Darkstorm stepped into the ThunderClan camp with his mouth full of prey. He was hunting by night, which is what he's used to, and got an impressive catch. He was able to find three mice and a vole. He dropped two of the mice and the vole onto the Fresh Kill pile, and took the last mouse for himself.

After finishing his meal he went to the warriors den to sleep. He always slept in the far corner, away from everyone else, since He was used to sleeping by himself and wasn't a fan of crowds. Despite how subtle she was he could tell that Gingerwhisker was moving her bed closer to his. He didn't know why she was but it annoyed him. She was already curled up, asleep when he got there.

As he curled up in his nest to sleep, he was disturbed by an odd dream. He was in pitch darkness. He ran for as long as he could and got nowhere. Then he could smell blood. Soon he felt the sticky feeling of blood on his paws. He tried vainly to run but it was as if the blood glued him down. Then he heard an unfamiliar voice speak in his ear. "Blood will return, more powerful than ever. Be ready for what lies ahead."

Darkstorm woke with a start, and saw Gingerwhisker glaring at him.

"Can you stay quiet?! I'm surprised you didn't wake Riverclan with your annoying mumbling!"

He ignored her and stepped out of the den. He could tell it would be a while before dawn, but he knew he wouldn't be able to fall asleep. He sat on halfrock, wondering what his dream meant. He knew whatever it meant it was something bad.