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Authors POV

It was a typical day at Clarence's house for Sydney Sage. She was sitting in the living room on her phone when she suddenly started to feel nauseous. "Sage.. Are you okay?" asked Adrian with a bit of concern in his voice. "Yeah, Sydney.. You look sick" Jill said tilting her head.

"uhh.. Y-" Sydney almost let out before she bolted for the bathroom, Covering her mouth. Sydney let out gut wrenching groans as she threw up into the toilet. "Sydney? Can we come in, please?" said Jill as she knocked gently on the door. "Yeah, can we? You don't sound so good" Said Angeline as she started to open the door.

"What do you think is wrong with her? I've never seen her... Sick. Before.." Adrian said running a hand through his hair. "I dunno... But she has been practicing a lot more than normal... Maybe she just over did it this time" Eddie suggested. Hiding his concern, knows its not that.

"Could she be pregnant" Sonya stated, more than asked. "Sydney? Pregnant? That's like saying He is pregnant!" Adrian laughed as he pointed to Dimitri. "I well... She is a girl... So it is a possibility.. Why not just ask her?" Eddie said. Obviously not knowing how wrong that could go.

"No, no, no. You can't just ask someone if they are pregnant... Especially not someone with such religious beliefs as an alchemist. It's wrong an immoral for a Woman to get pregnant before marriage." Sonya said smoothly.

"Okay, we'll ask her" Adrian said. Completely ignoring Sonya.

Sydney was almost Moroi pale as she walked back into the living room dizzily. "Syd, go ly down, now." Angeline sighed as she carefully tugged Sydney's arm towards the halls. "No, I'm fine now. Just something I ate.." Sydney tried to Reasure. Failing to. "Liar, you don't even eat!" Adrian said as a Matter of fact.

"Adrian!" Jill scolded. "Shh,... Please.. My head hurts.." Sydney whined sitting into a love seat and drinking the cup of water Angeline brough her. "sorry..." Jill blushed.

"Sydney, Are you pregnant?" Eddie sai- Er... Demanded. "Eddie!" Jill squeaked. "You're pregnant?" Angeline screamed/gasped. "Who raped you? I swear I'll kill them!" Adrian said furiously. "Wh-at!" Sydney choked out as she tried to recover. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I told you soooo..." Sonya sang. "Everyone, calm down. No need to disturb Clarence in his own home." Said Dimitri over powering everyone elses voice.

Everyone eventually calmed down after. "Why would you guys think I'm... I'm pregnant?" Sydney said, Voice laced with Hurt and fear. "All the signs are there... Syd.. Are you?" Eddie said a bit more calmly than this time.

"No!" Sydney said defensively standing up. "sydney... Are you sure? Because if you are... You should be running around like this... Especially doing Volleyball an P.E. anymore.." Angeline said wisely.

"Wow... You just said something smart" Eddie said grinning at Angeline. Earning him a playful punch in the arm. "Oh, shut up, Eddie!" they laughed.

Jill observed their behavior. She's noticed that Angeline and her E-... Everyones Eddie were getting quite close and touchy lately... Was something going on with the two Dhampirs? "Sydney. I think you should at least check.." Said Adrian showing a rare sign of seriousness. "I'm not pregnant... That's like... Just wrong and... Wrong!" Sydney said trying to convince him.

"Everyone ready to go yet? I have a game in about and hour and a half and I need to be ready" she said excitedly getting up. "Can I watch. I haven't seen the legendary Sydney Sage in action" Adrian said in his usual light and playful tone with her. Walking towards the door.

"It would be my honor" Sydney teased. They laughed as they headed out of the door. Having no idea about all the eyes watching them shocked, surprised, and... Relieved?

"Finally! They are together!" Angeline said and everyone laughed. "Not quite yet I don't think, Angeline.. Not quite yet" Sonya said wisely and mysterious. Like she shoul have a black cat on her lap stroking it.

"not quite yet." she said smiling mischievously.