Me: This is the prologue before chapter 1 so everyone will know what happened at the beginning. The explanations to all these years will be answered in the rest of the story. Not spoilers, just a prologue so R&R.

"History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives and we die, his truths becomes written and ours is lost. Sheperd will be a hero. 'Cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He's about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history... But only if he lives, and we die."

- Captain John Price of the S.A.S., Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Years 0-6

During the day of Naruto's birth, a masked man claiming to be the long desceased Madara Uchiha, attacked Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage, and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki. After tricking Minato to save and flee with his son, he took Kushina and released the 9-tailed fox, Kyuubi, who's real name was Kurama. Enraged, Kurama tried to kill Madara for freeing him, knowing that without him, Kushina will die, but the supposed Uchiha used his Sharingan to take control of the foxes mind, and used him to attack the village hidden in the leaves: Konoha.

Seeing Kurama free, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage, called every able-bodied ninja to attack and distract him long enough for Minato to arrive.

Minato then went back for his wife and found her half dead. Bringing her to their son, Minato told her about his plan to half Naruto be the next Jinchuriki.

"Minato please," She argued. "Seal Kurama back into me."

Minato's eyes started to water. "If I do that and you both die, what will happen to Kurama?"

"You know he knows the risks," She growled. "The village will be safe. Iwa and Kumo respect you to much to attack, Kiri and Suna are in the middle of a civil war each, and the other villages are still recovering from the war!"

"I KNOW THAT!" Minato shouted, taking Kushina by surprise. "But you know Kurama promised the Sage of Six paths that he will protect this world. And you know there are more dangerous beings out their 10x more powerful than the villages. What if that Madara, or who ever the fuck that was, comes back?"

Kushina didn't answer.

Minato walked up, took his son and wife in his arms, and said. "I don't want to lose you both, but we have to do this."

Naruto started to cry as Kushina tried to comfort him. "But the village will treat him like a pariah."

"I'm sure they will," He said in a dark tone. "I don't trust those people, but I have faith in our friends that they will take care of Naruto. Sarutobi won't make any mistakes. The civilian council is losing power and Midori is in charge now. Hiashi, Shikaku, Fugaku and everyone else will honor our promise. This I swear." He smirked. "And besides, I left Sarutobi a message to call my brother."

Kushina smirked back. Minato's brother will definetly fulfil the promise.

After their talk, Minato, using his Flying Thunder God Jutsu, appeared right on top of the monument and called Kurama. Getting the foxes attention, Minato could see the guilt in his eyes for all thats happening.

Summoning Gamabunta and using his teleportation Jutsu, landed smack dab at where it all happened. Near the same cave where Kushina gave birth.

Summoning the Shinigami and performing the Reaper Death Seal Jutsu, Minato intended to make his son the new Jinchuriki.

Seeing what was happening, Madara sent Kurama to kill the baby, but Minato and Kushina took the claw that was meant for their son. Seeing them impaled finally gave Kurama the strength to free himself from Madara's control. Seeing that his vengeance will have to wait, Madara took off, but was satisfied enough that the 4th is dead.

"NOOOO!" Kurama shouted in horror. "What have I done! WHAT HAVE I DONE!"

Kurama carefully removed his claw from their bodies. "Kushina! Minato! I'm so sorry."

Kushina smiled. "It's okay Kurama... It wasn't... You're fault." She started to cough up blood.

Kurama started to shout. "HELP! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY!"

"I'm am sorry," Kurama turned to the Shinigami. "But their time is up."

Kurama tried to argue. "NO! NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"DO AS I COMMAND!" The Shinigami growled, frightening Kurama. "You know as well as anybody else that mortals cannot come back from the dead. Ever, but what you can do for them now is honor their last wish."

"Kurama," Said fox looked down to the bleeding Hokage as he started the hand signs intended for the seal. "Promise... Promise us that you will protect our son, and help him become a great Shinobi."

Kurama shut his eyes as salty tears started to fall. "I promise."

The married couple smiled. Naruto was in good hands.

"Reaper Death Seal Jutsu!"

And so the deed was done.


After that night, that unforgetable night. Konoha was never the same.

Dozens upon dozens of both Ninja and civilians were dead and the village suffered millions of munny worth in damage.

Hiruzen, now taken back the mantle of Hokage again, called the council togethor. 10 clan heads and 10 civilian members along with his advisors and the ANBU commander, Dog, and unfortunatly the old war hawk Danzo.

Because of Hiruzen being the Hokage, he could no longer be head of the Sarutobi clan so the title went to his oldest son, Asuma. The Senju clan however only has 2 members and neither of them are fit to be clan heads yet, bringing the shinobi council down by one. Plus the Uzumaki clan from Uzu is all but extinct save for Naruto so they weren't an official clan.

That made 24 members at the council right now, not counting Kakashi Hatake, Kurenai Yuhi, and Might Gai who were there to guard Naruto.

"ORDER! ORDER! I SAID ORDER!" Sarutobi shouted as he tried to stop the arguing members of the council.

"Lord third," A member of the Konoha civilian council said. "With all do respect, we have to have that... that... THING killed now!" He pointed at the sleeping baby in the cradle being guarded Kakashi, Gai, and Kurenai, who all glared at the man for insulting the child. The other members except Midori Haruno agreed with him, but only for spite against the late 4th for having almost all of their power taken away from them.

"That thing as you call it is the son of my best friend and hero of this village!" Mebuki Haruno, long time good friend of Kushina, growled. "I'm in charge of the Konoha Mercantile Guild and head of the civilian council and I will not have civilians try telling what our strongest Shinobi and Hokage CAN AND CAN'T DO!" She also had the most powerful voice in the whole village.

After there hearing returned, Koharu and Homura, the Hokage's advisors and teammates, stood up.

"This is a shinobi matter, not a civilian," Koharu said first. "Minato was wise in taking much of you're power away after you tried to banish an ANBU simply because he failed an assassination attempt."

"And besides," Homura spoke next. "You're only here to gather the supplies you need to repair the village. So get what you need and get the hell out!"

The remaining 9 members gritted their teeth and stomped right out.

"Troublesome bastards," Shikaku Nara sighed. "Why do we need them again?"

"Unfortunately there good at their jobs." Mebuki said as she rubbed her temple.

Murakumo, head of the Kurama clan, scoffed. "Just get rid of them. There still being a bother." Fugaku Uchiha spoke next.

"We'll get to that in time, but I would like to know what are we going to do about Naruto?" He asked as the now awake baby started playing with a red fox plush toy, making all the girls go '~aaaawwww~' at the cuteness.

"What do you think?" Danzo said as everyone looked at him. "We should turn him into a weapon. Why with him, the other villages will-"

"Absolutely not!" Tsume Inazuka snarled as her hand went for her kunai pouch. "If we do that, then he'll be your puppet and you'll use him against us."

Danzo narrowed his eyes. "It's the only way."

"Wrong," Dog spoke up. "He'll be treated as a human being, not some mindless slave. And with all do respect, where were you when the village was attacked?"

Everyone else turned towards Danzo. As soon as the Kyuubi attacked, everyone ninja, young and old, fought against him, except for one.

Danzo's face turned red with anger and he left without a word.

"We're going to have to keep an eye on him," Hiruzen said as he sighed in dissapointment for his old friend.

"Now that he's gone, what will happen to Naruto?" Mebuki said, five months pregnant. "One of you will have to adopt him because he'll be safer with a strong clan instead of a guild and I'm to be a mother soon." She rubbed her swollen belly.

"She does have a point," Hiashi Hyuuga said as he saw Naruto being rocked back and forth back to sleep by Kurenai. "I can't however because my father will try to make him a weapon, and I still need more time to find a way to destroy the Caged Bird Seal now that Minato's gone."

"Neither can I," Fugaku spoke next. "My clan has some... issues... Regarding Kyuubi. They'd sooner kill him then accept him."

"How about Inoichi," Choza Akimichi said. "He's always wanted a son." Everyone snickered.

"Oh ha ha, very funny Choza," Inoichi Yamanaka said as he rolled his eyes. "But maybe I will, I already have a daughter and I'm sure she'd love a brother."

Shibi Aburame nodded, "So it's settled."

"Nothings settled."

Everyone turned towards the 3rd.

"What do you mean?" Shikaku asked.

"None of you can adopt Naruto."

Silence filled the room until Naruto started crying as Kurenai tried to calm him down.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Tsume growled. "What do you mean we can't adopt him?"

Hiruzen sighed. "Minato made enemies during the war and I'm sure they would come after his son for revenge."

"That's illogical," Shibi said as he narrowed his eyes behind his shades. "The Tsuchikage has respect for the man. I was there myself along with Hiashi, Fugaku, and Tsume when Minato was praised by him for actually defeating his army."

"As does the Raikage," Shikaku said next. "He even told Minato himself in person. Inoichi, Chouza, Kouga, and I saw it with our own eyes. Even his brother, even though we couldn't understand a word he said. And if you're talking about the minor villages, then what can they do. We have a stronger force of ninjas then Taki, Ame, and Yuga combined. I even heard that Yuga is becoming a regular trading village."

Murakumo spoke next. "Plus Ame is in a civil war now, they won't waste any man power to kill one baby."

"What about the man who orchestrated this attack?" Hiruzen said indignantly. He told everyone of someone in a large coat running away from the area where Minato sealed Kurama in Naruto.

Everyone shifted uneasily. That man had to be powerful if he bested Minato.

"This wouldn't have happened if you didn't send them away in the first place," Hiashi exclaimed as he glared at the old man.

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes. "How do you know?"

"Minato sent me a letter along with everyone else. He said that Kushina was going to give birth outside of the village. Why outside? If they were in the village in the first place, then this would never have happened."

"I did what was right!" Hiruzen shouted, causing Hiashi to flinch. "If Kushina was in the village, then the 9-tailed fox would have been released because the seal is always weakened during child birth!"

"You know he would never destroy the village," Kakashi growled. "Kyuubi is a kindred spirit."

"How do we know he didn't control Kushina in the first place?"

Asuma'a eyes widen. "C-control... Do you even hear yourself dad! The 1st Hokage told you himself that Kyuubi would never destroy the village. Mito told him-"

"That's the problem," Hiruzen interjected. "Never trust a Jinchuriki."

"Even the 1st own wife?"

"ENOUGH!" Hiruzen snapped. "I have had enough of this. Naruto's lineage will be kept a secret and will only have Uzumaki instead," Everyones eyes widen. "Not only that, but Naruto's status as a Jinchuriki will be revealed to the village and be sent to a orphanage."

Everyone started to gap like fish in water.

"You can't do that!"

"Hiruzen be serious!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you!"

"Who are you and what have you done with my dad!"


Naruto's cries increased tenfold.

"Would someone shut that baby up!"

Kurenai glared at the 'honorable' Hokage as she started to bounce Naruto up and down.

"Everyone leave, and Kakashi, take the baby to the orphanage. NOW!"

After the meeting, everyone waited until the Hokage left to discuss what happened.

"I sensed it with my Sharingan," Fugaku said as he and the others, minus Kakashi, Kurenai, and Gai, met in a secret room inside the Hokage monument used to keep the civilians inside incase Konoha was invaded. It had a secret passageway that led through the mountain and into the forest behind it. "There's no doubt about it, a Genjutsu was used on Sarutobi."

"When?" Inoichi asked.

"A month before Kushina gave birth."

Everyone gasped.

"That's when he told them that Kushina has to give birth outside the village." Shibi said.

Fugaku nodded. "I didn't know what it was until now. Sarutobi would never put the village before a living soul."

Shikaku sighed. "Troublesome. It had to be the man who used Kyuubi to try and destroy Konoha. It was his plan to get Kushina away from the village and Sarutobi couldn't fight back, meaning he is definitely stronger than any Hokage."

"How are we suppose to free him," Koharu asked, fearing for her friend.

Fugaku sighed. "I tried to dispel it 12 times, but there's a seal on it preventing me from dispeling it. The only one who could dispel something this powerful is a seal's master."

"How could there be a Genjutsu that strong to fool the Hokage for weeks and a seal strong enough to stop it from dispelling." Murakumo muttered as he tapped his chin in thought. "I only heard of the Uzumaki being able to make a perfect seal that strong, and Kushina was the only one left."

Shikaku did not like where this was going. "The only seal masters in this whole village that strong to deactivate the seal were Minato, Kushina... And Jiraiya."

Everyone scowled at the name.

"That miserable perverted bastard who writes those disgusting books?" Mebuki spat, very much angry at the toad for peeping on her at the hot springs. "I thought he was Naruto's godfather?"

"He's suppose to be," Choza frowned.

"So where is he?" Tsume snarled, also pissed at the pervert. "Kushina told me that Minato chose him. He might be a pervert, but he can be a good guardian for the kid."

"That he can," Hiashi sighed. "Jiraiya was a very good teacher and father figure, more then I can say about my own." He muttered that last one.

"But he's gone."

Everyone turned to the source of the voice that was Kakashi, appearing just now.

"What do you mean?" Homura asked.

Kakashi's one eye narrowed in anger. "The Hokage sent him on a mission to try and find Orochimaru. And considering on his skills, it'll be years before Jiraiya returns."

Dog's eye twitched. "God dammit! You didn't each him in time?"

Kakashi shook his head. "The Hokage said Naruto will be safe here and that Orochimaru was behind the attack. And after losing Minato and Kushina, he left in seconds."

Choza punched the wall in frustration. "Damn the person who caused all this," Then he remembered something. "What about the orphanage."

"Unfortunatly they know about Naruto's status, but don't worry, I left Gai and Kurenai with him."

Everyone sighed in relief.

"So what now?" Mebuki asked.

Shikaku knew they were all out of ideas. If they turn against the Hokage, then they'll be labled as traitors and killed. If they tried to take Naruto, then they'll be executed. Then there's Tsunade...

"What about his grandmother. She's sure to return if she knew-"

"Not going to happen."

"What do you mean Kakashi?" Asuma asked

"The 3rd blocked off all communication with her. There is no way to reach her except Jiraiya, and I'm sure the 3rd ordered him not to though, thinking that Tsunade will take Naruto away."

"She would," Tsume muttered, knowing what her sensei will do.

Now all that's left is to wait.

And wait they did.

And in that wait, things turned from worse to horrible.

Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage at 2 years old. 2! In the middle of winter no less and almost suffering from hypothermia. Which resulted in the loss of the matron's life by Kakashi. Hearing this, Hiruzen demanded to know why Kakashi killed an 'innocent' woman.

Kakashi then told him to go fuck himself and went back to the hospital where he left Naruto. When he got there, he saw Kurenai holding a bloody kunai. The blood was from the doctor that tried to poison Naruto. Sarutobi threw a riot, ordering the execution of Kurenai for the murder of the doctor and Kakashi for the murder of the matron, but it was a voting case, and the opposers beat him 11 to 13, with the clan heads, Mebuki, Dog, and the advisors against him, Danzo, and the civilians council.

At age 3, Naruto was cornered by 4 Chunin, 2 Jounin, and an ANBU, threatening to kill him and finish what the 4th started. Until the arrivel of Gai, Asuma, and the ANBU commander Dog. All of them were beaten within an inch of their lives with Dog removing the ANBU's mask and releaving him of duty before slitting his throat.

Dog never allows monsters to join the ANBU.

And believe it or not, the Hokage also had another riot, threatening with their executions, but once again was out voted.

2 months later the emissary from Kumo attempted to kidnapped Hiashi Hyuuga's daughter, Hinata, by orders on the Raikage for the village to have their own bloodline. The man was killed shortly after by Hiashi. Unfortunatly Kumo tried to hide their involvement by demanding the one who killed the emissary. Hiashi's father, Tomoyoshi, sent his brother, Hizashi, instead, stating that the Side Branch family is supposed to give their lives for the Main.

All love and respect for his father died that day and Hizashi's son Neji became cold towards everyone, especially the Main Branch.

Then at age 4, the Hokage decided to give Naruto a home.

In the red light district with the prostitutes, drunks, and homeless.

But was out voted again and decided to live in an apartment in the green light district, close to Kakashi.

3 months later, Hitomi Hyuuga, wife of Hiashi, died in child birth.

Hiashi was overcomed with grief, but remained strong for his 2 daughters Hinata and Hanabi, fearing that in his time of weakness, his father will brand them with the Cage Bird Seal.

Sarutobi's anger was starting to build up as he learned that Naruto wanted to go to the academy when he turned 6.

So when Naruto did join the academy, Hiruzen ordered the principle of the school to hold him back so Naruto can fail, but didn't expect Iruka to be his teacher and quickly fixed everthing by teaching him in secret. So with that, Hiruzen made cutbacks to the academy, not caring about the other students.

Because of this, many children blamed Naruto for this mess, also hating him by commands from their parents. The only kids who were with him were his friends Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Choji, and Shino. Kiba hated Naruto because of all his prankings and not caring about learning, even though he didn't now about Iruka's tutelage. Even going so far as telling him to just give up and die. Naruto ran to the park in tears, fortunatly Shikamaru and Choji saw everything.

Shikamaru and Choji told their moms what happened, and it did not end well for Kiba after Tsume was told about this.

"KIBA INUZUKA!" She shouted at the top of his lungs. "You have gone to far this time!"

"Not fair!" Kiba shouted back.

They were both in the living room with her daughter Hana, her ninken dog Kuromaru, and Kiba's ninken Akamaru, as far away as possible.

"Not fair? Not fair! You basically told that poor child to go kill himself!"

"It's his fault I'm failing! If he didn't bother being a ninja, than the academy would be easier instead of all this book work. Ever since he joined, things have gone from bad to worse. It's all his fault!"


Hana and the dogs eyes widen at the sight of Tsume slapping her son in the face.

"You have gone far enough! I am so dissapointed at you Kiba. If your father were here right now, he'd be dissapointed to. Now go to your room!" She pointed at the stairs. "You're grounded for 5 months!"

Kiba's eyes widen. "But that's not-"


Kiba hightailed out of their as fast as he could to escape from his mothers wrath with Akamaru following him.

As soon as he was out of sight, Tsume broke down and cried as Hana and Kuromaru tried their best to comfort her.

After that, Kiba and Naruto stayed far away from eachother.

A month later, Murakumo and his wife were accidently killed by their daughter, Yakumo, when she lost control of her power. Murakumo's uncle, Unkai, took the mantle and raised Yakumo as his owned. Who, along with Yakumo's teacher, Kurenai, broke her free of her self blaming and depression.

Then another month later, the entire Uchiha clan was massacred, save Sasuke, by Itachi, Fugaku's son. (1)

The civilians mourned the loss of such a prestige clan. The shinobi mourned more because of the loss of friends.

The clan heads, except the now deceased Murakumo, along with their wives mourned the loss of Fugaku and his wife Mikoto, wondering why Itachi would do this. They investigated afterwords at the Uchiha district. Asuma and Unkai stayed behind to keep Hiruzen distracted long enough for them to get in, find what they need, and get out.

"So how have you been?" Yoshino, wife of Shikaku, asked Tsume.

They were all walking through the district towards the main Uchiha compound to find any evidence as to why Itachi would do this.

The Inazuka sighed. "Kiba's become a brat. He won't appologize to Naruto and won't speak to me." Tears started to fall. "I wish Kouga was here. He'd talk some sense into Kiba."

Mebuki put a comforting hand on Tsume's shoulder. "I know. I've been through the same thing since Kizashi died and so has Shibi since Ai died." Shibi bowed his head at the name of his late wife.

Kizashi Haruno, Ai Aburame, and Kouga Inazuka and his nin-dog, Torumaru, were 3 of the 20 ANBU's stationed to guard Kushina while she was giving birth, but were all slain by the man who came for the Uzumaki Jinchuriki.

"We found something!" Shikaku called ahead.

Everyone ran towards what he found in Fugaku and Mikoto's home.

Seeing the white outline of their friends caused a few tears to spill.

"I sense something," Hiashi said as he scanned the room. "I found traces of a strong Genjutsu. Similer to the one being used on Sarutobi."

Everyones eyes widen.

"He came back," Shibi said. "He used his Genjutsu on Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan, but why leave only Sasuke."

"I think I have an idea," Coco Akimichi, Chouza's wife, said.

Choza raised an eyebrow. "Dear?"

"I remember," Kyoko Yamanaka, wife of Inoichi, said. "Mikoto told us that there was a powerful Sharingan called the Mangekyou Sharingan. It was so powerful that it can control a Biju."

Shikaku's brow furrowed "But what does that have to do-" Now his eyes widen. "Of course! The same man who killed Minato and Kushina was an Uchiha with the Mangekyou. The only way to achieve that advanced eye is to experience the death of someone close to you. I remembered hearing that Itachi's best friend, Shisui, commited suicide, but the man must have made Itachi kill him to achieve the Mangekyou, and then take him away from the village to use as a weapon. He killed the other Uchiha's to hide his tracks and kept Sasuke alive incase Itachi failed. This is the most troublesome thing ever!"

"Who is this guy," Shibi muttered. "He planned everything from the start. He used his Sharingan to control Kyuubi to destroy Konoha, and when that didn't work, he uses Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan and weaken Konoha even further."

Silence filled the room. This man, this... Monster caused the death of so many people to achieve his horrible goals.

"Look what I found."

Everyone looked down to see Kuromaru holding a metal object in his mouth. Their eyes widen.

"It's a recorder!" Chouza gasped.

Inoichi took the recorder and played it and Fugaku's voice came out.

"Hello everyone, if you're reading this, then I'm dead and Itachi was taken. I knew Itachi was being controlled the same way as Sarutobi, but the same seal stopped me again and again. So I took the initiative. Look in the bottom of the koi pond outside and you will find a box with a special device from our old adventures together. So good luck. Mikoto and I love you all. And please take care of Sasuke."

Everyone ran to the back and found the pond, and surprisingly the koi fish were still alive and not a drop of blood was in the water.

Shikaku reached in and pulled the same box that Fugaku said in his message. Opening it, everyone grinned ear to ear. They found the thing that can finally free Sarutobi and end this nightmare once and for all.

Me: I know, I know it doesn't make sense, but it will be explained in the rest of the story. Can anybody justify this. No? Good. I don't care what everyone thinks about my story, I just want to write it. And a warning to everyone. I just heard that someone is deleting stories, just because people don't like them. So watch you're backs everyone.

1 - In here, Sasuke was 6 when the Uchiha massacre happened to fit in with my story. Later ya'll.