At the knock on her closed door, Charlotte looked up from files HR sent her.

"Come in," she responded sounding completely the professional and even a little cheery, when really what she'd wanted to say instead was, "Go away!"

When the door opened slowly, Charlotte wished she'd pipped up with her original thought of "go away".

She glared at the figure in the doorway, and focused on just how this individual had opened her door, annoyingly. Even though Charlotte had not responded to the knock with even the slightest hint of irritation, this person had opened the door slowly, timidly, as if they were afraid.

Weak, she decided.

It figures, she thought.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She demanded.

Violet Turner smiled an automatically apologetic smile while at the same time she ducked forward, in something that resembled a bow and a curtsy as her chosen way into Charlotte's office.

Further into her office, Violet repeated the same movements, the dopey weak smile and the completely non-alpha dog bow that made her seem nervous, but Charlotte knew it was a stupid shrink affectation used to demonstrate that they weren't threatening.

Charlotte smirked slightly when she realized Violet doesn't even know she's doing it!

She wanted to laugh aloud then, but held it in.

Sure I'm superior to you, Charlotte willingly acknowledged, but you're not supposed to act so soppy.

Uninvited Violet sat down on the chair across from her desk.

Now she smiled at Charlotte the way a patronizing old person will when you're a small child and they're about to give you a shot, or talk baby talk to you.

"I thought you might want to talk about your niece, Luanne," she spoke finally, her words as careful and coated with sugar as they were with lies. Deciet. She's up to something.

Charlotte looked at her as if she'd just said, "you're a doctor". The most obvious thing in the world. It wasn't a shock. She knew Cooper's crazy nosy friend would try to pry her nose into this god-awful business.

It wasn't going to happen.

"Why the hell would I wanna do that?" She demanded.

Violet gave her that smile again and Charlotte backed up in her chair as if Violet were contagious with the plague.

She looked at Violet as if she were seeing something horrible. Jesus, this girl's so fulla sap she might as well be a maple tree in soft winter.

"Well," Turner continued in the tone morons used with two year olds, and as if Charlotte had not once again expressed dislike, "I thought it might be a good idea to talk about this new situation you've found yourself in. I thought you might like to talk about your feelings about the situation and how Leanne is coping with her trauma."

Charlotte could feel the corner of her mouth lifting and drawing back in an almost involuntary sneer of disgust.

Charlotte snorted. She felt contempt, but it was also a short laugh.

"You're a horrible liar, you know that? You know that's a damn lie. You know I'd never wanna talk to you."

She looked at Violet not bothering to even say what they both knew.

She held up the file in her hands. "I got work to do, Turner. In case you haven't noticed this isn't the beauty parlor gossip shop it's a hospital," she repeated as if Violet were brain damaged, "we got work to do here, or people die. Maybe you don't know, but that's what real doctors do."

Used to being attacked verbally by defensive patients, Violet showed no response to Dr. King's defensive tactics.

"You seem to have been very busy lately," Violet ventured, making it more into a statement than a question in the end.

"Well, gee Violet," she pursed her lips, sarcasm and anger and disgust all mixed together and dripping off her every word,

"I can't imagine why. I only am a practicing actual doctor, not the nut job shrink kind," she continued to scowl at Violet but now the corners of her lips lifted slightly and her eyes twinkled as she spit out that particular jab, Charlotte paused for emphasis, took a deep breath in and continued,

"I run an medical practice filled with the most highly respected and sought after doctors and medical specialists in the country," she took another breath in,

"and oh yeah," both hands came up in emphasis, "I also run an entire hospital." Now she glared at Violet, and let her hands drop.

Her voice became a growl as she said, "Yeah. I'm. Busy."

Each word was sharp as a bullet, and sounding none too happy.

"Charlotte," finally the woman used her normal not talking to crazy people or little children voice- which reminded Charlotte to feel sorry for that poor child Turner was about to spit out.

"If you don't want to talk about how you're doing."

"Definitely not to you," she answered.

"You should at least strongly consider getting someone for Luanne to speak to about what happened to her."

"And you think that person should be you?" She raised an eyebrow. "Lord, that'd be a mess. Oh yeah, take the girl who doesn't wanna be reminded that she's pregnant or how babies are made, and sure as the breath I'm breathin' doesn't wanna think about how this baby got made in her," Charlotte took two gasping breaths in and continued quickly,

"And have her sit there starin' at you, who'll also be a reminder of what what happened to her every single second she's around you."

"Yeah," Charlotte rolled her eyes, "I'm sure she'd really wanna do that. Especially since seein' you she's gonna keep thinkin' about what she's gonna look like a couple months down the road."

Violet watched silent and wide-eyed as Charlotte put a hand to her chest.

"Get out!" She barked, after gasping another breath in.

Concerned, Violet pushed herself up and forward off the chair, and toward Charlotte reaching a hand out to her-

Charlotte slapped it away.

"Unless you're here to 51-50 someone in the nut-ward," she gasped, "get outta my hospital."

"You've got my man living at your house, you're not takin' Luanne too," she added.

Violet was going to, as professionally as possible, correct Charlotte King on her incorrect and insensitive statement, but judging from the look on the small ball of fire's face, Violet decided silence was golden and wordlessly made her way out of the Chief of Staff's office.

The moment the door was closed and Violet could hear sounds of life in Charlotte's office, she dialed Cooper's cell.

"How'd it go?"

She rolled her eyes and started walking his way, turning off her cell phone.

"Cooper," she announced to the seemingly empty hallway, "come out. I know you were listening at the door."

Impish grin and all Cooper stepped into her path from the adjacent hallway.

"How'd you know I was here?"

She smiled at him. "You drove," she answered.

"Yeah," he answered. "But I said I'd stay in the parking lot and wait for you."

Violet just smiled.

"Did you see it?" He asked her, completely serious now.

Violet felt badly for him. Cooper's love for Charlotte was almost painful.

She nodded, reminding herself to keep her shrink talk and training to herself about this. "I did," she answered instead.