Chapter 2

Alexis woke up in her bed with her alarm clock buzzing loudly. She felt around herself thinking maybe she did something scandalous but she was fully clothed in her comfortable pajamas. Her hangover almost got the best of her after she struggled to get out of bed. She grabbed a handful of bed sheets hoping to get a whiff of Shawn's cologne but it was no go. "What the hell happened last night?"

With a nervous twitch of her hand, Alexis gripped tight to her briefcase as she hurried down the hall of the law firm towards her office. All she wanted was to avoid…

"I heard." Diana body blocked Alexis and leaned her body against the door frame of Alexis' office. "Appealing to your wild side? How was it?"

"How was what?" Alexis nudged Diane out of her way before charging into her office.

"Sex with a Shawn."

"I didn't have sex with Shawn." Alexis dropped down into her chair feeling safe behind her desk. "We just had a couple drinks and played pool."

"That's not what Coleman said." Diana pulled up a chair and took a seat not planning to leave without dirt.

Alexis looked up from her desk and above Diane's head. She was mortified as her eyes met Shawn's. He stood in her doorway with a bouquet of flowers. "Shawn!" She leaped up from her seat.

Diane swirled around in the chair and back towards Alexis. "I'll leave you to it." She patted Shawn's chest as she headed for the door. "Be gentle with her." She took a deep breath.

Shawn stepped inside with caution. He was thrown by Alexis' look of surprise. "Should I have called first?"

Alexis shook her head wildly. Her heart palpitated. "Did you overhear?"

"Every word." Shawn smirked. "It's ok. I get it all the time."

Alexis went to Shawn and playfully snatched the bouquet of flowers from his hand. "You're one of those guys that knows you're beautiful."

Shawn tilted his head. "Beautiful? You called me that last night. I've never been described as beautiful."

"There's something deeper going on. Molly said you have what seems like a million stories about the war."

Shawn blushed and fidgeted in his stance. "I don't like to talk much about the war. It's hard fighting."

"That's an understatement I'm sure."

"I came to see if you'd be interested in something a little more high class."

Alexis sniffed at the flowers and took in their perfume. "I enjoyed last night. I'm used to being wined and dined on overpriced dinners. You did tell me I was uptight."

"And you proved that you're not. So? Another date?"

"She'll be there with bells on." Diane shouted as she rushed down the hall.

Alexis laughed. "I have a place in mind."

Shawn waited.

"What about the Quartermaine's?"

Shawn raised his brow and broke out a nervous smile. "Why there?"

"Why did I find a license that says Justus Ward in your wallet?"

Shawn crossed his arms. "Because that's my birth name. My adopted family, the Butlers, changed my name to Shawn. When I signed up to work for the government, I did a little investigating."

"Justus Ward." Alexis recited out loud. "Do you know who Justus Ward is? Around these parts, he was the grandson of Edward Quartermaine."

Shawn shook his head. "I'm sure there's more than one."

"I don't believe in coincidences."

Shawn reached out to Alexis and pulled her close to him. "I just want to have dinner with you. You're so damn cerebral."

Alexis slowly pulled from Shawn. "It would be nice if you were Justus. I'm sure Edward would be over the moon. The Q's have lost a lot of family over the years."

Shawn ran his finger across his chin in thought. "What happened to Justus?"

"He was killed...or not?"

"Mob violence?"

"A man named Manny Ruiz was involved."

Shawn crossed his arms. "How about that dinner?" He grinned.

Alexis paused. Her eyes graced his smile and fell onto his fit physique. "Dinner sounds wonderful."

"Thank Jesus!" Diane scurried down the hall. She peeked her head into Alexis' office. "It's been years since she's been laid by the way."

"I'm a gentleman." Shawn interjected. "It's just dinner."

"Just dinner Diane!" Alexis yelled.