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Authors POV

Sydney walked onto the volleyball court— adrenaline rushing, blood pumping, mind racing. Why was she so nervous? It's not like this is different from aaall of her other games.. She shrugged it off as she got into position.

"ugh!" the girls grunted as they attacked, backset, assisted, approached, and spiked all over the court. Sydney started to feel dizzy as she slid on the ground, spiking the ball. "Chelsea! Left!" she yelled as she got up and headed for the ball.

"owe.." Sydney mumbled as she stopped. Feeling like someone just punched her in the back of the head. She tried to shrug it off as she ran back across the court, landing yet another spike. She was on a roll today, she thought.

"Wooooo! Go Sydney!" Adrian, Jill, Eddie, Micah, Trey, and Angeline, Julia, and Kristen cheered and screamed for their beloved, Sydney. "Get it Sydney! You can do it!" Jill squealed. "You go Sydney, make Amberwood proud!" Kristen screamed.

"Do it Syd! C'mon!" Eddie screamed. On the edge of his seat, literally. "C'mon Sydney! Kick some loser ass! Woooooo!" Angeline shouted. Earning glares from the opposing fans.

"c'mon sage, c'mon! You can do it! I know you can!" Adrian said, whole heartedly. And the crowd went wild as Sydney Sage jumped up, and spiked the ball as hard as she could across the court. She laughed as her team. her friends—family. Surrounded her with cheers, hugs, kisses, and congratulation. "thanks guys" she laughed, her frien-... Er family always managed to make her feel better at her worst.

"Sydney! Wait up!" Jill called out as she ran after Sydney. "Where do you want to eat? Adrian's treat for your big win!" Jill squealed. " that's not necessary, really "

Sydney said smiling at the Young Moroi. "oh c'mon! This was a huge win! You're going wether you want to or not!" Jill said sternly. "You are always so responsible, and serious, and bleh.." Jill commented. " It's my job to be. And If you really want me to go, then okay. But I want to go to that new Café downtown, I heard the coffee's amazing!" Sydney gushed.

"sure" Jill rolled her eyes. "meet us all down in the lobby in 30!" she rushed as she left Sydney at her door. Sydney rushed and took a quick shower, blow dried her hair in her signature Sydney Sage style.

"what the-" she said a she walked from her bathroom an to her bed. There she saw lying a beautiful, bejeweled gown. Deep red with dcrystals— swarovski crystals at that. "damn it Adrian!"

Sydney sighed as she pulled out her phone. "Adrian! How much was the dress!?" Sydney demanded. "Why, hello to you too, sage" Adrian laughed.

"I'm not kidding, Adrian! That must have been a fortune! Do you know how irresponsie that is!?" Sydney yelled. "sage, just put the damn dress on and come down stairs." Adrian said hanging up. "seriously..."

Sydney said going over to her closet. "Jill" Sydney growled as she looked in the empty closet. "you're so dead!" Sydney said as she went over to her bed, picking up the gown, sighing.

"I guess I'm stuck wearing this..." she sighed.

" Sage?" Adrian said knocking on the gently on the door. "Open up, sage, it's me, Adrian" he said leaning against the door. " I know it is, that's why I'm not opening" she muttered back. Standing in front of the door with her arms folded.

Adrian couldn't help but laugh at her. " C'mon sage, open up. Everyone's downstairs waiting to eat" he said grabbing the door knob.

"You have to promise not to laugh!" she said unlocking the door. "Well, I make no promises I can't keep, sage," Adrian said grinning. "Bye, Adrian."

She said locking the door and storming away from the it. "Saage! I was kidding! Open the door! I'm hungry!" he said banging on it. "no!" she yelled taking off the dress.

"fine." Adrian said making footstep noises and kneeling down, picking the lock. "Where does he get off stealing all my clothes an then making fun up me?" she said kicking the shoes off. Adrian stepped into the room right as she layed on the bed.

"whoa..." he said looking at her nude body. "Adrian! Get out! Turn around!" Sydney panicked and wrapping the covers around her. "Did you really just break into my room?!"

she demanded. "no! I came in to get you!" he said defensively backing away from her. "j-just put on the dress and come downstairs!"

he said leaving the room quickly. He sat outside her door, shocked. Why had seeing her naked had given him a sense of Déjà vu? Had he done that before? "Did her boobs get bigger?" is all he could manage to say.

Though, he saw something a bit more alarming than her boobs. He was convinced It was just his mind and the angle. but really... Was it? Adrian slid down the wall, sat in the floor, and ran a Hand through his hair.

This. Was gonna be Interesting he thought.

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