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Felicity excused herself from the large family and ran inside. The Odair's house was almost as twice as large as her house and she didn't think she would ever get over the size or the hominess of it. They did have a bigger family at least more than her family of three children.

"Felicity?" Mrs. Odair asked as she was wiping down the dishes and putting them into the washer.

"Oh Hi Mrs. Odair" she said, blushing, "I was just looking for the restroom, Kendall said it was right inside the door…"

"He's kind of wrong but he must of known I was in the house" she puts down her dish and rag and turns toward the wide hall leading out of the kitchen. "Once you pass the dining room it's on the right tucked into the wall a bit"

"Thanks" she smiled and followed the hall to the inlet with the door. She came out shortly after and came back into the kitchen.

"So… you and Kendall…" Rose said smirking, not bothering to look up at her. Felicity sputtered,


"I've raised 5 boys and have a little brother" Rose said rolling her eyes, "I know when someone has feelings for someone" Felicity giggled leaning against the kitchen counter with Mrs. Odair.

"I don't doubt it Mrs. O" she said shaking her head

"Kendall hasn't said anything to me yet" Rose sighs and turns away from the window where the two women were watching the boys.

"That's okay- he's just a dumb boy" Rose laughs and nods wagging a finger

"That's so true" she said and looked over at Felicity, smiling. They stand back at the window until they see Kendall flee away from the group and run up to the back porch. The two women turn towards the door to see the eldest son run in, smoothing his light hair down.

"Oh… hey guys" Ken said, eyebrows raising with question

"Oh… hey Kendall" Rose and Felicity say at the say time and they look at each other holding in silent laughter.

"What are you doing?" he said coming into the kitchen and looking around.

"We're just talking" His girlfriend said smirking at his discomfort

"About what?" he stuffed his hands into his pockets and sent a look to his mom.

"Girl stuff" Mrs. Odair said with her bubbly charm

"Alright… so you want to come back outside?" Kendall asked directly to City.

"Sure" she said and hugged his mom, in front of him. The two of them walked back outside.

"You're best friends with my mom now?" he said his lips twitching

"I love her" Felicity gushed and grabbed his arm, "you're so lucky!" Kendall shook his head at her

"You were acting like you were old friends"

"Oh chill out- you're the one who hasn't told her we're together!"


"It irritates you that I like your mom" she giggled and ran away from him

"It does" he called back and ran after her until they ran into the grove and disappeared from sight of the house.

"Sorry" she grinned and hid behind a tree and smiled throw the branches.

"No you're not" he said and climbed around the tree grabbing her hips and pulling her towards him

"No I'm not" he rolled his eyes, kissing her slowly and taking in her sweet scent.

"Oh City… what am I going to do with you?" he murmured against her neck and had his lips travel down to her collar bone.

"Get a room" Robin said his eyes forming a disconcerting glare.

"We were in private" Kendall said wrapping Felicity in his arms, he peaked at her and noticing the blush traveling down her cheeks and onto her neck and chest.

"And now you're not- so find a room" Robin said leaning against another birch

"Why are you here anyways?" Ken said, loosening his grip on his girlfriend

"I don't know" Robin said, "does that matter"

"Yeah so just leave" Kendall said glaring and turning Felicity against the tree, Robin made a sickening face and shrugged

"Fine" he said and left them be, the couple stood there awkwardly silent for a minute then pulled apart.

"Did you tell my mom that we were together?" he asked and ran his fingers through her dirty blonde hair.

"Yeah sort of"

"What does that mean?" he laughed and kissed her temple

"She guessed!" Felicity cried and smiled

"She guessed?" his eyes bulged, "how could she have guessed?"

"Uh… she's a mom?" Felicity said turning her head

"Like that explains everything. Never mind, what were you guys really talking about?"

"Actually she just asked about us, we hadn't been talking for long" Kendall nodded

"I'm not sure why I haven't told her… I just thought she knew because I talk about you so much"

"You do?" she giggled

"Yeah- have a problem with that?" he murmured

"No- just surprised" she shrugged

"Hey did I tell you that Alice and James are a thing now?"

"I heard the rumor around school and just assumed it was true"

"Never listen to the rumors going around" Ken glared and smiled, "but that one is true. James told her he loved her and everything. I'll be surprised if he doesn't marry her"

"It's that serious?" she said and smiled, "well good for them" she nodded, it got awkward again and the silence around them grew the tension, "actually I heard another rumor that Violet and Robin were starting to flirt outside of class"

"No way" Kendall whispered, "I knew it!" he fist pumped and then took in her confused expression, "He hasn't been able to talk about her at all. Usually we always bring up at least one of our friends whose in class with us and since she's the only one who's really friends with all of us he always brings her up!"

"Whoa… that was a really confusing explanation" Felicity said shaking her head.

"Sorry" he grinned

"So you think that Robin really does like Violet?"

"Yeah" he nodded, "don't go spreading that now" he winked and she rolled her eyes. They walked out of the grove hand in hand whispering things to each other. They walked along the water together and watched the shadows dance off the water. "I love you" he said kissing her knuckles

"I love you too" she said watching his lips and smiled softly

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