Before They Were The Cavanaugh's

Summary: This story is set before PLL Years Later, Spencer and Toby are in love and finally decide to express it. What happens when Spencer finds out she is pregnant at 18 years old, will she and Toby make it through this and how will her parents react.

Chapter 1: I'm A Hastings...

Spencer Hastings has the perfect life, shes got a nice house, she gets straight A's, and shes got both parents in her life but if you asked Spencer she would tell you that all she cared about was her boyfriend. Her boyfriend Toby Cavanaugh was the best thing that ever happened to her, he loved her and she loved him. They could get through anything together or at least thats what Spencer thought but then she wasn't so sure.

It all started 3 weeks ago, Toby invited Spencer over to his loft for the first time she was excited to see all of the hardwork that he put into it. She knocked on the door and she couldn't help but smile when he opened the door. "Hey Spence."

"Hi Toby," She smiled.

"Come on in," He gestured her to come on in.

She walked into his loft and was in aww, she couldn't believe that he did all of this, "Wow Toby, I love it, its amazing."

"Thanks Spence," He blushed. "There's something I want to show you."

"What is it," she asked in curiousity.

Toby covered her eyes as he walked her into his bedroom. He stopped her in the middle of the room and uncovered her eyes, "Ta-da."

Spencer looked all around his room but something caught her eye instantly, it was a picture of her and Toby that Aria had secretly taken the night we got back together. The picture was hanging right above his bed in a beautiful wooden picture fram he had made. "Toby its beautiful."

"Check out the frame," He said.

She looked at the top of the frame where it said true love and then at the bottom where it said Spencer and Toby.

"I love it Toby and I love you," She started to cry at how much she loved him. Her lips met his in a passionate kiss which quickly turned into a makeout session on his bed.

Spencer began tugging on his shirt telling him to take it off.

"Spencer, are you sure i dont want you to do something that you aren't ready to do." He said.

"I want to Toby, I love you so much that it kills me to be apart from you" Spencer said.

"I love you too," Toby whispered before bringing her back into a kiss.

later on that night

"I wish you could spend the night with me," Toby said while walking hand and hand to the door.

"I wish I could too but my parents wanted to have a 'Family' night," Spencer said dreading going home.

"It's ok but Spencer I didn't just put that picture up their because I love seeing your beautiful face when I wake up, I did it because I want you to know that if things ever get bad at home you are welcome to stay here, I want this to be our place" He smiled.

"I love knowing that," Spencer kissed him goodbye and went home.


A/N: I decided to stop there so you guys can read it and tell me what you think and if I should continue or not so sorry its short.