Ch 1: Hell hath no fury...

Rias Gremory - the beautiful heiress of the Gremory clan - sat in her room brushing her long silky crimson hair bored out of her mind. She just arrived home from Kuoh Academy at the moment on a holiday and the red haired beauty wondered what in the world would possess her to do so! She could have stayed in school planning activities with her Vice President Akeno Himejima for the Occult Research Club. But NO...her father insisted she visit home and besides that she did miss her mother Venelana terribly. Upon arrival though, her eldest brother Sirzechs was being a pain and more so than usual as he raves about her fiance Riser Phoenix and when is she going to grow up and marry the guy already. As far as she was concern, Riser can kiss her pretty little ass and go to Hell!

The Gremory heiress smiled at the irony of the thought considering that Riser - as well as herself - were Akuma and they consider Hell their home. She sighed and concentrated on more important matters other than that arrogant, pompous, chauvinistic, piece of dog excrement! Rias dreamed - no more like determined - to find someone who would love her for herself and not because of her radiant beauty or that she will become the head of her clan someday. Her parents were nice enough to heed that selfish request and was able to stall the Phoenix clan's heir's advances towards her cold. But she knew that they can't accommodate her forever. She sighed rather mournfully, will she ever find that special someone someday? Unbeknownst to her though, her wistful thinking and heartfelt wish will finally come true...

Still bored to the point that she would do anything to alleviate it, she found her remote and turned on the T.V. and subsequently couldn't take her eyes off the footage as her delicate jaw dropped in an un-lady like manner! For all over the news channels were images of a beast going on a mindless rampage and destroying everything in sight! The news crew were bold enough to actually get a close up and Rias felt a chill run down her spine despite herself. It's long orange hair flowed and billowed from the violent wind. Tufts of red hair grew around it's muscular neck, wrists and ankles. The beast was tall nearly 6 ft 4 in. tall with an impressive muscular physique that made her drool. Large cables of muscle twitched as it roared an angry but haunting battle cry. The creature had nothing on but ragged remnants of a kimono and about the entire sleeve on it's right arm and side.

Rias noted it's heavily muscled chest, it's tight six pack abs, and powerful arms. It's right hand holding a black daito about four feet in length with a thin chain in the end and a manji for a guard. The gigantic hole on it's chest fascinated her to no end as she wondered, how can it have so much life and roar with part of it's lungs and heart missing - if she remembered her human anatomy correctly. On it's face was a menacing human skull with empty eyes sockets as empty and bottomless as the darkest pits of the abyss. It had forward curved black horns and dark markings that looked like a heart in the center of it's forehead and then ran down it's eyes, cheeks, and terminated at the chin and then connected at the strange tattoos that radiated from the hole on it's chest. It growled again and each time that it did so, Rias felt her blood run cold.

Then her eyes widened as lowered it's horned head and began to gathered power at an astonishing rate and fired a black energy projectile at a random target and then proceed to annihilate that area. It relentlessly fired without thinking, bestial rage controlling its actions and each time it unleashed that deadly dangerous beam of death, massive explosions occurred that wiped out several thousand miles of land. It's devastating power destroyed several levels of Hell already and if it keeps up, it would eventually destroy the realm itself in a fiery inferno in more ways than one. It fired again and this time, her eyes widened as her home -which was located within the 10th layer - seem to shudder from the power of the beast!

"Who is this beast that it's power would reach this far?"

The 4th layer was pounded relentlessly and the massive explosions were so great that it reached all the way through the first level and destroying the Gate which was thought to be impossible but such was the power of this fearsome creature! She was sure that everyone was in a panic as the breach in the Gate would surely become a crisis and a bone of contention with the Angels and Heaven but her eyes were mesmerized and she couldn't seem to break away from the beast who dared to destroy Hell itself! She couldn't help it, she needed to take a good look for herself. But first...

"Akeno, are you there?" Rias thought.

"Yes, Buchou (president), what's wrong?"

"Are watching the news right now?"

"Oh you mean the thing that's tearing the fourth level to pieces?" Akeno replied. "Yes, he's quite...deliciously interesting to say the least. Fu hu hu!"

Rias sweat dropped. She could imagine Akeno being hot and bothered by the whole thing and seeing such random acts of wanton destruction probably turned on her buttons. Now that she thought about it, she shuddered and didn't want to know! Her Vice President after all is a sadist and taking on a such a creature who could dish out punishment just as well as it can take it without incurring damage would be a dream come true for her. The red haired beauty smiled. Akeno was so simple to tempt sometimes and dangling this little "carrot" and opportunity to unleash - ahem hell - would be welcome to the black haired beauty and judging by the way her best friend's voice tremble and her brow twitch with excitement, Rias definitely got her good this time...

"Say Akeno let's say you and I go to the fourth level and check things out?" Rias asked casually.

"But Buchou the conditions in the 4th layer have become "hellish" and that's no pun intended."

"You are such a liar! I know for a fact that you want to pit yourself against this beast and you know it!"

"I see that I can't hide things from you..."

"My dearest Akeno, it's because you're my best friend that I know you so well!"

"Are we getting Kiba-kun, Koneko-chan and the others in on the action?" Akeno asked curiously.

"No time, but do let them know where we're going though."

"Understood Buchou. I'm ready to leave whenever you are..."

Despite her apprehension, Rias found herself excited and couldn't wait to get into the field. Besides, she needed to air out her frustrations and unfortunately and unknowingly the creature gave her an excuse to cut loose. It's been a trying time and this annoying arranged marriage with Riser was getting on her last damn nerve! Nevertheless, she was rather curious as to the reasons why this monster was tearing up Hell for no reason. Rias then concentrated and an intricate circle of teleportation wrote itself on her floor and began to glow. She stepped in with not a worry in the world and vanished...


Ichigo was going on a rampage and Renji couldn't blame him really. That bastard Kokuto tricked them coming into the deepest bowels of Hell so that the strawberry's Hollowfied form could free the sinner from his chains and then betray them. The last straw came when the sinner endangered Yuzu's life and that's when Ichigo transformed into the seemingly mindless juggernaut of a monstrosity that no one could to stop. The pineapple sweated how the hell he's suppose to calm a rampaging Hollowfied Shinigami with powers beyond anything he could hope to imagine. Standing alone was a chore with the creature's unimaginable spiritual pressure nearly crushing him to the ground. He had to think of something quick before the strawberry frees the bastard and cause even more damage in the World of the Living. Renji then felt a surge of spiritual pressure coming from somewhere else and looked to it's source...

"Dammit now what!"

"Tsk, what the hell are those damn Fallen Angels doing here?" Kokuto said with hatred. "They will ruin everything!"

The pineapples eyes widened as army of beings with black wings descended from the sky and landed not far from from Vasto Lorde Ichigo's position. The Hollowfied beast noted a new threat and looked at them balefully with glowing hatred filled yellow eyes. The beings then started spouting nonsense and threatened to attack. Great, if the idiots rile Ichigo up even more then it was good as game over for all of them. One of the dumb asses came forward while talking his piece and saying along the lines of...

"It will be my pleasure to kill a mindless Akuma like you, so beg for mercy!" he said arrogantly.

The being then produced a lance of light and hurled it the Hollow. Ichigo stood there and caught the spear with his bear hands and crushed it. The fallen angel's eyes widened and couldn't believe that his spear of light would be so extinguished and by an Akuma no less! His fellows produced the same spears and hurled it towards the fell creature and causing a massive explosion. The smoke slowly cleared and all of the winged beings eyes widened in fear as the horned demon of destruction stood without nary a scratch on him. The creature growled in annoyance and screamed a harrowing battle cry...


"Wow didn't these idiots know that just pissed him off?" Renji said blandly.

Then the Hollowfied Ichigo began to lower his head and a massive ball of crimson energy began to spiral between his horns, charging rapidly and then fired. Some of the corrupted angels were alert enough to fly hastily to the sky to evade the enormous black energy projectile that tore the very ground to dust and carving a deep trench in it's wake. But unfortunately for their fellows, half of them died a quick painless death as the Cero disintegrated their bodies to nothingness. The few of the angels who remained fought a futile, losing battle. Ichigo's use of Sonido in this form surprised them and they died with their eyes wide open as the Hollow mercilessly killed with no impunity, blood covering his body and dripping from his zanpakuto. The Hollow charged another Cero and released, killing even more of the Fallen and no matter what they did, they couldn't stop the rampaging "Akuma" from decimating their ranks. The one in charge quickly assessed the situation and with the way this demon was tearing through his army, by the time they can organize and put up more of a resistance, his troops would have been wiped off the face of the Abyss. Reluctantly he sounded a tactical retreat as they were being systematically slaughtered.

Things got even more complicated when Rias and Akeno teleported into the scene. They noted the Fallen Angels retreating and added even more insult to injury when the Gremory heiress signaled to her Vice President to take potshots at the retreating and thoroughly defeated enemies. A massive lighting spell raced through the sky and took down a several hundred of their number. And now that the two friends were in the middle of the war zone, Rias couldn't believe the devastation that this creature has wrought in the fourth level. She could barely breath as she took in the monster's heavy aura as it permeated the air like a vast ocean of darkness. It's power was dark but of a different breed than that her kind usually wields. Rias felt that it was more raw and instinctual and she found herself reacting to it disturbingly. Akeno seemed to fare as well considering she was the crimson haired girl's right hand woman and the "Queen" of her peerage. The obsidian hair girl's smile nearly bisected her face as she too reacted to the oppressive aura. Ichigo whirled around and assessed the new threat and growled menacingly at them...

"Oh my, I think it just noticed us Akeno." Rias said nonchalantly. "Why don't you show our guest my displeasure for...tearing up my home."

Akeno's smile - if possible - got even bigger. The Vice President then walked in front the beast and bowed...

"Nice to meet you, Horned Demon-san but you heard what my Buchou has said didn't you? We do not appreciate you destroying everything...even though if it is Hell of all places."

Akeno then cast a lightning spell and struck the Hollow only for it to vanish. Her eyes widened as this was the first time someone has evaded her attack. Then without having to look behind her, she immediately and desperately put up one of her barrier spells as Zangetsu struck with great force and leveling the ground underneath them. She quickly faced the beast and held both her hands out to reinforce the shield further. The black haired girl shook her head in disbelief from the power of this monster. She could already feel her shield -despite her adding more of her magic to strengthen it - was barely holding back the powerful blows that caused massive shock waves every time it struck the spell's surface. Then she felt it crack and then disintegrate with the next powerful hit that would surely have instantly killed her if the attack connected. The Vice President didn't flinch as another barrier formed in front of her just in time to save behind. The black haired beauty looked to the left and sure enough Rias was there beside her...

"Thank you for the assist Buchou..." Akeno said smiling.

"I knew you needed help the minute this thing put even YOU on the defensive."

"Yes, Horned Demon-san is quite relentless is he not?"

"I agree, so much power coming from such an enigmatic creature..." Rias observed. "It definitely quite different from an Akuma that's for sure..."


"Is he trying to be insulting?" Rias asked as a knot formed on her forehead. "Such nerve of that...pineapple!"

"Hmm, he doesn't seem to know who you are Rias." Akeno answered. "Look at his uniform, does it seem familiar to you?"

Rias squinted and noted the rude pineapple was wearing what looked like military garb. She tried to recall what clans would wear black kimonos in battle and red head frowned as she couldn't - for the life of her - remember at all. Still the heiress could have sworn she saw this particular garb before in some old records in kept in the mansion's library and when she did finally recall the passage, it hit the heiress and her eyes widened...

"What are the Shinigami doing here in Hell?"

"Do you mean those beings who were sworn to protect souls and usher them safely into the after life?" Akeno asked surprised. "I thought they were just fairy tales..."

"It seems that they're real enough considering what we're seeing with our own eyes..." Rias replied.

They turned around and their eyes widened as they saw a crack on the red head's shield...

"To be able to penetrate a barrier that a pure blooded Akuma has erected..." she asked the Hollowfied Ichigo in fascination. "What kind of Akuma are you?"

Before the last massive strike annihilated the ground the two Kuoh students stood earlier, Akeno quickly cast a teleportation spell and they vanished. The attack broke the barrier into a million pieces and struck the ground, displacing several thousand tons of rock and debris about a mile up the sky and destroying 50 miles in front of the creature. They safely teleported next to Renji whom was surprised at the magical circle etched itself on the ground while having an eerie glow and two high school aged girls appearing within the center. The pineapple then observed how the two of them were so surprised the untold destruction that simple sword strike generated. Rias realized that this thing - whatever it is - is by leaps and bounds stronger than Koneko-chan and far more resilient, faster than Kiba-kun and just as skilled in the art of the sword - if not more so. It has already overwhelmed Akeno, her "Queen" who had a reputation for her prowess in battle using her lightning and unparalleled knowledge of magic with sheer lightning speed and monstrously colossal strength unlike anything she has seen before. It is a fact that's probably eating at her best friend right now and she couldn't blame her. What was this creature and why was it demolishing Hell? Why are the legendary Shinigami doing here in the first place? So many mysteries and her stern gaze locked itself on Renji asked for answers.

"You better have an explanation for this debacle Shinigami-san!" Rias demanded. "And it better be a good one too!"

To Renji's credit, the pineapple swallowed and sweated bullets at the imperious gaze that the red haired chick gave him. Their spiritual pressure - especially the red head - was very strong. He estimates that the black haired girl was in between the best Lieutenants and lower level Captains. The other one probably was as powerful as powerful as a high level Captain! Regardless they were very formidable opponents that his crazed Hollowfied friend defeated so easily...

"Now, now Rias-chan don't scare him too badly." Akeno admonished the red head. Then she turned to Renji and bowed. "I am Akeno Himejima and this grumpy person beside me is Rias Gremory, the Heiress of the Gremory Clan of Akuma. We are pleased to meet you..."

"That will do Akeno..."

"Abarai Renji Lieutenant of the Sixth Division of the Gotei 13!"

Renji too bowed...

"So Lt. Abarai what is a Shinigami of your rank doing so far away from home?" Akeno asked.

Renji sighed...

"His name is Kurosaki Ichigo..." Renji began.

"Who is this...Kurosaki Ichigo?" Rias asked confused.

The pineapple looked at the monster far away who was still on a destructive rampage...

"So Kurosaki-san has turned into that beast...I see." Akeno simply stated.

"But what could have made him so mad that he would want to destroy Hell itself?" Rias questioned him.

Renji then related to the two Kuoh Academy students how the Sinners have invaded the World of the Living and kidnapped one of the strawberry's sisters and cursed her with a chain that enslaved her to Hell...

"Naturally the idiot invaded Hell itself in an attempt to rescue her." Renji told them. "It's just like him though. He infiltrated Soul Society to save our friend Rukia from being executed on a false charge by a traitor. The same thing happened when he tried to rescue another friend Orihime in a place called Hueco Mundo. Each time he came back stronger, faster, and more resolute than his enemies. You got to know one thing about Ichigo, he is very protective of his friends and anyone who harms them will taste his wrath and the razor sharp end of his blade."

Intrigued, Rias listened and was touched by this Ichigo's sentiment and she hasn't even met him formally yet. Then something in her mind clicked and her eyes narrowed dangerously as she realized why the strawberry would wage his one man war against Hell of all things. Renji gulped at how her demeanor changed so drastically and wondered what could have made her angry and if it was something he said.

"Excuse me Abarai-san but did you mention Sinners by any chance?" Rias asked frowning.

"Yes, they were the cause of this latest debacle I can assure you."

"I see that you're up to your old tricks again eh Kokuto?" the crimson haired girl said sternly. "When are you going to learn that you're not going to escape and that you are trapped here to suffer for eternity. Why don't you come out and face your punishment!"

Rias extended her left arm and fired a magical projectile that exploded violently 50 yards away from the group and a 40 foot wide crater emerged as the smoke dissipated. Kokuto emerged from an outcropping of rocks as he clapped his hands mock congratulations for finding him so easily while he hid in the shadows...

"Well, well, looked who the cat dragged in!" Kokuto said leering. "If it isn't the lusciously beautiful Rias Gremory. And what do I owe the pleasure of this visit from the Heiress of the Gremory Clan?"

"Oh come now Kokuto, let's be frank. You are the one who caused Kurosaki-san some distress that made him...not quite himself and thus turned into that beast and making him tear this place apart. Yes?"

"And what if I am the cause of all this hellish conditions?" said the scarred man. "What are you going to do about it?"

"You don't need to answer the question. I am already certain of your guilt. Now are you going to surrender peacefully or are we going to do this the hard way?"

"Come at me then..."

"HEY LOOK OUT!" Renji shouted at them.

Rias looked at the red haired Shinigami and then turned in front of her. She didn't react at first but instinct took over and she raised a triple layered barrier. The Cero slammed into the first layer and smashed it easily enough. When it hit the second layer, it held for an entire minute before it to shattered like glass and hit the third and final shield which was the thickest one as she pumped more of her magic so that it won't break and cause her some "distress" of her own. However, as she valiantly tried to stop the massive energy projectile, the red haired Akuma was straining to keep the shield intact until she could find a way to escape. Rias was distressingly getting tired and cracks began to spread like a spider web along its surface. At the last moment Akeno appeared behind her and grabbed her President and vanished in a teleportation spell and the barrier she erected shattered and went on to hit Kokuto who seemed eager to take the projectile on. The Sinner deflected it with an energy shield of his own and he laughed gleefully as another chain that held him prisoner in Hell until he had one left.

"Oh my, so that's his very clever of him." Akeno said impressed.

"There is no time to be admiring the enemy Akeno." Rias admonished mildly. "Abarai-san we obviously need to turn Kurosaki-san back to himself and get him out of here. Does he have a weakness in this form?"

"I'd imagined we need to cut one of his horns or something..."

"Leave that to me. Akeno, you and Abarai-san keep Kokuto busy, please!"

"Yes, ma'am. Well Abarai-kun, my Buchou has spoken, she will take care of everything. I will help you stop Kokuto-san or at least stall him until she can do her job."

Renji sighed. It was risky but it was better than nothing. With Rukia and Ishida out of commission, he needed all the help he could get. He still have that Kido spell saved up just in case things got hairy and the girl can't escape with the strawberry...

"Let's go then Himejima-san."

"Yes, I can't wait to...have some more fun." Akeno said smiling. "Since Buchou took Kurosaki-san from me before I can have my fill then Kokuto-san will do to...satisfy me!"

Renji sweat dropped at the way she smiled disturbingly as the black haired girl stared at the Sinner like a prowling predator...

Rias turned around and took a deep breath considering her options. which were not very promising at all. As much as she didn't want to admit it, the beast has got her beat in the speed, power, energy projection and a whole lot of other attributes. She's going to need a little assistance from the others to pull the job off. The red head knew however, that her slaves were no match for the creature and she wasn't stupid enough to risk their lives by overestimating their abilities now. Nevertheless, they may prove useful to distract it long enough for her to strike at the prescribed weak point. Then she smiled as Koneko-chan and Kiba-kun arrived. Maybe she had a chance to pull it off after all. The heiress briefed the silver haired girl and blonde of the situation...

"So let me get this strait Buchou, you need us to distract it long enough to for you to cut off one of it's horns?" Kiba asked. "Wouldn't it be better for us to attack it on all sides instead?"

"True but despite it's size, it is deceptively fast and enormously strong. Yes it is stronger and more resilient than even you Koneko-chan and it is even faster than Kiba-kun!"

"That's hard to believe Rias-sama..." Koneko said skeptically.

"Nevertheless, I witnessed it's power and tasted it's lethality in battle." Rias said seriously. "It has "defeated" Akeno which I thank the great Akuma emperor that she survived unscathed. The only injury she suffered was the blow to her pride..."

"Unbelievable..." Kiba said astonished.

To think that Akeno-san would be so easily defeated considering she was the strongest amongst them next to Rias...

"Still we have a little bit of an advantage of numbers and we will exploit it the best we can. If the both of you harass it enough so that it wouldn't sense my attack from behind then we should do well. I leave the plan of attack in your discretion. I am warning you now, this beast is unlike any Akuma, Angel, or Fallen Angel you have encountered before. Compared to all three of the races, this beast is more of a monster than they could ever be. Use hit and run tactics if you have to but never under any circumstances fight it alone, understand?"

"Yes" was their reply.

"Good, commence the operation and be careful do you hear me?" Rias said sternly.

"Yes ma'am" Kiba answered.

"Now let's get this over with..."

Kiba unsheathed his sword and vanished. Hollow Ichigo sensed something and leaned to the side as sword passed by and nicked it's forehead. The blond being the "Knight" of Rias' peerage used his speed and masterful skill of the sword that kept the beast off guard as it dodged awkwardly his swift and precise attacks. When their swords finally clashed, the Knight gritted his teeth and tightened the grip on his weapon as he struggled to keep the monster at bay. Ichigo roared and with one powerful swing, he swatted the blond sending him skidding 50 feet away. Kiba tried to control his momentum and seconds later he dug down hard into the earth and stopped only to vanish as the creature appeared and annihilating the area where he stood earlier. He reappeared again 100 feet away and noted with surprise the massive crater the beast made with it's sword strike alone. Then he looked at his blade and Kiba wasn't surprised that he had a crack on his magically enhanced blade and then shatter like brittled glass. He exerted a little of his magic and a new blade formed on the hilt...

"Buchou was right, I can't underestimate this one..."

Kiba's eyes widened as he felt a presence behind him and he instinctively raised his sword to block a strike. The blonde Knight grunted as he sank several feet into the ground and his knees almost buckled as he struggled to keep upright.

"I'm coming Kiba-sempai!" Koneko shouted.

Koneko's shout distracted Ichigo long enough to turn his horned head towards the younger girl and thus giving Kiba the chance to deflect the sword away and disappear to safety. The horned beast turned around and growled menacingly as its prey vanished. It then turned around to meet the new threat as the silver haired girl lunged in and connected a surprisingly devastating punch in the face that made it slide a few feet and staggered. Sensing her advantage, Koneko uprooted a huge rock to the side and swung the massive pillar into creature with the greatest of ease. She hit the monster from side to side with enough power to turn hills to boulders and jumped high to hurl her weapon at the enemy with frightening speed. The column of rock turned into a missile and it hit the stunned creature. However, pillar was ground to dust as a massive energy projectile tore through the rock and headed strait for her. The silver haired girl's eyes widened as she helplessly saw the ominous beam coming towards her. She couldn't believe that thing actually withstood her power! The little girl felt crying as she thought she failed her red haired mistress somehow. However, she was dumbstruck a second time as she found herself in Kiba's arms and was now on the ground. The two of them covered their eyes as a titanic explosion lit up the gloomy sky like a supernova. The explosion caused massive shockwaves that threatened to blow them away and nearly did so. When the gale force winds subsided a massive 2 mile crater and about 100 feet deep formed above where the explosion occurred. Their jaws nearly dropped at the devastating power this creature have...

"What kind of monster are you?" Koneko said softly.

"Buchou is right, we're going to have to work together Koneko-chan. This thing is too powerful to defeat one on one."

"What do you suggest then, Kiba-sempai?"

"Follow my lead..."

The short silver haired girl nodded...

The blonde Knight used his speed to get behind Ichigo and began the assault. His sword scored a shallow wound with an attack that had enough power to cut an opponent from shoulder to hip completely through and thus scoring a one hit kill. As soon as Kiba followed through with his sword motion, he was surprised as the wound healed instantaneously. The beast roared in anger and twisted it's muscular torso to try to bisect him in two in retaliation. He barely cleared the blade but lost a few strands of hair as he ducked and vanish. He reappeared a few yards later and found himself face to face with an angry monster. Ichigo held his zanpakuto with two hands and raised it over his head and swung downwards. The blonde braced himself to meet the attack with a block. But the power of the attack was too strong and Kiba had enough presence of mind to get out of the way lest he be crushed like an egg. Still he felt hot pain across his chest as it bled profusely before his own Akuma healing factor kicked into high gear. With Ichigo still having his sword buried into the ground, that's when Koneko appeared kicked the Hollow in the face causing a minute crack on it's mask and sent him tumbling head over heels a few yards before it got up on it's feet. Koneko again pressed her advantage and ducked a counter swing and she went up and hit Ichigo with a haymaker in the gut that staggered it tremendously.

"Head's up Koneko-chan!"

Koneko ducked and as Kiba went past her and hit the monster with everything he had and as fast as he could. Reeling from the unrelenting attack, the Hollow staggered back once before it swung it's sword towards him. The Knight disappeared missing the devastating attack but the little girl was seemingly swallowed by the shockwave and debris. Seconds later, the silver haired girl freed herself with her incredible strength and emerged with her Kuoh Academy uniform in tatters and was bleeding from a cut to her face but otherwise uninjured. With speed unassociated with her rank, she closed in the gap quickly and pounded Ichigo with punches with enough power in them to grind targets to dust. But despite her punishing assault, the creature seemed to shrug his pounding and caught her head in its clawed hand, lifted her high into the air and slammed her forcefully into the ground. However, her innate defensive ability negated most of the impact and Koneko rolled as quickly as she could get away as the creature tried to stomp her to death. The girl quickly got up and tried to attack again. However she saw her sempai signal to her to get away as his Sacred Gear's ability reformed another sword and causing a massive column of ice that carved a path towards the enemy and freezing it within.


Kiba eyes widened however, as he felt a massive amounts of power and with one devastating Cero blast, Hollow Ichigo freed himself from its ice prison. However, Rias chose this time to appear above him while the horned creature was busy firing it's endless devastating energy weapon. The red haired beauty formed an energy sword on her chopping hand and with all her might and as much magical power she could muster to penetrate its armor. She was successful and a black horn flew a couple of feet and fell on the ground. The Cero that the monster was about to fire again, exploded harmlessly. Still Kiba made sure and carried his mistress as soon as she landed and the three of them looked on in astonishment as the mask broke and Ichigo was finally freed from his Hollow's grasp. Rias and Koneko blushed madly as they beheld the strawberry and saw his face for the first time...

"So this is the man behind the hideous mask." Rias thought. Then she quickly added in excitement. "OH MY GAWD HE'S SO HOT!"

They looked in wonder as the strawberry slowly fell to the ground, his long hair disappearing leaving short spiked hair. His body seemed to peel and crack as he turned back to normal. Strange energy began to surround him and their eyes widened as the hole in his chest disappeared. After a few tense minutes, he groggily got up and unsteadily tried to stand on his feet. Without thinking, Rias appeared before him helped the disoriented boy upright so he wouldn't fall on the floor. Ichigo sensed someone beside him and thought it was one of his friends and was about to thank them before his brown eyes meet blue orbs of a red head and perhaps the most beautiful girl that Ichigo has ever seen. Then he looked at his half nakedness and blushed which Rias thought was cute...

"W-who are you?" Ichigo asked scowling.

"Oh my is that the way to address someone who has freed you from the beast inside you?" Rias replied impishly.

Ichigo blinked at the girl and looked at her in astonishment. Flashes of the last few minutes raced through his mind and he quite distinctly remembered her as she valiantly tried to stop his Hollow's rampage...

"Thanks for the assist..."

The strawberry's eyes widened and remembered his sister...

"Yuzu...Where's Yuzu?"

"She's alright as I have sent her back into the Human World." Rias replied.

"Thanks again..."

Ichigo scowled and Rias realized that she didn't introduce herself yet...

"Rias. Rias Gremory. Nice to finally meet you Kurosaki Ichigo..."

"How did you know my name?" Ichigo asked suspiciously.

"Your friend Renji related your amazing exploits to me."

"I see..."

The strawberry let her go and tried to shake the cobwebs that gripped his mind. He under estimated himself and nearly fell on his face. Instead he found himself in the dark as his face landed on something soft and fluffy. He could smell a pleasant fragrance and wondered what the hell was going on. Ichigo then put his palm forward and felt warm spongy material and heard the unmistaken feminine moan of pleasure. The Substitute looked up and found his hand on one of the red head's breasts and the girl looked at him in amusement as she blushed. Realizing his mistake, Ichigo let go in comical fashion as if he touched something hot and forbidden...

"GAAAHHH! I'm so sorry Gremory!" Ichigo screamed blushing. "I didn't mean to do that!"

Rias looked at him and giggled. He looked so cute when he was embarrassed...

"It's okay, no harm done." Rias replied smiling. Then deciding to tease him a little bit, she added rather seductively. "I'm impressed with your boldness Ichigo. We've only been introduced a moment ago and know each other for a mere few minutes and here you are trying to seduce me already! You're moving so fast for me you bad boy! But lucky for you...I like aggressiveness in my men!"

Rias looked in bemusement as Ichigo turned a shade darker than a tomato while Kiba chuckled and Koneko blushed. The red haired heiress then noticed that Kokuto was heading their way and she remembered that she needed to get the strawberry out of here before the realm's influence inevitably frees the beast within him. She shuddered to think trying to face that monstrosity again in battle...

"Kiba-kun, Koneko-chan, I will be leaving with Ichigo for the Human World for now. Help Akeno put Kokuto away. Don't worry I won't be long..." Rias commanded.

"Understood Buchou..." Koneko replied.

"Don't have too much fun now!" Kiba said jokingly.

Rias smiled at them and looked at the still blushing Ichigo...

"Come my dearest Ichigo, I need to get you away from this place before your better half emerges again and resume trashing Hell. Tell me where you want to go and I'll teleport us there..."

"Karakura Town...that's where I live."

The red head then chanted the spell and a circle of power appeared on the ground. When she initiated the final enchantment though, there was a big puff of smoke and both of them started coughing...

"What the hell happened?" Ichigo asked.

"Hmm, oh my. It seems that I...ran out of magic power!"

Ichigo and the others face faulted...

"Are you shitting me?"

"Well it wasn't my fault somebody here - whom I won't mention - ran me ragged trying to stop their mindless rampage!" Rias replied snippily.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and grunted...

Then they found themselves surrounded by a strange blue light as Renji used the one-time use kido and disappeared to come back to Karakura. That was strange, the pineapple could have sworn that it was suppose to bring the strawberry back...alone. But apparently with Rias being in close proximity of the Substitute, the spell must have shorted out and it misinterpreted the number that was suppose to go back outside at this time. It didn't matter though just as long as Ichigo was outside where Kokuto could reach him. The said sinner lunged at the two of them but they disappeared before he could catch them. Frustrated that he was almost free, he screamed in rage at the unfairness of it all. He was so close dammit!


Karakura Town

It was a complete and utter disaster to say the least and no one knew why Hell's Gate was destroyed. Blue bands surrounded the gate while several Kido experts were floating in the sky monitoring it's condition. It seemed normal for the time being and the spell that they cast was preventing the harmful miasma from interfering with the World of the Living. Inside a tent Ukitake, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Yamamoto were conducting a meeting.

"Master our Kido team surrounding the Gate has prevented further incursion of the Hell's miasma to spread any further. Anyone who got infected was treated by Captain Unohana's medical team." Ukitake reported.

"Excellent. How is Karakura faring at the moment?" the old man replied.

"It's normal as it has ever been considering the circumstances..."

"Very well then. I am putting you three in charge of repairing the Gate as soon as possible." Yamamoto commanded.

The three Captains nodded in agreement to the orders...

"I highly doubt that the Togabito would have destroyed their own Gate. The sabotage wouldn't have come from the outside since we were all camped in it's general location at the time..." Toshiro wondered.

"It couldn't have been Renji or Rukia either." Ukitake said. Then he turned to Byakuya and quickly added. "And not to doubt your sister and Lt.'s skill and power Byakuya but you and I know their limits..."

The stoic 6th Division Captain didn't say a word but nodded in agreement at Ukitake's assessment. He frowned and a pained expression painted his face wondering Rukia's fate. Their meeting was interrupted when a Shinigami scout entered to report that the Substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo was found unconscious outside the Gate and that he wasn't alone. The Captains went out to investigate the ruckus and they found Ichigo arguing with Shinigami that surrounded to detain him.

"Ichigo, why don't you let me handle these gentlemen..." Rias told him.

"Huh, are you sure?"

"Trust me."

"Okay whatever you say..."

Rias smiled at him and patted him on the cheek and making him blush. Then she turned towards the Shinigami surrounding them...

"Good Morning. My I haven't seen so many Shinigami in my life before now. But I digress, I am Rias Gremory of the Gremory Clan of Akuma and my companion and I needed to attend to his sister whom I have teleported here in your camp. Would it be too inconvenient for you fine gentlemen to move so that he can take care of family? I am sure that if it was your family who was in danger WE would have moved for you, isn't that right Ichigo?" Rias said as she elbowed him in the ribs.

"Uh..yeah of course we will..."

"See? You know Ichigo more than I do and from what I have observed so far, he is a passionate and kind man who cares about the people he holds dear. So please, will you move for him. If not for him then maybe...for me? Rias said cutely.

The surrounding Shinigami were caught off guard and they all started blushing at the incomparable beauty before them. But before they could succumb to her seductive charm, Yamamoto and the other Captains arrive and the others went on one knee and bowed before the Captain-General...

"Kurosaki Ichigo..."


Rangiku and Orihime arrived and the gentle healer ran up to Ichigo and called his name. When she arrived, the strawberry blonde unwittingly gave the Substitute a hug crying all the while. Rias who was beside him however, shouldn't have cared about the display of public affection but she found herself irritated at the girl for some reason. The red haired girl's eyes narrowed as she assessed the competition and found to her dismay that this friend of Ichigo's was beautiful and just as stacked in the breast department as she was. She bit her lower lip as her mind raced to counter-attack this threat. Then Rias eyes widened and wonder why was getting jealous of a stranger she hardly even know?

"Kurosaki-kun are you ok?"

"Yeah, Orihime do me a favor and find the tent my sister is in will ya?" Ichigo pleaded to her. "Do what you can and heal her for me please..."

"I'll do what I can..."

"Gremory, which tent did you teleport my sister to?"

Rias realized that someone was talking to her and noticed brown eyes scrutinizing her...

"I put her on the first tent to the left..." Rias said smoothly.

"Thank you. Go Inoue and try to save her." Ichigo said.

The strawberry held her on the shoulders with his strong hands in a gentle grip making her blush all the more furiously. The strawberry has never touched her before which was all the more bitter sweet as the gentle healer savored the rare contact as much as she could before that intoxicating feeling was gone forever. Orihime then noticed that the new person beside him was comically gnashing his teeth as a large knot formed on the red head's brow...

"I will..." Orihime said sweat dropping.

Orihime looked back at the strawberry talking with the Captain-General and she noticed the strange girl looking at her. The stranger's spiritual pressure was strong and the healer wondered who she was and what she was doing here. The strawberry blonde highly doubt that she was a Shinigami. The healer didn't remember anyone with a shock full of red hair in any Division other than Abarai-san and with that strange chaotic aura she's been's unlikely. So what was she doing there with Kurosaki-kun and why does she stay by his side? An unfamiliar feeling gnawed at her heart and it was very unpleasant. Orihime shook her head, she didn't have time to be jealous of a stranger! She looked back and she could have sworn that the red headed girl was smiling at her rather smugly as she closed the gap between them and subtly held his arm. A large knot formed on the normally gentle girl's forehead and she went quickly to go find Yuzu-chan and help her immediately. Rias smiled at her small victory but she knew that with that girl around, things will be very difficult...

"And what are you doing out in the World of the Living Rias Gremory?" Yamamoto asked. "And how are your parents doing?"

"I am astonished that the Shinigami know who am." Rias replied. "Considering that this is the first time we've met. Tell me ojii-san, how do you know of me and my family?"

"I was tasked by the Spirit King to observe the Great War as a neutral party and I have met your parents some 500 years ago..."

"Ah I see, they are doing well thank you for asking. Chichiue is getting more stubborn as the centuries passes by and I haven't seen Mother since the school semester has started but the last time I talked to her, she seemed fine to me. I'd imagine Okaa-sama is having a grand old time trying to keep him in line and out of trouble..."

The old man chuckled but then his expression changed when he turned to talk to Ichigo...

"You shouldn't have charged in and invaded Hell so irresponsibly without thinking over the consequences. The demon in you has broken the chains that countless centuries have never been broken. Because of your irresponsible behavior that we are in this crisis and you may have doomed humanity because of what you have done." Yamamoto told Ichigo. Then he turned to Rias and said. "I apologize for this young one's actions and I hope that the leadership will let this pass as we try to repair the Gate as quickly as possible."

"Do no worry ojii-san, my brother as well as the others are scrambling to contain this disaster. I assure you that the ones who caused this debacle will be punished most severely in the most agonizingly painful manner that our twisted and sadistic torturers could think of..."

The old man nodded. She met Ichigo's eyes with a reassuring smile but then he looked away troubled as flashbacks of the events unfolded before him and haunted his mind. To Rias, this very troubling and found herself wanting to comfort him for some reason. It didn't look right to her that he felt guilty for something he couldn't help. The Heiress was sure that she would have done the same thing that he did but the only difference was she would have planned her invasion in so much detail that she had an itinerary of her main goals and down to backup plans of contingencies just in case the primary one failed miserably. Still she was impressed with the strawberry's unrelenting determination and fierce courage to go into the unknown heedless of the danger facing him. The strawberry walked away with is head down and the red head knew he was beating himself up for mistakes that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Ichigo's mind flashed back as he remembered how he has lost control of his Hollow and ran a rampage of total destruction. He felt guilty but he couldn't help it. Family was involved and no older brother in his right mind would stand idly by and let his sister get trapped in Hell! He felt like he failed his sister, friends, and those people he wanted to protect. Above all he thought that he has disappointed his Mother. The desire to protect did not stem from the name that his parents gave him. No, it was more a part of him and was so ingrained into his being that not doing otherwise would have been a bruise to his pride and thus denying his very nature.


The strawberry heard Orihime scream and he vanished using shunpo and then reappeared beside her.

"Inoue are you ok what happened?"

"I'm sorry Kurosaki-kun but for some reason my powers don't seem to work on Yuzu-chan!" Orihime said sobbing.

Yuzu was facing away, her back facing towards them. When Orihime turned the younger Kurosaki so that she laid on her back, the healer gasped as the younger girl's eyes didn't seem to have life in them and that she had a Hell chain coming out of her chest. Ichigo then grabbed the healer and screamed, pleaded, begged as the panicked strawberry shook her violently. There was an interruption when Rias seemed to emerge from the shadows and stood beside them.

"I see that she has a Hell Chain on her now..." Rias said softly. "I'm sorry Ichigo but she is a resident of Hell from this point forward..."

"What do you mean, can't we do SOMETHING?" Ichigo shouted at her.

"There is nothing the Shinigami or this girl could do. Once the chain has been implanted then she is as good as lost."

Ichigo couldn't believe it. His sister was dead and he was responsible for it all. Because his reckless actions killed her. The strawberry denied it at first but the cruel dawning of reality made him realize his folly and he screamed in rage at what happened. Seeing the strawberry scream in anguish didn't quite sit well with Rias. She liked him better when he was smiling or when he was so embarrassed that he looked indistinguishable to a tomato. Her instincts to comfort him nearly took over but the red head remembered that she was a Gremory and she reluctantly stopped herself from embarrassing herself in front of strangers. She needed to ease his pain without compromising her pride as an Akuma and after thinking about it quickly enough she had bright idea that might just work...

"Although I think I can do something about it. This girl was a helpless pawn and I hate the innocent being the casualties for the sins and selfish motivations of the few. We have a couple of options, so let us explore it all, shall we?"

"So what do we do now?" Ichigo said lifelessly.

"I will ask my brother to let her go if not then if you so desire I can resurrect her but know that even though she will be the same, Yuzu-chan will no longer be human but an Akuma of my peerage."

"I see..." the strawberry said.

"Let me contact my brother first Ichigo. It may not be all in vain..."

"Do it...At this point I'll do anything."

The two of them saw the red head closed her eyes in concentration...

"Onii-sama, do you hear me? It's Rias!"

"Rias where the hell are you?" Sirzechs roared in her head causing her to wince. "You know that everybody is tearing the entire household looking for you!"

"I am in the human world in what is called Karakura Town." Rias said calmly. "I am with the Beast who has been tearing the 4th level to shreds but he is quite normal now..."


Rias quickly retold the circumstances why Ichigo has invaded Hell in the first place. She told her brother about the Sinners escaping into the Human World. They then started harassing his friends and ultimately kidnapping his younger sister and then bringing the girl into their world. Out of the desire to protect the ones that was dear to him, he and some companions entered through the gate and went down 4 levels where the strawberry's inner demon has reacted to the power of the place and lost control thus causing a rampage of untold destruction that tore the 4th level to shreds and ultimately demolishing the Hell's Gate where it's harmful miasma has yet to affect the world.

"I see..."

"Onii-sama I have a favor to ask of you."

"And what is it?"

"I want you to free Yuzu-chan from her chains so that she may come back to her brother."

"And what do we get back in return for this generous gift Rias?"

"I would imagine that giving the life back of an innocent who was a casualty of unfortunate circumstance was enough. But if you don't want Ichigo to come back to Hell and tear the shit out of the place trying to rescue Yuzu-chan's soul then it would be most wise for you to grant me my request."

"Are you threatening me?" Sirzechs growled.

"Why Onii-sama would I threaten my own brother?" Rias said rather innocently.

"Fine your wish is granted Rias. No strings attached -for him. I already have a headache trying to calm clan leaders and the other Maohs from panicking and do something even more stupid that will piss this Kurosaki Ichigo off."

"Thank you brother, I really do appreciate it. Oh incidentally I have a feeling that Ichigo will return after all because he still have 3 of his friends trapped in the 4th level fighting Kokuto who was the instigator of this madness just so you know! I could stop him for you but I'm still recovering my magic power and I'm sure that the Shinigami wouldn't appreciate me attacking one of their own even though he's only a Substitute..."

With this Sirzechs roared in laughter. To think that the Beast that tried to destroy Hell itself was a Substitute and a Shinigami. It was embarrassing enough that he tore the place to pieces but for him to invade again so that he could find his friends was either the most fearless idiot the world has ever known or it is his nature to do stupid things. But regardless of the reasons, he knew that no one short of himself and his other peers would be a match for the strawberry and any confrontation between them would be the end of Hell. However, he may still salvage something from this as from the looks of things, Rias has taken a fancy to this Ichigo. He already knew that she hated her fiance's guts and to tell the truth, the Phoenix heir actually got on his nerves and he never liked the bastard nor the match in the first place. His father insisted that he put pressure on his baby sister and he hated pulling rank on her but for the sake of the Clan's survival, he had no choice but to comply to his old man's request.

"Very well Rias, I will advice my peers to hold off on their attack until he gets clear passage to their location, get his friends out, and defeat this Kokuto. And I will also free his sister from the Hell chain she has and give her soul back only on the condition that he does not return to Hell again."

"A thousand thanks Onii-sama..."

"I don't know what your game is but very well played Rias..."

"I'm glad that you're pleased. Now I'll see you later at dinner time?"

"Yes, and you best tell me more who this Kurosaki Ichigo is...he sounds like a fascinating fellow!" Sirzechs told her. "And be careful sister, you know that you are the heir to the Gremory Clan now."

"I will...Rias signing out."

The red head opened her eyes and was pleased that the Hell Chain on her chest started to shake while glowing crimson - was dissipating. The young girl coughed and Ichigo went to her bedside in worry. Yuzu whispered his name and turned to her side, fast asleep. Orihime who had tears in her eyes hugged the astonished Rias and she too went beside him.

"Thank you Gremory." Ichigo said softly. "For saving my sister's life..."

"I-it was n-nothing really." Rias uncharacteristically stuttered. She found herself blushing. "That was all my brother's doing."

"Then he has my thanks as well..."

"I'll make sure to tell him..." Rias said smiling.

Later that day...

Ichigo returned with Yuzu at the clinic and Orihime tucked her in with Karin. The strawberry was sitting on the couch in the living room as he reflected on Byakuya's words when he encountered him at the tenth. Looking up as the healer went down the stairs, noting the determination in his eyes.

"How's Yuzu, Inoue?"

"She's upstairs sleeping Kurosaki-kun."


Orihime shook her head and replied that everyone helped.

"So how's Chad doing? The last time I saw him he had a nasty wound..."

"He's recovering and healing nicely."

"Thanks Inoue...for everything that you do." Ichigo said. "You must be tired. You should take a breather and get some rest..."

Orihime looked at the strawberry and blushed. She was glad that he was worried about her. After a few minutes of awkward silence, she knew that he was going back. The answer was already obvious but she still had to ask anyway. Ichigo stood up and started walking toward the door...

"You're going back again aren't you..."


"There is a great risk that you will lose control again."

"I know and it would be the end of the world if it happened again but this time I won't let it happen. They're trapped in there Inoue, you know for a fact that I will not let this stand. They entrusted their lives to me and I would have failed them miserably if I don't take a chance now. Kokuto is very strong and I'm not even sure I can beat him if I Hollowfied but I know that I have to win. I owe it to them..."

"Please come back to us." Orihime said. And silently to herself. "Come me!"

"I will, it won't take long I promise..."

Ichigo went outside the door and the gate where Rias was leaning on the wall thinking about things...

"You know that you are endangering all of us right?" Rias asked him. "By going back to Hell?"

"I know...but they are my friends Gremory. You know I can't abandon them." Ichigo said to her smiling.

Rias blushed and looked up to hide it and replied...

"What is with you Shinigami being so hard headed and stubborn?"

"Can't help it, it's part of the charm." he replied jokingly.

Then he turned his back towards her and walked away.

"Ichigo wait..."

The strawberry stopped and looked at her with fierce determined eyes...

"I'll help you...if you let me."

"I appreciate your concern but why do you want to help a stranger you hardly even know?" Ichigo asked curiously.

"'ll be so helpless without me!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes...

"Whatever you say Gremory..."

"Please you have my permission to call me Rias."

"Ok, Rias so what do we do now?"

"I can cast a teleportation spell to send us directly back into the 4th level. Ojii-san is quite upset with you and I'd rather do things the roundabout way than upsetting him even more. In this way, the Shinigami can concentrate helping repair the Gate while our people fix the other side. You won't upset anybody till they find out later and you wouldn't cause such a ruckus if you do it your way. I'd imagine you'll rush head long upsetting even more of the Shinigami than necessary..."

Ichigo chuckled. How she knew him so well when they only met each other a day ago was beyond him. Then he looked at her and blinked. He scowled at her and looked at her suspiciously...

"Wait a minute I thought you've exhausted your magic?" Ichigo said frowning. "Wouldn't it be bad if you push yourself so hard?"

"Aww thanks for the concern!" Rias said pinching his cheeks. "Remember Ichigo I am an Akuma. I only needed a day to recover and replenish my magic pool so don't you worry about little ol' me!"

To prove her point, she quickly cast the spell and a magic circle appeared on the ground to Ichigo's astonishment.

"When you're ready, step in the middle of the circle and hold on to me tight!"

The strawberry took out his Shinigami badge and expelled his soul out of his body. The Substitute carried his body and set it leaning on the wall by the door. Then he reappeared beside Rias which surprised the heiress and looked at him in wonder...

"You're going to have to tell me about that soul expelling trick that you just did..." Rias said to him. "It's seems you are getting more fascinating the longer I get know you!"

Ichigo blushed and looked up in embarrassment and held her at arms length. Then the Gremory Heiress leaned to his ear and said to him seductively.

"What did I tell you about holding on to me tightly?" Rias whispered. "Don't worry my Ichigo , I won't bite...unless of course you want me to?"


"Aww you're such a spoilsport!" she said pouting. "And I was looking forward to it too!"

"Rias, the mission?" Ichigo said blushing.

"Oh right, silly me I almost forgot!" Rias said hitting herself on the side of the head and sticking her tongue out at him.

The circle glowed and the two of them vanished...

Hell- 4th level

Having conveniently, passed through 4 layers of the dark realm without breaking a sweat, the two of them appeared a mile away from a Kushanada skull where Kokuto was battling their friends. But unfortunately it wasn't a smooth ride that Ichigo has anticipated considering they appeared about a foot from the ground - off balanced - and he started falling on a surprised Rias. Falling in top of her, his head landed on the red head's heavenly pillows for the second time that day. Blushing several more shades of crimson, he got up quickly and tried his best to apologize. Their eyes linger for a bit and he sweat dropped as she seemed to be enjoying his discomfiture a little too much. He hopes to Kami that under any circumstances that she NEVER meets Yoruichi or their combined teasing with their rather delectable, curvaceous, flesh will be the death of him!

"Hmm, oh my...Isn't this rather awkward. I commend you for your initiative Ichigo but..."

The strawberry grunted in surprise as Rias suddenly grabbed him by his sleeves of his kimono and with incredible strength and agility, flipped him over his back while she was on top of him now...

"When things get hot and heavy..." Rias whispered seductively. "I like to be the one on top!"

She started giggling as he turned several more darker shades of red if that was even possible.

"Just kidding, I'm not that kind of girl." she said teasing. "But it's for your future reference if we ever wanted to take our relationship to the next level, 'kay?"

"Uh I'll keep that in mind, now will you please get off me?"

"But what if I like admiring your big bad muscles and enjoy rather immensely how you squirm underneath me?" the red head replied pouting.

"Rias, focus!" Ichigo replied scowling. "If I remember correctly, you left your friends here too right?"

"They are with Akeno my dear Ichigo and I assure even though she's a self confessed masochist/sadist, she is more than capable of keeping Kokuto busy."

"Okay that was like way too much information!"

"That's what I like about you - on top of being such a hot hard bodied cutie!" Rias said complimenting. "You're so funny too!"

Ichigo blushed while Rias covered her mouth with her dainty hands and giggled some more...

"Well I can't help it if I speak the truth." the strawberry replied. "Now I could lay back here talking with you but you know I didn't come here to enjoy the view even if it is the only breathtaking thing in this depressing place..."

Now it was her turn to blush...

"Hmm, I see that you adapt to situations quickly. I think I like it!" Rias declared. "But I suppose I had enough fun teasing you for now and we do need to finish Kokuto off..."

She then leaned on top of him to whisper in his ear...

"But rest assured Kurosaki Ichigo, this little business between us isn't over just yet, understand?"

Ichigo gulped rather loudly as Rias looked at him in the eye smirking as she slowly, deliberately, and in a sensually seductive manner got on her feet and extended her arm to pull him up. Still mysteriously smiling and observing his every movement and reaction, Ichigo quickly tried to busy himself and orient on his friends' spiritual pressure. From the way their auras were wavering, it was about time that he joined in on the fight to relieve some of the pressure that was put on their shoulders when they tried to get him out of Hell. Needing to go all out in the beginning, the strawberry warned the red head what he was about to do only for the her to refuse to heed his warning as she looked on in curiosity. Rias felt his power skyrocket as she wondered what was he planning when he braced his right hand while pointing the massive sword forward and and shouting some enigmatic words...


It was as if the an entire ocean came down on her shoulders and was being crushed underneath several hundred thousand tons of pressure. Being an Akuma however, saved her from passing out. Even though Rias looked like a delicate flower, her heritage gave her a powerful resilient body that withstood the wake of Ichigo's power. Interestingly enough, as much as she felt being squeezed like an orange, the red head found her close proximity to him very exhilarating and found herself reacting in rather "embarrassing" ways because of it. She's sure that her masochistic Vice President would probably die a happy woman if Akeno was subjected to Ichigo's power first hand. Why she'd be hot and bothered for a week if it happened! Although she's surprised that a obviously human turned Shinigami could generate such power equal to her brother. She wonders if all Shinigami were as strong as the strawberry? Several signatures were on par especially the ones wearing the white haoris and the old man. Still she felt that Ichigo was special somehow
The Heiress watched in fascination as he emerged from the black aura cloud of power donning a jacket with an inner red lining that met in the middle and then flaring outward and downward with frayed ends. Rias was confused however when she saw his massive cleaver looking sword turning into a black daito with a thin chain at the end of the handle and a manji for a guard. Perhaps she will ask for the details later after she teased him to death of course! Rias knew however that it was the very same sword that the Beast was using and she knows not to underestimate it despite being small and that it is to be respected for it's unimaginable power.

"Well I'm off..."

"Ichigo wait..."

"What now?" Ichigo demanded and turned to her.

The strawberry looked like a gallant knight at that point and it took her breath away. She was already moving before he could protest when the red haired beauty planted a chaste kiss on his cheek and Ichigo was shocked beyond belief as he looked at her in astonishment. Looking down shyly and blushing herself, Rias gazed upon his brown eyes and said to him...

"For good luck..."

Ichigo looked at her dumbly and clutched the cheek her sweet lips touched mere moments ago. Then he smiled at her...

"Thanks, I'll take care of the that bastard Kokuto alright?" Ichigo said to her. "I want you to sit here, be a good girl, and stay out of trouble..."

"O-okay..." Rias said shyly. "I-if y-you say so..."

The strawberry gazed at her with suspicion but he didn't have time to ascertain her intentions. A beautiful, stubborn, headstrong girl like her would not in under any circumstances suddenly turn a new leaf and become shy and meek all a sudden. He already knew that she was up to something and that she wouldn't heed his advice to stay put. Ichigo looked at her one final time, sighed, and then vanished in shunpo. Rias gawked where he used to stand and wondered how did he do that? After a few seconds her brain started functioning again and she comically started fanning herself with her hand as she tried to breath.

"Oh my gawd that was so hot!" Rias squealed.

The heiress hugged herself and jumped with unrestrained glee. After a few minutes of silliness, Rias attempted to be the proud Gremory that she was and act like a noble Akuma should...

"Okay Rias, calm yourself girlfriend!" Rias told herself. "It's no big deal so stop acting silly like a lovestruck high school girl and act like a Gremory you are."

Rias took her own advice and breathed deeply to focus her center and clear her mind. However, her recent actions flooded her mind and she blushed as remembered the rather embarrassing things that she did earlier. She has encountered countless of nobles, interacted with human boys, and went out with quite a few of them. But they never made her feel like she felt now. The Akuma nobles were a bunch of conceited pricks while the humans were nothing more than despicable hentai. Ichigo however, was different. He was kind a quality in him that she really likes. Protective a trait that she admires in him when he demonstrated his concern for his sister. Fearless because he did after all invaded Hell and proceeded to tear it apart all because he wanted his sister back. Although she had fun flirting and teasing him, he was never really disrespectful and treated her like a woman. The way he reacts to her was rather cute although annoying. Being a prude is nice and all but it's a bad habit that she's going to have to break...

Although she only knew him literally a day, Ichigo was everything she always wanted in a man - in a husband even. Rias blinked and blushed furiously. How could her ideal dream man be a Shinigami? But as she searched inside herself, she already knew that she wanted to get to know Ichigo better and that deep down she wanted him to be the ONE for her. She shook her head and got a hold of herself. There were more important business to attend to at the moment and that was stopping Kokuto from escaping. She had plenty of time to think things through later. The red haired girl sighed. Why was things so complicated all of a sudden? It was rather annoying but it was interesting to say the least. She might as well go into the battlefield and take a few pot shots at the bastard to occupy her obviously confused mindset. Rias then chanted and a magic circled appeared on the ground. She stepped in the center and vanished...

To be continued...

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