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Title: A Day in Bed

Summary: A Larry Stylinson One Direction Fanfic

By: BreadBoy

Rating: M

*The following story is censored for your protection... TRUST ME*

Forum for this story:

Huntergirl16: OMG Peeta! I didn't even know you liked 1D! e.e

MusicRue: That was disturbing...

BreadBoy: You are so Rued, Rue! FYI, I love one direction! Especially Larry and Ziall!

Huntergirl16: What do you do in you free time? Forget it... I don't even wanna know...

CatoIsSexy: This story was BOSS Peeta! I added it to my favorites!

MusicRue: Peeta, Cato liking it is a sign that it's HORRIBLE

Hunterboy18: See Katniss? This is why you should've chosen me over that gay Peeta

BreadBoy: are you calling me gay, GAYle?

TheRealHarryStyles: lol you Panemians are so funny! Just like those Americans!

BreadBoy: OMG is that really you Harry? I LOVE YOU

Huntergirl16: I thought u liked me!

TheRealHarryStyles: But no one can resist my sexyness!

NiallHoran: But I'm sexier!

ZaynMalik: No, I am! More girls wanna rip off my shirt than yours!

...1000000 more posts featuring bickerings of 1D...

MusicRue: Stop arguing! It's so Rued!

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