One evening, at the water-plant at the edge of Jump-City, a lone figure, dressed in black, and with long hair crept along the shadows, snuck past security and reached her objective. "Ah, at last…" She hissed in a soft voice, and she reached into a pouch on her belt, and pulled out a vial of strange liquid, and poured it all into a tank along with the city's drinking water. "Go my precious, and do my bidding."

She then turned to leave but saw two guards there. "You're not going anywhere." one of them said.

The lady sighed "Now, now, gentlemen. I don't want any big problems." And she reached behind her and pulled out a pistol and shot the two men each with a dart loaded with that same strange liquid.

The guards almost immediately felt strange and before they knew it, they were screaming in panic, and the lady gazed down at them. "Think of it as a small example of what's about to happen to your country." She laughed and snickered with evil in her voice, and escaped with the two men as her prisoners, and made it to her secret chopper and headed out over the sea.

Later on, that very night…

The Titans were all out having pizza after rounding up some bad guys, which meant Silkie was on his own at the tower, and he sure made quite a bit of a mess with Copy-Cat's paint and art equipment. He was all sticky and covered in blobs of paint.

Suddenly, he heard the computer beep and a female voice over the radio transmitter. "Help me! Please! If anyone is out there who can hear this, please answer me. I haven't much time!"

Silkie crawled over to the counter, below the transmitter and reached up hoping to answer the call, but of course there was no way he could do such a thing.

At that very moment, the Titans were returning home, all of them had very full stomachs after all the pizza they had gorged. "Whoa… man!" sighed Cyborg "I don't think I'll ever eat again."

"You say that all the time." Robin teased

Starfire hiccupped.

"Was that stomach number four?" Beast Boy asked. "No, seven…" Starfire answered "Three more have still not digested."

"Thanks for sharing that." Raven groaned.

"And hey…" Cyborg said "Two thumbs way, way up for our gorging queen here." He was referring to Terra, who once again with the aid of her ravenous appetite, managed to outmatch everyone else's. She let out a huge belch "It's worth it." she said "Gee, I'm going to sleep well tonight."

"I agree." Copy-Cat said "A goodnight rest will put us all in top shape for tomorrow."

As the Titans entered the lounge, they saw the mess. "Dude…!" cried Beast Boy "What happened here?"

"Silkie?!" snapped Copy-Cat "Oh, Silkie… you spilled all my best paint!"

His attention, however, like the others was immediately deprived from that when they all noticed Silkie jumping below the transmitter. "What's got him so riled up?" asked Cyborg.

"Hold on. I will look." Copy-Cat said and used his foresight to read Silkie's mind. "He has heard a transmission in our absence."

"A transmission?" asked Robin.

"But, we are not expecting any calls." said Starfire.

Suddenly that same voice over the radio began to cry out again "S.O.S! S.O.S! Someone, please, answer me! She'll be back soon. Please help me! PLEASE!" Suddenly, the girl screamed, and another woman's voice was heard…

"You've been a very naught little girl again. Haven't you, Jasmine. I'm afraid I'm going have to punish you again."

The other girl was soon heard begging for mercy, but the rest was drowned out by screams of terror, followed by a huge slamming sound, and finally, the radio went dead.

The Titans all just stood there gazing back and forth at one another. "Wow! Someone's having a bad night." Beast Boy said.

Almost immediately the Titans had a meeting and Robin made some calculations to try and figure out where that signal came from. Someone was in trouble and they had to investigate.

"Do you think that poor girl's alright?" asked Terra.

"Man… I hope so." Cyborg said "If I catch whoever that other person is I'll…!"

"Uh, don't you think we should find them first?" Raven pointed out, and Cyborg calmed down.

"I've got it!" Robin said "It came from somewhere in the south pacific."

The others gathered around, and Robin showed them on the map a tiny speck some two-thousand miles out. "You are certain that is where it is?" asked Starfire.

"Positive." Robin said "But I wonder who could possibly send a radio message form way out at sea."

They immediately decided to investigate, when suddenly another radio broadcast was heard-saying that two guards were missing from their posts at the waterworks and it was believed an intruder had been there. Though the authorities could find nothing wrong with too much of anything…

The Titans however were not convinced and believed soon there would be a threat unleashed on the city. "Well now what do we do?" asked Beast Boy "We can't just leave the city unguarded at a time like this."

"Yes, but we cannot ignore the call for help either." Copy-Cat said "Perhaps only a few of us should remain here while a party investigates the source of the message."

Robin agreed, and made up the teams. He, Starfire, and Cyborg would fly out to sea in segments of the T-ship 2, while the others remained behind watching over the city for anything suspicious.

Soon, they three took off in their pods across the sea, and the others stayed in for the night.

Raven made some herbal tea she shared with Copy-Cat… with the water out of the sink faucet, while Copy-Cat was already trying to wash his ruined paintbrushes from Silkie's playtime. "Look at this! Ruined! Ruined!" he grumbled under his breath as he rinsed brushed and got the water all over his hands and a few splashes on his fur.

Meanwhile, Terra and Beast Boy were done from giving Silkie his bath in the bathroom, as they promised Starfire, and then decided to take a shower themselves… together!

So far nothing was going on in the city, and so, they all decided to turn in for the night, but promised to remain as vigilante as they could for when and if the alarms would sound.

Meanwhile, Robin Starfire and Cyborg were reaching their destination- a small island way out at sea. "Look at the size of this place." Cyborg said.

"Robin, you are certain this is the right place?" asked Starfire.

Her husband said "It has to be… it's the only place that was in range."

Suddenly, Cyborg could see something that looked like a big house on the island with a large antenna on the roof. "Well, looks like we found the source." he said.

"Right… We'll go down and investigate." Robin said.

As they brought their ships into land, someone from the house had been spying on them since the minute they arrived. "Well, this might be interesting." she hissed behind the shadows.

After setting their ships down at site near a beach on the island, it was just a matter of walking to the house. "Okay… time to play it cool." Robin said, and he and Starfire put on simple outfits as disguises, and Cyborg used his holographic program to change his robotic appearance. "Let's do it."

They made it to the door all posing as government agents. Robin would do all the talking, and he rang the bell. The door was answered by a pretty young lady with long black hair. "Well, hello…" she said in a kind, quiet voice. "It's not very often I get visitors out here."

Robin explained that he and his friends were under government orders to conduct surveys of all amateur radio stations. "We were flying overhead and noticed the antenna on your roof. You do have radio equipment here, do you?"

"Yes, I do." Answered the lady "But let's dispense with all this. I know why you've come here. You received a distress call."

The Titans gazed back and forth at each other, and then the lady invited them in and promised to explain everything over a cup of hot tea. "Well, that's awful kind of you, Ms… uh…"

"Amelia…" replied the lady "Professor. Amelia is what people call me."

Obviously this lady was some sort of island scientist, and the large building was her laboratory. Yet she didn't seem to be acting all upset like the voice on the transmission. The Titans weren't sure what to make of it.

Amelia invited them to her living room, which was just like any ordinary house, and went to fix the tea. The Titans whispered to one another. "What do you guys think?" whispered Robin.

"I don't know…" said Cyborg "She seems okay for someone who sent a call for help."

"Perhaps she knows more than she is telling us?" Starfire wondered to the others.

They all decided to have their tea, and then ask Amelia what she knew. The tea was absolutely delicious. "Now, Professor…" Robin said to her "You said you know about the transmission we received."

"Yes… so I did." Said Amelia "But I'm afraid it really doesn't matter now. In a few moments, you'll hardly be able to hear me. The tea that you all enjoyed… was drugged!"

"Wha…?!" snapped Cyborg.

"Drugged?!" remarked Robin.

Starfire gasped "No!"

"Yes!" hissed Amelia "And soon you'll all be in a deep sleep, and then, my experiment will begin." She laughed maniacally, and sure enough the titans began to feel dopey and woozy, and they went out like candles.

Before long, Amelia had donned her white lab coat, and began her evil experiment, laughing and cackling the whole time like the crazy woman she was, and by the time she was through… she walked over to the other end of her workbench where inside a birdcage, a tiny young girl, the size of an ordinary action figure sat and trembled in fear as the giant professor gazed down at her. "You'll soon be having some little friends to join you, Jasmine."