Chapter Nine

(What About) I'm A Good Girl?


"One strawberry sundae please." I said while Lucy was still picking out what she wanted.

"Make that two." she said and the waitress shook her head and walked off.

It was a perfect day. Sun was shining, the wind was blowing perfectly. I had my best friend, and she had a plan.

"So, Kendra. I was thinking that we should…"

I wasn't listening because my phone buzzed. I looked at the screen. Evan. Great, I needed to talk to him.

"Hello?" I said and Lucy shut up.

"Who is it?" she asked and I shushed her.

"Kendra, I need you not to do anything bad before the party. I just got in trouble with Brett. I need you to make sure this plan of yours works. Because if not, I'm screwed."

"Kendra, what's he saying?" Lucy said, trying to snatch the phone out of my hands.

"It'll work. Trust me. We know what we're doing." I turned and handed the phone to Lucy, "Here you go."

"Goldman?" she said into the phone, "Yes. Ugh, that jerk. Sorry about that, but our plan will work. Trust me. Bye." and she hung up before I had the chance to say anything.

"Lucy, what is our plan exactly?" I said dying to know.

"We're gonna make Brett jealous. And we need Evan to do it."

· · ·

I hopped on my bike and pedaled all the way to Evan's. I got off and found him on the porch doing something on his laptop. He saw me out of the corner of his eye and smiled.

"Hey Kendra." he said, still typing.

"Hi." I said as I walked up the steps onto the porch. They were a little creaky.

"So, what brings you here?" he said and closed the laptop slowly.

"I'm not really supposed to tell you this, but Lucy's plan may not be to your liking." I said quietly and not willing to say this.

"What is it Kendra? You can tell me." he said and put his hand on mine. How sweet.

"Well, Lucy wants…"

"Evan, who are you talking… oh, hello Kendra! I didn't see you. Nice seeing you here."

Saved by the bell. Or I think that's what the TV show was called. "You too Mrs. Goldman."

"Evan, I hate to bother the two of you, but I need to borrow Evan for a second." she said and she and Evan walked into the house.

I paced back and fourth and while they were inside. I couldn't tell Evan. He may not go through with it. We need him to go through with it. "I'm a good girl." I reminded myself, which ment I couldn't do anything bad or horrible.

I sat down and looked at my phone. One new text. Lucy.

"What now?" I mumbled as I opened the message.

Kendra, where r u? I saw you go the way to Evan's house. U better not tell him! I want it secret! Got me? Reply ASAP.

Oh great. Just as I was about to. It got dark in front of me and I closed the message.

And turned to see Evan.

"What about this secret?"