A/N: Wow it has been a terribly long time since I last made a West Side Story so here this is to make up for that and I need to keep up on it cause my other two West Side stories haven't been updated since last year or the year before! Well anyway this is going to be about that cute little wannabe Jet Anybodys and how she gets a new makeover nothing big though and you guys remember how I said I adore Anybodys/Riff but also Anybodys/Bernardo well I kinda fell in love with Anybodys/Action if that doesn't sound weird at all :P well yeah she gets a new 'makeover' and Action notices as well as Riff and the rest of them.

I swear nothing creepy happens in this story but I will tell you there might be MIGHT be some jealousy and swearing alcohol use and drug use as well; don't know yet about sexual themes but I am coming up with some pretty good ideas so please enjoy!



It has only been a few years now that she's known the boys or more importantly noticed as the infamous gang the Jets fighting for their turf whats theirs. She wasn't one of them per se but she has been hanging with them even if none of them really admired her but she was a woman who knew what she was doing and knew how to use those fists of hers that she's always showing off in front of Riff begging him to let her become one of them since he was now the gang leader after Tony left to start out new. More than she hated to say it but she once looked up to Tony more than she does Riff now a days and she felt like a woman around that fellow not that it really mattered; he was strong, caring, hard, loving, rough but sweet all the same and it was no wonder she had become a little 'Tony' herself begging to live life as a Jet.

The only Jets that would really talk to her and at least say a word to her were Baby John, A-Rab, of course nothing more than playfully hurtful words and sometimes Action when he was drunk or in one of his crazy moods again which would usually cause problems making Riff force her to go home before things got out of hand.

Today was another other day, boring and irritating. "God look at that those girls just can't stay away can they?" Anybodys the dirty tomboy of the gang sat on the rugged stoop to any old apartment building throwing her hands up in the air in those moods again not realizing that A-Rab could care less combing back his crazy blond hair and smiling. Anybodys turned her head to look over at A-Rab who stood on the outside of the stoop and rolled her eyes gazing back over at Riff and his clingy girl, the one with the red hair and her name was almost too confusing even the boys could barely remember but she knows all too well; that filthy broad Graziella.

"Wish I had a gorgeous girl like that." Baby John confessed with his skinny hands in the pockets of his jeans with one foot crossed over the other against the bottom of the stoop staring underhandedly at the only couple besides Ice and Velma but they weren't as famous as Riff and Graziella. A-Rab and Action looked at each other side by side and snickered mumbling a few words.

Anybodys looked at the two of them and smacked them both good. "Come on knock it off who needs a girl like that when youse can go out and get your own and probably better than 'that' anyways." Anybodys lifted her nose to Graziella leaning back into the stairs knowing what she had said was the truth and the boys knew it. Finishing up his curly locks A-Rab put the dark comb in his back pants pocket moved away from Action kicking a single rock over the curb getting the whole gang's attention.

"Come on boys we needs to do somethin' let's go drinkin' or how's 'bout dancing in the street?" A-Rab along with Snowboy stepped over the curb and into the street where the both of them began to do a little jig until Riffy boy decided to break up their annoying childish distraction by stepping in the middle of them.

Anybodys gave her eyes a swift roll and stood up jumping off of the side of the stoop. Baby John and the rest of the boys took notice of her and grew aware. "I need a drink." Action moved his back from the brick siding walked passed Anybodys and it wasn't in a very relaxed manner; in a way he seemed very irritable and agitated but when wasn't he? He always seemed ticked off for no reason at all but not like this. Riff was still trying to stop A-Rab and Snowboy and it played out with Riff chasing them round in circles in the middle of the street; Anybodys sighed and followed Action down Main Street toward Doc's just for a quick appearance.

Action wasn't much of a talker especially around Anybodys but accompanying him this time he seemed to be more opened to talk to her about anything. "Whadda' you doin' following me girl?" he didn't bother to turn and look at her continuing side by side down the street in silence.

Anybodys didn't say a word either; she put her hands in her back pant pockets staring at their feet as they walked almost in sync. "Nothin' bettah tah do and youse said youse was gonna' get a drink so here I am." All she could hear was the pitter pattering sound of their feet hitting the cement and it was getting awfully annoying after so long.

Action breathed in deep like something was bothering him and turned into Doc's store. The old man was there behind the counter ragging the place clean for the boys awaiting their regular arrival as Anybodys took a seat at the counter and Action played with the pinball machine. "Hey Doc it's really nice a' you tah clean up the place for us." Anybodys sat there as still as can be in her squeaky barstool with her two elbows flat down on the counter top kicking her feet.

The old fellow smiled and spun around from the several jars of teeth-rotting candy to dump a handful of that said candy on to the counter for the young tomboy pretty surprised that these two out of the other boys were the only ones here. After giving the girl some sugar filled candy Doc tossed the dirty rag over his right shoulder and headed toward the frustrated Jet still at the old pinball machine. "So where's the rest of youse boys?" he asked nonchalantly staring down at the glass covering of the toy that Action was already tired of after trying to get the knob to work several times and failing. "Down the block" Action didn't bother to look up at the old man shaking and rattling the pinball machine in frustration. Popping another lemon drop into her mouth Anybodys jumped from her stool and found a spot beside Doc. "Thanks for the candy doc I guess I's be gettin' outtah' here." She rolled the sour candy around inside her mouth staring down at the pinball machine and up at Action smiling at his frustrated demeanor as he continued to rattle the machine.

Doc smiled at the teenage girl. "Youse tell them boys to stop by." The older man patted the tomboy on the back and she turned with a thoughtful smile. Action stopped shaking the machine and gazed with his eyes at Anybodys. She was headed for the door when Action darted from the pinball machine and by the girl's side maybe just an inch taller than her.

Anybodys was surprised at Action but at least his mood was much better.


On their way back to the stoop to loiter with the rest of the gang Graziella and Velma were gone and the boys just leaned there against the brick building even crowding the stoop watching some sweet vehicles drive by.

Riff and Ice took a look at the two from the left as Riff removed his cigarette careless about crushing it. "Come on boys lets go play us some b-ball." Riff waved an arm and the rest of the gang stood up to follow their superior down the road. Action and Anybodys remained behind and they were quiet. "God youse guys play that stupid game all the time I am outta' here!" Anybodys through her arms in the air in aggravation while Action stood there with his hands hiding in his jacket pockets staring quietly and motionless at the younger one.

It was still quiet and pretty annoying; "What're you goin' ta do?" giving up on leaving right yet Anybodys took a seat on the first step of the stoop looking up at Action who was leaning against the wall.

He was hesitant for a while but ended up answering. "Prolly play some of that b-ball with the boys." He stared out ahead of him watching the rest of the boys disappear around a corner. Above grey clouds rolled in so fast and Anybodys hurried to the soles of her feet looking around like something was terribly wrong. "Hey what's wrong with youse?" Action asked his voice stern and very firm staring at the worried teenager. Anybodys ignored him and fisted some of her dark hair. "I's gots to go!" she bolted north up the street and she was in such a hurry Action didn't have any time to say anything let alone stop her.



Meeting up with the boys at the basketball court on the west side of their territory he found a perfect spot against the rusted fence the closest to the boy's lighting up a smoke next to Baby John.

The youngest one looked up at Action expressionless. He got out of his crossed leg position standing shoulder to shoulder beside the smoker. "Where's Anybodys?" he asked such an unexpected question and very unexpectedly that it made Action cough himself shitless until his throat and lungs burned flicking the cig aside.

"Don't know, don't care." He waved his hand in the air blowing the cigarette smoke somewhere other than his face scratching his cheek.

Tall Baby John looked down at Action and returned his attention to the pretty funny b-ball game ahead cupping a hand around his mouth shouting with a weak grin. "Youse guys suck!" Baby John smiled and folded his arms against his thin torso watching Ice get tackled down by Riff. Action wasn't really paying attention but thinking about what he was currently thinking of was angering him to the point of insanity and he lit up another smoke popped it between his dry lips and puffed.


E/N: I hope this was a pretty good start since it's been like a couple years since I last made a West side story!