At Zane's house...

Denman decided she had enough of testing for the day. Now she was going to relax and observe what the mermaids do. She made sure she didn't miss a thing, so she brought cameras, notepads, audio equipment, and a dusty-old news article to help her with the "mer-fo" (mermaid info.)

"OK!" Rikki's clasped her hands together, "How about some pizza? Or tacos?... O! Maybe some burgers..." Rikki smiled up into space dreaming about her on the biggest burger in the universe. Bella finally shouted her name and she woke up to the dark world of reality.


"You sound more hungry than I am." Bella laughed.

"Typical Rikki." Emma sighed. "But, burgers do sound good."

"Awesome!" Rikki jumped. Then she held her composure and walked over to the fridge to pull out the patty meat.

Ash helped out and grabbed the lettuce to wash it. Will and Zane cooked the burgers, while Lewis washed the rest of the fruits and veggies. Cleo, Emma, Rikki, and Bella all went in the outdoor pool while they waited. But of course... Denman followed. Gregg and the rest of the crew had to stay back with the boys though.

Emma sighed floating on top of the pool and then spoke, "I miss Elliot. I haven't even been gone for a month and I miss him terribly! I wish he could know I'm alright."

"Em? Not to rain on your parade or anything. But why do you miss him? You should be glad you're away from your brother." said Rikki.

Cleo and Bella both nudged her with their elbows, Rikki just glanced at both of them and then put her eyes back on Emma.

Before Rikki could say any more rude comments, Bella helped Emma out, "I know how you feel. Sometimes you can miss someone so much and it feels like years, even though it may only be minutes...But look on the bright side! You got your friends, you boyfriend, and you're a mermaid!" Bella cheered Emma up. "If that doesn't work, than I don't know what does."

Emma stood on her fin in the pool and smiled at Bella and then gave her a hug. "Thanks." She said.

A few moments later, Zane and Ashe were calling the girls for dinner. Rikki pushed herself out of the water and dried herself off. Then she waited for the rest of the girls to get out and dried them off too.

"Finally!" Bella said, rubbing her belly.

They all grabbed some plates and served themselves. Denman went over to Gregg and told him to pick up some food for them. He then left and Denman went back to work.

Emma and Ash sat together, Will and Bella did too, and so did Lewis and Cleo. Rikki and Zane however didn't, for now they wanted to pretend they weren't back together. They all talked and laughed, Rikki with a mouth full and Cleo laughed so hard she was about to fall on the floor. Most of them had the thoughts of the good o' days in their minds. Remembering how it use to be like this all the time.

After dinner, Zane and Rikki washed and put away the dishes. When she got their she immediately opened the drawers to look for some rubber gloves.

Once she found them she helped Zane out. Cleo, Bella, and Emma were in the living room talking while that happened, and the boys were still at the table.

"Have you guys noticed Rikki has been acting a little weird around Zane?" said Emma.

"Ya, she's been saying and mumbling his name a lot." Bella spoke.

"I wonder..."

"No!" Cried Cleo, "It can't be."

"But what if?-"

"If nothing. Zane broke her heart, and he's the one who started this whole Denman mess."

Emma just turned her head. Looking over at Rikki and Zane talking at the sink. She got up and pulled Zane away from Rikki she quickly told Denman if she could have a moment of peace upstairs with Zane. Emma didn't really like the idea of Denman "observing" their private conversation. She dragged him in the guest room, holding his wrist tighter than a rubber band, finally when they got into the guest room she let go.

"Ow!" Zane screamed in pain

"We need to talk." Emma spoke firmly.

"Next time you could have TOLD ME about it, instead of dragging me by my WRIST!" Zane stared at his red wrist.

"oh hush." she said. "It's important."

"What is it then?"

Emma took a deep breathe, closed her eyes, then opened them while she spoke, "You-and-Rikki. Broke up a while ago, I've heard. Apparently you kissed some Sophie girl and-I-um, wondered why. But then" Emma paused. "Lately she has been mumbling your name-and I see how you guys have been talking to each other." Emma finally spoke faster to get to the point. "What's going on with you two?" She finally asked.

Zane stood their with wide eyes and then looked down at the floor.

"If you want, I won't tell Cleo and Bella." Emma gazed.

"" Zane took a breathe. "We did get back together-AND-she's ok with it. I finally told what really happen with Sophie and she forgived me. I still have always loved her and that has nor will change... Can you please not tell the girls. Right now isn't the time, But I'll find the right moment." Zane made a half smile.

"Sure. But don't take too long before it spills out at the wring time."

She tilted her head, bagged by her body. Then she stood upright and walked out the room. Zane came out a few minutes later.

"Thanks." Emma told Denman.

After a while after everyone relaxed in the couch from watching TV, they fell asleep. But Rikki and Zane immediately woke up and swam in the back, Denman grabbed a chair and observed.

"It's so pretty out here." Rikki sighed.

"Ya," Zane agreed. "It is."

Rikki swayed her tail back and fourth, looking up at the stars. "Zane?" Rikki asked.

"What?" he responded.

"Did I ever thank you?"

"Thank me for what?"

"For everything. You have been there supporting me, even when it looks like I don't want it. I do."

Zane turned his head towards Rikki and smiled, "Anytime. I love when we can do things like this."

"Me too."

Just as Zane and Rikki were about to kiss, Denman looked up from her clipboard and over to the love birds, "It's getting late. Tomorrow we start testing at six." Denman got up and left.

Rikki and Zane then pulled away from each other and went to bed. Rikki got to sleep in the guest room and Zane slept in his room.


Rikki popped out of bed, looking at the beautiful sunlight that crept through the cracks of the shaded on the window. It was 5:01 according to the clock on the night stand. She was an hour early, which is never Rikki's thing. But she got up anyways and decided to make some breakfast for her and Zane... when he woke up. Rikki went downstairs, skipping and humming all the way to the kitchen. When she got there she got a few ingredients out and made waffles, scrambled eggs, and some french toast.

A sudden voice crept behind her, a voice that made her jump. "I know your secret" Emma stated.

"You caught me!" Rikki teased, "I can cook. Take me away officer!"

Emma laughed, "Not that." She said. "The other secret."

"About us being mermaids?" Rikki questioned.

Emma cleared her thoughts and spoke again, this time, with her thoughts straightened out. "I know you're back together with Zane," She whispered.

Rikki's eyes widened. She turned back to the stove and continued cooking.

"Don't hide it" Emma spoke, "And anyways, I'm not going to tell the others."

Rikki turned her head across her shoulder to ask Emma a question, "How did you-" But Emma cut her off.

"Zane told me, well, I made him tell me."

"Thanks, you know. For not telling the others and if you don't mind I kind of want to be alone. Especially when Zane wakes up."

"Good luck with that!" Emma teased.

"Ha ha" Rikki fake laughed, "Very funny."

Emma then went over to her boyfriend and laid next to him. A few minutes after Zane came downstairs.

Rikki's shining face greeted him when he came down the stairs, they both gave each other a hug and a kiss. "I see your up early." Zane smiled.

"I made us breakfast, come on in the kitchen and we can start eating."

Zane walked in with the whole kitchen counter piled with food. He grabbed a plate and served himself, Rikki and Zane then sat down at the table and talked about their next step in the "scaly situation."

"How do we get out of this." said Rikki, "I mean, even if we do escape they can still find us. Plus!" She added. "I'm sick and tired of get poked!"

"It's only been one day?" Zane asked.

"Still, I don't like it."

"No matter what Denman does I will always be there for you."

They both looked up at each other and smiled.

"Thanks, Zane." Rikki smiled.

"You're welcome."

Rikki looked at her watch and saw it was only 5:30, she still had a whole half-hour! "Whoa!" Rikki yelled.

"What is it?"

"We still have thirty minutes."

"Go," said Zane, "go to Mako and enjoy yourself. I'll cover for you, just be back in twenty-five minutes."

"I can't thank you enough!"

Rikki gave him a hug and quietly left the house.

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