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13 years ago

I Haley Graham was an Elite Gymnast. Since I was 5 years old I've been in a gym training with Chris DeFrank 24/7. For years I trained everyday, working my ass off. Being the perfect little gymnast following everyone's direct orders. My family was perfect. And I was "The Perfect Child", no criminal record, I had never done anything bad in my life. But to my competition I Haley Graham was trouble. My talent was endless. Coaches, competitors, and Judges all called me "The Powerhouse" or "Raw Talent." By the time I was 15 years old I had received my GED. Some may ask why does a 15-year-old have a GED? Well being an Elite Gymnast means giving 110% everyday, 7 days a week. But I simply didn't care I was at the top of the world. Coaches all over the world wanted to work with me. But I was with DeFrank; top coach, and someone who I highly respected.

It was the end of 4th floor at worlds. I had watched my friend and teammate Trisha as she perfected her floor routine. Just then a judge announced "Up next Haley Graham."Then I heard a reporter "Haley Graham is last up for the Canada. Even if she doesn't completes her routine perfectly Canada wins the gold. Lets say were all rooting for her!" That was when my nerves were sent on overdrive. My heart was beating a million miles per hour. I was scared out of my mind.

Where is Chris!? I frantically ran around looking for him. I opened the door to hear a conversation I never expected;

I watched as my mom Claire spoke frantically "Chris we have to tell Haley." Tell me what?

He scratched his head and sighed "We will tell her she deserves to know, but this, this is Worlds. Its stressful enough without what were going to drop on her. She is one of the most talented athletes in this sport, about to win Gold!"

What was so important I needed to know? What was so bad that it could ruin Worlds? Umm nothing, duh!

I watched a smile crept on my mothers face. "Okay, but after this we tell her." I watched Chris lean in and do the unthinkable. He kissed her "okay I promise."

Through this encounter I hadn't realized I was crying, as my mouth let out a gasp.

I turned running to the door tears free-falling from my eyes as I ran, unaware of the two people who watched me leave. I pushed through the door to hear "Haley Graham is up."

I pushed the tears off with my hand angrily, running to my bag. I stood there quickly pulling up my suit pants, and zipping up my jacket. As Frank burst through the door running with my mother. "Haley!" I turned around and booked it out the door hearing sobs from my team and gasps from the crowd. As I Haley Graham had done the unexpected walked out on my team, my country, my mom, and life as an Elite Gymnast.

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