Katniss' POV

"Come quick!" Peeta grabbed my arm and dragged me to the computer. "Look!" he said proudly. I looked at the website. It was called and apparantly it was active sinceeasy before Panem even existed!

I read the story the webpage was showing. Hey, it was a romantic story about Peeta and I.

"I found this website right now. You use it to write stories about your favorite books!" squealed Peeta enthusiastically. "What are you suggesting?" i reply. With a sly grin he tells me that he wants all our friends to get accounts and write stories about ourselves! I admit the idea is cool. Let's do it.

Ok, this is now YOUR part of the story. The next is about the story Peeta writes. Send me a story that Peeta most probably would have written!

The best one will be added to this story (and if course I will give you credit.)

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