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Chapter One: First Encounter.

Goku was told to find the Ox King's daughter as she was on her way to look for Master Roshi. He searched on Nimbus, though he had no clue as to where the Ox King's daughter could be. She could be anywhere and he may not be able to find her, but he looked on anyways.

Chichi had just woken up, finding herself on the floor which she was very confused of. Then, Yamacha the Bandit appeared before again (after knocking her unconscious), claiming his love to her. Young Chichi blushed brightly, holding her head in her heads, she began mumbling shyly to herself, not noticing that a fluffy cloud was coming her way, or that Yamacha had disappeared.

Goku had found Chichi by herself, he had approached her asking her if she was Chichi. She replied yes, then freaking out and asking if he was also in love with her. Goku was very confused.

So what do ya think? I thought about doing drabbles like this from where they met, to the end of Dbz. I don't think it would be hard to do this considering how short the chapters will be.

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