Summary: A scene that I couldn't really fit anywhere within the story, but couldn't just delete either and wipe if from memory. So, why not share?

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A/N: I'd imagined this to go somewhere near the end, but couldn't really figure out where and ultimately decided to cut it. But - I never deleted it because I liked their chemistry so much. So, without further ado...

One Day in Autumn

Deleted Scene

They walked in silence, hand in hand, for a length of three blocks before Hermione gave a voice to the feelings she'd been plagued with for the past six hours. "What's happening?" she asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper. She wasn't even entirely sure Draco had heard her until he tugged lightly on her hand, bringing her body closer to his.

"I'm not sure, really, but I know I like it," he stated in a low voice, glancing at her to see her reaction.

Her heart swelled, the power of his words leaving her near breathless. She stopped walking, pulling on his hand to stop him as well. Suddenly she became super sensitive to everything around her – the chatter of people on the street, the distinct chill of the night air, the low thumping rhythm of the music that was spilling out of the club ten feet away, and the group of woman to her right laughing gleefully – before everything became a silent hush as she leaned in and captured his lips in a tantalizing kiss that completely stole her attention and her sanity.

Thankfully, Draco hadn't missed a beat and immediately responded, gliding his lips across hers in a slow dance, pulling her tighter against him. She reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck, the lily in her right hand coming around to tickle him on the cheek. He broke the kiss to see what the foreign object was before smiling and capturing her lips in another kiss.

She decided right then and there that she could spend the rest of her life doing this and die happy. Merlin, could the man kiss! Soon she was pressing herself into his body, tightening her hold and running her fingers through his impossibly soft hair, relishing his groans and the feel of his hands on her skin. She scratched lightly at the spot on the nape of his neck and the action immediately sent him into a frenzy. Suddenly she was pressed against a building, his strong body covering hers, his lips moving against hers frantically.

He pulled back after an eternity, his hard breathing matching hers, and laid his forehead against hers. "We have to stop," he grunted, his thumb rubbing against her cheek.

"Why?" she whined, wanting to feel his lips on hers again.

He laughed softly. "Because if we don't then I'm going to take you right against the wall of this building, in public, in front of dozens of innocent bystanders."

She giggled.

"And not only will that be incredibly scandalous and difficult to explain to the Muggle police, but it will also cause us a great amount of regret – especially since that is not how I imagined our first time."

Her heart simultaneously stopped and began beating faster at the same time causing the tingles in her stomach to go berserk. She peeked up at him, noting his flushed face and swollen lips – a sense of pride swelling through her. "You imagined a first time?" she asked softly. Giddy. She felt giddy.

"Yes," he breathed, his lips moving down her cheek, landing on a particularly sensitive spot on her neck where he placed a series of soft kisses causing tingles to slide down her body. "I've imagined lots of things, Granger."

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