Chapter 14

Requiem for the Fallen part III

Vizard's hideout - early that morning

Raynare visibly flinched each time Zanpakutos clashed and the subsequent shock waves generated mini-quakes that their multi-layered barriers could barely suppress from causing havoc in the streets of Karakura. Concentrating keeping her own barriers were easy enough, it was watching the fight inside it was the most difficult to accept. For this lizard-like monster was Kurosaki Ichigo - the man the Fallen Angel has come to respect and even admire. Though she would loathe admit it and the raven haired beauty would readily and flatly deny such a preposterous accusation most vehemently! She still didn't understand why Ichigo would go this far to get stronger but she did get the why of it all. Perhaps this was the reason she respects him so much. With any other person Raynare would have been skeptical and maybe even ridicule them for being naive and sentimental over such trivial things. But then again said "people" were her fellow Fallen and her kind - as ashamed she was to admit - were after all, a bunch of grade A ass holes! Meeting someone with the determination, the drive, and the dedication to a simple cause of protecting the people he cared about was very admirable and a refreshing concept indeed.

Raynare -for her part at least - has to be feeling pride in her participation of Ichigo's training. Though she herself is a proud woman but it is for the wrong reasons. Now that she can actually participate in assisting someone for a worthy cause; she really did feel good about something that she did of her own free will. It was easy and guilt free. There was no feelings of it being a hassle nor was it a big pain in the ass. No apathy for anyone or regret nor care whether or not the endeavor succeeds or not. This time it was different and she knew that Ichigo was that factor that made her feel this way. But before she could feel smug about herself that her other rivals were not here to participate in such an endeavor, a glowing red circle appeared on the ground. When she recognized the seal of the Gremory clan, she muttered a few choice oaths out loud...

"Ah dammit not that red headed whore again!"

Sure enough, Rias and her Peerage emerged from the magic circle with said crimson haired woman having a very large knot on top of her head. She deliberately walked to the seemingly innocent Fallen Angel as they both butted their heads together...

"What the hell did you say to me bitch?!" Rias growled.

"Oh I know you heard me!" Raynare replied. "You wouldn't be so butt hurt about it if you didn't!"

"The only one who's gonna get "butt hurt" around here is you when I kick your sorry ass!

"Then bring it!"

"Oh trust me I will!"

Akeno and Koneko pushed their Buchou to one side while Hachi signaled to Kensei to bring the Fallen One to the opposite side. Since Raynare got a little too feisty, the big man had to choice but to carry her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Surprised of the Vizard's strength, Raynare struggled trying to break free but Kensei didn't budge an inch as he walked about 15 feet away and dumped her unceremoniously right beside a sweat dropping Hachi. Kensei then threatened to kick them all out and the two women settled for glaring at each other and mumbling to themselves instead. A massive shock wave however temporarily kept the peace as the various factions turned their attention to the raging battle they were witnessing.

Rias gasped in dismay as she didn't expect this at all. Even if she knew that deep down that thing is technically the man that she loves, The Beast never failed to make her shudder in fear! Her feelings of annoyance increased even more so as Ichigo didn't really divulge in explicit detail the training regiment that he would be attempting or the fact that he wanted to take The Beast on in the first place! When this training is done, she will definitely give him a piece of her mind and a whole lot of other things for that matter!

"Did Ichi-kun look like that before Buchou?" Akeno asked curiously. "Oh my, so scary!"

Now that Rias finally focused on The Beast with her full attention, the red head couldn't help but blink owlishly at what she saw. Right before her was not the humanoid horned monstrosity the Akuma has dubbed "the Beast" but something far more different entirely.

"More like a lizard to me..." Koneko said blandly.

It didn't help that Ichigo's current form was enormous. It had the same chiseled physique that she found so drool worthy except for some tattoo like designs along his chest and arms and some spike-like protrusions on its shoulders. The menacing skull mask with the black stripes coming down from his eye sockets was same and including the haunting yellow eyes that would intimidate and scare the hell out of anyone was present as well. His muscular arms terminated in razor sharp claws and his legs were similar to a hinds legs of dinosaurs. The Hollow had Ichigo's orange hair but it was shaggy and wild looking. The more interesting and rather extreme body modification was the long prehensile tail with the same black tattoos that covered it's body. To Rias and the others, this doesn't hold a candle to how widely feared "The Beast" and this lizard-like creature looked tame in comparison though still terrifying nonetheless.

"That is Ichigo fully Hollowfied..." Hachi supplied.

"Wait so if that's him Hollowfied then what is "The Beast" then?" Rias asked curiously.

All the red headed woman's Peerage gathered around the portly Vizard and looked at him expectantly for an explanation. Even Raynare who was busy feeding her several layers of barriers with her magic which was on top of Hachi's own shields has perked an ear and subtly got closer to hear the answer. Hachi sweated a little as Rias' gaze was rather too intense for his comfort. Then it occurred to the man and wondered what the hell was this "Beast" that the young woman was referring to? He looked at Kensei and Mashiro respectively and Hachi didn't like the bewildered look that he was seeing in his former fellow Shinigami.

"What the hell do you mean by this "BEAST?" Kensei demanded.

Rias and the others took turns describing The Beast and Raynare added her input. The three Vizard's eyes widened and Kensei took it upon himself to warn his companions of the underlying danger. Just as the former Captain was about to shout out said warning, they all felt a disturbance in the air. They all gawked at what seemed to be a door appearing in their midst and several people walked out. The Vizards recognized Orihime and Chad as they were Ichigo's friends and the two of them accompanied the Substitute Shinigami to train in their place to liven things up a bit. They have not met the black haired high school girl but they had the feeling that she was also one of the strawberry's nakama. Though the last person that emerged from the door was someone they didn't expect: The Arch Angel Gabrielle! The Vizards knew of Michael's little sister or at least they have heard of her as she was still a legend among the students of Shino Academy and the Gotei 13 itself. What she was doing here was a mystery but the Arch Angel always had a reason and what ever it is they were going to find out whether they like it or not! As for their other "guests," the Akuma were very wary knowing her fierce reputation while Raynare kept her peace. Knowing that they would all die and even cause an international incident that would result in all out war between the major factions. The tenuous peace as fragile as it was still better than millions dying from all the senseless fighting. The Great did drive that fact home most pointedly after all...

"Wow it sure is getting crowded in here..." Mashiro commented.

"Yeah tell me about it!" Kensei said sarcastically.

The Senkaimon closed and vanished. Orihime and Chad greeted the three Vizards and they told the two teens what's been happening to the training. Gabrielle meanwhile being the friendly person that she is greeted the Akuma and Fallen Angel present. Because they have no reason to be unpleasant they greeted her in kind. The Angel then went to Orihime and the others and politely introduced and greeted the strangers she has never met before. She shook everyone's hand while giving them her most winsome smile. Caught off guard by her pleasant friendliness, the Vizards couldn't believe how this woman treated them with kindness having been shunned and hated by their fellow Shinigami for 120 years. Still being on the run for a long time has made them very suspicious and they can't afford to slack their vigilance as unfortunate as that may seem.

"What the hell is that?" Tatsuki shouted.

"Language Tatsuki-chan!" Gabrielle gently but firmly chided.

"Oh sorry, my bad!"

"That is Ichigo in his Hollowfied state..." Orihime whispered.

Tatsuki look incredulously and when her eyes met Chad's, the Giant could only nod in affirmation and grunted...

"Magnificent is he not?" Raynare asked. "Although Ichigo is in there fighting for his life, this bestial part of him seemed so raw and yet beautiful to behold..."

"And who are you suppose to be?" Tatsuki asked suspiciously.

Raynare introduced herself...

"It is a pleasant surprise seeing you here Fallen One." Gabrielle said evenly. "It is fortuitous then that you are far more civilized in your restraint to harm the innocent!"

There was a sudden palpable tension in the air, the raging battle inside the barrier all but forgotten for the moment. The three humans stiffened visibly as they found out that the raven haired woman before them was a Fallen Angel...the enemy. Though blonde knew that they could take care themselves, she instinctively moved in front of them and her left arm unconsciously hovered over the handle of her Zanpakuto. Seeing this, Raynare struggled to hide the growing fear inside her as she knew one false move would be a quick and painless death. Having witnessed the Arch Angel's prowess with her sword and the blindingly lightning fast and deadly quick draw, Raynare imagined that she would be dead long before her body hit the ground. Still being accused of instigating an attack on humans was rather insulting! Any other being would probably be a bloody mess on the ground if it was the old her however Raynare would be fool to think she could take on an Arch Angel and expect to win. That was tantamount to suicide and right now she really likes breathing thank you very much! So Raynare took a deep breathe and look Gabrielle in her green eyes and said...

"You give me too much credit my lady! Though I would never harm innocents rest assured that I will take care of dealing justice to those that do." Raynare replied.

Gabrielle looked deeply into the Fallen Angel's eyes to measure her sincerity. Surprised that she didn't find treachery, it confused her but the blonde Angel was satisfied with what she saw in this Fallen One's orbs. Besides who was she to judge anyone as that was the Providence of her fa...her brother now.

"Do not judge lest ye be judged!" her Father once said.

"U-um are you ok Gabrielle-chan?" Orihime asked.

The seriousness in Gabrielle's face morphed back into the easy beautiful smile that Orihime comes to expect from her. The blonde then finally turned to the battle and quirked an eyebrow.

"Tell me Hachi-san why is Ichigo being ganged up upon?" Gabrielle asked curiously. The portly Vizard was caught off guard by the question and hesitated in answering.

Rias however saved him from wasting his breath as he stumbled for an appropriate answer...

"It is because Ichigo is strong my lady Gabrielle..." Rias answered.

" he now?" Gabrielle replied.

"You have witnessed his strength yourself Gabrielle-san in your spar with him in Soul Society!" Akeno added smiling. "Although in my honest opinion, I have the feeling that both of you were holding back!"

Gabrielle indeed knew that the Akuma's statement was correct. The spar - however brief - gave her a thrill that she only feels when she is in mortal combat. Like an adrenaline junkie, she wanted it. Craved it even. It was the high that warriors get in the midst of battle when one's life was on the line. Where every decision will be the last if someone hesitates. It was where every strike of one's sword will determine whether you lived or died a lonely death. She felt all these things when she fought Ichigo without ever triggering her "switch" that is her instinctual need to kill. It is for this reason that she couldn't sleep yesterday because of her newly acquired fascination of Ichigo. Gabrielle's curiosity sparked an obsession and she wanted to get to know the man who clashed with her sword and the first one to ever walk out alive...

"Why did I let you live?"

It was puzzling to say the least. Perhaps it was destiny that the Angel met Orihime who then led her to him. Even in death, the Father's plans for her was still in effect for Gabrielle wouldn't have met these people other wise. The blonde woman tried to suppress a tear. So many centuries later and the loss of her Father was still as painful and as palpable as the day that He died in her arms but this was not the time to let such sentiments overwhelm her.

"I see..."

Meanwhile inside the barrier, Shinji and Hiyori double teamed the fully Hollowfied Ichigo. The blonde man figured that it would be best for them to be in pairs taking on the lizard-like Hollow as the strategy of fighting Ichigo alone became obsolete several minutes into the first battle. It had nothing to do with pride as they learned quickly that fighting the Substitute Shinigami one-on-one became increasingly difficult. It might have been easier when they took turns to take on Ichigo in order to subjugate his inner Hollow the first time. However this was farther from the truth as Hiyori -who was the first to take Ichigo on - was nearly incinerated as soon as she entered the barrier. The former Lieutenant survived only because she hastily donned her Hollow mask thus recovering quickly. Since then, teams of two have been rotating in 15 minute increments every hour for the last 2 hours and it wasn't getting any easier. It seemed that H. Ichigo was getting stronger every time they rotated and with this unexpected power up some of them were forced to release their Shikai. At this rate it will only be a matter of time before they either have to Hollowfy or use Bankai to survive...

Briefly Shinji looked Hachi's way and was surprised that they had spectators. Then his gaze fell on the blonde woman and he was taken aback at what he saw...

"Hiyori, times up! Let's go!"

Hiyori didn't need to be told twice as she gave the transformed Shinigami one last brutal kick that sent H. Ichigo towards a giant column and he crash through it. Using shunpo to get to the entrance swiftly, the pair exited out while Love and Rojuro entered. While the two of them kept H. Ichigo busy, Shinji and Hiyori walked towards the group who greeted the pair. Rias and Akeno giggled as Raynare and the diminutive former Lieutenant threw rather colorful insults at one another. The others sweat dropped as their argument turned a little too loud for comfort. Gabrielle stopped that nonsense immediately as she releases some her spiritual pressure that got their attention and looked at her in fear. Shinji stopped in front of the Arch Angel and comically squinted at her for a moment which made Gabrielle blush at his scrutiny...

"Gabrielle-chan is that you?"

Gabrielle smiled at him, she indeed remembered...

"It has been a long time Hirako-san!"

"I thought it was you, how have you been kiddo?"

"You do know that I'm too old being called a "kiddo" right?" she gently chided.

"Oh who cares about the details!" Shinji replied nonchalantly. "It's been a long time! So what's up?"

"How the hell you know this baldie?" Hiyori demanded.

"Hiyori-chan, language please!"

"Wait how do you know me?"

"Hiyori stop being a goofball coz you know who she is..."

As if to help jog Hiyori's memory, Gabrielle swept her long blond tresses into pig tails...

" that you blondie?"

"My hair is a little longer but it's me!"

Gabrielle gave Hiyori a hug...

"Lookin how long has it been since I saw you last?"

"Hmm, I believe 400 years ago when you were still in Shino Academy..."

"What has it been that long?" Hiyori asked nostalgically.

"So not only do you suck at fighting, you're an old lady too huh?" Raynare said off handedly. "Gee now it all make sense!"

""Shut the hell up you big boobie freak!"

"Hah, at least I have some to be proud of, you flat chested, snaggle toothed midget!" Raynare shot back.

The insults started flying again as the group listened to the back and forth between the two women. While Ichigo's friends sweat dropped at the vitriol thrown around while Rias and Akeno tried their hardest -but they were failing at it - to suppress from laughing out loud. Koneko and Yuuto just shrugged and went with it. Kensei looked at the arguing women half lidded while Mashiro couldn't control herself anymore and just started laughing openly outright. However the only person who wasn't amused at all was Gabrielle who was begging to have a large thick mark above her.


"Yes ma'am!" The two of them croaked.

"Now shake hands and apologize to each other!" Gabrielle said sternly.

"Aww Gabrielle-chan do I have to?" Hiyori whined.

"No way, what I said was the truth!" Raynare replied defiantly.

All Gabrielle did was give the two of them the "killer" stare and that was all it took for them to start shaking the other's hand while profusely spewing apologies and laughing rather comically...

"Still the stern disciplinarian aren't you Gabrielle-chan?" Shinji said grinning.

"Well someone has to be!"

"True, true..."

"So Hirako-san, how is the training progressing thus far?" Gabrielle wanted to know.

"Not good but we're keeping up with him so we're not getting overwhelmed yet. Though the more we drag this the more likely we will get over run. Letting a Hollow as strong as Ichigo go will not be a pleasant thing for everyone involved."

"I see. Thanks for letting me know."

"So why the sudden interest in Ichigo?" Shinji asked.

All that were present perked their ears up and listened into the conversation, curiosity getting the better of them...

"I needed a very strong sparring partner to help with my training." Gabrielle admitted. "I've been out of practice for 200 years and the only thing that I could think of returning to form is actual combat. I believe Ichigo will serve that purpose."

""I see but why though?" Shinji replied

"Ichigo has foreseen Aizen Sosuke's return. I wasn't here in Karakura's hour of need because of unfortunate circumstances. But now that I am, I will not let innocent blood spilled on my watch!" Gabrielle said her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Ok Gabrielle-chan we get it. Please don't scare us anymore with that evil glare of yours!" Shinji quipped half jokingly.

Gabrielle didn't have the chance to answer as all eyes were glued on Hollow Ichigo as he began to transform...

"Oh no...I-it's coming..." Rias whispered.

"Ahhhn!" Akeno shrieked out in ecstasy. Her cheeks glowing red from the pleasure from the rapidly skyrocketing spiritual pressure...

"There's no time to get all hot and bothered about all this Akeno-san!" Yuuto thought sweat dropping. The blonde Knight caught Koneko who immediately fainted. He looked at his surroundings and the humans weren't faring any better either...

"Get these guys out of here!" Shinji shouted.

Kensei, Mashiro, and Hiyori quickly grabbed the incapacitated teens and hastily ran up the stairs to the warehouse where there was little to no effects that Ichigo's titanically massive spiritual pressure was bearing upon them...

"ALL OF YOU HELP ME ERECT MORE BARRIERS!" Hachi shouted urgently.

The varied factions hastily added several more layers as the pressure inside the warehouse became almost impossible to breathe and an intolerable crushing feeling to that but the strongest to their knees. Orihime nearly fainted as her eyes wide as she witnessed the same transformation that Kurosaki-kun went through in his fight with Ulquiorra on top of the massive dome of Las Noches. The Lizard-like exterior that Ichigo appeared in melted away but the Hollow hole stayed and it seemed to come alive and gotten bigger mid-transformation. His orange hair elongated till it terminated halfway to his thighs. His solid medium built became even more muscular as he grew in height and gained more weight to balance his physical metamorphosis. Black tattoos began to emerge from his Hollow hole and radiated outward to his broad chest as tufts of red hair grew on his shoulders, the joints of his wrists and ankles. His hands still have the razor sharp claws that was more human-like but it still inspired terror as Ichigo's clawed feet easily gouged earth from the ground. Humanoid skull mask began to break up as black energy replaced the bone-like material with some thing different. The dreaded skull mask formed as Ichigo's black sclera yellow eyes vanish into a dark void. The tattoos then connected and crossed his eye sockets and formed an intricate heart shaped pattern on the surface. Finally the dreaded obsidian horns formed and completed the transformation. Right before them The Beast emerged and was loose once again.

Love and Rojuro didn't have a choice but to finally don their Hollow masks in order to escape catastrophic injury. The cuts they sustained from the transformation alone were already healing rapidly. Still they exerted their own spiritual pressure to ease the hellish conditions inside the barrier. As Ichigo's transformation completed and coincidentally enough he landed in the middle of the field emerging from the shattered remnants of a column when he crashed there from above. There was an eerie silence before they had to cover their ears and the entire basement seem to tremble as a visceral and inhuman roar came from Ichigo...


Most of the people present were -even if half of them were soldiers at one point - felt something in the pits of their stomach that they haven't felt for a long time: fear. Perhaps this feeling was equivalent to when they first succumbed to the Hollowfication but that was so long ago. It was a dark time in the chapters of their lives and they have conquered it since and used their Hollow powers to do some good ever since. Now a boy who shouldn't have been involved in spiritual matters has now surpassed them in power for he is the first Vizard among their exclusive club to transform beyond the initial Hollowfication. And what power it was -even in several layers of barriers - The Beast's enormous spiritual pressure can still be felt despite them. Sweat poured down on the faces of Rias, Akeno, Raynare,and Hachi as they struggled to keep their shields up or let alone concentrate on a simple matter as standing up.

The only person who was calm and collected was Gabrielle who stood unflinching and watching The Beast with extreme interest. Despite the chaos all around her, she felt a kind of peace that she hasn't felt in centuries. The creature before her might be grotesque to some but to her it was something beautiful to behold. It stirred something in her that the Angel thought died inside her: happiness. She was happy to feel this Hollow's dark aura. She was excited at the prospect of finally encountering someone who was as strong as her. Perhaps now Gabrielle can unleash her full might without restraint and the anticipation of doing so made her blood race through her veins in excitement. The Angel has always wondered if there were any limitations to her abilities and powers. Now she had someone who was strong enough to measure her capabilities. Finally she won't need to hold back anymore...


Oh uh, the Arch Angel must be really serious if she called him by his first name...

"Yes Gabrielle-chan..."

"Let me in. I will keep Ichigo busy." Gabrielle offered.

"Are you sure?"

The blonde Angel looked him squarely in the eyes and nodded. Shinji didn't like it but once Gabrielle has made up her mind, it was difficult to change her course once it is set. Raynare and the others were staring at her but Gabrielle ignored them, focusing her mind at the task at hand. Shinji sighed. This was getting dicier and dicier by the minute but he probably didn't have a choice in the matter...

"Hachi, let her in..."

"But Shinji..." Hachi protested.

"I will be ok Hachi-san..." Gabrielle replied. She gave hime a smile and the portly Vizard blushed. He shook his head and opened a door in the barriers. The others opened one as well...

"Good luck Gabrielle-chan. I hope that you find what your are looking for…"

Gabrielle smiled at him and then she suddenly closed in on the surprised Vizard and kissed him on the cheek...

"Thanks you, Shinji. I hope I do too..."

The Arch Angel then looked forward and walked into the field. Once inside she had to exert more of her power just to stand but it it excited her all the more. She casually walked to where Love and Rojuro were who was trying to wracking their brains of what to do.

"Good morning gentlemen!"

"Gabrielle-chan is that you?" Love asked.


"It is a pleasure to see you again Gabrielle-sama!"


Gabrielle gave them both a hug. Then she hooked her arm in to theirs forcing them to sheathing their weapons and started walking back towards where Hachi and the others were located. Then they saw an obsidian object twirling through the air and they all turned back to see where it was going. When they saw that The Beast caught it and as soon as it did so, it's arm swung down with so much force that a large swat of the ground began to shatter and break apart from the massive shock wave the move generated. The force was so great that the dislodged rock and debris began to rise rapidly to make a tall ridge that followed the trio. Not hesitating for a moment, Gabrielle grabbed her two companions tightly and shunpo'd out of the way. They reappeared where Shinji was waiting for them not too far away. The two confused Vizards looked between Gabrielle and Shinji and then at each other.

"It's nice to see you gentlemen again but I will take it from here." Gabrielle said seriously. "I'll make sure we catch up later so you'll could tell me what you guys have been doing for the last 200 years."

Love was about to protest but when he looked at Shinji he shook his head...

"Good luck to you my lady." Rojuro said kissing the back of her hand.

Gabrielle only smiled and with something completely random on her part she gave each of the Vizards present - a kiss on the cheek. Blushing in embarrassment, all of them walked through the opening in the barrier and left as Hachi closed the door when Shinji gave him the signal. Then the Arch Angel turned around facing the 30 foot tall wall in front of her. Gabrielle's beautiful green eyes flashed white and the wall before her exploded to rubble startling her audience in surprise! The Angel then walked calmly towards The Beast, chanting all the while. Once she invoked the last line, an incandescent light glowed right in front of her and when it died she was holding in her right hand golden sheathed sword and attached the weapon inside the belt of her shihakusho. Then she walked away...

"Will she be alright, considering that I haven't seen her in almost half a millennium?" Love asked.

"You know she will. Even then Gabrielle-chan's skills with the sword is nearly on par with the Captain-general. In many ways she too was one of his first disciples along with Captains Kyoraku, Ukitake, and Unohana." Rojuro added.

"Hey are you sure about this leaving her alone with Ichigo like this?" Raynare asked Shinji.

The man shrugged...

"Even among the Akuma, Gabrielle-san has as much admirers as there are those who fear her sword. When I was little my mother use to scare me to behave or the Arch Angel will come and get me..." Rias said off handedly.

"Oh my, I remember auntie telling that story at dinner once a few years back. So scary!" Akeno said shuddering.

No one had the chance to say anything else as as a blinding light shined at the battlefield. Looking at the sky was Gabrielle in all her glory, her 12 wings spread for all to see...

"I see that she's not playing around..." Shinji commented.

Indeed to use her full power as the Arch Angel of Heaven in the beginning of the battle was unprecedented. That she respects The Beast at all was surprising but they expected no less from the Strongest woman in Heaven. Then they felt massive amounts of magic gathering in her upheld hands and a large magic circle appeared on top of the artificial sky. Without warning a titanic lighting bolt flashed and struck The Beast's position. The resulting enormous explosion nearly broke through the barriers erected upon the basement but surprisingly they held when Shinji and the others added their strength with Hachi's. Several seconds later a powerful shock wave cleared the battlefield with dust and debris. A 5 mile crater dominated the landscape with The Beast floating in the middle of its smoldering maw. Then the two combatants vanished and engaged in a fierce battle of Titans. The astonished audience could barely keep up as they both criss-crossed the air like mad buzzards. The only indication that they existed at all was the large craters that appear in random intervals and the cacophonous sounds of two blades grinding upon each other can be heard. Each hit shook the basement as if an earthquake occurred. The landscape exploded as mile long trenches carved the ground expelling rock and debris and raining down on the field. Suddenly the two combatants appeared 50 feet from each other at the ground. Gabrielle was holding a 4 foot Kalis in her hand. It's beautiful undulating blade caught the light and it had a soft blue ethereal glow along its highly polished mirror-like surface. However the most astonishing thing about the whole scenario was that the Arch Angel has yet to unsheathe her Zanpakuto.

"What is she doing?" Raynare asked suddenly. "Shouldn't she be using that other weapon of hers as well? Kinda redundant if ya ask me!"

"I see so that's what she meant..." Shinji answered.

"What do you mean Hirako-san?" Rias asked.

"It's easy really. Gabrielle-chan is trying to get back her killer instinct by fighting a strong and relentless opponent after being absent for 200 years."

"Think of it this way. Do you have a bike?" Love asked.

"Oh I see. Once you learn to ride one you'll never forget, right? But the question is, how can anyone forget how to fight?"

"A lot of things has happened to her that may have taken her edge. If you want to know, you have to ask her yourself as I am not at liberty to discuss such matters without her permission."

"And another thing about Gabrielle-sama, she had always loved the adrenaline rush of battle. She never refused a challenge and you know that Ichigo is as challenging as they come. Maybe even more so..." Rojuro added.

"I-I see..." Rias replied frowning.

"Oh my, it seems that Ichi-kun has gotten serious!" Akeno said suddenly.

Indeed The Beast lowered it's head and an ominous glowing spirit energy began to charge rapidly and without warning it fired the a massive Cero. A projectile of enormous energy barreled it's way through the landscape, gouging a large trench and destroying the surrounding area and turning it to dust. But Gabrielle looked on calmly and she actually sheathed her sword which puzzled her audience all the more. She then extended her arms, her palms facing forward. Multiple magic circles appeared as a giant circular shield appeared before her in a 45 degree angle. As they felt her power flare, several layers of barriers appeared. The first layer was three circles intersecting one another. The second one another circle with glowing white wings spread wide and the last a giant circle with several intricate patterns written within. Then the black Cero slammed into the first shield. Visible cracks began to spider through its surface as each line evaporated into light and subsequently vanish into the air. After several seconds the first barrier shattered and hit the second one before it too broke apart like glass.

As the third barrier began to break apart as well, Gabrielle held the pommel of her sword. It was still puzzling as to why she has yet to unsheathe her Zanpakuto but nevertheless the weapon was still hanging on a sling behind her. The Angel then gathered massive amounts of magic making the golden sheathe of her other sword aglow. As the air around her got disturbed akin to an illusion of water on the street on a hot day, the Gabrielle stepped back, her left foot sinking as cracks on the ground spread underfoot. As the last shield disintegrated, the Angel's arm became a blur of motion. The move was so in-perceptible that as soon as any of them blinked her sword was already sheathed. However a massive arc of energy did the impossible and deflected the equally enormous energy projectile. The shock wave caused by the two techniques was so powerful that the very ground she stood on cracked and then broke apart. Still the power of the energy arc was still potent as it traveled in the air and hit one the mile high column like rock formations decorating the battle field. The energy arc cleanly bisected nearly one quarter of the formation which fell to the ground below. The subsequent shock wave came after and the rest of the column broke apart entirely and crumbled downward. At the same time the deflected Cero made its way toward the ceiling and caused a massive explosion. A column of energy making its way down towards her. Gabrielle's eyes widened as she made a mistake of under estimating The Beast's power. She had no choice but to use shunpo in conjunction of her own physical strength to dodge the smoldering inferno coming down her way and thus annihilating everything in its path...

As she reappeared Gabrielle raised her sword arm and instinctively blocked the incoming attack from above. The two combatants sank several feet into the ground, everything around them shattering while expelling debris into the air. Still seemingly at peace, Gabrielle let the pommel of her Zanpakuto go, reared her fist backwards and hit The Beast squarely at the face which the Hollow instinctively blocked. The power of the blow sent the creature several feet back before he was able to stop as it dug it's clawed feet gouging chunks from the ground. Normally such a counter attack would have sent the recipient several hundred feet or a thousand depending on how much strength she used and her mood but then again this attests to the monstrous power of her opponent. Hollow Ichigo and Gabrielle vanished. Thunderous shock waves continued to rock the basement and then a particularly powerful blast sent both of the combatants at the flying on opposite directions. The Beast slid and went through yet another column meanwhile Gabrielle gouged a trench on the ground bounced up and down like a rock couple of times before she went through several columns and crashed on the ground making a crater.

Gabrielle stood up a little slowly, her pristine Shino Academy uniform was dirty and ripped in places and blood was running down her beautiful face. Still she didn't panic nor was there fear her eyes. In fact, she looked disturbingly happy for some reason...

"I-is she laughing?" Raynare asked.

"Looks like it." Rias said. "Though I don't know why..."

"It's because her blood is boiling in excitement!" Akeno replied. "Can you not feel her power growing Buchou? Ichi-kun has finally awakened her spirit..."

"How can an Arch Angel get even stronger?" Rias thought horrified.

"I see. She's finally ready..." Shinj commented.

"What was she preparing for?"

"Watch and see..."

Gabrielle stuck her Kalis on the ground and began to reach for her Zanpakuto...

"Is that what I think it is?" Rias asked in wonder.

"Yes Buchou you have finally noticed..."

Raynare was too stunned to speak. The Angel looked like she was closing her eyes as held her sword pommel near her face. When she did open them, the friendly and warmth associated with Michael's sister vanished and in its place were eyes devoid of emotion as they narrowed into the cold and merciless eyes of a killer. All who witnessed the change in her demeanor felt the jolt of fear running up their spines. Her Zanpakuto then began glow when she said these words...

"Ignite, Yo no Hikari!" (Light of the world)

to be continued...

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