Chapter 14: From 4 to 6

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Its been 3 years since Spencer and Toby got married and things couldnt be better. Sure they had their fights but what do you expect from 2 people who are so stubburn. Spencer had been feeling really happy lately but she wasn't quite sure why, even Toby noticed the change in her. She walked into the kitchen where Toby was making lunch one day,"Hello sweet husband of mine." She smiled at him as she giggle like something funny was just said.

"Uhh Spence, are you ok you've only had 1 cup of coffee today, and usually that's a warning sign to back away slowly before someone gets hurt." He chuckled cautiously hoping he didn't just unleash "Angry Spencer".

"What I can't be happy without caffiene?" She crossed her arms and began lightly tapping her foot like she was saying 'I'm waiting'.

"Of course you can but we all know that, that doesn't happen." He smirked.

"Well today it did ok so mark it on your calender's Toby." She smiled. Her smile however quickly turned into a frown and her nose scrunched up. "Toby what are you cooking?"

He looked confused, "It's BBQ chicken your favorite."

Spencer's hand slapped over her mouth as she rushed to the bathroom, Toby following behind her. Spencer threw up in the toliet while Toby held her hair back. "Are you sure your ok Spencer, do you need to go to the doctor?"

"Ya i think I do, do you mind going to get the girls ready while I clean up?"

"Of course not, for you I would do anything" He smiled and kissed her forehead.

20 mins later the girls were in the car and they were ready to go.

"Momma where are we going?" Natalie asked.

Spencer looked backed at her now 5 year old daughters,"Well Nat we are going to the doctors because Mommy isn't feeling too well."

"I sorry Mommy I would kiss you and make you feel better but your too far away."

"That's ok Nat."

Toby smiled at his wife, he loved how good she was with their girls. he was amazed by how much he loved his 3 girls, if anything were to happen to any of them he wouldn't know what to do. His daughter Hope snapped him back to reality,"Daddy I love you so much."

"I love you too baby."

They arrived at the doctors and thankfully there wasnt anyone there so they were seen right away. Spencer sat on the table while Toby sat on the chair with a daughter on each knee.

"Nat stop poking me!"

"I'm not poking you, I am simply just placing my finger on your shoulder like this."


"Girls both of you knock it off or you will be put into time out when we get home."


"Natalie Kathleen Cavanaugh, you better listen to your mother or daddy will take away your dessert tonight too."

The doctor came in breaking up the little argument,"Hello Spencer how are you?"

"Ugh not so good I feel awful and I threw up recently."

"Ok can you tell me when your last period was?"

"I believe the 15th of last month."

The doctor looked at his calender noticing it was the 24th," Well it looks like your alittle late this month so I'm gonna run a pregnacy test on you, if you don't mind me taking your blood."

"No that's fine." She looked at Toby nervously, they hadn't talked about having another child anytime soon and she was worried that he wouldn't want another baby.

Alittle bit later the doctor came back with thte results. "Well congrats you guys, you are expecting another child, so we are going to do a quick ultrasound on you. be right back."

Spencer started crying and Toby tried to comfort her,"Whats wrong babe? aren't you excited?"

"I am I just thought you wouldnt be so I started crying."

Toby set the girls down and went over to giver her a hug,"shhh don't cry Spencer I'm excited for this baby."

"Momma don't cry I love you." Hope said.

"Ya I love you too Momma,"Nat agreed.

"And I love you my beautiful baby girls"

The doctor came back in with the supplies and began the ultrsound, it took him a minute to find where the little peanut was hiding. "Oh wow do twins run in your family?"

"No its just those two cuties over there."

"Well it looks like your having a set of twins again, congrats."

Tears came to her eyes,"Thank you so much doctor."

"No problem heres your perscription for some prenatal vitamins and have a nice day."

"thanks," Toby and Spencer both said.

"Toby can you believe it twin..again."

"It's amazing Spence." They shared a quick kiss and told their girls who were excited.

"Momma when do the babies get here?"

"In about 9 months."

"Awww thats too far away"

"I know baby but the time will just fly by."