Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto, italic lyrics belong to One X by Three Days Grace.


We are the ones.

We get knocked down, we stand back up and stand above the crowd.

We are the ones.

Dashing through the trees, red flowing behind him in a mess of tangled curls. Worry flowing through him, like the poison working its way to his heart, as his feet pounded against the loose dirt and fallen leaves.

I never thought I'd be stuck in this mess...

I'm sick of wondering, is it life or death?

"Deidara?!" He screamed once more, to no avail- No response. Blood seeped from his wounds; He rolled his wrists and ankles, not even flinching as the wood splintered and creaked in places. He paid no mind to his limp arm either, hanging lifelessly by his side as he continued to sprint through the woods in search of his partner.

Foot caught on a rock, falling. Crashing. Hissing at the slight pain, he rolled onto his back, face contorting as he took a deep breath. Legs are useless now, split and broken from impact. Panic spread through him, 'No, I can't stop. I have to find him..'

His head lolled to the right, sighing as he reopened his eyes, a splitting headache overwhelming him as his vision was swimming. His eyes landed on glittering metal. Reaching over slowly, gently, he picked up the teal ring, a silent tear falling as he did.

We are the ones.

We get knocked down, we stand back up and stand above the crowd.

'No, it can't be- Deidara, no...' All his thoughts seemed to slow to a crawl as he brought the ring to his face, cold lips grazing over it gently. A stabbing pain in his chest. Fitting that his heart would break as it stopped, as well.

Sasori looked up at the sky, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of a certain, soaring artist among the clouds. His hopes were in vain as he grieved and mourned.

I'm sick of wondering: Is it life or death?

Clenching Deidara's ring in his only good hand, he leant his head back against the hard dirt as Sakura's poison made its final attacks.

'I'll be seeing you soon, brat.'

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