The Cheesy Power of Love

Hey guys! Kirara here with my first fanfiction. I have three OCs joining our heroes which you will learn about as you read the story. There are also three couples in the story. They are Kotetsu x Barnaby, Ken x OC, and Pao Lin x Ivan. Not a very interesting chapter because it's an introduction, but the next one will be better.

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Chapter 1: The Backup League

Six months have passed since Kotetsu and Barnaby joined the Second League of Heroes. Kotetsu can now hold his powers for thirty seconds exact. Soon, he will no longer be working as a hero. He seriously didn't like the idea of leaving his job and friends, especially Barnaby. After sitting on his computer sighing for a while, he turned it off and left his desk. The building was empty and he was the only one that hadn't finished his work till now. He left the building and drove to his apartment. It was nearly ten o'clock as he turned on his television. Hero TV was on. It was a repetition of the show that they put on a few hours earlier. Kotetsu missed it due to his work and he always liked to see how his friends are doing. Agnes appeared on the screen with her usual greeting.

"Bonjour heroes", she said.

Kotetsu watched as his fellow heroes worked together to stop some thieves after they just robbed a bank. Rock Bison stopped the speeding vehicle with a little help from Origami Cyclone. The thieves were caught by Dragon Kid giving her 200 points.

"And Dragon Kid gets another victory", Agnes announced. "Now we have something else in store for you. Today I am going to present you some new heroes", she said." Meet the Backup League. They are heroes that appear in cases when other heroes can't go into action or whenever they are in some sort of pinch, you can count on them. First up we have Cassie." A woman in her mid-twenties appeared on screen. She had shoulder length light brown hair and grey eyes. She gave the camera a small yet sweet smile. "It's a pleasure to be here", she said. Agnes announced that they will use their NEXT powers as well. "Now show us your powers Cassie", she said. Cassie started glowing blue and in a second she was gone. Then she appeared again. "I have the power to become invisible", she said.

"This is new." Kotetsu said, looking at the screen. He then saw two other girls that looked exactly alike appear. They were wearing purple maid outfits. They both had black hair and violet eyes. The only notable difference was that the girl on the left has two ponytails and the one right had only one ponytail. "Since the group is new, these are the last members. Twin sisters Kiki and Kirara." Agnes said.

"I'm Kirara," the girl on the right said."I can control and create plant life". She began glowing and made vines and roses grow out of the floor. "I'm Kiki and I can levitate objects as well as myself." The other twin said as she too glowed blue and made all of Kirara's plants and herself float in the air. "We hope to be of service."They said together. Then Agnes concluded the show and let the credits do the rest.

Kotetsu turned off the television. He took a bath and prepared for bed when his cell phone rang. He picked up and answered. "Hello?"

"Hey old man," Barnaby's voice came from the other line.

"Bunny? Why are you calling me at this hour?"Kotetsu asked.

"Sorry about that, "he said."Did you see the latest episode of Hero TV?"

"Yeah," Kotetsu responded."Why do you ask?"

"I've been thinking about visiting them tomorrow." Barnaby said.

"Tomorrow I'm picking my daughter up in the train station so it will have to be later in the day." Kotetsu explained.

"I don't mind." Barnaby responded.

"Well then, I'll see tomorrow Bunny." Kotetsu concluded."Good night."

"Good night Kotetsu." Barnaby said.

And with that said they both hanged up their calls. Kotetsu got under his bed sheets and drifted off to sleep. Barnaby also laid on his bed and stared at his ceiling. His hand rested on his chest, allowing him to feel his heartbeat. It was a little faster than usual. "That was nerve- wrecking for some reason." Barnaby said to himself. This has been going on for quite some time. He has been feeling really strange lately whenever he talks to or is around Kotetsu. He has been ignoring it till now. Something was going on with him and he had to find out what. He decided to leave it at that for now and fell asleep.

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