Chapter 2: In cold blood

"retsam eht rof part a si rats tniop etihw tsal eht, gninrub eb lliw htrae eht, gninruter sdrol emit ehT" I stopped singing, someone had come into my room and was standing over me. Pulling out my ear buds, I looked at the visitor. It was Chelsea.

"Aro has requested our presence in the main chamber." She announced in a clear voice, looking curiously at my red irises, I quickly looked away, she probably thought I had snuck out for a "bite".

Scowling, I said to her retreating form, "I got permission from Aro himself, for your info." In the door way, she stopped to turn and look at me with a look so bored and uninterested that it could almost measure up to Jane.

"Why would I care if you can't control yourself?" she said lazily, "now come Aro is expecting us now." Chelsea commanded. Turning expectantly for me to follow, I got up unwillingly from the bed and left first, but I did not start walking immediately. I wanted her in front of me, where she couldn't sneak up on me and attack me, wouldn't matter anyway, I would have known immediately right when she would make the decision. Up and up we went, all the way into tallest turret of the castle and into the main chamber.

The main chamber was, to some, standards, was not much. The entire chamber was made of white and green marble with high narrow windows above. The only furniture in the room was a few benches along the wall, but the main attraction was the three thrones on the raised platform at the end of the room. Sitting in the gold and black thrones were Marcus and Caius, both on either side of the lead throne reserved for Aro, but it was empty. Instead, Aro was standing with Demetri to the side. They were quietly discussing something, but I mean, there was no point in talking quietly, everybody had perfect hearing, but as I noticed from all the thoughts from in the room, no one was paying their conversation any heed. Anyone but me.

"I never did get to ask how the hunting went when the three of you came back from Siberia, was he difficult to catch?" Aro quietly asked Demetri. Siberia, so that was where Demetri and Felix had been for 2 weeks. Last night was the first time I had seen them since before; evidently they had recently arrived home with whoever they were hunting.

"When we finally caught up to him, it was… he claims to be called Edgar, master. And he denies all he has been accused of. I will say this though, it was easy to tell he was lying, he literally stank of it." Demetri explained. Aro side glanced at me, inviting me over. Coming obediently, I held out my hand at the same time, he took it. All the while he searched my mind, I searched his, looking at what he was searching for. He laughed as we both looked at each other's thoughts, both into each other's eyes.

"Don't worry, it will all be explained soon my dear." He said laughing, then things started to move. Some change in the atmosphere gave a signal, a signal I must have missed. Aro went to his throne, while I went to stand with Jane and Alec who had recently entered the chamber, on the main floor by Caius, and Demetri stood opposite of us by Marcus. Looking solemn, Aro said, "Bring in the prisoner."

The main doors burst open, and in came Felix and Santiago, dragging a tall vampire missing a few limbs. They halted at the front of the platform. Along with Felix, Santiago, and the prisoner came a horrid smell, like a… soaking animal, or dog, or something. Once many of us belonging to the guard got a whiff of the scent coming off the prisoner, we covered our nose. If I was still human I thing I would have retched, it was horrible. The smell bothered all of us except for Aro, Marcus, and Caius. Even Felix and Santiago had their noses wrinkled in disgust. The vampire looked up at my masters, and snarled. In response, Felix and Santiago tightened their grip on their prisoner, his snarl turned into a high pitched scream. Over the screaming, you could hear the cracking and snapping of his limbs. I studied the vampire as he writhed in pain; he was skinny, yet muscular, and bald. That surprised me, sure I haven't seen that many vampires in this new life, but I'm as sure as hell have never seen a bald vampire. I wondered why he hadn't tried to escape two of the biggest and strongest vampires I've ever known, but once I saw his eyes, I understood why. His irises were black, he was too weak to try and escape. Even if he did escape their grasp, he would not have a hope in hell of escaping. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Caius got more and more annoyed by the minute.

"Felix, silence him." Caius ordered standing up. Felix managed to silence the bald vamp by carefully, yet forcefully grip his throat, which silenced him almost immediately. Caius started to walk forward, preparing to either interrogate, or torture the prisoner, but Aro waved him off, motioning for him to sit back down. He glared at Aro, but obliged. Then Aro sent a thought out: "Come to my side." Considering I was the only one in the room to "hear" this command, I obediently went to his left side where he sat. Nodding to Caius, an allowance to start, Caius began the trial.

"You have been brought before the Volturi under the accusation made against you that you have had dealings with the children of the moon. Do you accept or deny this accusation?" Caius barked at the bald vamp. All he did was snarl at Caius, in response, Caius' eyes burned with hate and anger. "Jane!" hissed Caius. Jane turned to look at the prisoner with the most angelic expression on earth, and the snarl turned to a scream, both Jane and Caius began to smile wickedly. All too soon for them though, it was over.

"Jane, dear?" Aro called off lazily, she broke concentration and looked at Aro meeting my gaze as well. She smirked as we both thought about the night before, Jane laughed mentally, while I cringed internally. Alec stared at us questioningly, noticing our gazes locked and each of our facial expressions, but unfortunately, this wasn't a time for games.

Aro briefly touched my elbow. Read his mind, see what you can find, he told me, looking up. I nodded slightly, he got up and together, we moved to the edge of the platform. Palm to palm with Aro in front of the prisoner; I dived into the thoughts and memories of the trapped vampire.

First I found his name, which indeed 100%, was Edgar. The rest of the information though, took more digging. The newest memories surfaced first, the fiery pain and torture from Jane all night, her red irises glowing over her angelic smile, Santiago holding him prisoner somewhere deep within the castle, before that though… he was struggling, trying to block memories so Aro would not find them, but it was useless. No one but Renata could keep me out.

Brow furrowed and eyes closed, I bowed my head and pushed on. Demetri, Felix, and Santiago closing in, mountains, flashes of white, going further and further back into the past. Two months of running through Siberia, the cold fear of being caught, never stopping, never resting. I subconsciously felt Aro tremble with excitement; I had found what he was looking for. A large, large, wolf that looked a lot like Lupin had in The Prisoner of Azkaban movie I saw as a kid, with white fur flecked with gray, it was god awful ugly, I mean real ugly, and it smelled horrible, just like Edgar.

The wolf was covered in rubble and blood, it had been caught in a landslide, and the snow had made it hard to escape. It had almost given up until Edgar had shown up and helped it, but that is when things had changed. It turned into a man, it was then that Edgar had realized that this man was one of the children of the moon, and that it was against the vampire law to interact with them unless the vampire in question was eliminating the werewolf. Even still, Edgar helped.

Emerging from his mind, I looked to Aro for guidance. He nodded, allowing me to share what I had just discovered. Stepping back to stand beside Aro's empty throne, while Aro remained at the front of the platform, I began the tale.

"His name is Edgar; he did indeed deal with one of the children of the moon, but to save it." Remembering what I had seen. Edgar looked at me with wide eyes full of fear; there was another thing there too… wonder? He seemed to be curious as to when Aro got his hands on another mind reader, one who did not need contact to know what another was thinking.

Caius looked disgusted, and not just because of the smell emanating off of Edgar, but at the thought of helping a werewolf. "Well Edgar, you still committed this act in full awareness of the law in place." Edgar just stared at him dully, remaining silent. I caught a thought from Caius, and warned Aro of the impending act. Aro turned to look at Caius and waved him off.

"Calm, my brother, we will get the information we need." He said soothingly, Caius whipped his head around, not to glare at Aro, but at me. I held up my hand in defense, and peace. That's when Caius broke the stare to look at Edgar, sweeping past me to stand by Aro. He turned the glare to Edgar, his nose wrinkling.

"Can we get any more information? Asked Caius, "I want to finish this now." I eagerly stepped forward to complete the task, but he blocked my way. "If you please, Aro." He sneered. I reluctantly stepped back, pursing my lips in a pout.

Don't worry; there will be plenty of more chances for you in the future.

Caius knows I don't have to be directly in front of someone to hear their thoughts right? I asked. Alec just shrugged in response. Jane looked at him, wondering what was going on, but she looked at me next, understood, than ignored it. All the while, Aro had been searching, gliding to Marcus for a decision, then Caius, and then, the verdict was made.

"Do you have a final statement?" Aro asked Edgar. Edgar looked up at the three leaders sneering.

"Yeah, I do. I don't regret what I did, and I'm glad it was the last kind thing I could do before I die. And you know what? I hope that werewolf lives a long, happy life, cuz it was worth it." He spoke with feeling, passion. I had to agree with him, even if the werewolves were our sworn enemies, it wasn't right to leave a living, breathing being on their deathbed. Aro sat down on his throne thoughtfully.

"Fair words, Edgar. But it was still against our law." Aro warned. Nodding his head, Caius went and sat down.

"Eliminate him." Caius barked. Edgar closed his eyes, no thoughts of remorse or regret.

I'm so sorry, I sent to him. I received no reply back.

Felix, Santiago, and Demetri jumped into action, a huddle of black shapes. Caius slid into the middle with a lighter in hand, and just as many times as I have seen and heard the past three years, a loud shrieking sound of an immortal being torn apart, and the sharp, strong smell of that immortal being burned filled the room. With that, the trial was over, and Edgar's charges were fulfilled.

Once again, Aro stood and came to the edge of the platform. "Felix, Demetri, and Santiago…" he called. The three of them stepped forward, away from smoldering remains. "…and Ray," Aro added, smiling at me. Smiling back, I joined Felix, Demetri, and Santiago at the base of the platform. "There is still the problem of the wolf, it must be eliminated. I want the four of you to track it and take it down." He commanded.

"There must be no mistakes." Caius warned, and the 4 of us nodded in agreement, all in sync. I thought it was time leave now, but Aro seemed to have other plans.

"Felix, Demetri and Santiago, go to Florence and hunt. You will undoubtedly need your strength to take down the werewolf." said Aro. "Stay low, and out of the light. Stay inconspicuous." He advised. The trio bowed, and then they were gone, I could hear multiple mental groans of jealousy as they left, including from the twins. They were allowed to feed, while the rest of us had to stay here. Even though the twins and I had eaten last night, the thought of blood still appealed to us. Besides, we had only gotten two people each. Aro then signalled Afton, who stood by the entrance, to come forward. He joined me at the front of the platform before Aro. We nodded at each other as a greeting.

"Afton, I want you to take Ray down below, and help her train for the coming fight. She will be a most valuable asset for taking down the wolf." I flinched inwardly as Aro said this, remembering my first session of training when I was born… or whatever into this new life. It… kinda got messy. Aside from my reaction, I sensed someone else get a cold shiver of shock running down their spine, Probably Chelsea, worried about Afton, I think, I didn't even bother to check, whatever. Afton threw me a witty smile, uh oh.

"Suuure!" he said gleefully, lovely, time to get ready for revenge. Bowing, we too left the chamber, but not before I caught Alec's eye. He looked, anxious I suppose. I didn't know why, he had seen me fight several times before; it was probably because of my size. Again, I didn't bother checking.

As I walked along the corridor with Afton, I sent a message I don't see the problem here, you know. For the second time today, I got no reply. Instead, I got a message from someone else.

Try not to get to beat up, Ray. That would be terrible. Complete sarcasm and apathy was bolded in the statement, I tried hard not to laugh aloud.

Yeah, it would be complete torture for you. Wouldn't it Jane? I replied, laughing mentally.

I'm the one who tortures people, just remember that. Don't test me. This time I actually did laugh out loud, really loud. Afton just stopped and looked at me incredulously. Then something occurred to him.

"Right, mental stuff." He reminded himself out loud. While I scowled at him, he just continued down the corridor, laughing at me. Again, time to prepare for revenge…

Once in a reasonable size dungeon, Afton turned to face off, but of course; there was a speech and a Q&A first, all for the three year old newbie, hello? Three years I've been here and apparently I know nothing. Although, then again…

"Ok, have you ever fought a werewolf before?" I stared at Afton blankly, waiting for realization to hit, which it did. "Right, sorry." He apologized, I nodded.

"I thought they were wiped out?" I asked, Afton nodded absentmindedly. "So did we, but there are still some out there in hiding, but we'll find them." He reassured me, the promise was a dark one, sending shivers down my spine.

"When fighting a werewolf, one of your instincts will be to bite the werewolf, but don't, our venom has no effect." This surprised me; I thought that since the werewolf was also human, it would have the same effect as the fiery transformation.

"So they are immune to our venom? Won't it affect it at all?" I asked, trying to understand the overwhelming information.

"Oh it will, just not what you would hope for. It will hurt the werewolf being bitten, and just bitten in general, but not the on the ground in agony affect." He said. Shoot. "Another thing, they are big, much bigger than you. Although… I suppose your size could be an advantage. Afton said, more or less to himself.

"It is when I fight Felix," I pointed out, "and he's tank." Afton laughed, mentally agreeing.

"A weak spot for your opponent, like many creatures, is the neck. Mind you, don't drink the blood, you'll want to, I can guarantee that, but it is disgusting. Remember that smell coming off that Edgar guy or whatever his name was?" again I nodded, the odor had been enough to set anyone off.

"But how do I fight?" I asked, trying to get to the main point.

"Well nothing personal Ray, but you are not going to be as valuable of an asset as Aro said. But I guess I will have to trust his judgement." This took me back, I had known that Aro had been talking about my mind reading ability in the throne room, and Afton's comment was just plain insulting.

"I can read minds remember? So if I know what attack my enemy is going to use each time, it will be a major asset." His eyes narrowed to slits, slightly agitated.

"Yes, I do very well remember that you can read minds, but it will not be a huge bonus in your favor." In response, my eyes widened, surprised and doubtful of his statement. I started to open my mouth to rebuttal his sentence. "It's true, I've seen it. Four years ago there was a mind reader who ended up fighting Felix. He almost lost if Aro hadn't stopped Felix from ripping the mind reader's head off." There was a replay of the memory in his head as he told the quick version of the event. Felix and a bronze haired vamp were brawling it out flipping, tackling, and throwing the other. I caught a glimpse of the bronze haired vampire's face; his eyes were full of a blazing determination, determination to protect something. There was something else too… his eyes were gold. A gold eyed vampire?

"Why are his eyes-"I never got the full question out when Afton punched me in the gut, sending me flying into the wall behind me. A large cracking sound echoed throughout the dungeon, but thankfully not from my head or any other part of my body. Instead, it was the wall that cracked from my impact. Afton sped in for the next blow, but I rolled away and up, trying to escape his line of reach. Once I righted myself, I jumped up onto the wall, and started to climb away from Afton. The stone crunched in the grasp of my fingers as I climbed higher and higher, and I still could not get away.

Afton jumped high, grabbing my ankle and dragging me back to the ground, struggling against the other, whipping back up and trying to take the other down. He tried to jump on top of me, to pin me down but I flipped over him as he passed where I had just stood. Once he got up again I was set to twirling, jumping, and flipping slightly out of Afton's reach, neither one of us would ever get tired. Suddenly, I went to tackle him, he just stood there, defenceless. Then he vanished, he just… disappeared, and yet I could still read his mind. That was it, I could read his mind! I started to dart around the room, watching myself from Afton's mind, trying to decipher his location. Stopping suddenly, turning to face where Afton stood hidden, I unleashed the same power I had used against Jane and Alec the previous night.

It was then Afton appeared, flat on his back, writhing on the floor in agony. I walked towards him, keeping my focus, Afton screamed in pain. Hauling him up to his knees facing away from me, I put my foot against the small of his back, his arms in my hands ready to pull them off. I kept him like that for a minute, then finally releasing him. He fell to his stomach, lying there gasping, glad to escape the… torture. Dusting himself off while he got up, a peculiar look of wonder came upon his face as I watched on from a short distance.

"I didn't know you could do that!" He said astonished, I looked at him sheepishly.

"To be honest, up until yesterday, I didn't know I could do it either."

The gears were turning in Afton's head, thinking. It's just like what Jane is capable of, he thought himself. I nodded.

"It's exactly like what Jane can do." I answered aloud to his silent statement. Although, I didn't mention that as it was the same thing Jane could do, I could cover more area… well, 2 people at least for now. Afton was thinking just like Alec had last night.

"Can you do more stuff like that? Maybe like with my own power?" he asked excitedly. I looked at him exasperated, but I did try. Concentrating, I focused on what I had learned from Afton when he had done it. He cocked his head to the side studying me. "You've disappeared for the most part, but you're wavering. I can see bits of you, like ripples, from head to toe." I sighed and gave up, shrugging. He grinned at me. "That was pretty cool though." I grinned back.

"So we done then?" I asked.

"I suppose so. Try and get ready for your trek, and good luck." Afton said, walking towards the exit. There was a swish of wind, and then he was gone, leaving me in the dark dusty dungeon.

Once upstairs again, I looked towards the west, the sun's angle indicated it was 3 pm. Wow, 3 already. I glided through the castle, unsure of what to do. People's thoughts blared through the each wall and door, reaching out to me wanting to be heard. Aro is luck, I thought to myself enviously, at least he has some sort of an off switch. Other people's thoughts floated through my head, making it hard to focus on my own. Caius was furious with the new receptionist in the north wing (typical), Chelsea had just met up with Afton, their thoughts on each other, Renata… I couldn't tell. So many voices at once, it was just a major headache in itself.

I ached to visit someone, but I didn't really know anyone here well enough to pal around with, with the exception of Jane and Alec, but I was around them enough already. I needed to talk to someone I never really talked to before, someone… a door closed a few meters behind me, someone was leaving a room. Although I couldn't read the person's mind to figure out who it was. Renata.

I ran towards her, but unexpectedly she whirled around, black hair flying and black eyes blazing. As I quickly approached her, I started to forget what I was doing, coming to a complete stop within half away from Renata. She looked at me surprised, and with that I lost my confusion. Of course, it was her gift.

"Oh, hello Ray. It is Ray right?" she said lightly.

I finally regained the control to speak. "Yeah, that's it, I'm Ray."

"Well it's nice to meet you Ray. I've never actually seen you outside of trials. Of course I have seen you outside out of the main chamber, but I have never actually met you on terms." Renata laughed, starting to walk, I quickly followed. It was pretty funny I suppose, seeing us walk beside each other. She was shorter than some people here, and yet she was taller than me. Although, everyone was taller than me.

"To be honest Renata, you frustrate me." I said nonchalantly, she looked at me funny.

"How so?"

"It's your mind, I can't read it. Your mind is completely blocked because of your shield." She laughed when I said this.

"Oh, sorry I suppose. I can't control it, just like you can't control who's mind you read." Renata compared, studying. My expression soured at her statement.

"It's getting clearer." I grumbled, stopping only because we were near Aro's office, and he noticed. "Um, I'll talk to you later Renata," Renata nodded, and ghosted away. I stood outside the heavy ornate door, trying to be patient; long afterword along with a chuckle, the allowance was given. I walked into the room keeping my face as neutral as possible, which by the sound of Aro's thoughts I had failed miserably. He smiled at me kindly, waving me into the closest leather chair in front of his desk, I sighed falling into the chair, looking hopefully at Aro. He laughed.

"I see you are anxious to leave, that is the only thing I can tell from knowing you so well." Aro said, I pursed my lips.

"Of course I'm anxious, excited, whatever. It's really my very first missions, how can I not be?" I responded automatically. It was true though, ever since I had joined the Volturi I had never gone on a mission. For a three year term with basically a very, very exclusive "membership", I hadn't gotten to do a heck of a lot. Aro's face darkened at my words, I looked questioningly at him. He sighed, leaning back in his large brown leather chair.

"Ray, you realize why you have not been completely submerged into the field quite yet, do you not?" he asked in a subdued tone, I cocked my head to the side perplexed, unsure of where this conservation was headed.

"Noooo… not really." I responded. Aro sighed, looking down he rubbed the side of his head. He looked tired, I mean, if vampires could get tired. Melancholy was the word for the expression on his face I suppose, it didn't look right there. "Are you alright Aro?" I asked, trying to be sensitive. His dark eyes flashed up to meet mine, an eerie cold feeling enveloped me as I look back at him, I felt as though I could not look away. Ever. He sighed again, looking away, putting up a mental "wall" in his mind, it wasn't so much as a wall, it was really only a warning to not look and just behave.

"It does not matter my dear one, I am simply put out is all, just lost something." He replied, looking out the window while I was wonder how the hell a vampire could lose something, apparently it could happen. Who knew? "The fact that it takes so little to… set you off, is why you have not experienced many field opportunities as the others. As well, your ability is too precious to have in danger." He said delicately. I huffed at his words.

"It's just Felix, plus the others are older than me…" I whined silently, but that was when it dawned on me. To Aro, I was like a volcano that could blow at any moment and get myself killed, ok, forget killed since I'm already dead. Or kill those around me… "So that's why you keep me around." I mumbled.

"There are worst reasons." He replied, his hands folded. I rolled my eyes in response.

"I certainly hope so." I replied looking away. As I said that, my mind flashed to a rainy day in May of 2010, during one of those times of bliss Aro let me visit my family. Daniel and I sat curled up on desk chairs, watching a deleted scene of the latest Doctor Who episode, I remembered promising him to come home to watch the return of so many friends and enemies with him. I had just quoted Amy Pond, and Aro knew it. Ungh, thanks Dad for the nerd gene! Aro smiled kindly.

"Think, you and Felix downstairs just now? Yes I do know about that," he chuckled midway, looking at my bulged eye expression. "Caius just came to see me, not very happy that, in his words I am quite sorry about this, the 'newborn has no control'. He does not see how I can trust you as much as I do." I stared at him straight in the eye.

"Yeah, but it's Caius!" I said, he laughed. Genuine curiosity came over his face as the wondered what happened down in the dungeon. I held out my hand, having it hover over the large desk. Aro took it enthusiastically, bowing his head as he watched everything. I think it was minutes we sat there, I didn't really pay attention, I just sat there, listened, and watched. Closing my eyes, I let memories flit through my head. My brain must have registered something, because Aro broke concentration as well as the grip on my hand, looking away. "They're back." I muttered, then shaking my head, realizing I stated the most obvious thing in the world. Standing up, I turned to Aro and bowed. "I should go get a few things before leaving. I will see you soon, master." He nodded, turning away. Figuring that meant I could leave, I made a dash for it to my room, thinking over what I could take.

Taking into consideration I didn't need the things a human needed for this type of journey, like food, change of clothes, or body products, I probably didn't need a backpack, or a hell of a lot. The others didn't really take anything when they left on missions, so I decided to follow suit. In my room, I ripped open the closet doors as carefully as I could, looking through all the jackets I had. Flipping through the 10 (yeah, 10) I had, I finally chose on a long black one that had brass buttons down the front all the way up to the chin, as well as the brass buttons on the cuffs for decoration. It was heavy, made for cold weather, and it certainly wasn't cold right now, but considering we would be god knows where in the mountains, it would be a good idea just in case. Plus it looked good on me.

Brushing my long hair into a ponytail, which I hardly ever do might I add, putting on sturdy boots, and putting the coat on, buttoning it up to my chin; I looked around the room one last time before exiting. Realizing I had no clue where to go, I stood outside my door with a blank expression on my face. Aro had never said anything to me before… oh, never mind. He had never said anything before until now; I was supposed to go to the old hidden church outside the city. I could swear that mindreading had its uses sometimes! I had only used this exit a few times, considering how little I've actually left the city in the past few years, but had the route memorized after the first trip. So it didn't take me too long to reach the trapdoor that lead to the church.

The five in the room watched as I climbed out of the hole and closed the trap door behind me. Felix, Demetri, and Santiago stood in line before Aro and Caius; the trio were back from their hunt, their previously dark eyes now a rose red just like my own. Felix smirked slightly as I took my place next to him.

"You know since you're not human anymore, the coat is really unnecessary Ray."

Turning to him, I said "Hey! I thought it looked professional!" in defence. "It also looks good on me." I mumbled in addition, fiddling with the button below my chin. Our head snapped us when a loud hiss emitted from somewhere in the room; it was Caius, not happy that me and Felix were "arguing" over fashion. I quickly showed Aro, causing him to wave Caius off and calm him down. He still glared at me though, great, laser wish again I bet. Someone was missing; I didn't have to look around the room to know that Marcus was not here. Surprise surprise. He never seems to care about much of the business that goes on around this place anyway, so really I suppose it didn't matter.

"Yes yes. Focus!" Aro ushered, the four of us in line stood to attention, prepared for the task. "Demetri, can you locate the werewolf?" Aro asked, but he didn't have to. The gears had already been at work long before the question had been asked. Demetri held out his hand, Aro took it gladly. Both men looked towards me to see if I was paying attention, which I was, then Aro stepped away, pacing in front of us, his long black robes sweeping the ground in a whisper of a rhythm. "You must be quick, it will be on the move very soon, and carry out this justice in honour and pride, for the guard." We nodded simultaneously.

Aro stopped pacing in front of me, taking a gold chain out of his pocket. Hanging off the chain was a gold pendant in the shape of a V, with a shield in the middle, boasting what looked like a dead tree and raven twice in the shield. On top of the shield was a round ruby encrusted with a gold leaf design, and also along the bottom of the pendant, which also held a diamond shape ruby. Taking the chain in his hands, he started to put it over my head, explaining the symbolism mentally. Rubies for blood, V for the Volturi guard, a raven for flight of the soul, and a tree for eternity. Overall, it is a symbol of power that deserves reverence and respect.

I stared at it hanging low off my neck wide eyed in amazement, I didn't know these things existed, and only now I got one. Maybe they were something new? Felix and Demetri watched me out of the corner of their eyes, looking up at them, I smiled widely, Caius hissed. Losing the grin, I turned towards Caius confused. "This is not Christmas Ray. We are strictly about business and law. If you cannot conform to what is expected, so help me…" he didn't finish, knowing in full awareness that he couldn't threaten me in front of Aro, all he finished with was a wide black eyed glare. "What is your real name Ray," Caius said mockingly, stressing my name. "It obviously is not your true name, what is it? Raven, Rayna?"

I glared back at him, trying to hold back a hiss, "I fail to see how my name is applicable to the situation at hand Caius." We just stood there, glaring at each other, our fists tight at our sides. Once the tension was thick enough, Aro coughed thus cutting the tension, slowly Caius and I left the others' stare to look at Aro, our rigid stances relaxing a fraction of an inch. Shaking my head trying to clear it, I sighed. "Ok, fine, sorry. We're losing time, sorry master." I mumbled, looking away from everyone to my right. After another excruciating moment of silence, Aro clapped his hands with a bright eyed smile on his pale face.

"Yes, Ray is right. You must go now if you are to catch the creature. My dear guard," he paused for a moment, admiring each one of us, his hands still clasped by his chest, "I bid you farewell and good luck." The four of us bowed deeply to our two masters before Aro uttered his last order.

"Now go."

And just like that, we were off like a bat out of hell.

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