In the darkness of her quarters, Helena could barely make out anything besides the sleeping systems analyst who lay with her arm wrapped tightly around the admiral's waist. Helena couldn't help but smile at the feel of Gina's warm breath on her neck. She placed a small kiss on her lover's nose, shifting to get out of the embrace, though Gina made that more than difficult.

Once out of the excruciatingly warm bunk, Helena found herself a bra and tanks, which Gina had discarded last night during their celebration on finding Galactica and the civilian fleet. She pulled a few reports out from the table and moved over to her desk. Flipping on a light, Cain went over the status of the Pegasus. She sat like that for at least ten minutes or so before hearing Gina stir.

"What time is it?" she yawned, walking over towards the admiral with the sheet dangling over her breasts.

Helena glanced over towards her watch, placing a kiss on Gina's lips before answering. "Three thirty. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to wake you up. Go back to bed."

The blonde shook her head and crawled into the admiral's lap, looking down to see what she was working on. "Only if you come with me," she whispered into Cain's ear. "It's awfully cold when I'm by myself."

"Cold?" Helena snorted, though wrapping her arms around Gina's slim figure, resting her head against her shoulder. "That thing's at least one hundred degrees." She kissed her shoulder blade tenderly.

Gina giggled. "Fine, then I'm staying right here."

"On my lap?" Helena asked, though secretly enjoying her younger lover's position. "It might be difficult for me to get my work done with you sitting here."

"Then maybe," Gina whispered, getting up only to sit back down, this time facing her admiral, "You shouldn't focus on work and instead you should focus on something a little more…interesting."

Helena ran her hands up Gina's spine, causing the younger woman to shiver slightly. She brushed aside a piece of blonde hair in order to place a kiss on her collarbone. "Hmm…? Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know," Gina hummed. Her body rocked slightly against the admiral's advances. "I think that I could use a little attention."

Cain grinned and sucked on her lover's neck, causing Gina to gasp loudly at the sensation. Unfortunately, the time of the day caught up to her, and she fell into Gina, yawning loudly.

"I'm so sorry," Helena gasped. "I'm too tired, I can't do this."

"Don't worry," Gina mumbled, playing with a strand of dark hair. "You did your fair share last night. If anything, you should be on top." She grinned happily as Cain ran her hand up the front of the sheets, stopping once she reached Gina's cheek.

"I'm good, but thank you," Helena sighed, still cupping her cheek. "Are you hungry?" Gina shook her head, though her stomach betrayed her. "I'll order some food." Cain reached up over towards the receiver, dialing the number to the kitchens.

"It'll be here in a little bit," Helena muttered.

Gina moved over towards the desk, letting her feet fall into Helena's lap. The admiral massaged her feet as Gina let out a soft moan. "Are you sure they don't mind?" she asked. "It's really early. Why are they even working at this time?"

"When we picked up the civilians there were a decent amount of people who knew how to cook, so we can have the kitchens open twenty four seven." Helena placed a kiss on Gina's thin ankle.

"Mmm…" Gina muttered. "What time do you have to leave?"

"Six," Helena whispered. A smile crept across her face when she saw Gina flinch at the word. "Don't worry, that's a ways off."

Gina still gave her a slight pout, making Helena scoop her bottom lip up between her own. "What time do you get back from Galactica?" she asked once they broke apart from each other.

"Depends," the admiral growled. "This so called president seems to be taking her position rather seriously. It could take a few hours, but I hope to be back by eight."

"I think that they need something to believe in," Gina sighed. "Something other than 'revenge.' If this woman can give them some hope, then that's great."

Unlike Helena, the systems analyst was always looking at things with optimism, as if there was always some good in everything. That optimism was both annoying and the thing that made Helena love Gina with all of her heart.

"I don't want to think about work right now," Helena groaned.

"Okay…" Gina thought out loud. "Then what do you want to talk about? Or are you awake enough for sex?" she teased.

Helena rolled her eyes and scooted Gina's feet out of her lap, moving to get a small item from one of the drawers. She brought over a long, narrow box, but held it behind her back so it was just out of her lover's sight.

"What's that?" Gina asked. "A present? For me?"

Cain gave her a sly smile. "Close your eyes," she whispered.

After making sure the blonde's eyes were truly closed, Helena took the lid of her box and took out the glittering object. Brushing aside Gina's hair from the back of her neck, Helena draped the silver necklace around her, clasping it in the back.

"Can I open them?" Gina pleaded. Helena answered her with a kiss and muttered a quiet yes. "Oh, Helena, it's beautiful."

Her fingers traced the curve of the small diamond that hung at the bottom of the silver cord. She claimed the other's lips lightly, though still with passion. "Where did you get this?"

"I bought it from one of the civilians we picked up," Helena whispered, pressing her forehead up against Gina's. "Happy anniversary."

Gina's hands darted up to her mouth, some tears welling up in her eyes. "Oh my gods, honey…I'm so sorry. I completely forgot…how could I…?"

"Shh," Helena pressed a finger up against her lips. "It's all right. I barely remembered myself, so don't feel to bad."

"I'm making this up to you," Gina stood up and placed her hands on the admiral's hips. "Dinner, tonight? Promise?"

"As long as I get back by nine, but I can't promise my meeting with Commander Adama and President Roslin won't take too long." Helena sneered slightly at the schoolteacher's name. "If I'm not back by then, I don't want you waiting up."

"Wake me up when you get back?" Gina pouted.

"Never," Helena said, and upon hearing the knock on the hatch, moved over in that direction. "You need your sleep to finish that new software."

Gina growled slightly, but didn't argue, and rather sat down at the 'dinning room' table. She listened to Helena taking the platter from the young cook and close the hatch with what was most likely her foot. The older woman placed the plate down on the table.

"I love you," Gina said, pulling Helena into her lap. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Helena whispered back.

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