Chapter 2

Hell hath no fury part II

Meanwhile in the battlefield

Akeno was panting for breath as she struggled to stand up or die a miserable death...again. Abarai-san was at the moment engaging Kokuto with the strange snake-like sword that seemed to be alive and hissed at the enemy. She looked on in fascination as the giant head lunged with great force that sent the Sinner skidding backwards, kicking up dust and debris high into the gloomy sky. Kokuto managed to stop the snake after awhile and would have done considerable damage to the zanpakuto until the shaggy snake head open it's mouth and an eerie red glow began to coalesce inside...


Akeno watched in astonishment as the segmented snake seemed to separate temporarily as the massive amounts of energy went along it's length and then discharged as a beam of concentrated beam at the Sinner at point blank range and destroying huge swats of ground into dust! Koneko and Kiba were by her side at this point when she looked to her side and saw the disbelief that was plastered on their faces. She herself was guilty of dismissing the Shinigami as well but to witness the sheer speed and the unbelievable power of Kurosaki Ichigo in his beast form and now Abarai-san's display, it was a rather humbling experience to say the least!

"I-I w-wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it..." Koneko murmured. "So much power..."

"Indeed, these Shinigami are something else..." Kiba commented. "Glad we're on the same side at least for now..."

The black haired "Queen" had to agree, the Shinigami were indeed an organization to be reckoned with. They were once relegated as myth and she thought that someone either went to Heaven or Hell depending on the sins that burdened the soul upon death. But then how would a soul get to it's destination if there was no one to guide it? It would seem the Shinigami were a hidden but essential component of a complicated system whose information she was not privy to as fascinating as it was Akeno blinked as the smoke cleared from ground zero and her eyes widened at the destruction the snake has wrought! Her eyes then narrowed however as she noticed that Kokuto wasn't finished after all! The said Sinner had horrible burns but as a condition of his eternal punishment; Hell was inadvertently helping the enemy as his wounds began to slowly heal. Good now she can get a little payback on the bastard for making her look like a fool in front of her friends. Rias would be ashamed of her if the red head found out she was having trouble putting someone down. Then Renji having exhausted the last of his spiritual energy dropped his sword. The snake dissipated and turned back into a zanpakuto and fell face first onto the ground. Akeno looked in worry but they were Shinigami after all. They seemed to be far more durable than they look. It would behoove her to thank Lt. Abarai for the opening they needed to press the attack, later when everything calms down a bit and he's all healed up...

"On my signal, you two will attack that bastard until he goes down. Let us take advantage of the little gift that Abarai-san has given us. Let us show them our strength and what Rias Gremory's peerage could do!"

Akeno's two companions nodded in agreement. The pride of being Rias' servants was in the line after all and they didn't want to be shown up by the Shinigami. As Koneko bulldozed her way towards the Sinner and Kiba vanishing with his incredible speed; Akeno unfurled her delicate black wings and took herself up in the the air. The black haired Akuma whispered a spell and murky clouds above her swirled about violently as lightning lit up the horizon and thunder roared throughout the sky. A lightning bolt suddenly struck the injured Kokuto and he barely dodged the attack. However, the little silver haired girl finally arrived and lowered her shoulder and struck him viciously in the breadbasket sending him hurling through the hills and smashing through several of them to pieces from the tremendous blow.

The Sinner roared in rage as the hill he landed on evaporated to atoms as his spiritual pressure increased. Then Kiba appeared right in front of him and with a 4 foot long sword with a curved blade which danced several times in rapid succession and when the Knight was finished he vanished while Kokuto's body erupted in a fountain of blood from the numerous slash wounds he was inflicted with. Koneko smashed through the remnants of the hills like some unstoppable juggernaut and made her way toward the Sinner. She ducked his initial attack and the diminutive silver haired girl counter attacked with a vicious haymaker that he blocked, his entire body sliding several feet and ground behind him crumbled to rubble from the massive shockwave that she generated from the punch alone.

"I suggest that you steer clear Koneko-chan!" Akeno told her telepathically.


Koneko punched the Sinner with enough force to destroy the ground around them and sent him hurtling toward a side of a cliff and Kokuto found himself buried in a crater several feet deep along the rock's surface. Then Akeno - who was high above observing her companion's progress - finished chanting a spell and lighting suddenly flashed rapidly in the sky and then a massive lightning bolt struck Kokuto in a spectacular explosion as solid rock literally evaporated and taking a huge chunk off the cliff face. The smell of ozone and burning flesh permeated in the air and Akeno who was blushing in pleasure as she congratulated herself and saw her strongest spell annihilated several tons of rock and debris into dust and surely would have taken out the Sinner. Even if she didn't kill him, he would be easy pickings for her friends and the Shinigami considering the massive damage that he would have suffered from the lightning strike. The black haired Vice President landed and put her wings away as she walked and tried to observe the results of her hard work.


A massive beam of energy hurtled it's way towards the Vice President as she froze and looked in awe at the power behind it. Putting up a barrier would have been useless anyway as she of all Akuma has been caught off guard as the attack was already right in her face before she could react. She closed her eyes and regrets only that she wouldn't be by Rias' side and she will no longer be the red head's loyal servant. Considering of course that the energy projectile would probably atomize her body and there would be nothing left to resurrect her with there after. Even Buchou with her considerable power would have a hard time trying to regenerate and heal her body if she only had scraps to work with! She resigned herself to the inevitable and then she felt a massive build up of energy behind her and heard the words...


Ichigo was already charging with a massive Getsuga as he sensed a powerful energy projectile coming from the cliff face and was heading towards the black haired girl. The strawberry noticed and wondered why didn't she try to dodge or defend herself and he realized that she must have been caught off guard by that bastard Kokuto's surprise attack! From the looks of things, she must go to the same school as Rias considering they were wearing the similar skimpy uniform! He might not know who she is but regardless, the instinctual need to protect kicked in and he charged his signature attack to it's maximum. His zanpakuto glowed with trails of black spiritual energy and with incredible speed he got in front of Rias' friend and he unleashed the attack. The strawberry then grabbed her and vanished using shunpo as the two energy projectiles collided, fought for dominance briefly, and then lit up the sky in a bright light as a massive explosion occurred that chewed through the cliff face. Below a 800 foot crater appeared with a depth of about 300 ft. as tons of massive rocks were raised about 200 ft above the ground around its edges.

Akeno perked her ears as she heard a voice and found herself being gently carried by someone. She carefully opened an eye to take a peak and she blushed as found herself face to face with a deliciously handsome orange haired stranger. Ah yes she remembers now this strapping yummy specimen of the male species is Kurosaki Ichigo. But what is he doing back in Hell? Didn't Buchou escaped with him to the human world so that he wouldn't turn into a ravenous, dark beast of unimaginable power and destruction? He asked her if she was alright and nodded her head dumbly in response. The Vice President's eyes then looked past her savior's hot body and she couldn't help but her jaws drop as she observed the devastation that his power has generated. Even if he wasn't "The Beast," Kurosaki-san seemed to have power a plenty and it made her all gooey inside just thinking how fun and...pleasurable it would be to challenge him to a sparring match. Imagining the fight just made her all hot and bothered inside...

"Oi...are you sure you're alright?"

The words have broken through her reverie and blinked at him for a moment before she recognized that he was addressing her...

"Yes and thank you for...saving my life!" Akeno looked at him blushing.

Ichigo blushed himself and tried to brush it off...

"Don't worry about it." Ichigo said nonchalantly. "You guys did well for holding the bastard off for this long. Now I'll tag you out and let me handle this..."

"Are you sure?" the black haired girl asked. "Buchou has ordered us to keep Kokuto busy after all you know. We can't disobey her just because a hot handsome knight appears out of nowhere says so..."

"Did she just hit on me? Nah!" Ichigo thought his ears blushing all the while. "It looks like you are exhausted...err..."

"Himejima Akeno...pleasure to meet you Kurosaki Ichigo."

Akeno held her hand out and Ichigo reluctantly shook it. Then on a random whim on the Vice President's part, she got hold of his hand and held it right in between her enormously soft breasts. She tried her best not to giggle too openly while Ichigo looked like he was going to have an aneurism as he comically tried to let go but she got him on a vice like grip. They were unaware as magic circle drew itself on the ground and someone emerged a few seconds later...


"Oh hi Buchou, glad for you to join us!"Akeno said rather cheerily.

"And what pray tell are you doing to Ichigo?" Rias said annoyed. "This better be good, Akeno!"

"Why I was rewarding Kurosaki-san in his part for saving my life!"

"I see..."

Then her comical glare turned its evil eye on Ichigo...

"And you...what do you have to say for yourself!" she growled pointing an accusing finger at him.

"I have no idea what the hell you're talking about!" Ichigo replied. Then he looked at Akeno and shouted. "And can I have my hand back now!"

"Aww, I kinda like your big strong hand nestled in between my breasts Kurosaki-san!" she replied pouting.

They both heard a sigh...

"Fine, if you can't beat em...join em." Rias said resigned. "I guess I wouldn't mind sharing. Because she is my best friend after all!"

Ichigo found his hand squeezed in between two heavenly soft pillows...

"Aww that's rather very generous of you Buchou!"

"So I better not hear complaints that I don't do anything for you!" Rias said seriously.

"Of course are the best Buchou ever anyway."

"Thank you I'm glad that you think so..."

Ichigo who was bleeding in the nose already finally wrested his arm away from the two girls and comically backed away...

"Y-you girls...are so...evil!" Ichigo managed to say.

The two of them smirked at him...

"Why I am surprised at you Ichigo!" Rias said smiling at him. "We are not "evil" as you say. Because after all..."

Rias looked at Akeno and she smiled as the black haired girl understood...

"Because after all we are only two hot looking Akuma!" Akeno said cutely.

Rias covered her mouth to suppress a giggle. Ichigo looked at her only for the red haired beauty to wink at the blushing strawberry as he looked away. The red haired heiress then gave her best friend a nudge and immediately Akeno knew to follow her lead. With great embarrassment on her part, Rias went behind the black haired girl and grabbed her breasts to give them a good squeeze that made Akeno squeal in surprise and delight. Then she started giving her Vice President a massage that understandably made her a little...excited as moans of pleasure escaped from her luscious mouth. The black haired girl was chewing helplessly at her forefinger as Rias' hands roamed, squeezed, and pinched the Vice President's voluptuously soft breasts. Ichigo couldn't help but gape at the amazing sight and needless to say, the blood from his nose was comically spraying everywhere. With Rias' beautiful face cheek to cheek with Akeno, she decided to tease the already flustered strawberry some more...

"Oh Ichigo, please do come back in one peace 'kay?" Rias said in a sultry voice. "If you're a good boy and do that for me; I might consider rewarding you with an even more "interesting" show! Isn't that right Akeno?"

"Hmm, it's only -ahnn- because I want to show my appreciation to you -ahh- Kurosaki-san that I would let Buchou have -aaa- her way with me!" Akeno replied. "Aww look Buchou, -kyah!- h-he's blushing. Isn't he so cute?"

"Whatever!" Ichigo said flustered. "I-I'll go handle Kokuto. You girls stay here, understand!"

Before the two girls could formulate a reply, the strawberry already disappeared...

Rias let Akeno go since their captivated audience of one has departed the premises. The black haired Vice President then turned to take a good look at Rias - still understandably flushed - and said to her...

"Oh my...he's so adorable Buchou." Akeno said conversationally. "I never had so much fun working up someone like that!"

"Yes, Ichigo is rather easy to tease!" Rias replied giggling. "So...what do you think of him?"

"Honestly, he's hot, funny, brave, and powerful. I'm sure there's more to him than what he's showing on the surface but trying to pry his every little secret would be the fun part. In other words, I think he's perfect!"

"Oh I already know that..."

Then they heard a deafening explosion and felt the strong gust of wind as the shockwave caught up to where they were...

"Is he going to be alright Buchou?" Akeno said worriedly.

"Yes...we have witnessed his power for ourselves." Rias said looking in the distance. "Why wouldn't he be okay?"

"Of course Buchou...I should have known better." she replied smiling.

Rias then turned her head as Koneko and Kiba came running up to them...

"Buchou I'm so glad that you're here!" Koneko exclaimed.

Rias smiled and she put her hand on top of the silver haired girl's hair and mussed it up playfully...

"So are we going to help him Buchou?" Kiba asked.

"No...Ichigo told me that he will deal with Kokuto." Rias answered. "And I may only know him for a day but I believe that he keeps his promises..."

Koneko and Kiba looked at her and then at each other in astonishment. They have never seen Rias acting like a maiden waiting for her knight to sweep her away off into the sunset. The two of them then gazed at Akeno for an explanation on her weird behavior but the black haired Vice President smiled mysteriously, gave them a knowing look, and then shook her head as if to say that it was a big secret for now and maybe she will give them the juicy details later. Still puzzled the two of them surrounded their Buchou - to protect her out of habit - as Rias observed the fierce battle from down below. The red haired girl's patience was rewarded as more thunderous claps of shockwaves rocked the area and she felt Ichigo's power skyrocket to heights unheard of in Hell. Still Rias can't help but worry as she knew that he may lose the battle with the demon inside him and if the "The Beast" should escape again, then there was no stopping her brother from destroying him. That titanic battle that would surely follow will destroy Hell itself. The red head shuddered to think about the dire consequences if she didn't go help him now...

"Akeno, Kiba, Koneko-chan...I have decided that we will help Ichigo after all. There is a high risk that Hell's influence will release "The Beast" inside him and we must prevent that at all costs!"

"Even if we have to kill Kurosaki-san?" Kiba asked seriously.

Rias blinked at her Knight for a moment...

"I-if w-we have to be it!"

"Then we will just have to prevent Kurosaki-san from turning into "The Beast" now don't we?" Akeno said looking at Rias. "There is no need for extreme measures so early in the game..."

The red haired girl looked at Akeno in appreciation and her confidence returned...

"Yes, Akeno is right! We will turn to killing as the last resort. If we assist Ichigo then surely we can ease the burden he has on his shoulders and thus preventing him from ever turning into a rampaging monster in the first place."

"What ever you say Buchou..." Koneko murmured.

"I don't mind having another shot at that bastard Kokuto." Kiba said. "Helping Kurosaki-san fight will give me that chance..."

"It seems that everyone is in agreement Buchou." Akeno announced.

"Thank you...all of you." Rias said to them proudly. "Now let's show what Akuma can really do!"

Everyone cheered in unison and then made their way down from their vantage point. Still Rias couldn't help but worry...

With Ichigo...

Kokuto was surprised that Ichigo would come after him of all people. He smirked. Not that he's complaining but it does make things a little easier for the strawberry to free him. Curiosity though nagged at the Sinner and so he asked...

"Here to avenge your sister eh?"

"Not that you care but she's actually fine." Ichigo replied. "I'm here to get my friends back..."

"You seem to misunderstand a thing or two about Hell. You see this realm has already bound them in chains."

Ichigo followed the Sinner's gaze at a tree of bones where Rukia, Uryu, and Renji were rotting and bound in Hell chains on their chests. This concerned the strawberry greatly, he needed to turn into a mindless rampaging beast to unshackle the chains with sheer raw power alone and in succumbing to his Hollow's control would destroy this place and the World of the Living as well. That was not an option he was willing to risk. He has come here to defeat Kokuto and that's what exactly he was going to do. Nothing more, nothing less...

"It seems as the petite Shinigami woman is ready to be resurrected."

A lava bubbled and Rukia emerged with a white kimono covering her and a Hell chain wound on her chest. She winced in pain and her eyes widened as she noticed Ichigo for the first time...

"Why is he here...again?" Rukia asked herself. "That idiot!"

Rukia didn't have time to think things through before Kokuto suddenly appeared behind her and grasped her chain and held her close. The petite Shinigami nearly screamed in agony but gritted her teeth. She wasn't going to give the bastard the satisfaction!

"The fundimental rule of Hell is this: Those who are bound by the chains can be revived countless of times and if the Hell chain is not broken then no one can escape this place." Kokuto explains.

"Then I'm just gonna have to break them myself don't I?"

"You should be proud that Ichigo is so dependable is he not Shinigami?" Kokuto asked. "While you're trying to free your friends will you cut my chains as well?"

"Oh my, that will not do, not all!" someone said behind Kokuto.


Kokuto found himself leaning to the side as a bolt of lightning went past his head and struck one of the pillar and leveling it to rubble. He was then forced to let go of Rukia as another bolt struck from above. Rukia then found herself getting carried like a sack of potatoes over some a handsome blonde man's shoulder...

"So sorry the accommodations. Buchou just slapped on a plan to get you and your friends out of harm's way."

"Umm okay?" Rukia replied puzzled.

Ichigo saw Kiba snatched Rukia away and he looked to his left and saw that Renji and Ishida safe. He sighed. Figures that Rias would disagree with his advice to leave Kokuto to him. Now all he had to do was beat this bastard so they could all go home. Though he was glad that she went and did things her own way, his friends wouldn't be safe if the red head didn't follow her whims. It seems that this will be another debt to the heiress that he needed to pay. The Substitute then flared his spiritual pressure, black tendrils of reiautsu surrounding the obsidian surface of his zanpakuto and then he appeared in front of Kokuto and attacked which the Sinner promptly blocked with his own blade. The Sinner then grabbed him on the face and hurled Ichigo away as the strawberry broke through several branches. He reoriented himself and used the next branch like a spring to bounce back up and used shunpo to get in Kokuto's face instantly and tried to bisect the Sinner in half. The Substitute Shinigami's attack however failed as Kokuto dodged to his right and thereby missing him and slicing nearly 1 quarter of the tree of bones. The Sinner appeared behind him, grabbed the back of his head, lifted him up and then smashed him into the remnants of the trees. He then threw him down below where the strawberry's momentum created a crater. Kokuto then went down and started stamping on his chest and then his face into the ground...

"You are naive if you think you can defeat me without using your mask." Kokuto berated him. "It doesn't matter how resolved you are either because that will get you nowhere."

However, Kokuto retreated when felt a beam of energy from the side, missing him and then continued on to the far cliff and lit it up in a massive explosion...

"Damn, I missed!" Rias pouted.

She still had her left arm up, her palm facing forward while incandescent crimson energy permeated her soft delicate hand. The Sinner glared at him and the Gremory Heiress scowled at him back as she walked towards Ichigo, stoop down, and held her right hand to him to pull him up. The strawberry's eyes however, focused in on the rather delicious cleavage that her lacy red bra and school uniform can't seem to contain. At some point Rias has unbuttoned the first two buttons from her shirt and however, unintentional the move may have been, her unabashed flaunting of her luscious body made Ichigo pay attention to his growing embarrassment. Rias smirked at him and that made him sweat considering the outrageous and unpredictable things she'll do to get a rise out of him...

"Mmm, hey Ichigo. See something that you like?" Rias asked in a sultry voice.

"I-I err...yes..I m-mean no, dammit!" Ichigo said blushing and looking away. He changed the subject. "I thought I told you that I'm handling this?"

"And you're doing a good job of it my dear Ichigo." Rias said rather sassily.

Ichigo rolled his eyes...

Instinctively, he grabbed a surprised Rias around her waist, careful not to grab anything too sensitive because she will probably tease him about molesting her in public and then turns around and whispers to him in that sexy sultry voice of hers that she only likes him harassing her anyway and that he can let his idle hands do unspeakable things to her if he wanted. She wouldn't mind at all. In fact, she welcomes it! Ichigo's entire face and neck turned red as comical steam blew out of his ears and blood squirted from his nose. By Kami, what the hell was he thinking? Remembering the task at hand, he tightened his hold on her and used shunpo to evade the attack and only appearing far away to get their bearings. Rias then encircled his neck with her arms and looked lovingly in his eyes. The action didn't help matters much as her rather considerable assets smashed into his chest and leaving a very distracting view of her cleavage. A light blush was staining her cheeks...

"Mmm, I like it when you're so...aggressive!"

"Can we talk about this later and what does a Substitute Shinigami have to do to keep you on the sidelines?"

"What ever do you mean?" Rias said rather innocently.

Ichigo could tell she wasn't sincere at all...

"Let me be blunt then, you and that sexy ass body of yours is distracting me, dammit!"

"So you admit that you like to look at my body?"

It was already too late, when Rias was on a roll and she couldn't help but tease him relentlessly...


Rias giggled and Ichigo scowled and looked away. The Heiress grabbed his head so that she could gaze into his gorgeous brown eyes and told him...

"If this is what you ask of me then I will comply with your request. Just so you know though, I'll bother and tease you later when this whole debacle is finished. Just the principal of missing the opportunity to do so seems very wrong to me. Hmm, now that I think about it, I'm actually looking forward to turning you into putty in my hands..." She said rather cheerfully.

"Uh right whatever, floats your boat Rias."

"Why Ichigo what a thing to say!" Rias said in mock shock. "The only thing that is capable of floating my boat or sinking my battleship is you after all!"

"Glad to hear it..."

"And I'm glad that you're glad..."

"Can I have my head back now?" Ichigo asked half lidded.

"But what if I don't wanna?" Rias said rather petulantly.

Kami why the hell does she look so damn cute for?


"Sigh. Fine!" Rias said puffing her cheeks. "And you better wrap this up quickly, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

Rias nodded her head and started to walk away from him. Ichigo however, noted the way her hips seductively swayed from side to side. Then she leaned forward a little bit and that action showed him an eyeful of her lacy red underwear. She looked back at him with her lips pursed and a her left forefinger touching the side of her mouth.

"Will you get out of here?" Ichigo shouted frustratingly.

If he didn't die from fighting Hollows or get out of this fight with that bastard in one piece, then Rias' devilish ways -no pun intended - would surely be the death of him. She enchanted a magic circle, stepped in the middle, and managed to tease him one last time while she vanished. The red head leaned forward and squeezed her considerable assets together and touched herself in a very provocative manner. Ichigo shook his head. He vanished in shunpo and continued his clash with Kokuto...


Rukia looked on with worry as Ichigo continued to fight the Sinner down below. She then looked behind her and was glad the Renji and Ishida were doing fine. Like her, they were wearing a white kimono and a Hell Chain wound on their chests. She then focused on the strangers that saved their lives. From what Renji managed to brief her, these three were Akuma but what's puzzling was why would they help them at all? They looked down as a massive Getsuga exploded that nearly blew all of them off their vantage point. When the shockwaves finally calmed down, she knew immediately that Ichigo wasn't waging one fight but two as she saw him ripped half the mask that was forming on his face. The beautiful black haired girl and breasts that would rival even Lt. Matsumoto's walked up to the petite Shinigami and looked on grimly.

They both collectively gasped as Ichigo was being beaten every step of the way. Akeno nearly cried when she heard him scream in pain as the lava burned his left hand nearly rendering it useless. She would have intervened and found herself angered by this, but a hand steadied her shaking hand and was surprised that the petite woman smiled at her.

"I know it doesn't look good right now but take it from a person who knows him personally and who has fought side by side hunting Hollows, that idiot is going to do just fine." Rukia said to her.

"She is right Akeno, you need not worry about him."

"Ah it's you Buchou..."

Rukia looked at the red head that stopped beside the black haired girl called Akeno and petite Shinigami could tell that she was putting up a front. It seemed that this "Buchou" person was worried about Ichigo and it seemed that his "magic" has worked even on a couple of Akuma it seemed. She shook her head and wondered why the idiot was always attracting the strangest people? Then they were all driven to their knees as Ichigo's spiritual pressure spiked tremendously. To their horror, "The Beast" slowly got up and let out a haunting bestial roar. But all was not lost as he seemed to struggle inside of him.

"ICHIGO!" Rukia screamed.

"Oh my it seemed that Kushanada have decided to make an appearance of all times..." Akeno said.

"Onii-sama, what is the meaning of this..." Rias asked telepathically.

"The others have pressured me to have the Kushanada on standby just in case Kurosaki Ichigo lost control. Seeing that he did, their outstanding orders are to devour him if his aura even fluctuates or risk him turning back into that rampaging monster and destroy our home and therefore destroying the World as well. I'm sorry sister but my hands are tied in this..."

"I see...I understand..."

"You better hurry up and finish transforming Ichigo or risk getting devoured by the Kushanada." Kokuto said to him. "But then again you're going to end up being resurrected anyway and I'm sure that you will regret it when it happens so you better destroy Hell right now! So what are you going to do eh Ichigo?"

"Who would be a monster?"

To the astonishment of Sinner and the three girls above the cliff face, Ichigo repeated the question and then reached up and broken the horn at it's base. The transformation begins to break down as his pale skin and mask disintegrates leaving his muscular frame behind. Rias and her Vice President began to drool comically at the sight and Rukia looked at them and sweat dropped.

"Are you that pathetic that just because you can't get what you want that revenge is the only thing that would satisfy you and make every one else miserable as you are?"

Rukia and the others gasps as Ichigo was seemed to be oblivious of the Kushanada climbing the tower where he was. The idiot continued his little speech. When they finally get out of here, she's going to have to talk to him about situational awareness and she would probably kick him in the shins for good measure for worrying her too much...

"Though I came back here to save my friends, I will not sacrifice innocent bystanders." Ichigo declared. "I SWEAR THAT I WILL FIGHT TO MY LAST BREATH IF NEED BE TO STOP YOU!"

As he broke the remaining remnants of his Hollow transformation, a Kushanada appeared right behind him and reached out to him with a gigantic hand. Rukia screamed for him to run and Akeno looked away helplessly. Rias who had tears in her eyes couldn't help but watch as the giant was about to smash Ichigo. But just as there seemed to be no hope left, a miracle occurred. The hand that covered the strawberry glowed in a golden light. The petite Shinigami looked at her companions were shocked when the Kushanada stopped moving in an aggressive manner and seemed to retreat.

"GO AHEAD ICHIGO DESTROY THEM ALL!" Kokuto said maniacally laughing.

Then the Kushanada's hand begin to dissolve and to their surprise Ichigo was surrounded by an eerie golden light. The arm's remains formed some kind of armor on the left side of his body. The Kushanada then lent more of their power to the Substitute and golden pillar of light exploded leaving shockwaves that nearly made all of them fly off the perch of the cliff they were standing on. Unfortunately for Rukia, she was blown off the cliff. Akeno already had her wings extended before they felt someone unseen cut the unconscious Renji and Uryuu's chains off and save the petite girl and landing on the tower below the cliff. Rukia looked in astonishment as she examined her chest and her chain on the ground. She looked up and wasn't surprised that her savior was Ichigo. Rukia then did a double take and she noticed that he was now wearing golden armor made of bones.

Above the cliff, Kiba and Koneko joined Rias and Akeno looking down at the astonishing sight before them. Never in her long life has the red haired girl seen the Kushanada behave so oddly that it defied explanation. And for the guardians of Hell to lend a stranger and a human their power was unheard of indeed. Rias looked in fascination at the golden armor of bones that Ichigo was wearing and she could have sworn that she saw that outfit somewhere in a tome before but she couldn't quite remember what the title was at the moment. She knew that nagging feeling of familiarity would probably nag her to death until she recalls but there was more pressing matters to attend to. Down below she heard Kokuto ranting...

"What did you do and what the hell is that thing you're wearing?" Kokuto demanded.

"Let me ask you this. Did your sister wanted you to avenge her?"

The Sinner looked at him in bewilderment and answered.

"Get to the point..."

"Did your sister wished for you to go on a killing spree trapped in a cycle of revenge and thus making her eternally miserable? My friends didn't want me to seek vengeance but only to stop you. And you know what, Hell agrees with me. It would rather help a human than see your miserable ass escape your prison!"

The golden armor begins to glow...

" helping...a human?" Kokuto asked no one in particular. "IT CANNOT BE!"

The Sinner couldn't accept the concept of Hell helping a human and he attacked Ichigo...

Ethereal power begins to surround Tensa Zangetsu and a large golden wave of power made a gigantic gash that ripped the tower apart. The beam attack damaged the Sinner's chains and sent him flying backwards. When the smoke cleared a massive rut was in front of Ichigo and Kokuto was at the edge bleeding from a garish wound on his chest. Then the last chain that bound him to Hell fell down. He looked surprised and then elation...


However, his celebration was short lived as countless chains emerged from the rut and began to impale him and wrapped around his body till he couldn't move anymore...

"This is retribution because you deceived Hell." Ichigo said raising his sword and pointing at the Sinner, an ethereal glow again surrounding his zanpakuto and his bone armor. "Now atone for your sins in Hell!"

Purple-red flames began to erupt from the ground and closed around Kokuto like a claw and the chains dragged him deep into the earth. The Sinner screamed as if in agony and as the ground closed from above him and Ichigo grabbed Rukia and used shunpo to get on top of the skull as the tower collapsed from the action of dragging the Sinner down into the depths of Hell. Sunlight begins to penetrate the cloud cover as the army of Kushanada still bowed down before him from below the cliff. The strawberry cheered as he congratulated himself on a job well done and Rukia smiled at him.

"Uh, so where is Renji and Uryu anyway?"

"I think they were on top of the cliff where your red haired "super friend" deposited their unconscious bodies and her people are taking care of them." Rukia said smirking.

Ichigo looked at her embarrassed.

"Honestly, Ichigo. You attract the strangest people, you weirdo!"

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about midget!" Ichigo retorted hotly.

"Well for starters stop calling me midget...strawberry!"

Rukia had her measure of revenge kicking her best friend's shins which made Ichigo hop comically up and down in pain...

Meanwhile the others with Renji and Uryu in tow went down the cliff...

"Man what the hell happened?" Renji asked groggily.

"Yeah, my body feels stiff and aches all over." Uryu said.

"Don't be such a babies and deal with it!" Rukia told them. "You were mostly out of it but you were bound by the chains too that's why!"

"Renji what is she talking about being bound in chains?"

"Don't ask me...I don't know what's she's talking about either."

"Well it looks like were about done here..." Uryu commented.

"So where did that bastard Kokuto go anyway?" Renji wondered.

"I believe that he is the lowest depths of Hell being punished rather severely I might add..." Akeno commented.

"Ah Himejima-san it's nice to know that you're alright..."

Akeno blushed and was rather surprised that he would care about her...

"Thank you, it is thanks to Kurosaki-san that you, I, and everyone else is safe..." she replied.

The two of them saw Ichigo for the first time and looked shocked at the strawberry's appearance...

"Kurosaki what in the world is that thing you're wearing?" Uryu asked.

Ichigo looked at his friends and said...

"I'm not sure really. This is the power that the Kushanada gave me and to tell you the truth it's feels rather strange..."

"Ah I remember now..."

Everyone looked at Rias and was curios as to what she was talking about...

"That my dear Ichigo is the Golden Retribution, a sacred gear that gives its wearer the full might and fury of Hell itself. Added to your already considerable powers had made you like royalty. You should be honored, you are the first human that was given to privilege to wear it."

"Uh wow..." Ichigo said.

"Great, now you wield the power of Hell too...geez man you're really something." Renji told Ichigo.

"You're so hopeless Kurosaki. That's why everybody takes advantage of you so much!" Uryu added.

"I think we better give them some time alone don't you?" Rukia asked.

"Yes, Buchou would really appreciate it if we did give them a little space..." Akeno said smiling.

"Huh what are you girls talking about?" Renji said puzzled.

Rias slowly went up to Ichigo and looked shyly to him. She wasn't surprised though that he would accomplish the impossible. For her leaders to lend Golden Retribution to a human was rather unheard of. She would have to ask her brother if giving the strawberry the bone armor a part of the contingency plan. The red head blushed, the golden armor hugging his muscular frame was making her dizzy. It looked good on him and she was doing all she could not to do something that would cause a scandal and besmirch her family name. Besides she was in front of an of an unknown audience other than her peerage and strangely enough she feels awkward and shy in front of strangers. The Substitute looked at her strangely and prepared himself for whatever prank the red head was about to unleash on him. Surprisingly enough, she just threw herself at him. Ichigo quickly stuck his zanpakuto on the ground and caught the crying Rias in her arms. She hugged him tightly as if she didn't want to let him go and started crying on his chest. As he glared at his hollering friends, he awkwardly rubbed her back trying to comfort her...

"You're such a jerk Ichigo!" Rias said crying.

"Huh? What did I do?" Ichigo asked.

"For making me worry you meanie!" she retorted back.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes..." she admitted.

Ichigo looked at her and was touched that she cared about him so much. Well considering that he didn't really know her very well. Except of course of the fact that she's a shameless flirt that is...

"But as you can see I'm alright now..."Ichigo told her assuredly. He caressed her cheek with a hand and she blushed madly.

"You're going to have to promise me that you won't do something crazy again...okay?"

"Can't say I'll be able to fulfill that promise but what I will do is that I will try not to get hurt too badly..."


"Because you already know the what lengths I will do to fight and save those that are important to me."

Rias gazed in his eyes and saw the determination in them...

"Fine..." she said relenting. "I guess I'll be looking forward to punishing you for breaking your promise to me..."

"And what do you mean about that?" Ichigo asked her nervously.

The red head smiled and covered his lips with her delicate fingers...

"You're just going to find out..." she replied seductively.

Rias leaned in to try and kiss him but they were unfortunately interrupted. The red haired glared at friends for daring to interfere...

"Hey I hate to bother you guys with your intimate moment but fricking get a room why don't you!" Rukia said blushing.

"Oh my, so scandalous..." Akeno commented.

Koneko who was beside her sempai nodded in agreement while Kiba whistled a tuneless song...

"Way to go Ichigo you stud muffin you!" Renji said smirking. "Congratulations for roping a pretty hot chick even if she is and Akuma and all..."

"Anyway why don't you remove that garish outfit Kurosaki." Uryu said pushing his glasses in. "It's actually giving me the creeps..."

"Yeah good idea..."

"Umm Ichigo...I wouldn't do that..."

Ichigo concentrated and the bone armor disappeared and as soon as he did so all the Kushanada began to move and tried to attack them again...

"...if I were you." Rias said. "Dammit, Akeno send those three back to the World of the Living. Koneko-chan, Kiba-kun you may go back to the mansion and wait for us there."

"What are you going to do Rias-sama?" Koneko asked.

"I'm going to get stay with this idiot and help him teleport out of here." Rias replied. "And maybe I'll punish him for not listening to me..."

She glared at the strawberry who gulped the big lump on his throat. The red head then quickly drew a magic circle and disappeared just as a gigantic fist was about to flatten them like a pancake...

to be continued...

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