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Katniss was in the middle of reading a Clato fanfic when she got a PM.

Hai, Catty! Parti mi plas 2nite. no bois alowed! shud b fun with Clov and Foxy!


This calls for a fanfiction.

Title: Behind the Scenes of the Games

By: HunterGirl16

Summary: What really goes on in the Hunger Games

Rating: K+

In the bestselling book and the movie, The Hunger Games, (starring moi, Katniss Everdeen) only Kat and Peeta survive in the arena. However, of course we didn't ruthlessly kill everyone in the arena! They just pretended. (We flipped coins to decide the winners). In real life, Glimm, Clove, Foxy, and I hang out alot! We also hang with Jo, Annie, and Gloss, but they come later. We party almost every week, we go shopping together, and we take Clove and Johanna to get their weapons sharpened! All in all, don't judge us by the works cuz we are great friends.

Forum for this story:

GlimmerAreSparkles- U go gurl!

BreadBoy- Hey, what about us males?

AnnieTheFemale- We don't need you EVIL GIANT RATS males.

CLovesRevenge- Yeah, go bake some bread.

CatoIsSexy- But we are part of the Hunger Games too!

HunterGirl16- Yeah you get the honorable privilage of being fed to the mutant wolves.

HunterDude18- Hey at least you all are important characters :(

SexyBod- But I am more important than all of you!


HunterGirl16- Umm, guys, the Catching Fire movie doesn't come out until November, duh!

District 11 Protestors- Oh yeah sorry. But can we come to the party anyway?

GlimmerAreSparkles- Fin! The mor de merryr! ^.^

CatoIsSexy- But if they get to go, we get to go.

HunterGirl16- GRR! Fine. But expect an angry fanfic after the party ends.

TheMales- Oh we will.

Here are the questions:

1. Name as many of the Fanfic usernames as you can with their respective characters (deleted accounts also count for extra points)

2. Who's idea was it for Annie and Finnick's wedding to be broadcasted?

3. Why does Annie and Glimmer speak weirdly in this story?

4. Name as many characters as you can that are not going to the party (male characters that have not been mentioned)

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