Title: Why I hate boys

By: I-Love-Axes

Summary: Duh. Now don't ask again or else I will chop your head off.

Chapterz: 1

Rating: K

Boys think they are do great. They think that they are dominant, even superior to girls. Well they are WRONG. Girls could totally beat them up. Boys are just sissys hiding behind a false stereotype. I suggest that all girl rally up and show boys who's boss!

We could create a new world run by females!

Males will die!

Forum for this story:

Huntergirl16- Johanna, I totally agree with you that boys are in over their heads, but if you want to create a work where girls are always dominant, join the Amazons.

I-Love-Axes- Well maybe I will!

Breadboy- You don't like boys, Katniss?

Huntergi16- I find them extremely annoying.

Breadboy- is that so...

Huntergirl16- and you standing outside my window wearing a skirt wont make me change my mind, Peeta!

Hunterboy18- lol a skirt Peeta? You are getting lower and lower.

Breadboy- Well at least Katniss loves me!

Hinterboy18- Well, if you-

Sexybod- boys, boys. I know you love me, but I'm just not worth fighting over. Well, I am, but my heart belongs to Annie.

I-Love-Axez- they weren't talking about you, smart one.

Sexybod- but I am smart, in addition to sexy!

Huntergirl16- Gale, now you are wearing a skirt too?

Breadboy- Ha! So I'm not the ONLY lunatic here!

Hunterboy18- shut up and help me get this miniskirt off!