Everyone looked confused, as no one knew how drastic the situation was. Rias quickly informed them about how bad it was, and how bad it can get. Rias gathered everyone together to discuss the situation.

"Sona vanished a couple of hours ago while Kaizer and Koneko were out fulfilling contracts. I took my eye off of her for a few minutes, as I needed to shower, and she was gone. I don't know what happened to her, but we may be in big trouble…"

Kaizer started to look pretty worried. He believed that it was his fault for Sona's disappearance. He believed that she ran away because he didn't notice her when they were young, and that she still loved him. Kaizer quickly stood up to get his voice heard.

"Well why can't we go find her now? She could be in trouble out there!"

"And that's the problem…"

Rias stepped in front of Kaizer, looking into his eyes. Not with passion, however, but with worry as well. She took a deep breath, and then told him the bad news.

"Have you felt any strange…presences recently?"

"Now that I think about it…I have. It felt as if someone was watching me at all times."

"I see…how about anyone else?"

Yuuto Kiba, the knight of Rias's peerage, mentioned that he did feel a number of presences recently. This made Kaizer and Rias even more worried. They looked at each other with worry, and Rias finally made the statement.

"Sona…is probably going to be captured by a fallen angel…"

Kaizer's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't think of Sona being captured, because of how strong she was. Kaizer asked Rias if that's what she truly believed, with Rias only looking away in sadness. Kaizer backed up against a wall and slid down to the floor, with his body feeling lifeless. He couldn't feel anything, as his mind was just blank. Everybody in the room was looking at him, feeling sorry for him…but everyone's eyes became widened once they saw Kaizer begin to transform.

"Sona-chan….I won't let them hurt you…I'm sorry…for not noticing you…"

Kaizer held his head down, with tears dripping down his cheek. Slowly, from the top of his head, wolf ears began to appear. His hair became a bit longer, and he grew a wolf tail that lied on the floor. His eyes opened, with them beginning to change colors from brown to a blueish-silver. Rias noticed this transformation, and noted it to the rest of the peerage.

"Kaizer is transforming…into the Wolf of the Night…I feel the spirit of Spectre in him…"

"Who is Spectre, prez?"

"Spectre is the Moon Wolf, the spirit that he is cursed with. When he really needs the power, without his acknowledgement, the curse will activate. I've only seen it activate once…and that was on the day he left…"

Everyone focused their attention back on Kaizer, with him not crying anymore. His appearance had changed drastically, with him looking like a half human, half wolf. Before anyone could say anything, Kaizer attempted to jump out the window and search for Sona. Rias quickly dispatched Koneko and Yuuto to restrain him, but his curse allowed him to overpower the two and he escaped. While he was running further and further away, they heard one word that echoed down the school campus.


The peerage all sat down to think of what they were going to do. Rias was the only one that did not participate, as she was far from having a clear head. Akeno took charge at the moment in deciding what they were going to do. Yuuto was the first one to put down an idea.

"Well, we more or less need to get Kaizer back in our sight, as he is too dangerous to be running around out there on his own. Sona is a tough devil, she can hold out for a while."

"But how long is a while?" Issei intervened. "What if by the time we get Kaizer under control, it will be too late?"

"That's something we won't have to worry about…"Akeno put down. "If we don't get it done, Kaizer will…just in a more brutal way…a very sexy way."

The group eventually split once it became night time, with Rias being the last one in the room. She finally packed up her things and left, looking up at the stars. She thought of how Kaizer and her grew up together, and how they were such good friends. She was also good friends with Sona, and could have easily told him about her. In her mind, all this could have been avoided if she actually had said yes to Kaizer's proposal.

"I'm such an idiot…I see why I needed to have someone look after me and judge my performance…it's because my performance is crap. This all could have been avoided…"

"No it couldn't have…"

Rias heard a voice come from the shadows, thinking it was Kaizer. Instead, it was someone that raised even more suspicion. It was Issei, who came from behind a tree.

"Issei-kun…what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home already?"

"I already had made it home, but noticed you weren't feeling well earlier so I decided to come help you home. Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine, thank you…"

Issei walked up to Rias and hugged her tightly, with her blushing heavily.

"You couldn't have known that this was going to happen…as fate can change instantly…"

"If only I said yes…"

"But did you really want to say yes? Do you believe that you would be happy?"


"Don't worry…he will be alright."

Once Issei said that, they heard a howl of wolves. Once the chorus of the howling wolves was over, they saw a blue light emitting from the church. They both decided to rush to check it out. Once they made it to the door, they heard a familiar voice talking.

"If I have too…I will die for all of them…"