Please read the first entry in Forever: Book of Dreams. It is the prologue to this story and will help make a lot more sense in the future.

Chapter 1: Making the night fly

"She was ours, even if the transformation process failed! The law claims her!" I heard a voice hiss. Uhoh. Caius was mad; I would have to remember to steer clear of him later. I was tempted to see what he was fuming over, but I decided not to push my luck, Aro would obviously tell me later, considering how much he trusted me. Besides, I had heard the whole "the claw claims him/her" thing too many times to count. It was so annoying; then again, Caius was the kind of person to have the law followed word for word. I shook my head, laughing internally.

I walked out the door to the garden. Thank God it was cloudy, or else I would look like I rolled around in glue and diamonds. I would look that sparkly. Plus I didn't feel like hearing the humans' suspicious thoughts today. Of course, I still heard the latest theories. Some believed the sparkles came from sun catchers, hanging crystals, even disco balls. Whatever. Even if the humans did discover the true source, they wouldn't live long enough to spread the word. Although all of us knew they would never be able to figure out what the curious sparkles were, thank god for tall buildings and walls. The "veranda" looked out over the countryside; so no one would ever get close enough to the garden, considering the edge of the veranda dropped down a cliff. Didn't matter though, there was a banister. No chance of getting in without falling off the cliff!

I inhaled through my nose, something was off, but it was a nice off scent. I looked around me. Oh, someone had planted little red flowers. I crouched down to look at them. They were pretty, plus the colour was right for the company they grew around. Blood red. A smile stretched across my face. A light breeze blew across the open space, a scent shook off one of the little blossoms. The scent hit me, whoa. A human had touched this, and their scent was sweet, kinda like honey. It was nice, for blood anyway. I could also smell another vampires' scent, but I knew the scent didn't belong to anyone in the guard though, must have been one of Aros' guests. Although apparently they were long gone, oh, that would kind of explain Caius' anger. I straightened up, looked around, and started walking to an entrance.

Once back inside, I heard silent footsteps, careful to match mine, against the stone floor behind me. I sniffed the air. Uhoh, here comes Captain Sarcastic/Tease with his smartalic comment.

"Hey Professor X," the vamp called from behind. He should have considered my reaction before saying that. Oh, he did. Pity. I whirled around and launched myself at Felix with a speed faster than I ever bother to use. I processed his expression as we crashed to the floor, he looked shocked, probably because I usually never move that fast. That look on his face made me feel slightly smug.

"DON'T, call me that. My name is Ray, Felix. You of all people should know that." I leapt away from him; he got up and dusted himself off.

"Sheesh," Felix muttered. Well what she can do is the same as X, he thought. I sighed, trust Felix to flirt and cause trouble. Well he did kinda have a point, and because of that I put the blame on my human heritage. When I was human, I was sensitive to what others thought, and give people a weak mental view of what I wanted, for the most part, without them knowing I was the source. Basically I was a weak telepathic.

I sort of remember meeting Aro. It had been about 3 years ago, and human memories fade, but I remember Aro being ecstatic about the possibilities of me becoming an immortal. After he changed me, I turned out to being everything he had hoped for, and then some. I could still read minds, but without physical contact unlike him, even better, strongly project my thoughts to others, the strength was the biggest addition to the ability. I could have sworn he would explode with enthusiasm over the first few months. I was, am, basically his little "prodigy" or whatever. For me, the only joy I got out of my powers was digging through someone's memories, even forgotten ones.

I eventually drifted to my room. The room itself wasn't overly big, but it had a bed to lie on, a desk and laptop, shelf, closet and a bedside stand. It wasn't much too some standards, but it was a private place, all to myself. Going over to the bed and laying down, then closing my eyes, I let thoughts flow through my head. I desperately wished for the sleep that would never come.

It was exactly 2 minutes I got to myself, not even. A small tap on my door made me open my eyes and actually bother to sit up. Whoever was outside gave me a thought to catch my attention, knowing I might not open the door, depending on what they wanted. Geeez, he so would!

I rolled my eyes and went to the heavy wooden door. I ripped it open, what should really feel like about 50 pounds, instead weighted like that of a feather to me. Outside stood Alec and Jane, Alec looked like he was going to burst into laughter, while Jane was smirking; I tried hard to resist the urge to giggle. I moved to let them in, Jane pounced onto the bed, and sat up patiently, Alec went to the desk and sat on top, he was still grinning.

"You throw Felix off a cliff or something? He looks mad! You should see the look on his face!" he finally started to laugh, it echoed off the stone walls.

"Actually, it's best if you didn't, I think he would rip off yourhead Ray. What did you really do to him?" Jane finally gave in, despite her urge to keep a calm face, she was grinning just like her brother.

"You know how he's always poking fun at my telepathic powers…" I didn't even have to say anymore for them to understand. Alec roared with laughter until it got to the point where he fell off the desk, then that ended up sending me and Jane into a flurry of giggles.

"What did he call you this time?" Jane asked. I grimaced; Alec smirked, trying to provoke me.

"Professor X…" I said grudgingly. It was dead silent for a moment. Jane and Alec just stared at me, my eyes started to narrow.

"Well, you have to admit, he is right…" Jane said, I turned to look at her, my eyes widened when I looked at her. She had the most innocent looking expression on her face, man, didn't see that often coming from her. Someone's thoughts caught my attention; I whirled toward Alec, shocked. He stifled a giggle.

"Ray, you can read multiple minds at once, dig through those minds as well, show those discovered memories, and project want you want from your mind to another's telepathically. Technically, you are one big super hero power package…" Alec spilled.

"But am I the hero or bad guy? Tell me that Alec." I interrupted. Both remained silence, I looked toward Jane, but she looked down. Alec was thinking hard, I tried desperately to ignore him. Just forget I said anything, ok? I thought. Jane nodded at once, Alec looked up at me, I stared back at him. His eyes were getting progressively darker I noticed. I was guessing my eyes looked the same, I snuck a peek at Jane, and her eyes were exactly like her brothers'. Black with a slight tint of red. Sighing, I rubbed my neck, even though I knew that wouldn't help the dry burning in my throat.

Do you think Heidi will be back soon? Alec wondered.

We could go ask Aro, if you want. I replied, he nodded, Jane looked at us questioningly. "Cummon, let's go see Aro." We all got up and left the room, but stopped just in front of the door just as it swung shut behind us. "Should we take the long way or the short way?" I asked.

"Long if you don't mind, I'd like a chance to think." Alec decided, Jane nodded in agreement, as did I. We started left, strolling down a long corridor. I tuned out everyone's thoughts, especially Alec and Jane's, and because we all wanted privacy to think in our own heads, it was simply out of courtesy. I thought for a moment, I would have to think about asking to take a few weeks leave, it had been months since I had seen Daniel, and Mum. Last I heard from Dad, they were to be in Egypt for the summer. If I was human, I would have minded the heat if I had been to go. Now, not so much. I thought some more about Daniel, he has the same black hair as I do, and brown eyes, as I did. How old was he the last time I saw him? 13? Wow, his birthday was coming up; I had to at least call him. Alec looked at me; he probably noticed my eyes going huge. Check that, yep, he did. Something- Alec started, I shook my head. I didn't have to make him worry about my personal matters. By then we had reached Aro's office, I knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in," a light voice said. I opened the door and entered, Alec and Jane followed me in. "Ah, Ray, Jane, Alec. Come in, come come! What can I do for you this fine day?" Aro crowed. I smiled at him, he was enthusiastic as ever, I always swore nothing could dampen Aro's good mood, ever.

"When will Heidi be back, master?" Alec asked. Aro thought for a moment, not wanting to tell us. I groaned when I saw what the answer was, Alec looked at me, he didn't seem impressed, neither did Aro.

"Two more weeks, I'm afraid my dears. But I am assuming there is something else you want to ask?" Aro looked at me directly. I stepped forward.

"Master, you know me well." I said, Alec and Jane both turned toward me, confused. "But please, let us go out and hunt. In Florence at least, for a few hours, 1 person each?" I tried desperately not to beg. Aro studied me with appraising eyes. I tried not to cringe when I heard what he was thinking: the poor little new born. I hated that, so I haven't seen a full decade of this new life yet, 3 years, yet I was still referred to as a newborn. I mean, wasn't a newborn technically referred to as a newborn in the first year of this life? My mind flashed back to another time when Felix had provoked me, and what he had thought after he recovered from my attack, newborn. My lip twitched upward in disgust momentarily.

Aro looked out the window to the sunset, ever thoughtful. "As longs as you are to be back by 5:00 am, I see no issue." He told us. The three of us nodded, all thoughts aligned, ever grateful. "Avoid seeing eyes and the sun, be swift." Aro warned. Again, Alec, Jane, and I nodded once more, and then we left. We made our way toward the garden; we met no one on our way. Not Felix, not Demetri, not even Caius or Marcus. We met no one. Outside, it was dusk. Perfect, again, no light would reflect off of any of us. I headed toward the balcony, Alec followed, but Jane stopped in the middle of the garden, looking around her at the little red blossoms, just as I had, not too long ago.

"Since when were these here?" she asked, the slightest look of disgust was on her face, I didn't understand.

"This morning, Aro's guests planted them. I mean, I don't know why, but they look great here. I like them." I answered, Jane's twin nodded in agreement. "What's bothering you Jane?" I asked, I didn't dare look into her mind, she might be thinking about someone she hates right now, and when Jane thought about what she wanted to do to the people she hated, well, you really wish you hadn't seen that. I saw that once about 2 years ago, after that I was more careful than ever around Jane.

"Yeah, they're nice, but…" her voice trailed off, but her eyes hardened. "I know one of the people who helped plant a lot of these flowers." I studied her expression, careful not to read her mind. I cocked my head to the side.


"Alice Cullen," she said, her voice slightly seething. Alec rushed over to her, putting a cautioning hand on her shoulder. Oh, I had only heard of this vamp a few times, but a few was enough. All I knew was that she had a power that Aro wants, and bad, I never asked Aro really. It really didn't matter to me any way, why should I care? But by the looks of it, Jane really hated this chic.

"Aww, cummon Jane! Forget about it, let's hunt!" I coaxed, I smiled, barring my teeth in the process. She shot a glare at me, but relaxed; Alec took her by the hand and hauled her over to where I stood. Once beside me, I sneered at them. "Catch me if you can!" I coiled, and then sprang over the banister, and over the cliff. Then I was soaring. I heard Alec hoot and holler behind me as he too jumped over the ledge, and then Jane screech with exhilaration as she jumped as well. The wind whipped my long black hair upward as I plummeted downward. If I did this as a human, there was the slightest chance in which I could have survived, but now? No worries and the feeling was absolutely amazing. I laughed, if my mum saw this, she would freak. The ground was about 100 meters closer now; I righted myself, ready to land.

I landed on my toes silently, bending my knees. I heard Alec and Jane land on either side of me, looked back, we all smiled at each other. Then we were running. It was so easy, my breathing was normal, my legs moved as easily as if walking, and my vision was impeccable. I couldn't stop marvelling at the beauty of the Tuscan landscape as we ran through, no matter how long I would live in Volterra; I bet I would never get use to the landscape.

It took us an hour to get to Florence, if we hadn't stop to talk for a bit, we could have made it in half the time. Now we were perched on the rooftop of a deserted building. I turned to the twins. "Jane, as much as you hate it, we're hunting people that others will not even notice them missing, ok? Oh cummon, don't give me that look! They're people too! Plus we have to be careful!"

Ha! People too. "Look, I know you're thinking about your family, but no. You cummon. We never worry about that at home-"

"Jane!" She just glared at me.

Going soft now, are we? , there was an edge to her thoughts.

"Look at the bright side; we don't have to wait for Heidi like Aro said…" I pointed out.

"Aro said!" Jane mimicked in a harsh, high soprano. "Gro-"

"Ladies, ladies. Now if you're done, I think I found something that will meet both your needs half way." Alec interrupted. Both me and Jane started. "Don't even bother. Look." Alec pointed, and I followed his line of sight. There was a gang of 6 starting a fight 3 blocks away.

"Score! Nice one Alec!" I commented, he grinned. "Two each, sweet." Jane snorted at my dividing of bodies, I smirked. "Shall we?" The three of us flew across the rooftops, to the point where we were basically on top of the gang. Fists were flying below, but no drop of precious blood had been shed. I looked at Alec and nodded. His face went utterly calm and smooth after he looked away. I heard a huff from Jane, I turned towards her, and our gazes locked.

Why do you have him do this? She asked. My eyes narrowed, while she continued to glare at me.

I told you, I don't like hearing my victim's thoughts as they die, I told her. Jane's eyes were bored, but her eyebrows rose at my choice of words while talking about my food source. Yes, victims Jane. They are in-

Don't give me the whole innocent excuse, Ray. They are WEAK, SOFT, DEFENCELESS humans. HUMANS, Ray. We need to feed, they kill their "precious and cute" animals all the time and they don't think twice. She retorted. All the while she had ranted; I was flinching, only because she made me think of Daniel. Look, stop being soft and actually start acting like what you are. A VAMPIRE, Ray, you are a VAMPIRE! So unless you can find another food source, good luck erasing your "guilt". Her conscious thoughts were full of apathy; this is the Jane everybody knew, the one I hardly knew after we started to get along.

A scream came from below, mine and Jane's bickering cut off. Alec was gone, he was already feeding below, and the smell of blood beckoned me. I growled, the blood was mine; flipping into the dark alley below, I snagged one of the groaning human. He couldn't see, feel, or hear me; all that occupied his thoughts was darkness and questions. Of course, no matter what, I would always hear those last few senseless mental questions for the rest of my life. By now it didn't matter, my hunting instincts took over completely, I wanted the blood! I thrust my teeth into the humans' neck and drank deeply. The blood was pure and sweet, whatever this human did, he did not do drugs or alcohol, that was for sure, he was clean, and as almost always, it tasted good. I could sense and feel him becoming weaker and weaker, slipping away fast.

Then he was dry. I quickly tossed him away from me, and snatched another body up off the street and started drinking again. Yuck. Whoever this guy was, he smelled and tasted horrible. This guy had clearly done something nasty, but blood was blood, and it fuelled my system, so I didn't care. As long as I got the blood, it was fine. I didn't drink as heavily as before, but I drank quickly. And soon, I was done. I shoved this body away from me and looked up, Jane was almost done, and her brother was standing a few feet away, watching us feed. He watched me in particular, probably amused by the "newborn". Great. How long would this go on for? Our gazes locked as I watched him. His coat was spotless, eyes the color of a red rose. Of course, I mean all of our eyes did, but it looked even better on others. There was a loud smash beside us; Jane had flung her bodies into the nearest brick wall, a wicked smile on her face.

"Jane, that's not the best way to dispose of bodies." I chided, "Watch how it's done."

She looked at me barely interested. "I've been around longer than you have, so don't think you know more than I do." Nevertheless, she started grabbing her two bodies and piled them at the end of the alley, Alec and I followed suit. Then, simultaneously we all jumped onto the roof above, we then each grabbed a match from Alec and lit them.

"Bombs away!" I sung, and we let the burning matches fall onto the bodies down below. Combined with the traces of venom left from feeding, the bodies caught fire quickly. Soon, all that was left was a smoldering heap below. I clutched what I had pocketed from the bodies. "How much did you guys get out of your meals?"

"50 Euros, cell phone, and a lighter." Alec recited.

"20 Euros, a cell, and a knife." Jane said, her voice dripping with the slightest irritation.

"30 Euros, and an IPhone, sweet. I don't know about you guys, but I need some… new stuff. Why don't we pool together?"

"Alright, why not?" Alec stared at me curiously, but he didn't ask. "One problem though."

"What's that?" I asked.

Jane had a look of utter look of disgust on her face. "How could you of all people not know, you mind reader?" I turned on her, she knew why I asked!

"Excuse me if I don't want to intrude on the minds of my two friends that are basically family. I block you guys for your own privacy, thank you!" I hissed at her. I tore off afterword towards a more populous area. Once I found an alleyway where I could leap off the roof without being noticed, I made my way toward a sunglasses vendor. It was dark enough that the guy with the dreads wouldn't freak over the eye colour.

"Hey, quanto per questi?" I called out to him. He looked up startled, then turned his gaze to the pair of sunglasses in my hands that I picked off the cart.

"€ 8." He replied, his eyes widening, I heard breathing behind me, I didn't turn around.

"E questi?" The person behind me said. The dreads guys sucked in his breath.

"€ 16…" he whispered. I turned around. Alec was counting out the proper amount, then held his hand out for my share, I handed it to him, which he in turn gave to the vendor.

"Grazie." We said, turned, and then walked back to the alley. Halfway in, I leapt onto one wall, crossed to the wall across, then back again until I was back on the roof, Alec close behind.

"You could have a little more grace you know." I said to Jane, putting on my new sunglasses. She accepted hers from her brother with a hard expression on her face. When I looked away she turned towards me, her face stone impassive. All of this I saw through Alec's mind.

"NO!" Roared Alec, and then I was on fire. Every bone, every fibre of my body was in pain. Face planting into the ground, I heard stone collided with stone, and the fire was gone. Alec had tackled Jane, breaking her concentration. Hisses and growls erupted behind me. I got up to see a sight I thought I would never see, Jane and Alec were facing each other both in a crouch, eyes wide, full lips pulled apart with perfect teeth barred. Jane was hissing, and Alec growling at the one he always swore to never hurt. I knew they teased each other often, but this for sure was not playing around.

"Hey." I called, but they just got louder. "Hey!" I was still thinking of the pain Jane had inflicted on me moments ago, while focusing on stopping Jane and Alec, wishing that this would not turn into a fight. We would be spotted for sure. Yet somehow, in mere seconds, both were on the floor. Jane was panting, Alec, of course being Alec, used his gift to escape the pain. He got up and came next to my side. Jane kept panting, on the edge of scream. Alec put a hand on my shoulder.

"Please stop." He requested. I complied, and in mere seconds Jane was back to normal. She lunged towards me, but I danced out of the way.

"How do you like them apples?" I mumbled, dropping back into the alley. Jane hissed at me, I laughed internally at her. I started walking towards the closest mall, I heard the twins walking behind me, one keeping closer than the other. Once in the mall, I went straight to a map, looking for an Apple Store. Something by the left side of my head caught my attention.

"Let's get this shopping trip done and over with." She hissed quietly into my ear. "I want to go home." I turned and walked away. Turns out the Apple Store was just down the corridor, once inside, I headed for the IPod Touches. One glance at the price and out I went, Alec raced after me and grabbed me by the arm. Jane huffed behind us.

"What`s wrong" he said, effortlessly dragging me back.

"I don't have enough. Can we go home now?" I pleaded. He let my arm drop, signalled Jane, and we left the mall. We headed back to the alley, scaled the walls and off we went. As we ran, I could hear multiple questions running through Alec's mind, whereas Jane wanted to rip my head off. Great. I would remember to stop talking to her until she cools off. This time we made it back to Volterra in half the time it had taken us to get to Florence, this time, we hadn't stopped to chat. Once we got to the cliff, we climbed up and then over the banister back into the garden where we started. I started to retrace our steps from earlier that evening, a thought occurred to me while walking away. You might wanna come with, just to prove to Aro we're all back. I thought reluctantly, both followed anyway.

Thankfully, Aro was in his study alone again, so we didn't have to hide anything from anyone. Once at the door, we stopped, waiting for an invitation in.

"Enter," Aro commanded. He was behind his desk, writing. He didn't even look up at us when he started conversation. "How successful were you?"

"I found a group of 6 thugs fighting in an alleyway, master." Alec responded.

"So we each got 2 bodies." I interjected quickly; Aro looked up at me, smiling. He flipped his papers over and stood up, coming around the desk to come stand in front of us.

"Always have to be fair, do we Ray?" he asked. I looked down, slightly embarrassed. He laughed lightly, "I suppose your mother taught you to be like that? Amazing woman she is, if I remember correctly…" He smiled and winked at me as he said this. I nodded slightly in agreement. "But of course, that is the way you are naturally. What is wrong dear Jane? You have not said a word!" he sighed.

"Ray and I had a… misunderstanding." She said slyly, shooting a glance at me. I shrugged.

Wondered what happened. May as well not push the newborn. "Ah well, blood is worth arguing over. Now, now. Off you go. I will see you all later." He dismissed us. The three of us nodded and left the office, all of us going opposite directions. Of course, I made a straight bee line for my room. Once inside I went for my laptop and sat on the desk chair. Once I switched it on, I had to decide what I wanted to do once it was on. Wow, that was fast. I HAD to email Daniel, there was no getting around it. I hadn't talked to him in over a month, so I had to get the "gossip up to date" as my mum would say. I would have to figure out what to get him for his birthday as well, but knowing him, he would already know what he would get from me. Of course.

I logged into my email, 2 emails from Dad, and 1 from Daniel. One of dads' was probably from mom, she didn't particularly like technology, but she could find it useful at time, so she could tolerate it. I guess that's a reason why Aro liked my mom, in a sense, she could tolerate stuff. Let's see, Daniel wants me to come out to visit, as did Mom, aaaaanndd… Dad. Oh yeah, I had to go visit, and soon. There was a light breeze that flew into me, and a pale hand threw the laptop closed with a blinding speed. I was startled, I was so occupied that I had tuned everyone and everything out. Alec whipped my chair around to face him, his red eyes wild with confusion and questions.

"HOW did you do that?" he hissed at me, eyes feverishly gleaming. I stared at him, confused and shocked, I didn't want to bother reading his mind, this was already too weird.


"Duplicate Jane's ability, but on more than one person!" he urged. I bit my lip, oh, that. I wasn't entirely sure myself, but that wouldn't be good enough for him.

"Uhhhhh…" I stuttered. He glared at me, waiting. "I wanted you and Jane to stop, but I also wanted Jane to feel the pain I felt when she did it to me. So when I focused on… payback? And you two to stop fighting, that's what happened." I gushed out. Alec let out a gust of wind, he was still tense though.

"Are you sure!" he urged. I nodded, unsure what else to say. He backed off, rubbing the back of his head, and sat on the edge of my bed. "Wow, I never knew you could do that." He muttered.

"Yea, neither did I." I agreed quietly, exhaling harder than necessary. I turned and looked at him, he stared back. "That was something else though wasn't it?" I replied to a mental thought. He nodded, lost in thought. I turned back to the computer, concentrating on replying to the emails and tuning everyone out. I shouldn't have tuned everyone out, what I should have done was concentrate on Alecs' thoughts.

"Do… you think you could do that with my gift?" he asked from directly behind me. That shocked me; I whirled in the seat and tackled him on to the bed without thinking.

"NO! Absolutely, positively NO!" I snarled. Alec was shocked. He wasn't breathing, blinking, nothing. Then I snapped out of it, realizing I was directly on top of him. I leapt away and across the room, leaving a wide margin of space between us. Why would he ask that? How could he be so stupid? Even though I had never experienced his power, I knew what it was capable of. His eye brows rose incredulously.

"Why not? If you could multiply it to be quicker than mine…" he trailed off. With each world he said, my eyes got narrower and narrower, noticing this, he got up and started toward me. I hissed a warning. He ignored it, and continued towards me. I tried to run around him and get away from him, but he was quicker. Alec caught me tightly by my arm, and as lightly as possible toss me into the wall. Thankfully, the wall did not buckle under my harsh contact, but unfortunately, he had me pinned against the wall, blocking all possible means of escape, he was that close. We were almost nose to nose, I stopped breathing.

Alec studied my expression, eyes widening, then backed away. "Sorry I did that, I overreacted…" I was still frozen against the wall, not breathing. I knew that even though he didn't seem like it, Alec was a strong fighter, even without his gift, but he had never been like that to me before. I was shocked, no doubt. But it was not just because he was 2 inches taller than me, and possibly intimidating, although not at all slightly, to me any way. Alec hung his head slightly, looking to his right, I couldn't see his expression. "I'll see you later." He murmured, and then he was gone. I slowly turned to the door as it clicked quietly shut. What just happened? I felt weird, dazed I think…

I needed air. For the fourth time tonight, I headed for the garden. Although this time, unlike earlier, it was not empty. Marcus stood leaning on the banister overlooking the country side. His black eyes stared into the moon, reflecting the pale white light it gave off, strands of his black hair was tossed in the light breeze. He looked as bored as ever. I never understood why, he never really thought about whatever it was that made him bored. Then again, I had never really asked why either, although I doubted he would ever tell me, never in a million years. Nobody really knew why he was like this anyway, but everyone was so use to it, so he must have been in this state for years. I had heard Aro say once that Marcus use to be so full of life generations ago, but when I had asked anyone in the guard if that was true, they acted as if that were not even possible, so it MUST have been before any of our time, us in the guard anyway.

His expression then changed, from bored to… mourning? Whoa, Marcus showing emotions? Never saw that in my new life ever, as long as I have known Marcus, nothing. I deliberated what to next, unsure of his reaction to my just being here, I mean, I could be interrupting or intruding on something big. Who knew? I started retreating, but he then spoke aloud.

"Come here child." I froze in the shadows, my eyes widening. He turned towards me slowly, and then after making sure I was looking at him, beckoned me to the spot where he stood in absolute stillness. With caution, I slowly made my way over to him. I was… wary, I suppose the word was, of this new behaviour. He turned back to the sky and started to watch the moon again. I stopped about a meter away from him, relaxing against the banister, yet still on guard. Marcus did nothing, I bit my lip, unsure what to do or say. Marcus made the decision for me.

"I notice you seem to spend a great deal of time with the twins, you are all very close." What he said wasn't a question, it was a statement. Marcus of all people would understand those bonds, he could sense them, go figure.

I shrugged. "Jane and Alec are like family." I simply responded. Marcus of course didn't betray any emotion.

"Isn't that how life in the guard supposed to be? That is how everyone treats one another. Of course you and Felix…" he trailed off. My lips turned upward in revulsion, and I hissed quietly. Marcus, as usual, did nothing. He turned to face me to… to study me, I suppose. "You though… you are quite unlike many in the guard. You are… spontaneous." He concluded. That hit me, I mean… I never would have guessed that…

I looked at him weirdly. "Who are you and what have you done with Marcus?" I gushed. The words I had thought of so quickly spilled out of me before I thought about keeping my mouth shut. Marcus laughed humorously and ghosted away. Whoah, what just happened? That was Marcus, but… his thoughts were totally different from that when involved with business. Of course, like everybody else when we fed, our thoughts were no longer our own, so…

I sprung up onto the banister, sitting with my back against the wall. I sighed as I turned to look at the moon, casting its beautiful silver glow across the landscape. It added to the magic of Tuscany in my opinion. A thought appeared nearby in someone's head that caught my attention. It was a current view of me on the banister, one leg on top on the banister, curled in, the other hanging freely over the garden ground. I was looking at the moon, my pale skin shining silver, black hair flying lightly in the breeze, with my full lips slightly upturned. My eyes, a ruby red colour. There was flicker in thoughts, wow. Felix was on a roll tonight!

"Hey Demetri," I greeted.

"Ray," he nodded at me. He stood in the dark shadows, almost blending in, to the point of being a part of the shadows. I finally turned my head to face him; his face was utterly smooth and calm. His mind now though, was another matter. I almost sighed in agitation, but managed to rein it in. "Felix said…" he began slowly.

"Felix said!" I mimicked harshly, rolling my eyes. I jumped off the banister and went to where Demetri stood; he made no move of defence, nor aggression. "I may not have known Felix as long as you have Demetri, but in the past 3 years I've known him, I've learned that he likes to push buttons and that stuff for fun so…" Demetri put his hands up, stopping my rant in its tracks.

"I know that Ray, I just want to know if what he said is true." He said warily, checking my reactions.

"Which was?" I said through my teeth.

"He claims you attacked him for no reason." He relayed. I laughed at this statement; Demetri lost the tense look that had escaped my attention.

"What? He ashamed that he got taken down by a little freak like me?" I laughed harder. "And it wasn't for no reason, FYI. He-" I cut off, again not wanting to go any further with the conversation. Demetri folded his arms behind his back and walked away from me and into the moonlight. He turned slightly so I could see his face.

"Was he, ah, flirting?" he asked casually. Casually, yet carefully.

Beyond words, and not wanting to slip up, I growled at Demetri. Furiously, I showed Demetri a mental view of what happened. He "watched" carefully, paying attention to each second he saw and heard. Demetri abruptly fully faced me, and what I saw surprised me. Demetri had a… mischievous smile on his face?

"Cummon, let's go find Felix." He beckoned to me. Not wanting to miss a chance to see Felix be humiliated by his best friend, I followed Demetri. We ghosted through the castle with ease, meeting no one along the way. Everybody was off being occupied by whatever. I had no clue where we were going, and I didn't bother asking or checking, but Demetri knew where to find Felix, thanks to his tracking ability. He just knew where to go.

We travelled further and further into the depths of the castle (Three floors underneath the city, but it was still deep). Eventually we were in one of the large dungeons. Inside lay strewn pieces of old, broken, and mangled pieces of wood, brick, stone, pipes, and metal. The room was full of fresh dust and the torturous screams of metal being played with. Felix was in the middle of the mess, more like causing it! Bet he was practising to show off again.

Bet you he's practising to show off. I thought to Demetri.

15 euros?

You're on!

"Felix…" Demetri called, Felix ignored us until he finished grinding the large rock shard in his hands to dust. He finally looked up at us, first looking at Demetri, then me, his eyes brightening, but they showed trouble.

"Demetri! You brought X down so I can deal with her, great!" Felix said to Demetri. Demetri looked confused.

"X?" he asked. Okay, so the name was what was throwing him off, not why I was down here. Besides, I had already explained it to him, he already knew the truth. Felix was gunna spill, well this should be interesting.

"Yeah, she can do a bunch of mental stuff right? So she's like Professor X, that's where the X comes from." Felix explained, trying to provoke me again. I rolled my eyes, sighing.

"Geeez, don't try and make me sound like I a belong in a mental hospital or something Felix." I muttered. He grinned in response. I thought of something else. "And hey! Quit showing off, and preparing for my demise or something!"

"Me? I'm not showing off." Felix replied, trying to sound innocent. Yet all the while he was picking up another bolder roughly the size of my head preparing the best angle to crush it to dust.

"Well, you know someone is being a show off when they are crushing a bolder the size of your head with their bare hands..." I grumbled over the sound of the bolder being demolished. Felix smirked. I shook my head, "See you guys around." I said, walking away. Somebody coughed behind me, a reminder, sighing, I threw Demetri 15 euros, he caught it reflexively. "Damn bet." I whispered through clenched teeth, Demetri laughed, but Felix kept watching my retreating back.

"Get back here X, we've got a score to settle!" Felix urged as I tried to leave, he leaned into a crouch. I turned to him, with a look of disgust on my face.

"I don't have anything to settle with you Felix." I said to him, letting the darkness seep into my voice. Again I tried to leave the dungeon, trying desperately to tune everyone's thoughts out, with the exception of my own. Bad idea.

Felix sprang at me, throwing his arms around my torso as we crashed into the hard stone floor. I managed to wrestle free and swing Felix into a pile of pipes, he grunted as the pipes moaned and crashed under the weight of his impact. I thought he was done in for a moment, so I tried to flee, but he was much quicker than me. With teeth bared, he grabbed me by the throat with one pale hand, and tried to throw me downward but I managed to flip out of his grip somehow. Soaring through the air, I twisted out of the way of Felix's on coming hands. I landed in a crouch, baring my teeth and hissing. Felix was equally in an opposing stance, growling.

One moment I was seeing Felix ready to properly face off, the next moment the two of us were enveloped in a mist, and then I couldn't see anything, my sight enveloped in darkness. Oh, I could hear what was happening around me, and I could feel the cool stone against my cheek as I lay on the dungeon floor, but I was robbed of my own sight. Good thing I could read minds, it was my secondary sight source. I was curled into a ball on the dirty floor with my eyes squeezed shut, while Felix was flat on his stomach and his dark eyes searched blindly. There was an edge to the thoughts, oh no. This was the last person I would want to walk in on me and Felix fighting.

"Enough of this foolish nonsense." A cold voice rang out. "Release them." That same voice added grudgingly. My own sight was finally returned to me, I would have been happy if the sight that greeted me wasn't Caius giving me and Felix the death stare. It felt like he would hold it forever, good grief, did he expect lasers to shoot out of his eyes and disintegrate us? I bet he wished.

"I did not kill either of you out of Aro's sake, but beware. You know I would." He looked directly at me, only because I was the only one here who would see the truth and sincerity in that dark promise. Caius then turned away, and left us without a word. I hadn't noticed before, but Alec had been standing behind Caius the entire time, he was the one who Felix and I lost our sight to. I couldn't believe it. The look on his face was incredibly apologetic, yet I chose to ignore him.

"Nice going idiot! You could have gotten both of us killed, even if you were about to kill me." I hissed at Felix, he looked surprised.

"I wasn't going to kill you. Why would you think that? Besides, what would I do for the rest of eternity and who would I bother the hell out of?" Felix replied with a sly smile. A look of chagrin spread across my face as I gritted my teeth.

"Oh yeah, who indeed?" I grumbled, walking away. As I left the dungeon, I could hear Felix's laughter booming off the stone walls, ah, Felix, the biggest pain in my rear end. Ever since day one I had known it was going to be a long forever with Felix around. Geez, it was never like this when I was a kid, I thought to myself. Silent foot falls were audible behind me, but this time, it wasn`t Felix, it was Alec. He hadn`t apologized yet, that's why he was following me. Then all of a sudden, he was in front of me, blocking the stair well.

"Get out of my way Alec!" I growled at him. His pale face impassive, he didn't move. Oh sure, I could make him move if I wanted to, but that just wouldn't be polite.

"Just give me a chance Ray." He said back, face still expressionless. "I'm sorry I had to do that to you, but I saw you and Demetri coming down here, so I thought I would keep an ear open for trouble, and when I heard Felix trying to aggravate you, I started to come down, but Caius had already heard him, so he made come because I was the only one around who, look at me! I was the only one close by to stop you to from fighting! I didn't have a choice, okay?" he glared at me, I glared back, I didn't particularly like his explanation.

"There's always a choice! Now get out of my way." I retorted, again, he didn't move aside, so I shoved past as lightly and carefully as I could. He allowed me to past, probably so I wouldn't tear him to shreds. As I made my way up the spiralling stair case, Alec looked up at me.

"Ray! You know I'm sorry! I didn't use the full effects of my power at least, you're like family, I didn't want to hurt you!" he cried up at me, red eye pleading. I sneered.

"Oh cry me a river, Alec!" I called back. Ghosting up the rest of the stair to above ground, not once did I look back towards Alec.

I kept walking through the almost endless corridors, nothing to be done, nowhere to be. As I walked by a window, my reflection caught my eye. Wandering back to the dark window, I appraised my appearance, and not just because I was now drop dead (literally) gorgeous. Covered in dirt and grime from head to toe from fighting Felix, with the dress I was wearing ripped in places exposing my pale skin, as well as my tights, and my hair was knotted and tangled. Basically, I was a wreck. Rolling my eyes and head, I sighed. It`s time to clean up, I thought to myself.

Snagging a new dress from my room, I headed for the bathrooms. After cleaning myself up, all that was left now was to get the grime off my face. With my hair piled high on my head, I splashed a handful of warm water on to my face. Mmmh, warm, I kinda miss the feeling, the one where you would curl up in a blanket and feel so safe and warm it made you sleepy- stop. I was reminiscing too much now, it had been three years since I had been transformed, so obviously it was waaaay too late to change my mind about immortality. Technically, it had been to late when I had been bitten, but whatever. My family believed in this sorta stuff heavily, so they had my back all the way.

I looked up into the mirror. My face was dripping wet, and my irises were a glowing dark red, like puddles of blood. That was the price of this life; drain the life of others to sustain your own life. As disgusting as it would sound to human, what can you do when it your only source of food? The lives of so many others lost just to sustain my own, but Jane was right. What else could I do to feed myself for the rest of eternity? Definitely not blood bank bags, that would be gross, "dead blood" it was called around here. Nothing else to do so for now, taking lives and having it reflected in my eyes forever was what would have to happen for now.

I went to my room; again, deciding to finish the emails had started when Alec interrupted me. As I logged in, a new email appeared in my inbox, I stared at the senders name in shock. It Damien, my oldest brother, wow, I hadn't heard from him since I was last human, shortly before I came to Volterra. Apparently he was coming to Alexandria for a surprise, and Daniel even didn't even know about it, which was a shocker. The more I thought about Damien, the worst I felt. He thought I was away at a private school, he didn't even know what happened to me, and he was like my closest friend, it killed me, (despite the fact I was already dead)…I didn't see him much anymore, he was always away on business, but I always kept in constant contact.

The room started to suddenly shimmer, I looked around, confused. It was day break, and the morning sun was weakly shining through the window, and reflecting off my hard skin. Wandering to the window to face the valley, I smiled slightly. Morning was here at last.