loved Sakura, Sakura herself knew that Hinata was the one who could give Naruto what she could never give to him, and was the first to shed happy tears while applauding the engagement of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga.

While everyone else was happy for Naruto and Hinata, Kiba was the least happiest since he had feelings for Hinata but always knew that she had always been in love with Naruto and so he had made his peace with it.

Two months had passed since the war's end and now the marriage will take place in the heart of the leaf village.

Konoha Leaf Village

Naruto had invited all of the friends he made during his long adventure to his wedding day that was to take part in the streets of the village.

" Only Naruto would throw a wedding in the middle of the street, what a drag." Shikamaru said in his usual tone.

" Still you have to hand to him for being original, I never pictured Naruto to be a husband but it's happening." Temari walked towards her boyfriend.

" Yeah, guess it can't be helped." Shikamaru replied.

" Come on give him at least a little credit, even a goof ball like Naruto has his moments." Ino responded to Temari's comment while clinging on to Sai's arm.

" Ino's right, guess I'll cut him a break." Shikamaru said.

" I have to admit though, you look handsome in your tux." Temari bit her bottom lip.

" You too, Sai." Ino complimented on her boyfriend.

" Would you stop that!" Shikamaru and Sai blushed from embarrassment.

" Looks like we made it in time." Gaara involving himself in the conversation as he arrived with his girlfriend Mei and Kankuro.

" Hey dude, did you forget your tux?" Shikamaru asked Gaara.

" As Kazekage, I must attend to any formal gathering in Kazekage clothing." Gaara explained with a slight blush.

" It says anytime you are invited to a wedding, that you are to dress formally in regards to the bride and groom." Sai said while reading out of one of his books.

" I'm sure Naruto and Hinata will understand." Gaara said.

" So is this were everyone is meeting at or what?" Kiba asked as he arrived with Shino, Rock Lee, Choji and Tenten all in their tuxes and bridesmaid clothing identical to Ino, Temari, Shikamaru and Sai.

" Hey everyone!" Tenten greeted.

" Got to hand it to Naruto for decorating the entire village for his day." Rock Lee commented as he eye balled the decorations.

" That moron went too far making a mockery of our village." Shino remarked as bugs went all over his body bugging everyone out.

" Relax Shino, it's actually not too bad for a change." Choji said.

" Says you." Shino said.

" Anyway, so where is Naruto and Hinata?" Kiba asked.

" Probably still getting ready, Hinata left early from spending the night at my house with Sakura." Ino said.

" Well we're still early, we have two hours." Sai recalls.

" I guess we should kill time by chatting with the rest of the guests." Tenten suggested.

" Right, let's go." Kiba agreed.

Meanwhile at Sakura's house, Hinata had just put the finishing touches of her makeup and hair do by Kurenai and Sakura.

" Wow, just beautiful like I envisioned you look great, Hinata." Sakura smiled.

" You really do look beautiful, Hinata." Kurenai also smiles.

" Thank you Sakura and Kurenai-sensei." Hinata graciously bows her head.

" It makes me all the more proud to be your maid of honor." Sakura said.

" You can imagine how happy I am for you Hinata that your taking a huge step in life and I wish you nothing but the best." Kurenai sheds a tear.

" Kurenai-sensei, you are the closest of being my mother and I'm happy you can be here to witness my wedding day." Hinata hugs her teacher.

" I wonder what Naruto is doing?" Sakura thought as she looks out the window.

At the same moment Sakura was wondering about Naruto, Naruto was at his house with Neji waiting on Sasuke.

" Hehe hehe." Naruto snickered.

" What is so funny?" Neji asked with a small blush thinking Naruto was making fun of on how he looks in his tux.

" It's Sasuke, I wanna see how Sasuke looks." Naruto continued to giggle like a girl.

" Your hopeless." Neji places his hand on his forehead.

" Damn it, Naruto I'm not going out in this ridiculous clothing, forget it!" Sasuke said from the restroom.

" Oh come on Sasuke, a promise is a promise!" Naruto said.

" All right, fine!" Sasuke replied and started getting dressed.

" Naruto." Neji said.

" What's up?" Naruto answered.

" Aside from the fact that I'm extremly happy that your marrying Hinata, I want to tell you one thing not as your good friend but as Hinata's relative." Neji spoke in a more serious tone.

" I'm listening." Naruto wised up and listened.

" Naruto, it took you to make me realize I was wrong I was on how I treated Hinata back in the Chunin Exams but know this, I will not allow you to mistreat her in any way because I will stop you myself." Neji said.

" Neji, I get what your saying, I promise to protect her with my life and to give her a happy life, you know I never go back on my words because it's my ninja way." Naruto said.

" Glad to hear it, brother." Neji shook Naruto's hand out of deep respect.

" Are you happy now, Naruto?" Sasuke comes out of the restroom in his tux with a huge blush of embarrassment.

The sight of Sasuke in a light creamy yellow tux with long sleeved black collared shirt underneath as opposed to the rest of the guys wearing normal black tuxedos made Naruto laugh really hard.

" Would you knock it off, you jackass!" Sasuke yelled.

" Sasuke, you look like an oreo!" Naruto laughed uncontrollably.

" Naruto, just wait." Sasuke gritted his teeth.

Kakashi and Guy arrived in time to see Sasuke, Naruto and Neji in their tuxes.

" Check out the boys Kakashi, don't touch them because they are too sharp!" Guy said with his usual thumbs up pose.

" Guy and Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto greeted.

" Guy, enough with the corny jokes already." Kakashi begged as if he had been hearing them all day.

" But you boys do look presentable, are you ready Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

" You bet." Naruto said.

" Then let's get you married." Kakashi places his hands on Naruto's shoulders.

" Guy, you ready huh where'd he go?" Kakashi said.

" Hey who's that handsome guy!" Guy looks in mirror pointing at himself while Naruto, Neji, Kakashi and Sasuke watched.

"Anbu black ops, we have an emergency!" Guy said and almost immediately a couple of Anbu black ops members show up at Naruto's house.

" What's the emergency, Guy?" One of the black ops asked.

" There a very handsome guy in this house, wait cancel that it's only me." Guy joked with his signature smile.

" That has got to be the most stupidest joke I ever heard." Sasuke thought with a annoyed expression.

" I should have known, he's been joking all day." Kakashi thought with the same expression as Sasuke.

" One of these days, there's going to be a real emergency and we're not coming." The other black ops member said and disappeared with the first one.

" All right, shall we?" Guy letting Naruto know he's ready.

" You bet, Sensei." Naruto agreed and left his house with Kakashi, Neji, Guy and Sasuke.

" Tonight is the night I make you mine, Kakashi." Karin peeps over in Naruto's window glaring at Kakashi as he walks.

Naruto rejoices with his guests that came from the sand village all the way to the land of waves and rain village.

" Are you ready for your big day, Naruto?" Tsunade said.

" Sure am, grandma Tsunade thanks for coming!" Naruto smiles.

" Would you please stop calling me that?" Tsunade said with annoyed expression.

" But I can't help it!" Naruto said.

" I wonder if Hinata is ready?" Naruto thought to himself then suddenly got spooked by Yamato's ghoul expression.

" I said are you ready to get married?" Yamato said as if he was repeating his question to Naruto while still freaking Naruto out.

" Yes, yes now please change that look!" Naruto said with the beady white eyes.

" Naruto, Naruto over here!" Sakura called over as she was talking with Sasuke.

" What's up?" Naruto said.

" Don't you look handsome, Hinata's ready so gather all the groomsmen so we can start." Sakura said.

" Right." Naruto said and left.

After Naruto gathered all groomsmen, he walked up to the altar to begin the process.

Sasuke as the best man escorts the maid of honor Sakura to the altar.

Neji escorts Tenten, Shikamaru escorts Temari, Sai escorts Ino, Gaara escorts Tsunade, Kakashi escorts the pregnant Kurenai and Konohamaru escorts Hanabi.

Naruto's parents Minato and Kushina along Hinata's mother, Asuma, Jiraiya and the Third Hokage used whatever chakra the afterlife gave them to see the wedding with smiles on their faces from the heavens.

" Now as we conclude the ceremony, I ask that Naruto, do you take Hinata Hyuga as you wife and promise to love her in sickness and in health?" The minister asked.

" With all due respect sir, do you mind if I make my vows to Hinata?" Naruto requested.

" As you wish." The minister said.

" Hinata, if anybody were to tell me that I would be marrying you I would have never believed them not because your not good enough but because your one of my best friends." Naruto began.

" My entire opinion of you has changed for the better, now I don't just see you as my best friend but I also see you as my loving wife and I will guarantee to you I will give you a happy life, I love you and I do." Naruto finished.

Hinata began to weep happy tears as the guests as well as the groomsmen and bridesmaids felt touched by Naruto's words.

" Naruto, since I met you I always admired you and held you in the highest regard, when we parted ways for three years then we reunited I quickly realized I was now deeply, deeply in love with you." Hinata said.

" Though I was in love with you, I had always been shy and usually would pass out if you so much as say hi." Hinata said making everyone including Naruto chuckle a little.

" But when I saw you in the face of danger, I was prepared to give my life for you and I was no longer afraid to confess my feelings for you at all and so I do take you as my husband and I promise to love you and be the best wife I can be for you, Naruto!" Hinata said.

" Rings, please." The minister said giving the cue for Konahamaru and Hanabi to give the rings to Naruto and Hinata.

Naruto and Hinata gently placed rings on each others fingers.

" Naruto, you may kiss the bride." The minister said.

Naruto places both hands gently on Hinata's fair skinned face and kissed her.

The friends of Hinata and Naruto clapped tremendously in celebration of the first of their generation to be married and commenced with the reception.

Naruto and his groomsmen had setup tables throughout the whole street as they prepared to have dinner before dancing.

" Great, I'm starving!" Shikamaru said which caught Sai's attention.

" Just hold on a little longer try not to die out of starvation." Sai took Shikamaru's statement literally.

" Dude, you gotta be kidding me." Shikamaru replied with a rhetorical tone.

" That's why I love him." Ino said.

The village's chefs chose to offer their service to Naruto free of charge due to gratitude for their hero and began to pass out either curry or egg omelet with the side of rice.

" Your favorite." The chef of Naruto's favorite ramen restruant placed a bowl of his favorite ramen.

" Awesome, bbq pork ramen, thanks old man!" Naruto enthused.

" Bad memories." Neji said looking at his curry.

" Tenten, trade me." Neji said.

" No way babe, I got omelets!" Tenten said.

" Damn, Naruto trade me!" Neji called out.

" Oh did you want some, here you go Neji!" Naruto grabbed a stickful and dumped some noodles on Neji's curry.

" Not what I meant, dumbass!" Neji thought with disgusted expression.

Sasuke stood up and used his chop stick to hit his glass to get everyone's attention.

" Huh, got something to say, Sasuke?" Naruto asked with noodles in his mouth.

" I'd like to take the time as the best man to express on what this day personally means to me." Sasuke announced as everybody paid attention.

" For the longest time there was a loser named Naruto Uzumaki who basically messed up everything he touched and couldn't get a damn thing right." Sasuke said which caused Naruto to choke on his noodles.

" Sasuke, what are you doing, are you trying to embarrass me you bastard!" Naruto thought as he shed a tear while choking.

" Yep, he was a screw up." Sasuke continually casually said.

" I can't argue there." Ino agreed as did most of the other friends of Naruto that were in his class.

" Aside from all jokes, this is the man who never quit on me, I admit I was a changed man to everyone but Naruto and for that I thank him." Sasuke looked seriously towards Naruto.

" Naruto was the reason my eyes opened to see that another special person didn't give up on me, my beloved Sakura and together they gave me reason to exist any further and so, Naruto and Hinata, I wish you two nothing but the best for the many years you will have together." Sasuke raised his glass to show respect to Naruto and Hinata.

" Thank you, my friend." Sasuke said as Naruto shed a happy tear.

" Sasuke..." Sakura thought feeling that she herself couldn't have said it better.

" Well said Sasuke and welcome back!" Ino said.

People began to clap at Sasuke's speech and saw that Gaara stood up to give his speech as well.

" If it is all well then I too wish to give recognition to the newly wedds." Gaara said.

" Hinata, I may not know you well but I could tell by your eyes that you are a kind person equal to that of Naruto and I couldn't be happier for what the future holds for you." Gaara said.

" Naruto is a dear friend of mine who pulled me out of the darkness and for that I'm indebted to him, I wish you both eternal happiness and many blessings in your new life together." Gaara raised his glass.

Naruto stood up with his glass raised and began to speak.

" Thank you Gaara, Sasuke it means a lot to me and Hinata for your heartfelt speeches and now I'd to thank you all for coming to celebrate the marriage between me and my beautiful bride, now onto the reception!" Naruto called for a cheer and his guests drank to it.

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