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Pain, Pain, Go Away.

Chapter 5

Authors POV

Sydney sat up panting. 'Was that a normal dream? Was it a spirit dream? Pregnant women had crazy dreams, right?
Yeah, it totally wasn't a spirit dream. Everything is perfectly fine. A-' Sydney's thoughts were cut short as her phone started beeping. She immediately picked it up. Her heart began to race as she read the caller ID: Adrian.

She shut her phone off, turned over and tried to fall back asleep, but an invisible knot started to for form in her stomach. "Oh god," Sydney muttered running to the bathroom.


Adrian paced his room quickly. Panicking. What the hell just happened? Why hadn't she told him? Why wasn't she answering the phone?

"Sydney? What's wrong? Why aren't you answering me? I SERIOUSLY need to talk to you!" Adrian said voice laced with concern; sadness; worry; fear; frustration; and anger. He headed out the door and to his car. He sped over to the campus as fast as he could, and practically jumped out the car before it stopped. He hurried towards the girls dorm as fast as he could, which was pretty fast.

But his years of smoking had taken its toll on his body. He was out of breath half way across. And the sun made him feel even Worse. 'Could this get any worse?'He thought to himself.

Adrian walked into the girls dorm an heading straight for the stairs. "Hold up," Mrs. Weathers said walking over to him. "No guys aloud upstairs." She said.

"She's my sister." Adrian said walking up them. "I have to talk to her." Adrian said running up, not going her a chance to speak. He walked up to her door and knocked.

"Sydney?" He said knocking once more. "Can you open the door?" Sydney stood on the other side. Holding her breath.

"Sydney? Please, just open the door! I'm literally begging you!" He shouted in frustration. Sydney opened the door quietly and let him in. "What?" She said flatly.

"Are you pregnant?" Adrian said carefully. "Yes..." Sydney said sitting down on the bed, putting her head in her hands. "Who's the father?" Adrian said flatly.

Sydney's eyes widened, bigger than possible. "Are you kidding me?!" She said standing. "No, who is he?" Adrian said honestly confused.

"It's you, you idiot!" She shouted. "Like hell it is! I used a condom!" He said defensively. "Get out, Adrian." She said flatly.

"I have to get ready to go out with Brayden." She said pushing him out before he could protest. "But Sy-" Adrjan tried before being cut off by the door slamming in his face. Adrian left.

Feeling confused, defeated, and needing a drink. He soon found himself at his apartment drowning his sorrows in Jack Danielle's. (anyone else say that in a Canadian Accent like Epic Meal Time? :D no..?... Okay... :( )

"What is your opinion on Eco-friendly living? Like for example; Windmills for Electricity, cars that run on all natural oils instead of gasoline and fuel, and for factories to use less chemicals in plastic. And just making it a law to recycle? Because last year alone the world used enough plastic water bottles to circle the globe 10 times. And that's killing our wild life— virtually ruining the natural Ecosystem that has been in place for millions of years. And since we're on the subject of factories; did you know that the Billions of factories around the world is quickly shredding the Ozone-layer to pieces, which, in the process is letting in more ultra-violet rays and causing more people to have skin cancer than ever? (Okay, I know this probably sounds dumb... But hey! This really isn't my specialty... )" Brayden gushed on about his ideas and facts through out the date, debating with her on levels of sunscreen protection, how sustainable living in the forest is, and health care. They spent the entire day together, laughing, flirting and enjoying themselves. They were soon at the dorm at about midnight. "Do you want me to walk you upstairs?"

He asked politely. "Sure" Sydney smiled and got out they held hands as they walk to the door, and kissed goodnight. The kiss soon became deep and passionate as his hands explored p. her body, wandering down to her butt.

Sydney quickly snuck him upstairs and was on her bed in less than a minute. Tangling their bodies together in a passionate fit of sex. She soon fell asleep in his arms, something she could only dream of doing with Adrian. And dreamt; she did. Sydney walked along the campus in the rain.

She felt oddly vulnerable and bare. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself as she looked around the empty parking lot. "What's going on..?" She wondered aloud as she stopped. "Hello? Anyone out here?" She called out and got No response.

"Hey" Adrian said from behind her, making her jump. "Let me out." She said not turning to face him. "Why? Why should I?"

Adrian said walking in front of her. "Adrian, I'm not kidding. I'm sick of you and your stupid games." She said looking up at him, anger building. "What games? You're the one that keeps lying to me. First you love me, then y-" "wait, when did I say I love you?"

Sydney interrupted. Adrian looked down at her, anger also rising. "Okay, I get you're mad, but seriously? You're going that low?" He said hiding the hurt in his voice. "I'm seriously. Exactly when did I say I loved you? I would never do that, you know me!"

Safe defended. Immediately feeling guilty after. "Adrian, I-" "whatever. Bye." He looked down as the scene changed from the rainy campus to pitch black darkness.

But before everything disappeared, she got one good look at his face.

And pain was written all over it.

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