Hey Guys! I'm back! lol Took me a while to think up all the characters. They're my boys:) and girls... hahaha Hope you enjoy.

I wasn't going to call it Catching Fireflies because it sounded too much like Catching Fire but whatever :D

"Truth or Dare?" Robin said menacingly to the circle of people surrounding him. They were all dressed in costumes which showed they were in 'The Club'. The Odair boys prided themselves on being the most fun so when everyone wanted to be friends with the young men they wanted a club to make everyone jealous, Robin's idea of course.

"Dare" Kendall said and crossed his arms over chest. Robin fixed his purple scarf around his head and tipped his burgundy pirate hat to be even more dashing and shimmering in the sun. He stood up and held his sword handle at his side. Everyone watched the Odair's second son as he made his decision.

"I dare you to… stand on your head for two minutes"

"How am I supposed to be up for so long?"

"Support yourself against that tree" Grayson said and pointed his thumb over to the weeping willow that was hanging over the river. Grayson Turner was the playboy of the group, spiky brown hair brooding dark eyes and a charming devilish smile.

"Alright sure" Ken stood up and placed his golden crown in his spot and retied his dark blue robes. "What is the punishment if I do not complete the task?"

"Elfie?" Freddy Graham was Robin's age he was shorter though and had gotten the nickname Elfie when he first joined the group, he had curly black hair and dark green eyes and had beautiful funny dimples when he smiled and laughed. He was Rob's best friend mostly because he was a trickster like Robin. Freddy's jester's hat jingled as he nodded and spoke up,

"You have to eat my mum's toad pie" Everyone groaned and stuck out their tongues.

"Yuck- that stuff is the worst" Ken laughed and began his challenge. Everyone launched into conversation until Winston Harley shouted that Kendall's two minutes were up and he did not have to eat the pie. Kendall very slowly lowered himself into the grass and moaned, holding his head and pulling out grass.

"Are you alright?" Paul asked looking over at their worn king. Paul Astor's grey-blue eyes sparkled white in the sun and crinkled at the edges when he smiled at the response,

"No" he groaned again and held his head, "world… spinning… head… hurts"

"Nice job Mate" Robin smirked and moved onto his next victim, "James- truth or dare?" James looked over his light blue eye sparkling in the sun and his dark blue eye soaking it all up.

"Ha. Truth, last time I had to strip down to my underwear and 'fly' down the street"

"That was the best!" Elfie laughed and high fived Robin.

"Boys" the walkie-talkie said from Kendall's spot in the circle.

"Yeah Mom?" Ken asked pressing the button with a stiff thumb.

"Lunch is ready"

"Great! On our way" Kendall stood up and everyone cleaned up and put everything away in the boat house. Rose set the table and looked out the window watching them all come in. Strong hands gripped her hips. She squealed and laughed a little looking over her shoulder and catching his green eyes from under her lashes.

"You scared me" she said sticking out her tongue.

"I am very sorry" he grinned and turned her around bringing her to his hips.

"No you're not" she whispered and pushed herself up to kiss him.

"You're right- you caught me- I'm not" he laughed slightly kissing her back

"Get a room" groaned Robin and covered his eyes. Eden walked over and clasped his son's shoulder.

"Someday Rob you will find a girl and she'll be your everything"

"Ew…" After lunch the group went and sat the field across the street from their house.

"Do you hear that?" They went silent listening for a few seconds.

"Talking?" Asked Robin looking over to the forest behind them

"Kind of sounds like… Alice"

"And you would know" Kendall winked. James sneered,

"What does that mean?" He demanded his best friend to answer

"Oh nothing…" Ken said looking up at the clouds. James turned red and focused back on the talking in the woods.

"Actually I think it is Alice… what are they doing here?" Robin growled and ran an angry hand through his shaggy blonde hair. Elfie smirked and shrugged

"They're obviously planning something so what if we just leave before they get the chance" A red head flew out of the forest, stumbling backwards. She turned around slowly and grew wide eyed as she made eye contact with the raised eyebrows of the boys. Squeaking, she froze unsure of her next move.

"Tillie!" Whispered someone back in the forest, "You've ruined everything!"

"Please…" Paul snorted towards the forest, "We already knew you were there"

"Alice… I told you we should have been quieter"

"It's because you're rookies" Kendall winked at the group making them crack up and beam at each other. A little blonde walked out of the forest, her glare focused on the boys' half lying half sitting in the grass.

"Mousey- don't you know that you should wear dresses in the forest? Honestly it's an insult" James said not bothering to cover up his amusement at her red and white polka-dotted dress and red hair band stuck into her short hair. Alice bristled at the comment and stuck up her button nose. The others emerged from the forest looking similar in dresses and girly clothes. Paige sat down brushing her black braid off her shoulder and fanned her face.

"You okay there, Landy?" Paul asked smirking

"Shut up Astor and it's Landry idiot" She responded and closed her eyes. Violet Hattory loomed in the background keeping to herself and pulling on her curly dirty blonde ponytail focusing her light brown eyes on the ground.

"Why are you here even?" Kendall asked now looking bored and disturbed by their appearance. Felicity snapped her head towards him glaring daggers,

"If you must know we found a path through the forest from our house and we wanted to know where it led too"

"Well… TA DA" Ken said opening his arms and waving them around, "You found our yard"

"It isn't your yard" Natalie, Cities' older sister said her lips twitching.

"It's across the street from their yard" Grayson said rolling his eyes

"So it's not their yard" Alice laughed

"You can't be here! We hang here" Robin said standing up and started pointing his finger at them. A few of the girls were getting ready for an argument but Violet spoke up first.

"We were just going to leave- when we found you- so we'll just go now" She rounded the girls back into the forest. Felicity's exotic light green eyes softened and she nodded.

"But we'll be back" she called cheekily letting a playful smile fall on her little pink lips.

Alice Parker 12, Natalie Gregory 12, Paige Landry 10, Violet Hattory 10, Felicity Gregory 11, Tillie Daly12

Kendall Odair 12, Robin Odair 10, Freddy Graham 10, Grayson Turner 12, Paul Astor 12, James Zander 12

Who do you pair together for the future?(;