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Part V

Baby John and Anybodys were stuck and what a tight situation it was. A tall and lanky Emerald with dark locks stood there just a few feet away from the two kids glaring coldly as another appeared from an old graffiti covered building standing by the others' side.

They knew the Emeralds were mad; they lost against the Jets a couple years back and they were ready to give them Jet's a beating ever since that day. Anybodys still had a tight hold of Baby John's wrist and she could feel him shake beneath her fingers. She looked up at him and he looked back afraid; "We are gonna' get outta' this we done it before, 'kay?" Anybodys explained clearly for Baby John who bobbed his head in agreement and the two unwanted trespassers stared ahead ready for what those dirty Emeralds had in store for them.


Action and Clarice were in his bedroom occupying the bed; they didn't sit too close and Clarice was dying to be near him. "What's wrong honey youse seem outta' it tonight?" she cooed crawling her way toward him like a purring feral cat. Action looked over at her with an unnoticeable smile and swung his legs onto the bed leaning his back into the headboard.

"I'm fine," he reached out for her shoulders and pulled her close until she was fitted right between his thighs letting her creep up even more.

"That's good…she said in a tiny whisper before closing her mouth over Action's and her hands rested over his shoulders as his arms folded around her crushing their bodies closer, and doing so made his nose burn from the lovely aroma that radiated from her clothing and her skin reminding him almost too much of that little girl. Now this was hard. It was a struggle to keep his mind on her and only her. She melted against him her head rested into his shoulder adoring his masculine scent and that alone was driving him crazy.

But this feeling this thought in his head wasn't very comfortable not when Clarice this little rich broad lay against him giving him everything she had just to make him hold her again.

It wasn't working this time; he just couldn't be true to her it was hard.



"You're a wonderful dancer," Bernardo whispered breathlessly into his lover's ear already knowing that that was the plain truth holding her closer to him as he kissed her cheek lost in the enlightening golden lights and the comforting atmosphere that surrounded the two dancers atop of an uninhibited rooftop.

Anita felt his fingers tremble slightly against her own and she moved back to look up at him before grabbing his dark tie and let a warm kiss welcome itself upon his cheek. "I know," she replied while their eyes stayed entwined even as they moved in soft careful steps. Bernardo smiled again using a hand to cup just one side of Anita's face and sometime during their time gazing at one another Anita jumped up on to her very toes in gorgeous glazed turquois heels and met her man's lips just like that.

Bernardo himself was waiting for that; patiently waiting for her to kiss him and she finally did but it wasn't more than just a couple smacks when Anita moved away to reconnect her head to his shoulder.

"Thank you Bernardo," she said right before the silence overpowered the two and they returned to their original serene state.



Leaving Doc's store Riff and the others headed for the streets;

"Riff you remember the rumble is next week right?" Mouthpiece jumped in with a smartass smile escaping the echoing silence grabbing the smoker's shoulders. Riff batted his eyes at the stalking Jet before acknowledging him. "What kinda' question is that I was the one that started the War Council Mouthpiece so yeah," Riff rolled his eyes exhaling a massive amount of cancer causing fumes while the other members crept right behind the leader.

Returning to A-Rab Mouthpiece gave him one startled look that made A-Rab growl and turn his face away. "Bud youse need to teach that piece a' shit father who's boss!" Mouthpiece commented still looking at A-Rab's bruised face.

But A-Rab shook his head; "I tried wasn't anythin' I could really do," he admitted feeling and even sounding heartbroken at what he had worded hoping the others could really understand why he was so beat.

Before turning a corner Riff stopped and Ice gave him a look. "A-Rab don't say you couldn't do anythin' I know you could you jus' gotta' get that anger…that rage and then wail 'em with it!" Riff tossed a few punches into the air with his cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. Riff was right A-Rab knew he had it in him he was just never the overly rough type. He nodded at Riff's complaint as an arm snuck around his neck; "If he does this again-they started walking off again as Riff's arm tightened over A-Rab's shoulders-you jus' remember what I said an' neva' eva' be afraid to call us, you know we will come," with a smile on his lips Riff turned to look at his blond headed brother, smacking him a few times on the chest before rounding the corner.



The original leader of the Emeralds was gone; he had been killed and the rest of the Emeralds weren't planning on telling a soul.

"What are you two doin' down here?" one of the Emeralds' neared the two prohibited Jets circling them as another member came close grabbing at Baby John teasing. Anybodys bunched her hands into fists watching the two of those Emeralds wander in circles.

Baby John and Anybodys stayed pretty close to each other enough to let the unwanted gang members know that they were planning on getting out of this together. "We got lost!" Baby John cried trying to keep his voice to a minimum since their ex-rivals were teasing even more. One of the two laughed and pulled on Anybody's arm with strong fingers against her skin. She spun on her feet and attempted to give him one but he moved out of the way and locked his ankle with one of her own getting her to the ground on the disrupted city street.

The two Jets were taken aback by what happened but once Baby John noticed Anybodys on the ground he knew instinctively what to do and that was to fight back. The Emerald that had the girl pinned down was the one that Baby John had jumped upon with his clammy hands expertly around his throbbing neck doing all he could to weaken him. But just before Baby John could even think of succeeding the other Emerald grabbed onto his back pulling him backward sending him straight to the ground as well.



Action knew all too well he couldn't call it quits with Clarice; she would call her dumbass father and Riff and the boys would think something was up and something terrible that Action would never want to hear.

But it wasn't a bad thing to want to go separate ways with Clarice they are not what you call a 'close couple' they were far from that actually and Action already had his mind set on someone else. Action knew that doing anything at all intimately with the tagalong would cause some serious problems between him and Riff and possibly A-Rab; he knew that A-Rab had a thing for the same girl too and he didn't want any trouble between him too. He wanted things between him and his 'brothers' to bet strong; all he had to do was tell no one.

He left and so did Clarice actually she had left an hour ago before Action. She wasn't very happy either but that really didn't bother Action she was just in one of her moods again.

So he went his own way hoping to find the guys in this dark city mess.


Bernardo climbed into the vehicle after helping Anita into the passenger side; she had a bit too much wine in her system but still not enough to call her inebriated out of her mind.

He started the car and while his door was open the light remained on giving him another chance to gaze at her adoring her little smile when she sunk into the leather seat laying her hand on his right arm until he shut the door. Even as he looked at Anita he still thought about the rumble that was just next week; he wasn't terrified or even angry he was okay with this and if he won he would be proud.

Those Jets messed with his little Anita and that was that; the Sharks weren't even treated like humans around here and Bernardo hated that and Riff that little Jet leader was as arrogant and foolish as the rest of them. Bernardo was fighting for a reason; for the love of his people and to hopefully get a spot here in New York. He really didn't want any blood to spill but since it has come down to it what the hell? If it's a fight to the death then a fight to the death those Jets will get!


Action stomped on another cigarette before coming around a corner; before he did he almost thought he was going to run into the guys and what a funny thing it was. He walked right into Riff smelling like cigarette smoke and stale booze.

He was actually trying to look for Anybodys and caught himself mentally laughing at the whole thing. "Well Action messin' with Clarice I suppose?" Riff took out his cigarette and flicked it to the side; it rolled into the gutter and was gone. Why was Riff already jumping to conclusions he couldn't have known what Action was up to this whole time.

Action jammed his hands into his front pant pockets looking down. "Yeah," Action answered lifting his head to realizing that they were still missing one.

His eyebrows met and he thought; "Baby John, where'd he go?" the short Jet pointed looking over at Riff then A-Rab's battered face. Riff followed Action's eyes and stepped in front of him. He knew Action was going to ask what happened to A-Rab and the boys didn't want to get into it. Riff kicked a stray pebble and they continued walking. "He's probably with that tomboy again poor Baby John thinks she's his kid sister," while Riff spoke the rest of the Jets quietly chatted amongst each other; Action stood there coughing into the night.

Who really cared if Baby John thought that Anybodys was his kid sister it was a good thing so Riff had really no reason to say what he said but what can you do? Riff was Riff and when he hated someone he was blunt about it.

"You know where they went?" Action was about to leave again when Riff touched his shoulder. "Come on Action we need to stay together," he was right; so they all left in search for those two.



Baby John kicked the man in the groin only once and he rolled over to hold himself; "Anybodys!" Baby John cried trying to get his breathing back on track as his heart continued to beat rapidly on his way toward her.

"Get offa' me!" the struggling tomboy yelled succeeding in getting the man's hands from her neck but only to have one of her sleeves ripped halfway and got a knife pressed up against her bobbing neck. Sweat tickled her forehead as the grinning dark haired Emerald forced her only free arm back down onto the cold street inching the shining blade closer until it marked her very skin. "Don't fight girly," he cawed moving forward crushing the rest of her body and that's when Baby John dug his fingers into the Emerald's shoulders and gave him a pull. "She said get offa' her!" the dark haired Emerald locked eyes with the blond teenager before swinging a fist full of drastic pain his way but luckily for Baby John he dodged out of the way and grabbed his arm giving it a painful twist until it was behind his back.

He winced a few times but it was replaced with sinister chuckles and a couple struggles. "Come on kid jus' let me talk to the girl an' I'll leave," the Emerald smiled turning himself but that only caused more pain as his arm bent in that same awkward position. Baby John tugged him back and kicked him right in the back of the knee making him drop to the ground. "Shut up!" Baby John spat and glanced over where Anybodys lay.

She rubbed her head and shook her head free of any unwanted thought standing carefully to her feet. "You bastard!" she noticed the blond Emerald collect himself on the ground and gave him another hard kick to the groin watching him whimper and cry.

That's when the boys showed up; the Jets and they were ready to kick some asses.


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